Update from Mike Quinsey – April 5, 2013

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Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Hi Friends,

I have been overwhelmed by your kind comments and best wishes since my stroke. Fortunately I have only experienced a very mild heart attack, in fact I was unaware that I had one, but it has left me with the virtual loss of sight in one eye. Otherwise I am unscathed and understand my sight may come back. I have lost partial memory in respect of using the computer but that will come back with use and practice. My memory is otherwise still very good, and I expect to get it back in due course. I am continuing with my Radio Programs and will see how it goes, but I do not expect much difficulty.

I am obviously having to adjust to a slightly easier way of life, and in fact because I can no longer drive a car I am having to alter my life style. But I am still able to contribute to the Light, and hope to be able to continue as usual. I will have to see how it works out.

Thank you for all of your wishes for a healthy return to a normal life.

In Love and Light, Mike Quinsey.

Yesterday’s message: http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/04/message-from-mike-quinsey-regarding-his-stroke/

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  1. Continued Light & Healing Energy for Brother Mike…
    Big Up to ALL Spirit train Riders! 🙂

    **Do not allow your doubts and anxieties to discourage or alarm you**
    04/04/2013 by John Smallman

    Humanity’s awakening process is proceeding apace. At the beginning, many eons ago, it was slow and arduous for you, but now it is like a river flowing rapidly in full flood, sweeping all before it to the Ocean – Reality, Heaven, your eternal Home – and it is utterly unstoppable. Let go of your doubts and anxieties, which tempt you either to try to swim upstream, or at the very least, arrest your progress by holding on to outdated attitudes and behaviors that no longer serve you. Release all that unloving emotional baggage which weighs you down, seems to be dragging you down, and skim along in exhilaration like surfers or water-skiers on the surface of this tide of Love as you race towards the Ocean where the most magnificent welcome awaits your swift and certain arrival.

    Dear Light-bearers and wayshowers, sisters and brothers, siblings, children of God, do not allow your doubts and anxieties to discourage or alarm you. Over the eons, you have endured much suffering and many disappointments which have left you with deep emotional scars, and the “stuff” that is arising for many of you now is old, very old, and just needs to be recognized and released. There is no need to investigate its origins; the past is well and truly gone. What you are experiencing — and it can be very uncomfortable and unsettling — are the scattered remnants of old and half-forgotten memories, fragments of misused energy. You are effectively in the process of “spring cleaning,” and as you enter rooms that have been closed off for a long time, opening doors, windows, drapes, and blinds, all the dust and debris (frozen energy) which has accumulated over time, gets stirred up. And indeed, there is an amazing quantity of it! It contains nothing of any value; it simply needs to be discarded, deposited on the compost heap so that its energy can be recycled, returned to the pristine state of beauty with which it shone before it became corrupted through eons of conflict and confusion.

    Energy is power and can be used to drive many beliefs, philosophies, social movements, or campaigns which can have widely differing aims, and over the eons this has led you into many conflicts. The stuff that so many of you now have rising into your conscious awareness are the remnants of the emotions that were stirred up long ago when you became engaged in these often-painful activities. You are in a space where forgiving and releasing can occur easily and quickly if you choose to allow it, and doing so lets in the Light, your Light, shining with brilliance and beauty on all that lies before It. The memories of who you truly are will then come pouring in, filling your hearts with joy and wonder, as the old fragments which you have effectively been hoarding melt away.

    As you know, your divine destiny is to awaken into Reality. And that destiny, which is inevitable and unavoidable, will bring you nothing but joy. Holding on to old memories of victimhood, unjust punishment, shaming, or suffering that you may have undergone, or any desire for restitution made available to you by judgment from a “higher power” that condemns others for wronging you – even if it is simply a desire on your part for them to know that they have wronged you – simply delays your awakening. Let go of all that is unloving and speed towards your awakening.

    Love is all-encompassing and can bear no grudges, It knows not what grudges are. It embraces and accepts all, unconditionally. The intensity of Love overwhelms; in fact, It terrifies those who would judge or condemn, and they flee from Its presence in complete disarray because It is utterly uncompromising in Its acceptance of the good in all that has been created. It neither sees nor acknowledges anything else. What is not good does not exist, so judgment and condemnation do not exist, and that is a fearful realization for those who would engage with it, which is why they flee from the purity of Love.

