Existential Explorations – 18 November 2012, by Elizabeth

Existential Explorations – 18 November 2012, by Elizabeth

I have not had a channeled message come through in the last two weeks other than mostly non-verbal communications with my higher self, as well as the daily email communications with my friend, Eric.  This lengthy article is a combination of my insights, as well as those coming from Amariah, my higher self, and Eric.

Lately when I have been experiencing writer’s block, I call upon my higher self to address the situation:  “Amariah, are you there?”

Always, dear one; you know this is so.

Why am I not receiving today?

You are tottering on the edge of revelations that could shatter the world view of thousands, if not millions of people.  These are revelations that would reveal the patent manipulation of history in the last five hundred years, as well as the lies that corrupt the foundations of all the leading religions and institutions of the world.  It is a grave burden, but one that we can share.

This is not something I am eager to share right now with my “audience.”

I understand your concern; however, with the coming of ascension energies now affecting more of the masses, these lies will become more apparent to many people.  Many, especially those who are bound to particular religious or cultural beliefs, are unprepared for the apocalypse that lies before them on the other side, even those individuals who belong to the so-called New Age belief system.  Once the final energies of the dark ones is withdrawn, the fabric of these lies will no longer have any support and they will crumble into dust.

When will it be “safe” to present these truths that I, myself, am only beginning to understand?  I am sure there will be those who disagree with our particular insights.

Soon, as people will begin to see that the edifices built upon these lies are falsely constructed, without merit.  Most of them have been designed to divide and conquer people, to create friction between brothers in blood, to denigrate the abilities of sensitive people of both genders to use their intuition and native abilities.

The purpose of souls in coming into embodiment was to exercise their creativity in a world given form.  The very act of creation was slowed down so the soul could experience the consequences of creation in a manner that would increase the knowledge of the soul, knowledge that could be taken back to the soul family still existing in the lower density, lighter vibratory worlds.

By inserting intellectual asceticism into some of the major world religions, the purpose of the soul’s sojourn in the lower worlds was tainted and twisted, cut off from the source of life.  Instead of being life-giving and regenerating, spiritual practice became life-denying, creating strife, judgment and division among peoples. The souls became enmeshed in energies that were not in alignment with the original purpose, cutting them off from the realization that they were the creators of their experience.  As they began to lose the connection with higher self and true spiritual guidance, these souls began to give their power to others who were not aligned with the light purpose of the original soul experiment.

The soul’s original purpose of coming into physicality was to learn how to create in a slowed down environment.  The purpose was not for the soul to suffer through experiences, but to learn from them in a manner that would allow complete understanding of the consequence of actions or inaction.  These souls recognized that all life was imbued with spirit.  This inner knowledge was part and parcel of the lives of many indigenous peoples who in living close to the land, remembered their role as steward not owner.  This ancient knowledge has been the subject of intense attack during the last five hundred years, more profoundly since the advent of the industrial revolution.  And as a consequence of this change in the experience of embodied souls, the lesson plan has changed and is continually changing to suit the needs of those who are presently embodied on this planet.  Suffering has been the experience of most souls for the past 13,000 years of existence, after the Fall of Man, and the destruction of Atlantis.

Our history has also been rewritten by those who would intentionally deceive us, so as to slow down the awakening of the masses to their divine potential and purpose.

As I was reading through an old feminist book, “The Encyclopedia of Women’s Myths and Secrets”, I started noticing inconsistencies and repetition of deliberate lies about so-called “pagan” societies.  It was as though this feminist scholar could not move beyond what has been presented as truth by our controllers during the past three hundred years or so of recorded (and heavily revised) history.  First and foremost was the repetition of gory descriptions of rituals supposedly done by our ancestors, blood sacrifices, burnings, burials and drowning, when in fact, these so-called pagan practices were done by Christian missionaries and their feudal associates in their eagerness to destroy the peaceful indigenous or peasant societies of Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.  These practices were taken up later by other religious fanatics, intent on destroying knowledge of their own matrilineal roots.  There was destruction of ancient libraries, book-burnings, and unspeakable acts done to suppress ancient knowledge and the connection of people to their roots.  This pattern of destruction has been followed by fanatics in every religion.  There was a determined and planned destruction of tribal unity, connection to place and the land, as well as the long-term cooperation of diversified groups and religions that had been in existence prior to the advent of the Inquisition and other European wars.  Hatred, division and disparity has been purposefully developed as the means to keep people from joining and working together for the betterment of themselves, their family groups and the communities in which they live.

