SaLuSa ~ November 30, 2012

SaLuSa 30-November-2012

You are about to enter the final stretch of your journey, and very soon to experience a great increase in your levels of consciousness. Most people would agree that this year has passed quicker than any time previously, and after Ascension it will be even faster. We would like to confirm again that progress is also speeding up where the many needed changes are concerned, and you will not miss out on anything that you expected. The timing has never been that critical, and for obvious reasons we look at the period immediately following Ascension. It is a time where our work and that of our allies will not be hampered by outside influences, and we can be more open about it.

After Ascension you will soon forget the past difficulties and delays, as there will be so much to interest you. Learning about your life in the higher vibrations will be exciting and uplifting, and joy and freedom will draw people together as true Brothers and Sisters. It is your natural inclination to share your love with others, but you have been taught that many countries and their people are your enemies. The fact is that the majority would live in peace if only there were no barriers erected between them. As trust is restored so you will see a great change take place in peoples attitude to each other. Sharing and love for what each other represents, will become the new level at which other cultures will be accepted.

Understand that the changes we speak about, are simply the first of many that will transform your different society’s. They are a stepping stone to further your advancement towards not just becoming a Galactic Being, but part of a Galactic Civilization. So even the present changes that are in hand will be short lived, because you are destined to leave the last aspects of a 3D civilization behind. However, rather than leave you confused or bewildered by moving too quickly, we do it in way that will enable you to be fully prepared. Even we are not sure what changes will come first but we do know that when they commence, as you might say, they will become fast and furious. The point is Dear Ones, that we are ready to go speeding ahead as soon as we are given the signal.

At present it is not so much that the dark Ones are a problem, but the size of the tasks that have been undertaken require a lot of co-ordination. Much of the plans are now in place, and to do much of it in secrecy to protect those involved has been demanding. Fortunately there are now so many Lightworkers continuing to uplift the energies, they are preventing the dark Ones from having any real impact. Their days are over to all intents and purposes, but even individuals can be troublemakers. We simply keep on reminding you the need to keep focused on Ascension, and sending your Light to any point in the world that is not at peace. Of course it can also be directed at any individual, for example one who talks against the Ascension process to distract them.

Stay positive as you are almost at the portal that allows you to step into to 5th. dimension. You will feel the change in vibration, and it will be a most uplifting experience. Imagine never having to feel those heavy lifeless energies again, that are cold and uninviting. You will be surprised at what a vast difference there is, which is why people that have already experienced it never want to leave the higher levels. It is your more natural state of being but you have been pulled down by the lower vibrations, and it has been a hard challenge to find your way back. However, with great perseverance and determination you have found the Light again, and it will continue to grow and carry you through many dimensions.

As you must know by now, love is all there is and it is what everything is created of and may be changed in form, but cannot be destroyed. It is the most powerful force in the Universe, and it is what you must learn to control and use wisely. God is that power and has shown how it can be used in the most gentle and beneficial way, and that is what you are also experiencing and learning to do. Understand that when we say you are Gods, you have the full potential to be one which tells you that you have unlimited power. Once you ascend your powers of creation will commence to be returned, and you will become co-creators with God. So do not underestimate your abilities and go forth with confidence, as it is you who are setting the scene for your time in the higher dimensions.

Even now some of you have developed powerful healing abilities, and it is belief in yourself that enables you to do so. Most of you do it subconsciously and do not even realize what you have done. When you do realize be aware that you may not necessarily be successful, as some souls do not wish to be healed and desire to go through illness as a means of experience. So do your best with a positive intention that any healing you send out will be for the best results. Instant healing has taken place many, many times as has been recorded. It may not however last unless the recipient is prepared to eliminate the causes that brought it on in the first place. Most illnesses are self inflicted even to the point of causing the bodies immune system to weaken, and making them vulnerable to disease. A healthy body often goes with a healthy mind and habits.