    When you release all that old emotional baggage — baggage that you have been carrying with you for eons as evidence of the multitudinous mistreatments that you have suffered — the sense of lightening that you experience will absolutely astound you. You will think: “It was only justifiable memories that I needed so that I knew who I was, for without my memories who am I? I need my photograph albums, they are too precious to lose or discard.” But truly you do not, because you are about to awaken into the infinite wonder of our Father’s divine Presence, Reality, where you will know without the slightest shadow of a doubt precisely who you are, and you will revel in that knowledge eternally.

    With so very much love, Saul.

  2. Ben if you are referring to me I never had brain surgery. I’m just naturally wacky. 😀

    I have played around with split-focus meditation and active task meditation (suzanne recently mentioned this in relation to washing dishes on her site), and channeling is also a form of meditation… sort of. Since I was around 8 I’d just focus on a white piece of paper. For me water tends to have a profound focusing / enhancing effect – for example meditating next to a swimming pool or natural stream.

  3. Deep down I know Mike will be fine, My dad had a slight stroke before Christmas at 75yrs and although he sometimes struggles with a word he is still very fit and has begun riding a motor bike again 🙂 You cant keep a good man down and Mike is one of these.

  4. I learned last night that my dad had a minor stroke a couple of weeks ago. He wasn’t aware that he had one but he said when he spoke, the words weren’t making any sense, and when he tried to read the words weren’t making any sense either. So he went to the doctor and sure enough it was a minor stroke. So they’re keeping an eye on him.

    My dad is very much like obi wan kenobi from Star Wars – but the older wiser one with the beard, not the hen-pecky younger one! I know that when it is his time to go, much like obi wan, he will be an even greater force to be reckoned with. He has been following the work of Billy Meier, SETI, and Coast to Coast for many years and is a card-carrying member of MUFON. Without doubt the best dad a guy could have! 🙂

