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  2. Here is my dream from 2 December 2012

    I saw physical twins , they used body spray and I sensed the scent
    I was in a building on second or third floor and at the stairs outside the room I was in someone has stolen a dress that was hanging on the wall and later it was not a dress but a small tapestry representing autumn landscape
    I suspected who the thief was , I was almost sure who has stolen the thing
    End of the dream

  3. Yesterday I saw on my clock 21:12, but I almost see everyday the times 12:21 or 21:12. Anybody an idea what this means cause I couldn’t find anything on the internet. About the dream flight: I don’t remember much and what I remember is very vague. I was in a big library , a huge one because I could see streets and the houses represent the book cases with the sections. The library was a huge labyrinth and I had animals following me because I was looking for a way out. The rabbit was there, the turtle and others. Then a passage got blocked by a tiny little snake.(cabal? not big anymore to frighten) I saw it, but I wasn’t scared enough to back off. I just when past it, it hissed at me but didn’t bite. Then with the help of the animals we found our way out and we were so happy. End of dream.

    Love Lisa

    • Lisa, 21:12 and 12:21 read the same backwards and forwards. They are number palindromes. 🙂 Not sure if that helps any but perhaps this is an indicator that time is indeed reaching “zero point”.

      At my son’s book fair this weekend I also happened on a children’s book that took the classic fairy tales and compacted each story to a single page, and divided the page in half. On the other half of the page was the entire story written backwards, but the story still made sense. I think this might have a connection to your 12:21 and 21:12.

      I noticed my clock is ramping up in frequency of the 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 1111, etc. So when someone asks me the time I am at the point where I can answer with some degree of confidence that it is, for example, “exactly” 3:33 in the afternoon. Because when I look at the clock, that’s what time it is!

    • Many similar numbers to me too, Lisa, I see them as Angelic codes
      I was extremely nervous today, dark attacks continue, they drive me crazy, lost temper and shouted today
      I hope the darkies are glad to read this but I KNOW I HAVE ALREADY WON the game
      Haha, Gambling with the Devil 😉
      But what they do not know is that I was the Devil and I was the Angel in this game/guess what the ten differences are :)/, I AM everything while they live in the illusion of separation
      I wish them Good Luck for the next duality cycle and see them when they are ready to join us in the higher dimensions
      Goodbye, Darkies! You have much to learn about Your True origin
      Love and Light

  4. iHad a DreamScene of Looking at a Very White & Yellow Sun that was Setting in the SouthWest direction, instead of the “normal” direction in the West…i was alone…i thought to mySelf, “That’s a different and New place for the Sun to Set” (something like that)…All around was the same tho, Just a New Setting for the Sun

    • South – West is the point the Portal appeared in my meditation, thank you, Babajij, sharing is what makes progress !
      Perhaps you saw the New Beginning because every sunset is an indication for morning that is about to come, perhaps you also saw this Portal as me and Lisa!
      I connect this direction with South America, Mayan temples, Abi-Qor
      Love and Light

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  6. Wow babajij, thank you for sharing your dream!

    During meditation two nights ago, I got the following numbers:
    78 24 42 89, have no idea what it means.

    Love and light

  7. This was kind of in-between a dream and a meditation. Astral travel? I was my “blue” self, (Umbro?), I was sitting in a black chair with red cushions. The chair back was kind of narrow and shaped triangular, but with semi-circular shaped tapering towards the armrests. I was sitting in the chair, having a conversation with an elven female character, pointed ears and light green skin. I felt like I was on the Algiz. Maybe I was talking to Tauno.

    The chair looked kind of like this.

    The conversation was friendly but serious, we were discussing future plans, coordinating events leading up to the 21st of this month. We were speaking another language though, I tried to make out what was being said. Also there was a very distinct but pleasant smell of new carpeting.

  8. Dream: 7 December 2012

    I set my intent to have a relaxed visit at GLS Blaze:
    My dream: I was waiting in front, at the counter , of a Chinese store/restaurant , to get something. As I was waiting I saw my parents eating something in the restaurant. The Chinese couple was talking to someone , I think family, and the conversation went on and on. So after some time I got tired of waiting and said something in Chinese to this man. The man was surprised that I could speak his language and apologized that he was talking to long and that I could take an order. By then I didn’t want anymore and said I would be back maybe later. The Chinese woman came with me and as we were walking she looked very down. I asked what was wrong and she said it was the financial that was giving problems. So I told her that something good was coming and that they wouldn’t have to suffer anymore. In the mean time we are in a kind of building which, the walls were like (looked like the green metal of a bridge kinda of material) steel green and with an overlook with big windows to a space below that was filled with enormous steel statues that depicted ET’s. A lot of people around me got excited and we are also drawn to look what was happening. I told here this was prove that something was about to happen. Then the dream shifts and places me inside of one of those statues. There was a man in there and suddenly the doors open to this statue, it was soldiers wearing grey/black suits and were an army from the cabal. I shoved this men behind the door and I followed, closing/opening the door to the wall, protecting us from them. But they have one of our family members taken hostage and pressures me to give up the man I am protecting.