Upon questioning Eric, he stated the following:

The ‘bloody sacrifices’ of received history are simply different types of initiation ceremonies given a twist of the dark. Some even speak of practices that we would expect to happen in situations of caring and healing today.

We know, from archaeological evidence, that ‘ancient’ man were skilled at advanced surgery and medical treatment, e.g. evidence of trepanning and the use of prosthetics. The tale of the ‘savage Aztec’ removing living hearts on their pagan altars fits what you would find today on the operating tables of any transplant hospital. You would find the removal of limbs, the exposing of living organs, etc. going on in any general hospital, performed by ‘high priests’ or as we call them today, surgeons.

The past was not unspeakable; only the gloss put on it by self-interested parties has been.

That sounds more like it. It doesn’t do much good when a so-called feminist writes crap. There is some interesting stuff in the book, but I have to be very selective about what I accept.

I’ve been getting a lot of intuitive non-verbal communications of late, something that is hard to put into words, but today in reading a little piece out of the Native Plant Society newsletter, I found something that resonated. It’s all in the approach one makes to knowledge or as I usually put it, “knowing”, which is actually intuitive and probably comes through the right hemisphere. The indigenous Americans view their traditional medicine as something that can’t be strictly categorized. It is knowledge handed down through the generations, passed on from mother to daughter, mentor to student, father to son. And science has discounted it largely because it is not “empirical” or “logical”. Scientists want to create theories, measure things, categorize them, and divide them up, while the indigenous approach is more holistic, in viewing the plant, animal and human as a living system not separate.  By utilizing something of both approaches would seem a more logical way to approach matters, but many hardline scientists do not feel that indigenous ways have value.  And when these same scientists are funded by corporations that have designs on using natural resources for their own profit, then the indigenous peoples often lose the battle.

With the various “high” cultures that have been lost in the last 100,000 years, the galactic colonies of Sirius and the Pleiadians, as well as constant contact with other galactic cultures, the skills and knowledge of our ancestors (us!) could only have been higher than it is today, since people were more in tune with the world around them at that time.

Eric replied:  And as I’ve said, it’s about following your own knowing, not that of another. The clearing that has been taking place is the attempt to clear false memories, not the clearing of the ‘horror of the past’, which is what so much ‘new age’ stuff has been about. The problem with the ‘new age’ stuff is that it has been created by the ‘bad’ guys to disguise the true work that needed to be done. That’s why the clearing has been so difficult and painful. People have been working desperately to clear the ‘wrong’ thing, i.e. memories that had no basis in truth. And the universe has resisted that, because it was not what was required.

The pain of the annihilation of the Druids cannot be cleared if it never happened, if, in effect, a group called the ‘Druids’ never existed. It’s like trying to wash the dirt off a mud-splattered car in a photograph. Neither the mud, nor the car, is real, what you see is merely the image of a mud-splattered car. No amount of scrubbing of the photograph is going to clean the car.

So, the ‘delays’ to progress have all been about misdirected energy. It’s the reason for re-visiting stuff we thought we’d cleared. We have to keep going over the ‘lesson’ until we get it right.

I replied:  What does that make the Neo-Druids, idiots?  I’m finding that I need to listen within and let go of other people’s stuff, even if it is written nicely. I’m not a parrot.

So, if the druids didn’t happen… I still felt some extremely strange energy in Wales, near Bangor and on Anglesey. Or perhaps I’m just a bad traveler?

Eric replied:  No, you were reacting to the inner knowledge that all these concentrated energies were concentrated on the wrong stuff. So many people have bought in to these false memories over quite some time. You felt the ‘blockages’ that all these erroneously focused energies had caused.  It’s also why, on my first visit to Glastonbury, all I could see was fakery. I put it down to my over-developed (as I thought) cynicism.

I have felt that way about some of the experiences that I have had with “New Agers” and Christian churches. The way they approached things made me want to itch. It felt all “wrong”. And these were, for the most part, nice people, although sometimes too “nice”, as in not real.  I know that I’ve had to really learn to come into my own power this lifetime now that I am (I hope) mature enough to use it wisely.

I was on a roll now…

Is it any wonder that the dark ones have used their pseudo-sciences to denigrate the uses of intuition, emphasizing in contrast the sterile and untested theories of medicine, philosophy, law and governance?  By declaring material life to be less than desired through religious asceticism, they effectively cut the roots of people from their Mother, the planet and from the life that sustained them, their connection with plants, animals and their environment.