The Galactic Federation of Light is working hard to bring conclusions to a number of projects that are in their final stages. It is touch and go whether you see them this side of Ascension, but if it has to be afterwards the way will be clear for them to go quickly ahead. Be assured that events are creating their own path forwards, and are like a snowball gathering speed and mass. Nothing is clearly now going to stop progress, and we stand by ready for action. We see the Light on Earth reaching new heights as the grids are stabilized, and ready for the final input before Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send you our blessings to keep your spirits high, as we do not want to see anyone falling back at this late stage in your preparations. We love every soul, and work for each ones release from the dark energies.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey

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  1. the date mandated by heaven for everything to be completed by – which is fixed, has changed mike?

    why did barack obama your chosen by gf light bringer get so confused he failed to back the vote for palestine……. i see hillary is most put out about this recognition.

    sorry to ask, but it gets so confusing-just how are things improving? the arab spring boarding is artificial, we know that for a fact now, so whats happening apart from the fact more people can read real news online.

    the bankers and corporations have a shadow banking black hole of 70 trillion according to max k, china has between 4-6,000 metric tons of gold now, so a new currency will be used in trade, backed by gold and such, which of course helps the rothchilds who have underground vaults of the stuff ready to come into play.

    so the new system is not heaven sent, but man made.

    the same people will be at the heart of the system , even if govts fall, or as my old dad used to say, never give a sucker an even break.

    or is this to simplistic a view?

    • Dear Steve, whatever those things are, to me they are someone else’s dream. You ask how “things” are improving, but the real question is, how are they changing for you personally?

      From a global perspective you might be interested in the work of the Keshe foundation, which is working to expand and distribute scientific advances that will benefit humanity.

      Have a great weekend, my friend. 🙂

      • hi dreamwalker.

        thanks for the reply.

        yes i have been following the keeshe project, as someone else has said on here let it out to us all, gubberments do not want free clean energy, its bad for the un, they want climate change co2 taxes not fixes………..sadly. [until we have a working gizmo in our hands we do not really know if these things are real or not]

        your reply and question…..
        You ask how “things” are improving, but the real question is, how are they changing for you personally?

        i live in the west, i have never wanted for food,water or shelter, i have accepted the responsibility to change the system, what happens to one happens to all,
        we are all connected – accepting this is life changing for everyone.

        as i asked, how are things in the real world improving?

        ref bashir – the aboriginal s of australia used to have dream-time, they even dreampt the life path of their children, it did not work out for them very well.

        are we trying to repeat the same mistakes they made?

        certainly a positive outlook is important, the law of attraction, if someone wants something enough, if they work hard enough, devote all of their energies to it, these things combined give you a high chance of success.

        even the bible says faith without works is dead – ie thinking on its own does nothing,

        i hope your weekend is great to my friend.

          • australia was turned into a penal colony by the brit empire, through prison labour they founded a nation, that nation turned on the aboriginal people, as they did native americans, the rest is history i am afraid.

            are you following itccs- the trial of church and state crimes?

            the native people lived on and with the land, their vibrational levels were in harmony with life,

            they now are 5th class citizens, pushed into ever smaller enclosures, as they are elsewhere on the planet.

            bashir is a psychologist, using nlp – which has its good points, as well as bad – a bit like the amway selling videos and courses people attended, or still may attend.

            if people put action and positive thought together they can achieve things, good and bad.take magic for example, its not the animal or the sacrifice thats important, its the psychological effect, ie if i do this this will happen if i keep on working at it.-
            intent is everything, the rest is window dressing.

            when you understand this you realise how impotent the elite are,
            tricks and mind control games.

            • Perhaps why the idea of “oneness” is so critical at this time. I think it takes away the power of the “elite” which has historically given them the power to treat others differently.

              • it certainly helps if everyone acts together, we know for sure fact the media try to stir up racial, religious,divide, let alone the new playing cards of jobless v working or migrants v locals, any way they can stir up negative emotion they will…. or we have religion v homosexuality.

                while the populace are busy fighting amongst themselves the gubberments are picking pockets and taking away freedoms.

                we are not anywhere near one-ness, the govts and corporations might be raising an eyebrow, but they are not in a sweat, if politicians get caught out they retire on a full pension, another takes their place, jfk and others come to mind, the system will cover up all type of theft fraud sexual behaviour, but upset the bankers or war machine……………games over.

                now with so many people out of work [ jobs going to cheaper work-forces in countries that have had loans from the western countries to build the infrastructure, roads rail sanitation n such – thus creating the problem of no jobs its cheaper now in xxx y or z ] the people out of work sitting down on the www are beginning to twig the big game of life – they knew this would happen, ergo they have a solution already lined up ready to go.

                we know they want population reduction, that’s a given fact – that means they are working on it, one way or another.

                if, and i say if, these end days 12-12-12-21-12 gf messages are to be given any credence then haarp elf vlf will be very busy …………………. your nwo religion will have masters who ascended, worshipping the earth – it may be technically advanced slavery, but still slavery.