  5. APRIL 6, 2013
    Again we greet you dear ones, those who read these messages, for we see you as students of truth, ready to evolve and grow deeper.
    There is much light now manifesting on earth and soon you will recognize the results of it. Do not always expect to see large overwhelming events but become more observant of the many small changes happening daily– unexpectedly aware words spoken by some political or spiritual leader, kindnesses between strangers, or the increase in those choosing to help serve all living things like the rescue of lost, abused, and frightened animals. Every expression of light (unconditional love) given to the world, to all living things, to each other, adds to the energy of the whole. Even when you do not particularly like another, your job is to silently recognize their divinity in spite of appearances and this is how you practice unconditional love because love is the realization of One which does NOT mean being a doormat for another.
    Today we wish to discuss the energy of reality and illusion, for many are confused when they read spiritual literature stating that the world is illusion when life seems to be very real and often so painful
    Being expressions of Source you are creators, and for lifetimes have been creating from a third dimensional consciousness of duality and separation. These experiences are very real within that state of consciousness–pain is felt, accidents happen, disease, lack, and limitation are very apparent and seem to be what human life on earth is all about. Many religions still ignorantly teach that man’s reward will be in heaven and not on earth and that earth is meant to be a place of suffering. Buddha’s original teachings having to do with the world being an illusion have been misunderstood by those not evolved enough spiritually to understand them. This resulted in many simply doing nothing, saying; “Oh well, the starving baby doesn’t matter, it is all illusion.” It is not the world and all living things that are illusion, it is mankind’s’ concept of the world that is the illusion. This is a vital point in the unfolding awareness of spiritual consciousness.
    Because you are creators dear ones, you create from your own state of consciousness and what you experience is based upon that. Are you creating experiences that manifest duality and separation or are you creating experiences of Light and Love? Many will react to this statement and feel anger, but we ask you to take this into your quiet time and ponder these words. Those who thrive on being “victims” will no longer be able to blame others for their problems and this will cause many to respond with anger and uncomfortable emotions. It is an ingrained but incorrect belief in the third dimensional world that others are responsible for your lives–problems as well as successes.
    When you see the suffering of others realize that what you are witnessing is the manifestation of ignorance created through beliefs of duality and separation. These forms can appear in infinite variety of expression and often reflect the individual energy of one who may be still holding (and thus attracting) something from a past life experience. This energy may be manifesting at this time because the individual is now evolved enough to release and clear it. Frequently good or bad experiences simply reflect the impersonal nature the third dimensional belief system because those living in a consciousness of ignorance are at the mercy of any belief which may be floating out there in universal human consciousness. Know that good appearances are no more spiritual than bad ones–all are concepts of the spiritual reality.
    When a spiritual student begins to understand these truths, it may result in some confusion as to how he is supposed to respond to the sufferings of the world. This awareness does not mean one cannot help others and does not mean doing nothing but does mean we must recognize the reality behind what is going on.
    You see, the Divine Consciousness which is all there is (Omnipresence) would be incapable of manifesting Itself as division, discord, disharmony–how could One (all there is) be divided? The illusion is man’s ignorant understanding of the Divine, seeing God as some sort of man in the sky, and endowing him with qualities of good and evil–concepts born from lifetimes in ignorance of truth.
    Everything embodied within Divine Consciousness is a law, and these qualities are continually and infinitely manifesting. There is only ONE MIND and that is DIVINE MIND but in the un-awakened human, that one mind is conditioned by beliefs of duality and separation and then in turn manifests through this conditioning. For example, the self-sustaining, self maintaining qualities of Source appear to man as food, clothing, or what is needed but when interpreted through a mind filled with varying beliefs of duality and separation, this quality of Divine completeness will manifest as sometimes enough, and at other times not enough–the perfect expression of duality. The infinite wisdom and intelligence of Divine Consciousness will manifest through a consciousness programmed by duality and separation as some people being very smart and wise and others just the opposite.
    We are not recommending you shout “Hooray” and throw away all your medicines or quit your job while saying; “God is all, everything else is illusion”. We are saying that if you resonate with these truths, then you are ready to incorporate them into your consciousness. When something unpleasant or even very daunting comes into your experience, you will now be able to look at it more impersonally, asking yourself; “What am I believing that is making me feel this way, or manifest this? What is the truth?”.
    In this process, there is never to be guilt or self recrimination for past mistakes or judgements for it is simply the process of evolution you are experiencing, and doing a fine job of it. You are learning who you really are and then living out from that which is why you are on this journey.
    Know that much of what may be unpleasant in your lives at this point is simply energy from past lifetimes that you are now ready to clear–physically, emotionally, and mentally. Many are experiencing issues they thought they had already dealt with or that they never even had in the first place. These things are presenting at this time in order to be looked at on a higher level and released. These issues reflect opportunities for you to examine your belief system. Many are being guided to remove negative or positive energetic cords attaching them to people or places because anything resonating with that which is finished must be released. Anything still resonating with old finished energy can hold you in bondage to the past. Negative issues being presented at this time are serving to move all evolving souls into deeper ways of understanding and the ability to let go with love and gratitude. This in turn, brings about a seeing of the world with new eyes.
    Always remember Reality is, was, and always has been Oneness, and that One governed and held forever in place by law. That is why there really is no death, could the Divine die? We see the appearances of death, but is that the reality? Fear of death is one of the heaviest of beliefs needing to be released. One may change location, but never can there be the death of that I AM.
    The nature of the third dimensional experience is that each awaken to truth regardless of outer appearances. It was never meant that earth sink so heavily into the dense energies of duality and separation, but it happened, and in spite of that many are now awakening and becoming strong and powerful beings–worthy of much praise and congratulations. Try not to get discouraged dear ones, for you are doing what you came to do and doing a fine job of it.
    Those of you who read these messages are more than ready to do the work required. There will come a point where most of the outer discords will simply drop away for there will no longer be the belief energy to manifest as them and this is how the world is changing. As more and more awaken to truth and begin to live out from an illumined consciousness, the outer manifestations will take on more perfect and higher form. This is why no one can come and save the world for you dear ones, it has to be the enlightened consciousness of the many that manifests a new world and that is exactly what is happening very quickly at this point.
    Try not to add energy to the negative world issues you may become aware of through your news. Much of this is the manifestation of old and finished energy for many areas of the world still hold a great deal of that which is very dense from the past–places of war and suffering. Send unconditional Light to all people and places, knowing always that there is only ONE and I AM THAT ONE.
    We are the Arcturian Group 4/6/13

