SaLuSa ~ November 28, 2012

SaLuSa 28-November-2012

As you are realising, very few of the long standing predictions for this year have come true and it has been very much a normal year. There is always much happening of a physical nature which goes largely unreported. So it is nice to report that little has happened, that could fulfil the expectations of those preparing for major upheavals and catastrophes. You can take much credit for the outcome, as the vibrations of the Earth have been considerably lifted to what the were just a few years ago. The amount of Light attracted to the Earth has lessened the need for more energetic cleansing. We of the Galactic Federation have also helped by also taking part in the cleansing, and generally preventing pollution from becoming worse. That also includes Chemtrails which had the potential to seriously affect all forms of life.

Now your path through the final few weeks of duality should pass quite peacefully, allowing you to concentrate on your preparations for Ascension. The best advice is to keep calm and peaceful, and do not let anything distract you from your focus on it. You will be making history by being one that is actually on Earth to experience everything associated with Ascension. The old vibrations will no longer be able to interfere with your evolution, and in there place will be heightened vibrations that will lift you up. Most of you should register some pleasant reactions to the changes, although for some they will be difficult to assimilate. A total frequency change is naturally far reaching, and all life forms will be affected to some degree.

Dramatic changes will follow Ascension, many of which you should have already experienced. However all will happen in good time, but in quick time to give you the advancements that should have already commenced, but for the stalling tactics of the dark Ones. The dark Ages with all of their limitations will be replaced by one that sees you uplifted in so many ways, and brings the people of your civilization together in mutual love and respect for each other. All past differences will be set aside, to bring you close together in loving co-operation and unity. That will no longer be difficult to achieve as the false barriers placed between you, will fall away as trust replaces the fears created to keep you apart.

You can start now to become your real self, by being outgoing and loving and able to express your true feelings. For too long you have been bound by fear of what others may think of you, that you have even hesitated to show your natural love for others. Find the inner child within you heart that knows not of your doubts and caution, but glories in being able to freely share its Light and Love. You have been moulded into what you think of as yourself, by selective training all through your upbringing. You are being set free to share your enjoyment of life with all others. In the future no one will be offended by a show of love and it will become a quite natural way of greeting each other, as you are all One.

Yes, the meek shall inherit the Earth, and those who have caused so much trouble with their deliberate wars of death and destruction, will be removed from your midst. Only the gentle and loving souls shall remain to enjoy a happy and joyful life, such as they have not known in duality. You have proved that you are mighty souls with hearts of gold, and all will recognize you as ascended Beings. Your creative powers will be channelled into purposeful creations for the good of all. Hitherto, you have not realised how powerful you really are, and have not been in control of your abilities. Do not worry however as with Ascension your increase in levels of consciousness will change all of that.

You are co-creators with God, and your service to others will take you all over the Universe. You will have unique qualities resulting from your varied experiences in duality. You will be looked upon as the Masters of Light, and help other emerging civilizations to evolve. However, that time lays somewhat ahead of where you are now, but you will be drawn to serve others in that way. You have had a long and arduous journey, but have gained much that is greatly admired by us. You will take your place along side us equals, and many of you will choose to join the Federation. You know enough about us now to make such decisions, and our comments apply equally to both male and female. In that respect unlike now, you will both be balanced in the two energies, and the differences in them will be hardly noticeable.

In spite of the turmoil in your world at present the prospect of peace remains very real. It is being approached at the highest level, and the response is encouraging. It is removal of the fear of the big powers that holds smaller countries back, but we can easily maintain the peace once an agreement is reached to disarm. Peace is an absolute must if you are to enter the higher dimensions, as it will not support the low vibrations of the threat of war. Together with the moves to achieve governmental changes that are also proceeding, dramatic changes will occur that will change the whole face of your civilization. Then you can add disclosure, and matters will be able to go forward with all speed. These events are not far away at all, and our allies are working very hard to bring them to fruition.

We clearly place a great deal of importance on disclosure, as it is a means of bringing us together and entering a relationship that is necessary for your progress. More importantly is our part in overseeing the vast changes to your society, and helping your big commercial companies handle the changes affecting them. There have to changes that reflect the need for smaller groups rather than monopolies, and adjustments to new ways of working. You will see that in future business will be on an open basis, so that everyone will know what is taking place and that it is operating on honest and just principles. That should be easy as those criminal elements that exist in your society now will have been removed.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and want you to remove your focus from the past, and give your energy to the new in accordance with your expectations. That way you will help bring it in much quicker, and also be more prepared for what will take place. We are with you Dear Ones, and it will always be so.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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  1. This Is A Time To Cherish As The Clock Counts Down
    Jeshua through John Smallman ~ 11/28/2012

    The last stage in your journey of awakening is beginning as you move down the final stretch on your path home.  It has so far been a very grueling experience, but that is all about to change as you sweep downhill towards the finish. Enormous amounts of spiritual energy have been released into your energy fields to assist you, as the numbers of you meditating and praying with the intent for humanity to awaken continue to increase.  This should help you strengthen your inner confidence in God’s plan for humanity, while providing you with a sense of peace and serenity as you look forward with keen anticipation to your moment of awakening.