                to say the loss of life around the world is not important because the earth experience or contract was meant that way is like saying the german work camps were fine and dandy, that the starving in africa or child abusers are just playing a part in a game ………………………… is ludicrous, double speak and nlp on steroids.

                even montys new message says haarp will be used, we know fracking is causing quakes, they have just said fracking can go ahead in the uk, no mention of how they will clean the billions of gallons of water, or stop the ground from sink holes and what not.

                so natural gaia earth changes might not be so natural, what does that tell you?

                mike and beckow love obama, why? all he has done is carry on bushes agenda, spent money he does not have while throwing scraps to the people on welfare?

                it was reported in the uk newspapers his health bill was written by insurance companies, corporations.

                rather than tax the top he has destroyed the middle, as they are doing over here and all over the world, i can see why bankers love him, they all got bonus payments, as they did in the uk.

                i will be glad when the new year begins, if nothing happens we know where we stand, everyone is hoping someone else will do it for them, so if they are clutching at straws, when the straws are removed we shall see.

                if obama is a light worker, as these channellers say, he has about 4 weeks left to show it, or blow it- no excuses, no delays due to cosmic storms, alien flu on motherships, we have had enough of no shows, change of plan, dates set by heaven, mandated by, the no time reality n such forth, it either is true or not.

                I am not trying to disillusion you dreamwalker, we are all in the same boat, on the www sea, we sink or swim together.


                  • lols, i guess it depends what we hold as an illusion that has dissipated, everyone needs a hope, a dream, an inspiration, to fill our desires we were drawn to the stars, cosmology, we built temples and cities to mirror the heavens-stars, we created myths and gave constellations, stars, names, when that faded we got religions, solar based celebrations morphed into easter and xmas.

                    sadly we got religious wars, the cities grew to large and unsustainable, weather patterns changed, crops failed, empires faded away.

                    yes this is anchored in the old reality, it is what is – or was-or has been-still is.

                    anyway back to present day, please can you explain what obama has done that you and others admire him so much?

                    • I admire Obama as a human being, but I do not admire the system he represents. I have hope for that system that it can one day be better. This isn’t really a political forum but maybe we can create a separate post to explore this idea… We are running out of room here LOL

  2. Thank you SaLuSa for all your messages and the Light that you share! I cannot tell you how important reading these messages is to me! In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria

  3. DW, I had a thought about Keshe. The USB sticks that they are distributing that have all the patents on them. Why not make them available to ALL? If we all had them, even if we personally could not build the machines. If we all had access to them there would be no denying that the technologies existed! Just a thought, but I am still torn about old man Keshe. The interview that I saw with him was weird. He didn’t seem to care about the normal people, you know, us! But maybe he was having an off day. I guess we shall see won’t we!!

    • Well that was very strange, I had first written “Mike” when I meant “Steve” and edited my comments, sorry about that Mike! But I completely agree with you, they should distribute that information to everyone. Maybe what he’s doing is trying to establish a commitment. Sending information by USB stick is archaic. But by taking the time to contact him, someone is showing that they are more committed to the task.

      Uh… aren’t most patents (because they’re patents) available on the web anyways?

  4. A Christmas greeting for my boss and all dictators and tyrants 🙂
    This way we can free ourselves from the darkness

      • The line in the sand, Troy, it is time to tell them – see you when you are ready to follow us
        John Lennon is one of the Sparks that made Awakening happen, the rebellion is the first symptom of the awakening Soul, then it comes the searching, understanding, Enlightenment and Forgiving 🙂
        Cut off all links with the negative via the miracle of Forgiveness, this way you set yourself free and …in fact…all is in You and Your creation, these who hurt you are creating their own karma /not yours/ to clean and learn, when You forgive them you free yourself and … leave them to deal with lessons created by themselves and in a way…help them to see their path and..all paths lead in ONE direction 🙂
        Love and Light