    The dream changes and I am talking to someone , looking at pictures from Sarah when she was little , comparing it with pictures of Nolwazi. It shifts again and I am barging in a classroom giving some piano lessons and the teacher sees me and tells me to get out. But then I start to play the piano and he was so amazed at my skills that he let me play.

    Now I am outside again, looks like a cafeteria area sitting on one of those picknick tables talking to a friend (Leslee?) and I was eating a cucumber grass style ( the cucumber was shredded so like it looks like grass) and we were talking about me, living here in South Africa and how it felt. And that she found maybe some work in California but wasn’t sure if she should take it.

    We were standing now in what looks like a glass (looks like the London eye Ferris wheel)

    but it was just half, the other was connected a building with a pathway(like the second picture). It seemed it was high in the sky because I could see skyscrapers coming out of the clouds and I couldn’t see the beginning, nor the end of the buildings. Another indicator was when I looked out with my friends, I saw a plane, made of glass and I saw a green landscape with black rock inside of it. My friends didn’t see it, but I saw it land beneath us. I suggested them we go and explore, but it would be a dangerous mission. As we were weighing if it was worth the risk, and that maybe we could end up dead. On of my friends tells us, we wouldn’t know anymore if we were dead. And we all started laughing.

    I thought it was a very interesting dream again.
    Love Lisa

  9. I am travelling by bus or subway to the airport with my Japanese girlfriend. She is quite pretty, quiet and intelligent – she says a lot with her eyes. It is the happy point in our relationship where we’ve just met – we are committed enough to travel together but haven’t had any physical relationship (I can tell she wants to go further!). There is still a small amount of mis-trust, but also a great deal of love. We do not have tickets for a flight but I have a piece of paper which says that we can have a free flight. So first we have to talk to the airport authority about the piece of paper, and we enter an office with a large table. The two guys are nice / laid back but initially somewhat untrustworthy.

    So we sit down at the table, and they start interviewing me for a job… and they are saying I am not qualified for the job, why would I even consider applying. And I got defensive and I was saying, you have to be kidding me, I spent 10 years in the Canadian Army, of course I’m qualified! Right there, their mood changes and we’re old friends – the main interviewer is actually a pretty cool guy and has a great deal of respect for me.

    And then I look at my girlfriend and realize they don’t understand why we’re here. So I show them the piece of paper and explain we’re here for a free ticket. They’re somewhat embarrassed but get the joke! So they say no problem, you can get your ticket. Have a great trip.

    That’s the end of the dream.

  10. Dream Flight – 8 December 2012
    I saw many people and children and we were interacting and talking but I remember only this, these people were also in my previous dreams but I do not remember what exactly was going on

    I saw a watch…I think the watch of my father…man`s watch with torn leash, the leash was black and not leather, maybe polyester one, the watch fell on the floor, I picked it up and fixed the leash with a clips, I was helped by a man I do not know to fix the leash, funny thing is that he was holding the leash by his mouth, it was funny 🙂
    Then I remember the stairs again and I was in the bathroom of a woman who is my neighbor, there were dirty towels and underwear and I felt I had to visit the toilet

    Next I saw my bedroom and my parents into my bed and I was moving this bed because it was not on place

    End of the dream

  11. Dreamflight 8 December 2012

    I set my intent for Aurora to go on the Mars Mission and also made intent for the other ships.

    I was with a group of people and we seem to be in a library, we are surrounded by books. We were with a guide and he was introducing us to this older guy with white/gray hair and beard. He was more interested in the people around me that in me. Until my guide told him what kind of skill I have, I knew Kung-Fu. So he started to circle around me and we fought, and he lost. I was cleaning the floor with him. 😀 After the fight he had much respect for me and I gained another skill. The new skill I could levitate things up into the air, so I tried it on the books, taking one out of the shelf by pure thought and it was flying in the air.

    The dream shifts and I am outside with a friend. It seems (but I couldn’t see the whole landscape, it was just a piece that I saw) we are on a pyramid, because I was walking together with a friend, down a red brown flat rectangle pillar (the pyramids on Mars?) and we walking down this pillar. My friend was carefully walking down and I was behind him. I told him that it would be to slow and why didn’t he try to slide down. There I also gained a new skill, the skill to fly.

    The dream changes and we are now at a restaurant and there is a family gathering. We go inside but somebody is being left outside of the restaurant and she can’t get in. Eventually the other family members saw her and opened the door for her. End of dream.