    ©2013 onenessofall.com | Cedar, MI 49621

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  6. Everything is Opening:
    DNA, Time, Ancient Cultures … and It’s All Flowing In, Through & As You
    Infinite Being of Love,
    Within you is everything you need to soar to new frequencies of expression. Your DNA has been opened and is now reactivating a fuller expression of your human template. This will appear to you in new ways of relating to other fields of life on Earth. It will become present in your awareness as amplification of key aspects of your being that are consistent across time in space. In essence your core frequencies will become more prominent and noticeably to you, you will experiences these as strong preferences and tendencies which give you ease and joy. Recognize as you notice you have more clear or more strong preferences that this is an indicator that other aspects of your being are merging with your stream of consciousness, amplifying common aspects of you.
    Of course with this you will also notice newness. And perhaps even dramatic urges to change. The Earth is opening up into it’s 5th Dimensional resonance. What this means it that particular geographies will change. This will contribute to Earth activity and changes in new ways, different from energies being released as the Earth recalibrates. It is more that this new version of Earth coming on-line is perpetuating new codes of organization and structure which will direct the energies of planetary consciousness in their expression of form. There will be noticeable changes to Earth’s land masses over time and these will reflect the new 5th Dimensional balance of Earth and the re-emergence of 5th Dimensional and 5th Dimensional compatible structures and energy fields.
    The ancient civilizations and cultures along with strong star family constellations of focus will emerge on Earth. This will happen in, through and as You. Atlantis will re-emerge in, through and as some of you. Lemuria will re-emerge in, through and as, some of you. Avalon and the ancient cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and others will emerge here in the New Reality, in, through and as You. You are the vehicle by which energies now emerge into and through this experience. The ancient cultures and resonant civilizations that you participate in, in other aspects of your being are in knowing long ago that they would re-emerge at this juncture in the trajectory of Earth’s ascension. The particular way each of you are coded to participate in this re-emergence will drive some unexpected changes in your locations, your interests and your relationships. When these unfamiliar or seemingly “out of the blue” things arise, smile to yourself and remember this message.
    The time is opening. It is opening and you are opening. You are opening and time is opening. Time is merging in upon itself and as this occurs you live in a greater knowing and yet can still witness physical manifestations unfolding over the course of linear time. It is a magnificent experience of knowing to relate to life in this way.
    Within all of this you still operate with limitless freedom! You can of course increase your experience of freedom by questioning the way things are, and creating openings in your own way of relating to reality for more spontaneity.
    Life is offering to you a series of options for participation. This diverse menu of opportunities will definitely feel to have some themes and yet the variety is endless. You will have countless opportunities so if you do not resonate with what shows up pivot and wait for what else comes forth. In all moments there are great harvests to be made. A game could be made out of seeing how much of each moment you can gather up as expansion, clarification, confirmation, joy, and amplified connection. Why not make a game out of it and see how much more is presented to you? You all have frequently left a great deal of life on the table, unclaimed because the filters through which you related to life were looking for some narrow version of form which you were certain was the answer to everything.
    More and more you will be open to life and it is this Yes-Life! Response which will open the gates of heaven to you in this here and now. All of life can be accessed through any moment of life. Abundance can come to you through eating a peanut butter sandwich or winning the lottery. It is just variety of form. Yet it is in the vibration of specific qualities and your amplification of these that you experience them more, or less, in your moment to moment presence.
    Do you now see that the variety is just an aspect of fun for you? It’s a way that the costumes and camouflage of this setting get embellished for you joy and your playful participation? Perfect pure love exists in every point of consciousness. Every rock, every tree, every ocean animal, every plant, every angel, every person, every place, every star, every molecule of air, everything is consciousness any aspect of consciousness can meet you, and flood you, in this meeting with the most profound sense of being seen, known and loved that you have ever experienced.
    The entire opportunity for the world’s greatest fulfillment is present in EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY THING AND WITH EVERY ONE. Do you get it now? It’s endless. It’s one endless stream of being met and loved and being met and loved and being met and loved and being met and LOVED.
    This is how it is. Dear Ones.
    Oh my heavens! It is so juicy good.
    I cannot wait for you to slip into this joy-fest.
    It’s coming. Watch out. You’re going to keep saying yes, and keep stepping outside of the cycles and patterns of what was and one of these slight shifts in your choices is going to be like slipping down the most hilariously fun slide and the ride of a lifetime is going to begin.
    It is here, it is right here in this moment as you are reading this message.
    It is me, your beloved friend Archangel Michael, can I be the doorway to this knowing?
    Can you feel how deeply I know you? How much I love you? How filled with joy I am in this moment of shared connection with you? How much I love being near you? Seeing life through you? With you I am so much more fulfilled! You are so very beautiful and light. It is such a gift to be with you.
    Can you soak that up beloved One?
    Can you feel it? It’s your GLORY smiling back at you.
    We are One!
    It’s ALL joy.
    I AM Archangel Michael
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    Everything is Opening: DNA, Time, Ancient Civilizations …