  5. Bella And The Council Of The Venus Ray: The Gifting Of Your Own Creations, Energies And Activations. By, Bella Capozzi. November 29, 2012.
    Posted on November 29, 2012 by theangeldiaries
    ~ It’s funny how these messages can sometimes pop up at the most unexpected times. I actually had no plans to write today, but instead had allotted the entire day to beginning my very lengthy list of Holiday projects (which I still plan to do, as I’m currently in the middle of the very messy making of “sugar-scrub cubes” and homemade soaps, as part of my gift baskets, this year.) I took a break to do some breathwork and a short vortex meditation, and to my surprise the happy voices of my Council came spiraling down to speak with me. I guess they weren’t too keen on being left out of all of the fun. It doesn’t seem to matter that they are comfortably ensconsed back home on a Mothership the size of Manhattan and that I’m slogging along down here in the trenches. There are times when it seems like it’s not just their energy that’s here in the room with me, but they themselves in physicality. They want to communicate fairly often and seem to truly desire to be a part of what’s going on here on Earth. Our primary roles are as artists, communicators and creators. Like me, the feminine is their expressions of choice. And I suppose that like all girls, be they Sirian, Human, Pleiadian (or in my case, a mixture of the latter two) – there is never a shortage of things to say. I’m kind of excited about the topic they came in to discuss with me right now, because it’s something we can all do to make a difference. It’s very hands-on. We can actually see it!

    ~ Sybra is a Sirian, and is the elder of our Council. She is the more intense of the group, and if you have read any of the other messages I’ve written, it’s pretty easy to tell when it is she who has taken the lead. In no uncertain terms, and in an energetic tone that I know to mean “listen up-I’m serious”, she explained that I am no longer to just write what they are saying to me. I have to start contributing also, which explains the title up above. Sybra goes on to explain that we are all in throes of an enormous upgrade, both in the clearing of our communication channels and physically, by way of the upgrading and activation of our dormant DNA. With this DNA activation, our bodies are becoming more and more able to hold a variety of very potent electrical charges. These charges reach out far, all around us, and if we so intend, they can be rendered actually contagious in the form of very powerful and effective activations for the people close to us.

    ~ Truly, is there really a single one of you out there reading this who is not somewhat frustrated by our wonderful family members and friends who don’t seem to want to wake up? They’re loving, fun, and we couldn’t imagine life without them. We’re on the ascension fast-track and we want them to be right there by our side, thriving and growing and expanding along with us. Speaking to them about all of this rarely helps, other than to brand us the eccentric, quirky one (or as my very cool teenage son likes to afectionately say, “You’re all insane”). But there’s hope, according to The Council. With the dismantling of the veil, these energies we’re carrying can be easily transferred to any of our creations and undertakings here in the physical, 3D realm. Whatever we create – if it’s done lovingly – is able to carry these increasingly contagious frequencies and transfer them quickly to the recipient. However, you must hold your creations in your hands, and with focused intention allow the activations to energetically flow from your hands into the object. There is no particular recitation to do. Just focus and intend.


    From Sybra:

    “Dear Friends, I pray you take full advantage of the miracles which are transpiring all about you at this time. I call them miracles, indeed, for what else could they be? These are the times of miracles. And who is it that is working these miracles, pray tell? Why, it is you. You are the creators of all the blessed change, the upswing in joy and heart-centeredness which is sweeping the planet. It is through you and by you that the transition is occurring. Have we reached as many souls as we originally imagined we would have reached at this interval? No. Is there something you can do about it? Yes. Stop trying to hit them across the head with it, if I may be so bold to say, for it shall not work. Leastwise, not in the majority of cases.

    Instead, it might do you good to be a bit more clever. Fear not, you are not infringing upon their free will by slipping an activation or two into their Holiday fare. If their highest-self so decrees, than activated by your generous gifts they shall be . And vice-versa. As my young sister shares this information with you, I clearly hear a great many of you saying that you are not creative. Nonsense. You are born of The Creator, thereby you are Creators unto yourselves. When I refer to bestowing your creations as gifts, I suggest that it could be anything contrived by you. A piece of writing, perhaps? Clothing, foods, decorative items, it needn’t even serve a particular purpose. It needn’t even be fully crafted by your own hands, but made by another of equal enlightenment, then fueled heartily with your intent. From this point on, do not bestow a gift without first seeding it well. In this way you are assisting in awakening more and more souls, and in turn increasing the speed at which the full transformation occurs.

    We are entering the phase of the transition when it is absolutely essential that we dismantle the old repellant and decaying paradigm. Rampant consumerism must be brought under control, as this is by all accounts the most effective means of programming that Humanity struggles to shake free of. This most gentle season is a time wherby the focus must be placed upon love, unity, friendship and family. It is not by accident that it overlaps the transition. There are no accidents, but only Divine Synchronicity. Remove yourself from the voraciousness of the marketplace, and find unique ways to give and to receive. And to give thanks. Never fail to give thanks.”