The dark have also used the sentimental attachment to the environment as a way to further destroy the natural connection to the planet by declaring that vast stretches of the landscape existed without human intervention prior to the coming of Europeans to the Americas and so on.  In their eagerness to find the means to destroy the growing population of Lightbearers, they sought to divide and conquer them by finding animal symbols, such as the eagle, the grizzly bear and the polar bear as symbols of dying nature.  They used the environmental movement as a means to divide and conquer, to politicize nature in people’s eyes.  Instead of acting as worthy stewards of the land, encouraging the protection of waterways, air and soil, they worked both sides by actively polluting through mining, resource abuse of water and forests, poisoning the water tables through oil and natural gas exploration and finally creating artificial earthquakes through pumping salt water into exploratory wells by the means of “fracking.”  They then would blame the farmers and ranchers, the householders, the indigenous people stuck on reservations for not being stewards of the land.  Governments have seized lands through eminent domain, effectively blocking them from being used by anyone, including indigenous people or have ceded away mineral and resource rights for pennies to corporate interests.   American politicians seek to sell and privatize the vast lands owned by “the people”, the American taxpayers, in order to line their own pockets with ill-earned monies from international corporations.

All the while the people have been made dependent on the use of electricity, atomic power, and the use of fossil fuels for warming houses and buildings and running vehicles.  Vast dams were built in the 20th century to harness the power of water.  Vast stretches of the South were cast under water by the building of huge reservoirs so electricity might be generated through the use of hydroelectric power.  Households and farms that had obtained minimal power through the use of wind mills for pumping water, etc., became dependent on the electrical grid, owned at first by public utilities, while some eventually became privatized.  People were taxed through the utility companies for something that should have been made available for free, the use of power.

In areas of the world not blessed by the vast open stretches of the American West, other means of creating electricity were explored.  The atomic industry was first conceived as the means of having ultimate power over nature.  The first purpose that man put it to was the destruction of other men, as in the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan.  The use of atomic power in the generation of electrical power has not proved to be much more sanguine in nature.  By their very unnatural existence, atomic power plants are subject to breakdown and unintentional (perhaps intentional) releases of poisonous toxins.  The superheated water used to the cool the reactors are also poisoned by the presence of the unstable atomic residues.  The extended life of depleted uranium and other radioactive wastes makes it extremely difficult to safely store.  Underground vaults and other means have not proved entirely successful as they are subject to periodic earth movements as well as the natural deterioration of the building materials, causing leakage into surrounding underground water tables.

Although our governments, universities and so-called authorities tell us that we are the first human civilization to obtain use of nuclear power, the residue of past use of nuclear energy has been found in odd places, near the Dead Sea in Palestine, in the middle of the vast desert in the middle of Australia and other places.  We are not the first to use the atom.  Hopefully, we will be the last.

We have been deceived on all levels of our society and our history has been developed to keep us deceived; cut off from our origins and roots.  Land did not used to be “owned” by anyone.  Various tribes lived on lands and acted as stewards of the land, growing crops, tending their flocks and herds, living simple lives.  There are remnants of complicated civilizations even in the heartland of North America, complete with vast building complexes and traces of agriculture and irrigation.  The mysterious dwellings of the Anasazi in the Southwest speak of a culture that rose and fell, disappearing from the face of the earth probably in response to changes in the weather patterns contributing to the desertification of the area.

In Europe and parts of the Middle East, there is a concerted effort to hide or disregard archaeological and historical information that is gathered but does not fit the existing paradigm.  In Britain, areas have been placed off-limits by the government to prevent exploration by scientists outside given parameters.  All remnants of temples, walls, and cities are attributed to the presence of Roman culture on the island, although we only have the word of a few questionable sources that the Roman Empire itself ever existed.  Many of the sources that “history” relies on have been intentionally forged by church authorities in the last four hundred years, to establish the church’s primacy and authority over the people of Europe.  As the church’s authority has diminished in the light of increased education and communication between peoples, governments have taken over the role of keeping the masses from learning the truth about just how controlled we have become.  Mass media has also been used to deceive the people and to keep them dumbed down.  It has been an extremely effective tool.

In the past decades since the last World War, it has become apparent to even the most politically naïve among us that our governments are not serving the people, but exist to serve the powerful interests of a few elite families, the so-called royalty and blue-bloods of Europe.  Just who these people are has long been a secret, but finally their secret is getting out and they are being exposed as the liars and manipulators that they are.

