Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission


Message from Spaceship Athabantian: “Physical events of Earth will heighten: More severe weather. More earthquakes. More volcanoes. More shifts in climate. These are not ordinary times…”


Taugth via Mark Kimmel 29/11/2012

I am Taugth, celestial of the cosmos aboard Athabantian. I am one of many who are empowering the Grand Transformation. I am here today to give you the perspective of one who sees the extent of your transformation.

When we say that you should concentrate on raising your vibrations, we do not mean that you should raise your vibrations only to exist in the same paradigm, rather we are encouraging you to raise your vibrations to exist in a new reality, a paradigm of love and light versus the existing paradigm based on fear.

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  1. Thank you this fits with what has been happening for me these past two weeks especially the emotions and vibrations.

    • Hi Suzanne, kinda happening to me with intense bursts…Thankfully when some volcanic “eruption” has happened, I am alone in my private space…Overall, the general feeling of balance and protection is present, due to ever on-going personal work of striving to “Ascend/Live in Peace”…This last Full Moon/Eclipse has Affected Us All, it seems…It is becoming more tangible on what Is the Essence of Mastering our Selves (Emotions,Health,Acceptance)…What a Ride!…lol

      • sending love and joy your way lets see what our dreams bring this week 🙂 A ride for sure babajij 🙂

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