    ~ While doing my guided meditation, we worked with chakras located on the palms of our hands. I can still feel them spinning even now, and they’re still really warm. I suddenly realized that it’s through these chakras that we’re able to transfer these activations to the gifts we give (I’m sure there are a lot of you out there that already know this, just as there are equally as many who don’t). I plan to do this also, with my Holiday baking. But it doesn’t even need to be a holiday to put this idea into practice. We really should be gifting of ourselves all the time! Happy creating!

    Copyright © Bella Capozzi. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

    • Hi, Gunner 🙂 I like your Presence here, boy, it is like being at home , really! I feel everything is alright when I see your comments here
      Love and Light, dear Brother!

    • Thank you Troy and Kp the book is wonderful and I now have a better way to tell my daughter so she can see the two children in her minds eye which is great as she is nine and is afraid due to the rubbish her father watches on tv. Sadly I can only veto so much with out him getting moody. So hard when your the only one awake.

      • My son is 9 years old and he is currently enjoying the book “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda”. I enjoyed it too, it was a fun read. It is fiction but I believe it is also a great introduction to these ideas. I can’t wait to see what questions my son asks when he’s finished with it. For example: “Is paper Yoda REAL?”

        My heart goes out to you Suzanne. Dare to wonder, my friend. ♥

  6. ( ( ( You Will Live For The Joy Of Living Instead Of To Earn A Living ) ) )
    November 30, 2012 ~ Jeshua through John Smallman

    Energy — the field of power enveloping all that exists — is something you hardly understand at all as you restrict yourselves to the environs of the illusion. However, that is all going to change very soon. You will discover that all your energy needs can be met easily, abundantly, and without further damage to the planet – drilling, mining, and burning are quite unnecessary – as those with highly advanced and well-developed technologies come to assist you in repairing the areas that have suffered under those harsh and unsympathetic methods of accessing the materials that provide energy for transport, heating, lighting, manufacturing, and other industrial needs. A new age of wise and informed thought and creative intent will make life on the planet a joy instead of an unrewarding chore just to ensure your survival.

    As the new age of peace and contentment envelops you all in happiness and prosperity, your senses will be much enhanced, furnishing you with a far greater understanding and enjoyment of all aspects of daily living. An immensely satisfying bonanza in the arts will stimulate your creative juices which will run far more freely and abundantly, giving rise to a vast increase in artistic activities in every field with which you choose to engage. You will live for the joy of living instead of to earn a living, which makes complete sense, especially in comparison to your present need to work almost unceasingly in order to cover all your commitments and responsibilities.

    You have been working your way persistently homeward towards this — your natural state of being — for eons, as you well know, although there have been many interruptions and distractions that have diverted you from your path. Those are now all behind you as you power forwards to complete this arduous venture which has taken you many lifetimes over billions of years in the illusion. It is very difficult for you to grasp that these seemingly enormous periods of time are as but a momentary instant snatched from eternity — so incredibly brief that they never existed at all. When you awaken, that will make sense, but for now of course the idea is quite beyond comprehension. Nevertheless, notwithstanding all of this, the apparent time remaining before you are going to awaken into joy is very short.

    During this period of excited anticipation and expectation, continue purposefully with your intent to be the way-showers and Light-bearers that you are, by demonstrating acceptance and compassion in every moment of your daily lives. You have been doing this most effectively for some considerable time (as you experience time), but the push is now on to end this repetitive cycle of karma-driven incarnations for humanity, and I am giving you this reminder because it is all too easy for you to forget the essential task for which you incarnated this time around as you get caught up in the dramas and distractions of daily illusory living.

    Make a point of bringing to mind frequently throughout the day the fact that you are spiritual beings having an Earth experience. In fact, do it whenever your mind goes blank or seems to lose track of what you are doing – that often occurs to bring your attention back to your spiritual purpose – and then you will find that you can recall what you were intending to do or were actually doing far more easily. Focusing on the spiritual aspect of yourselves frequently and momentarily really does make it easier to cope with the mundane everyday matters that occupy so much of your time, and which often cause you undue stress.

    You are all exactly where you are supposed to be – where you planned to be when you designed your life path for this incarnation – at this moment in your evolutionary history. Accept life as it occurs, and with grace and gratitude, because it is your choice to be here now, having whatever experiences life presents you with. By being here you are assisting untold numbers of others with their awakening process, even though both you and they may be completely unaware of it.

