Risking Everything and Losing It All


How To Gain Your Freedom

(This post contains the Afterword of the book All About Enlightenment. Please visit the menu if you wish to read the book in its entirety.)

[From Buddha Heruka]

Maybe that title loses some of its impact when you see the sub-title…

But this is the last chapter of the book, so what do We have to lose, right?

You’ve either made it this far through the book, or else you’ve skipped ahead or landed here by chance… Either way We probably have your Attention at the moment.

All of your life is a Dream.

When you die, everything you hold dear will fade into Emptiness. Everything that you think is important at the moment is a tremendous comedy, and everyone you think you interact with in this World is actually an actor, following through with an elaborate scheme devised to draw you in.


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