The masses are beginning to wake up due to the increasing cosmic rays bombarding our planet, but also the increasing pressure on their daily lives, through the impact of the manipulation of the banking system, the pressure of governments on their citizens to accept austerities, the decline in the health and educational systems to address the needs of the individual, the realization that our bodies are being slowly poisoned by chemicals and drugs sold to us by medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies only intent on making money.  Psychiatry has become a game of throwing extremely strong psychotropic drugs to patients.  Militaries have begun the use of drugs to keep their young soldiers numb to the psychic, emotional and physical pain experienced as a result of battle injuries to body, mind and soul.

All of these things that have happened in the last couple of centuries have been in response to long-term plans to control the planet through a new world order, with Anglo-American and European families at the helm.  Measures for population control have been enacted through the use of regional and world wars, through the planned invasions of sovereign countries and the breakdown of morals and ethics throughout the world.  Childhood has been sexualized; children have been abused by parents, relatives and trusted authority figures in clubs, entertainment, church and government.

We have seen the unwinding of our culture as it has gone through the depths of the Kali Yuga, the dark period of decline of our western civilization.  Why should we hold any hope for the future?  While those with self-interest in mind have succeeded temporarily in taking the wheels off of our wagon, the 99% of our society is slowly awakening to the necessity of taking back individual and communal power for the sake of the greater good.  Too long we have been trained to look to authorities of all stripes only to discover they were skunks determined to strip us bare of whatever they could, our homes, our health, our future, our children, our lives and our freedom.  The increase world-wide of protests and revolution demonstrates that the old order is in the process of crumbling.  Some of the change has been orchestrated in order to take away further freedom and economic power, but much of the recent changes are being managed by “the people” of various nations, especially in the conservative countries of the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the recent strikes and demonstrations taking place throughout Europe.  The revolution has been late in arriving on the shores of America, but events are bound to get the attention of the dumbed-downed complacent masses of even this country.

There has also been a most extraordinary polarization of political parties in this country.  The people are beginning to realize just how powerless the Congress of the United States in dealing with practical issues that affect the man and woman on the street.  People are also realizing that powerful moneyed interests have been attempting to buy our representatives and senators.  The bureaucracy has begun to run amuck writing rules and regulations that interfere in the rights of individuals to self-determination.  The military has received billions of dollars of money to fight foreign imperialistic wars designed to destabilize the Middle East and Africa.  Our government is also tied to the so-called war on drugs when in fact it is benefitting by controlling some of the flow of drugs into this country.

It is time to wake up, folks!  It is time to reclaim our personal power and so how do we go about this?  We do so by acting against the existing paradigm of polarity, prejudice, hatred and fear, by learning to open our hearts, to be more accepting of each other, by learning to forgive, ourselves and others.  We have to learn to live our lives for ourselves, for our families and for our communities.  It is only through cooperation with each other that we will survive the changes that are coming upon the planet.

These changes are in response to the increasing awareness of the population of the planet, augmented by the cosmic rays and waves of love currently being beamed at this little planet by galactic and celestial beings.

There is also the fact we need to remember, which we would have remembered had we been connected to receiving from our higher selves and guides: our present existence on this physical plane is illusory.  The soul is undergoing a physical life for the sake of garnering experience.  Many scenarios have been presented by individuals in the new age movement who have been intent in making a living by acting as spiritual authorities and teachers for other people.  Channelers have presented material promising a rosy future where people do not have to extend any effort on their part to obtain.  Physical ascension has been promised.  These various scenarios have all been based on the fear of the ego over the loss of its power over the individual, as well as the loss of the body.  People have forgotten that they are not the body; the body is but a vehicle for housing the soul while it experiences having a human life.  There is no need to take the body into the higher low density worlds as we will find ourselves clothed in bodies of light.

Eric goes on to share further insights:

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to live through a sincerely believed end of the world scenario which didn’t happen. I’d always imagined a sort of embarrassed shuffling of feet, some tuneless whistling and unwillingness to meet each other’s eyes.

I must admit that I can understand people looking to a doomsday scenario. They find being incarnated so very difficult and those who know a bit more about how things work than the majority do have used that knowledge to their own advantage. Had they shared that knowledge rather than keeping it hidden, it would have been a very different world; kinder, gentler, more co-operative, more beautiful for man more.

However, there is purpose to even these awful times that have been lived through. Everyone is here by full agreement and in full knowledge of the experience they would undergo. It is so hard because the illusion feels so real and the truth of why we have chosen to undergo this experience has been hidden from us (which were also part of the agreement).