    Your ability to remember the reason for which you incarnated is very severely restricted so that your egos do not attempt to hijack your capabilities for their own devious purposes. You understood this when you formulated and agreed to your contract prior to incarnating. Remind yourselves of this when doubts or anxieties arise within you, and ask for help! You will receive it, though not necessarily in the form you think would be most appropriate. But you will know that you have been heard and that you have received it because your stress and anxiety will decrease. When that stress reduction occurs, notice it, give thanks for it, and then you will find that your stress and anxiety reduce even further.

    You are never alone without access to all the assistance that you need. Ask for it, expect it, and pay attention – as I said, it may well not be delivered in the form that you imagined – and as your stress and anxiety reduce remind yourselves that all is divinely taken care of, and that your awakening is therefore ensured.

    Your loving brother, Jesus.

  7. ~ We Once Powered the Whole Planet

    Greetings, our dearest soul daughter on Earth. We are the Crystal Kingdom, yearning to continue our dialogue with you. Know that we do remember the times when we were above ground, and our structures towered above the surface like gigantic skyscrapers overhead. We powered the whole planet then, in every aspect of its energy requirements. We did it all, with very little effort on our part, and with no residue or side effects to the environment. Our energy transmissions are the cleanest, purest, and most pristine way to harness energy for your consumption.

    We captured all the historic records from these times past, and we still hold them in our energy matrix although we are now in seclusion underground until it is safe for us to rise again in all our majesty and glory.

    Safety is still an issue for us, for we don’t want to be intruded upon or damaged or pillaged. The Earth needs us just where we are — for we continue to do our work underground and act as great electronic relay stations that transmit information on many levels to the Galactic Command and Mother Earth. We work “undercover” or “underground,” in the privacy of our own domain. We, too, work for the Ashtar Command and Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, and our work uncovers the deepest information that we make available to the Forces of Light who tap into us.

    Earth has provided all to her residents, even free energy. There is free energy for everything you could ever need or dream of. You just have to tap into us, the Crystal Kingdom, and we will show you how to harness our light and change it into energy. It is so easy to do, once your desire is there, and there is no more interference from the sinister forces who would only corrupt our gift to you and turn it against you, and all life, in their endeavor to enslave all of humanity in their quest for conquest.

    Our love goes out to you on waves of crystalline light beams, and embraces you.

    © Copyright Dianne Robbins
    December, 2012

  8. This Is To Be The Fulfillment Of A Divine Promise Made To You Eons Ago
    12/02/2012 by John Smallman

    Humanity is due for a shocking surprise that will amaze and delight everyone. Those of you who are aware that you are shortly to awaken from your heavy slumbering state within the illusion will also experience that wonderful shock. No one who chooses to take part will be excluded – as some of you might say “the more the merrier” – because to awaken from that dark state is a move into unimaginable joy. It is an utterly enchanting joy that you will share and partake in with one another, in an exhilaration more intense than you have ever felt in any of your many human incarnations.

    Hold your intent, hold your enthusiastic expectations and continue to race down the home straight towards your destination where large crowds of welcoming friends and loved ones have gathered to meet you. The bliss of experiencing acceptance and love that is pure, perfect, unconditional, and eternal will induce a high, a thrill, an explosion of happiness that is beyond anything that you can imagine. Constant, instant, and intense delight awaits your homecoming. Disappointment is unthinkable and impossible, and this is not just advertising hype, because this is to be the fulfillment of a divine promise made to you eons ago.

    Many of you are feeling twinges of anxiety or doubtfulness because your expectations are so high — as they have every right to be — even though you have a divine promise that you will awaken and which you have to take on trust. In the illusion you have all experienced the betrayal of trust so it is not really surprising that these unsettling twinges arise to disturb you. They are an aspect of the illusion that you are in the process of releasing as the field of Love enveloping you assures you that all is well, and provides the solvent that will dissipate all your karmic baggage.

    All is well; you know that. Attend to aligning your will constantly with your Father’s that you awaken, and in acceptance that that is the case, offer compassion, listening, and love in all your personal interactions. Doing so brings you a sense of peace, a valid intuitive faith in the divine outcome which has been promised to you, making the last moments of your journey pass easily and smoothly. And your comforting countenance provides welcome assurance to many others as you assist them to flow homeward with you towards the grand moment of awakening.

    With so very much love, Saul.

  9. The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild
    ~ December 02, 2012

    Blossom: Me again. Well , I have to say that I seem to be in a very ‘calm’ space … and no matter what is going on … what I have to get done etc. … my heart is happy and I find myself in a very ‘chilled’ disposition. I’m Loving it … Somehow everything that I have to get done ‘matters’ … and yet it doesn’t. Not really sure how to express this.