    It is going to happen, so let go of your doubts, or ask your guides and angels to strengthen your faith, and they will.  This is a time to cherish as the clock counts down through the remaining period, leading to the start of the new age.

    Humanity’s long sojourn in unreality is almost over.  There have been a few good moments, but on the whole it has been a painful and depressing experience.  The longer it lasted the more ingrained became your heartless and unfeeling belief in the need to sacrifice some for the “good” of others.  And of course the “good” were those on your side, and those sacrificed were often “unavoidable collateral damage” who unfortunately happened to be in the way!  The senselessness of those attitudes has finally penetrated the minds and hearts of sufficient numbers of you to enable you to stand back a little from beliefs that had become almost completely carved in stone, and to allow yourselves to look at issues collectively through new eyes.

    New eyes give a new perspective, and that new perspective has shown that without trust and respect for one another, lasting solutions to issues that divide you can never be found.  Many are now working to revise the practices with which you engage each other (individually, or nation to nation) in discussion and negotiation, so that new and enlightened patterns or models can be formulated that will honor all involved.  These practices will then become normal and standard forms of behavior as you move into the new era that you are collectively building, where those old and outworn attitudes and beliefs have no place.

    At present, those showing the way, carrying the Light, or generally working lovingly in the caring professions are sending enormous waves of compassion and acceptance flowing throughout the world, bringing respite to those who are suffering, as a sense of hope for, and anticipation of, the new age begins to permeate their consciousness.  This sense of hope is strong, emphatic, and irresistible, because it carries with it the intention to awaken into a far, far better world where poverty, destitution, suppression, and coercion no longer exist.
    Many of those experiencing these feelings have never before felt so hopeful or so optimistic, and it is uplifting but puzzling for them.

    As the dawning of the new age gets ever closer, the numbers of impoverished or destitute ones that this energy field of warmth and compassion envelops will grow steadily larger until it encompasses even the least spiritually aware, who feel utterly lost and abandoned as they struggle for survival deep within the illusion, assisting them towards awakening, unless they choose otherwise.  There are still a few, even in abject poverty, who are not yet willing to choose awakening, but they will be neither forgotten nor discounted, and when they are ready the path to awakening will be there to lead them home.

    Reality is unlimited, undiscriminating, and totally accepting of all whom God has created, because all who have been created were created in Love, which is the eternal state to which all will return.  If any of you have worries or concerns about loved ones whom you think are unaware of the essential spirituality of their nature, or who appear unwilling to give it credence, or whom you imagine for any reason at all will not awaken, release those worries because they are totally unfounded as God always takes care of His own, and all forms of consciousness and sentience are His own.  Those worries just keep you attached or clinging to the illusion when you should be focusing on releasing all those limiting and distracting ties.
    God’s Will for you all is that you awaken — and so it is inevitable that you will. Because however you may feel at present, in the grander scheme of things your will is completely aligned with His.  All are free to continue playing games in the illusion, but eventually all will grow tired of them, and, like the prodigal son, all will return Home to a magnificent celebratory welcome.  Everyone is gloriously welcomed on returning Home; there are absolutely no exceptions because all are infinitely loved and honored for who they truly are.

    Your loving brother, Jesus.

  2. That is an interesting painting, Babajij- for me it casts SaLuSa in an entirely different (non-caucasian!) light. This also confirms my suspicions about “Mona Lisa” in that she and SaLuSa are “from” the same “place”. That idea for me is actually pretty exciting!

    Another observation from reading the Roswell transcript is that the female “type” represents “higher role/rank” but not in the same way that we would view “rank” or “physical ability”. Concepts which are of course for us quickly going by the wayside… But an interesting comparison to make. 🙂 I am not trying to make a judgement rather than trying to understand how their culture works.

    For example:

    Do they still have a market economy?
    How do they deal with the “waste” products of their society (on their homeworld)?
    What do they do in their “down time?”
    Do they have places in their society where people can live differently from the rest of society?
    Do they have competitions?

  3. Nice colored p[icture of Salusa there Baba.
    Just checking in as I cant be on the computer for too long these days.
    I hope everyones doing great.
    Stick, is that right for Teo, 5 months already? Time is moving at an all time quickened pace. Sound like you are really loving it, NIIIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And can you just imagine, the two of yous planned it this way, that really blows my mind. I think of all the people with kids and it is like wow, what did yous plan before coming here.
    I remember this girl at work who could not conceive for a while.
    In the past I had told her about life between lives and how we pick our parents.
    OMG after 2 years of trying she called me, almost crying saying, ” I guess no one picked me” i was like DOGHOUSE!!!! WHAT!!!!! Still cracks me up to this day. About a year later she did get pregnant.
    Man, 2 days ago in work I would put my hands up to my face actually against my face. OMG, my fingers had the color of orange but that of a golden orange. I did this a lot of times and each time here comes the golden orange color of my fingers.
    Then as I got off the train yesterday, wow, the moon was huge ovr NYC and yes, it was freaking orange, like a golden orange.
    I cant figure out the relationship though I really thought it was cool.
    233 already, day flying by again.

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