The experience that comes from taking a hallucinogenic drug also feels very real, too real sometimes.  In my experience, forgetting you’re ‘under the influence’ often turns a sublime experience into one of horror. We need to learn to ignore those who would reinforce the message that incarnation is not illusion but real. We need to remind ourselves, and believe it when we do, that this experience is just illusion, a passing stage or phase, one we will emerge from unharmed, undamaged and whole.

I’ve dealt with people having psychotic episodes and, in my experience; the only thing one can do to help is to remain centred and calm in the face of this particular storm.

There are many scenarios borne out of fear, and it is all encouraged by those who profit from fear. Overwhelmingly, the basis for ‘New Age’ philosophies is fear, even those that seem rooted in compassion and love — for the individual, for the group, for Nature, the planet, the Universe, the ‘Gods’, etc. People want to save the whales, or the pandas, or the trees because they’ve been persuaded that failure to do so will result in extinction for everything (themselves included). Illusions do not become extinct; neither do they die, nor wither, nor suffer. How can they?

The Savior syndrome is all about personal survival. If I control the world then I need never suffer, even die. It’s a product of the ‘One Life’ lie. That single lie is the single biggest cause of fear.

So what is going to happen if the deadline of December 21, 2012, comes and goes and nothing has changed?  Deadlines have come and gone before; what makes this one so important?  It is rumored to be when the planet comes into alignment with the center of the galaxy.  That point could probably be argued by scientists and physicists, alike.  Even the prognostications of the ancient Mayans leave something to doubt as the calendar we are currently following in the West is not the original one that Europe followed just a couple of hundred years ago.  It is all a matter of one’s point of view.  And most of the population of our planet is completely unaware of ascension and the date of the upcoming Shift.  I am beginning to sense that the changes that come upon the planet, and they will come, will do so in a much slower manner than has been hoped for by many lightworkers.  A slower process is more in keeping with the grand cycles of the Universe as it is.

So what can we all do, as lightworkers and members of communities?  We can participate as our gifts dictate, either by sharing our light, our energy, our vision for a new world, a better world that serves the good of the community of the planet, not just a privileged few.  We can learn to see our fellow humans as beings worthy of compassion and understanding.  For too long many lightworkers, me included, have seen their selves as being “special” and “separate” from other people.  Admittedly it has been difficult communicating with the natives, but we can learn to do so, with respect and love, by learning to listen.  In turn, we just might prove our worth in their eyes as we inform these people, our brothers and sisters, of those secrets that have been kept from them so long for the benefit of those who would control societies and countries.  We have much to learn from one another and cannot begin this journey together by remaining aloof from life.

As light beings and star seeds, we came here to assist with the awakening of this planet.  We can do our job by accepting our position as light-bringers, information carriers and fountains of unconditional love and acceptance.  Each of us needs to take responsibility for our experiences and to learn to not judge them as being good or bad; they just are… experiences, designed to teach the soul so that it might advance its evolution.  Energy is neutral.  Experiences are neutral; it is how we interpret them that engender fear and doubt in our minds; if we lose our center, we lose our ability to gain insight and wisdom.  We can learn to be the calm within the center of the storm, the light upon the hill, to bring reason and wisdom to those who have lost their own.  And we must allow our fellow travelers the right to fall down and pick themselves up, again.  To do anything less would be to deprive them of the opportunity in learning the lesson thoroughly.  And we must learn not to under estimate the inner abilities and creativity of our fellow humans once they become aware that it is all right to stand up for individual freedom to be themselves, as sovereign beings.

We did not come here to judge and condemn; there are already enough of people doing that throughout the world.  We came to give aid by being here, with our light, our inner knowing, and our connection to our higher selves.  If there are those among the ranks of the lightworkers who have also lost their way, then through our example we can show them where the path continues, again.  And we need to remember that each of us, star seed and native alike, are souls who chose to be here, now, in this tumultuous time of change.  Let us be the change by being willing to bravely face whatever comes, day by day, creating opportunity out of experience, and extracting all we can while experiencing physical life on our ascending planet.

I AM your sister in love and light, Elizabeth.  And thanks to Amariah and Eric for their contributions!

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    Thank you Elizabeth this article is a breath of fresh air. If I had my druthers I’d suggest getting it all out there now since those who might take issue with the information might still be somewhat sleepy. But the guidance I received is that we should enjoy the “down time” (their words…). Things are being paced this way for us to have a bit of space between our own discoveries and the process of mass-discovery. Then things may get more exciting – in a good way!

  2. I’m still “discovering” things. It is a matter of letting go of what we’ve been fed by self-interested parties for a long time.
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