    The Federation of Light: Warmest greetings to you Blossom and ALL who take the time to read of these discussions. We would say that the energy now is ‘amping up’ to a degree that makes one FEEL quite ecstatic at times.

    Imagine … just imagine that this that you are FEELING is the bottom rung of the ladder … Recognise this notion that as each height is attained and the FEELING that accompanies it … is that which you have been awaiting so long to FEEL.
    And have we not said ALL along that it is about the FEELING.

    Blossom: This certainly does FEEL good that’s for sure.

    The Federation of Light: it shall continue to FEEL better and better as YOU are able to adjust to the Higher energies that are coming through.

    Blossom: Quite a few have asked if they should be ‘doing something’ around the time of 20-24th? If they are at work for instance … or driving … should they stop what they are doing? Many are taking time off to BE somewhere tranquil for that time … could you offer suggestions as to what would be most beneficial for us?

    The Federation of Light: Now that would depend on what one ‘expects’ to happen! For those who have been blinded by all things that hide their Truth … we would say they will be unaware until such a moment in time when they will HAVE to acknowledge that something indeed is taking place. Others will feel … as you are now … the constant build up …

    We wish to reassure you … for many have this concern …


    Dearest souls of Light … You that have benefited the whole by your selflessness and your giving of so much of yourselves in order to ‘see through’ that which you came to accomplish. Allow from this moment forth … your eyes to see … your ears to hear … For that which is to come can only show you the part of yourselves that you are willing to accept.

    Blossom: Sorry … can you clarify that?

    The Federation of Light: We mean by that … that it is for you to have open hearts and open minds. Seize the moment. Take into account the following …


    Blossom: Oh!

    The Federation of Light: In the sense that if you were not ‘around’ there would be little point in anything at all happening for it is YOU … each one of you that shall BECOME the major overall happening when this occasion occurs. In that … the transformation inside of YOU is what is of the greatest change of format.

    You shall be unable to FEEL ways of old … for the Light that enters your heart space and allows you to recall ALL that you are … shall melt away all that is who you are not.

    So , we reiterate by saying that although yes … there is to be an immense contribution from forces of Light that are way beyond your conception of that which Light actually is … it is YOU … YOU BEAUTIFUL BEINGS OF LOVE – LIGHT that shall make THE EVENT be the enormous success that it is to be.
    We are so very excited for us all. Yet we sit on the edge of our seats in the KNOWING of what is to come and we wait in great anticipation to see just how beautifully and transparently you accept the change within you.

    Oh beloved friends … You have no idea of the LOVE BUG that is to hit you between the eyes!

    Savour each spontaneous reaction. The Heavens shall be revealed to you ‘inside of yourselves’.

    What you thought to be unknown shall be recalled and that which you aspire to becoming … you can become with just the very thought.

    ALL this … EVERYTHNG that is to present itself to you … can have a magnitudinal affect upon your BEINGS when YOU KNOW that LOVE … BEING LOVE … ALLOWING LOVE … to be breathed in and offered out … shall indeed make the entire experience … a once in a lifetime extravaganza!

    Blossom: It really is so very exciting … and so very soon. I am assuming we shall be in contact through this time.

    The Federation of Light: This we cannot necessarily confirm. For without giving the game away too much … it may not be possible for a short while … or indeed necessary for this to be so. Yet rest assured … should this be the case … it would be in no time at all that we shall be able to resume once again.


    For we say … that which is to come … once accomplished … one shall find the self almost unrecognisable. The YOU that you have longed to be in fullness shall be capable of existing within you.

    The energies that are to cojoin shall permit the Higher soul self to reside within the physical in a way that it has not been able to do so before.


    Soul friends … Be kind to yourselves and prepare gently for that which is to transpire. Release your mind from all thoughts that ‘beat up the self’. So much trivia is turned into magnified confusion and distain for the self … when in ALL TRUTH … if one simply recognised ones ‘traits’ … thanked them and allowed them to move through without the attachment to the self … regarding these little misdemeanours … one would find a freedom from so much that they desire to be free of!

    Blossom: Thank you. I appreciate that. Yet maybe a little easier said than done.
    The Federation of Light: Yet there is nothing to do … other than BE LOVE … AND WE MEAN THIS.


    You find that hard to accept Blossom do you not?