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  13. Dream log 121212

    I was at a communal home of several young women. The house was painted with warm yellows and earth tones. Bedrooms faced a central kitchen. Dividing each bedroom between the doorway was only a heavy blanket, but that was fine. I was being accepted into their family as a partner/husband – a polygamous / communal arrangement. I was spending time with each woman to get to know her, they were all quite pretty and had a “love of life”, happy with lots of positive energy. The dream focused on being in one woman’s bedroom, she had long wavy brown hair. I felt it somewhat awkward that there was only a sheet, wishing there was a bit more privacy. However she didn’t seem too concerned.

    [I feel this dream was a dream about spending time with several spiritual beings. I understand that this dream reflects how they communicate, through experiences focused on love. I am happy to be accepted by them.]

  14. I dreamed a lot but i remember only talking with a man with short black hair and symmetrical face, the feeling was as if I was on board of a craft, I remember voices I heard

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  16. Hi, everyone!
    Here is my dream of December 21.12.12
    I saw some gates and entrances open as the main message from my dream
    I was walking with a child in an Elven forest, I was there in my dreams before, this forest is unusual, the elves are hidden but I feel their presence, but this time I was returning from where I was going to in my previous dreams,I knew the path because I walked on it before/in the opposite direction/, the path was over the ground between the trees on a cement platform that was long like and this was the path, we had to turn left with the child but the path was straight on and so I jumped into the air and disappeared on the left, I did it successfully, I was walking on the air

    the dream shifted and I was in the company of an old woman that looked smart and was wearing a hat, she looked like the Queen
    We entered a gate and found ourselves in a yard, at this moment I became an observer of the woman, not a company, there was a building there and some people waiting for something and the woman with the hat wanted to enter in the building but they told her that she has to wait a little longer

    Love and Light

  17. I had this dream on the night to 24 dec:

    I am in an eletronics store. It’s a store that I used to visit with my father when I was young. (This store later moved to another location, and the “feel” of it was missing in the new place. Last year the company itself went bankrupt leaving only the franchise holders with the name of the store and no deliveries, a tough situation for many) The place seemed rather cheerful despite their bad economic situation. I went around the cash register and opened a drawer (clearly you’re not supposed to do that). I saw lots of commercial stuff, give-aways or campaign materials. An employee walked up to me and said “you can have one of those for a birthday present, we have many of them” pointing at ballpoint pen with a built in LED flashlight. I picked it up and tried it. It was yellow and very clumsy to hold. Looking from the end of it, it wasn’t round but triangular, because the batteries took up a lot of space inside it. The flashlight had two functions, press the button once and it was on with white light, press again and it was flashing red. The pen wasn’t that good though, it was almost impossible to write with.

    The dream then changed, and now I was walking home to my apartment. It was just one room, at the far end of a long corridor, it felt more like a motel than a real home. I also new that I hadn’t been there for a few days, and I didn’t spend much time there, so I didn’t care that the standard was low. The place looked really run down. It was built in a slope, my window was facing the back and looking uphill. Only some shrubs with dry leaves could be seen outside. But it felt like a calm and nice place.

    I was surprised to find a cardboard box on the workbench next to the microwave. It appeared to be a cake from my landlord, there was a birthday greeting card attached to it. I didn’t think he cared about his tenants, or kept record of their birthdays. My first thought was “I hope he didn’t leave it here two days ago, it may have gone bad”. I then opened the refrigerator and found another cake. This one was bigger, it was square shaped and pre cut, the kind you would find at a conference or staff meeting. (The fact that someone had been in my apartment didn’t bother me, when I once rented a place this was common, the janitor had keys for all apartments and might have done something like this if you knew him personally) Then someone walked in through my door, which I had left open. The person brought another cake. Then the dream got really blurry, more like a sketchy idea, where more people came in, and the cakes where perfect for the situation, it turned into a spontaneous party.

    The second part of the dream felt like a dream flight, while the first part had the feeling of an ordinary dream.

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  19. I remember eating in a very strange restaurant, the ground floor, long room with a huge dirty table, as if someone has spread soil on this table, I remember a cat there and a young man eating there too
    Then I was at home with my family and showed then a small packet with a powder, the packet I got from the restaurant. When you add water to the powder from the packet you get a bouillon that helps you get well after being drunk, I took a sip from this bouillon, it was yellow and I poured the rest of this mixture in a glass jar and dropped some of this bouillon on the table since the jar was too small to hold the whole liquid
    Then I found myself on a boat, there were some of my friends on the boat too and the wizard was with us , the old wizard that I met many times in my previous dreams/ Umbro/, He looked like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings
    There were rocks before our boat and suddenly the rocks split in two parts showing a clear path in front of our small boat, there came a huge ray from above and the ray was directed just where the rocks were split

    End of the dream
    Thank You
    ( ( SUN ) )

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