    Blossom: NO … not at all. I totally agree … why did you ask?

    The Federation of Light: Due to the conditions one can find themselves within and not allowing thoughts to undermine or indeed underestimate THE FACT … that LOVE … ONLY LOVE … is THE ONLY THING ONE NEEDS TO CONCENTRATE ON. For if this is done … there can be no FEELINGS of anything else that do not hold TRUE to that which you are … LOVE.

    IF YOU ARE OF IT … WHICH WE TELL YOU IN ALL TRUTH AND UNDERSTANDING … YOU ARE … THEN THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO BE. For when you are outside of that TRUTH … you are still of it … yet denying yourself the pleasure of BEING IN IT.

    By puting yourself back in it … that which you are not … cannot be. For you can only BE what you are … LOVE.


    Blossom: Speaking of gratitude … I would like to take this moment to THANK YOU for all the support you have offered us. I KNOW through emails received just how much you have served and assisted so many people along their journey because of the LOVE you have for each one of us. Your example of ‘LOVING’ is beyond measure and from my heart TRULY … I offer you so very much appreciation for ALL that you have done … for ALL OF US.

    The Federation of Light: And may we add to that … there is not one moment of YOUR time when we do not give gratitude to each one of you for your excellence in this Divine plan.

    It had to be that only the strongest of the strong were chosen to be in your position … and at times many of you have FELT depleted of strength … yet you pulled yourselves out of the quagmire and continually returned to your feet … often weary and wondering where on Earth you would find the strength to carry on. Yet you did not find that strength on Earth … you found it with inside of yourselves and you KNEW it to be of a DIVINE energy that WOULD NOT FAIL YOU.


    Blossom: Sorry to butt in … safety valve? … is that the right word?

    The Federation of Light: We felt your hesitancy and yet of course … have we ever had the need to correct ourselves?

    Blossom: Nope that’s my job isn’t it!! ??

    The Federation of Light: We express ourselves with this particular word for indeed we would say that your inner KNOWING to pursue your pathway … is your/ has been your ‘safety valve’. For it has allowed you to continue on no matter what … and lead you always onward to safety. For without that KNOWING in your system … if one was to ignore it … one would have indeed lost their way.

    We would say in jest that there is little need for the Lights that one adorns on your trees at this Yuletide.




    For as you UNITE with each other in LOVE … and please think about this as you breathe in this spectacular HIGHER LOVE ENERGY … Allow yourselves to connect up with one another … in that heart space. FEEL the rhythm of YOUR MOTHER EARTH and become in tune with HER.


    Yet to FEEL this ONENESS is that which you are here to attain.

    Blossom: Eh … you sure about that word? I ‘m a very happily married woman thanks all the same!!!!

    The Federation of Light: This we know. Yet we use this in its term of ‘marrying’ ourselves with yourselves. A promise to each other that we are fulfilling. A joining of worlds and hearts.


    Blossom: I can FEEL that …. Whoa! My heart is suddenly overflowing with water (White Cloud always uses water as a metaphor for Love) and the overflow pipe seems to be my eyes!!

    OK … I am going to be really bold here … in for a penny in for a pound. You once said White Cloud is part of the organization of The Federation of Light. He once said he would reveal who he Truly is when the time is right … is it? May I know who he Truly is … although it certainly is of no concern to me … For I LOVE HIM just the same.

    The Federation of Light: That which we choose to acknowledge on this matter is not to the fullest extent that perhaps you would like the answer to be. Yet we would say to you that your dearest beloved friend known to you as a Native American Indian … is far more than he would ever ‘present himself to be’. Reasons for this are many … and we say to console … that if you were to KNOW … then perhaps YOU and HE would not have the relationship you have at this given time … because if you KNEW (on your present human level ) it would change things for YOU and no one desires that to happen. We say also … that we do not mean this as a game play in any way … it is just that certain things where you and many are concerned dear lady … have to have a ‘place’ to be honoured within that place.

    Blossom: That’s Truly ok … it was just a spare of the moment ask and I LOVE surprises so I look forward to that one … as in Truth I really have no idea and it doesn’t matter. I’m waffling.

    The Federation of Light: Then we shall get straight to the point by finishing with this statement.



    Blossom: Let’s try that in Swahili? No seriously I get it … THANK YOU. THANK YOU . THANK YOU.

    The Federation of Light: Thanking in return each one who is so masterfully carrying out the Divine plan.


    Blossom: In Love and thanks.

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