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    Soar on!
    Riding those updrafts in joy!

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  7. The Pleiadians ~ Be brave and excell in your tasks at hand for they are very significant and they play an important part ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont

    The first contacts with us become ever more real and truthful due to the way you are evolving now. Gigantic leaps have been taken by the collective, partly thanks to the numerous lightworkers who never gave up hope remaining in their power and who continued passionately creating a strong basis for cooperation. We say to you : thank you, all those ones who have kept working so profoundly deep and who persevered with their missions. It will really all be worth your while, this is generally understood and known.

    There are several ways of contacting us, some of you already have been able to establish a direct contact with us such as for instance through telepathic connection and even through direct visual contacts in their own reality. However, most forms of contact pass by unconsciously but that is now changing gradually into a more conscious contact, such as the contacts that are made in the dreamstate.

    Many collective hearts still choose this way of communication as it feels comfortable to them. We are in agreement over this and we proceed not only with what is expected from us from the Cosmic Order but also with the actual contacts with you and the merging with us. We call this merging with us your “vindication”, where you come to a point in which you return to your true Self. We are your higher aspect and your future Self in the real time that you call the “future”; we have stated this fact in many previous messages.

    We are approaching “full contact” and are working tirelessly on the possible effects that they will have in your collective world. We explicitly take everyone of you into account, we also take the collective of humanity, still holding dormant souls, into account. Rest assured that the time does not stand still and this applies also to our actions and the energies we all invest in this TOGETHER with all of you.

    A consensus has already been reached on the scope of our language and of ourselves towards you and what we shall bring and offer to your world. The first thing we gladly would bring is an offer of Love and peace all over the world. This applies to everyone and everything on your planet and it is our greatest conviction that the hearts of humanity will be most grateful for this and really wouldn’t want anything else on this planet.

    Nevertheless, this is our biggest concern and requires lots of energy as still up to this day there are too many disputes over power and ego, over separation. Ominous warmongering is still on the table and that is totally unacceptable, it can no longer be tolerated in your current and higher world. It has to do with the very last dormant souls who still dwell in their delusion but who will be shaken up quite boisterously.

    Be thankful for who you are and for what you have already experienced, seen and felt so far. Be grateful for knowing and helping one another, for cherishing each other and for cooperating together. There is nothing as wondrous as what is now taking place on this beloved Gaia. Behold the blessing and the opportunity in everything as it is an extremely blessed and special process. Admittedly, this global Ascension and reformation of your world is a rather difficult and harsh school of learning, but it will all be worth it in the end.

    You are truly the pioneers of Ascension, you are the new world leaders, all of you as One! You are now a more pure and clear collective unit with all your aspects and your Being. You bring renovations to this world, you bring this world out of duality, so go ahead and wait no longer. Get out of your lazy chairs on which you have adopted a waiting pose and see the world as it is. Declare your own freedom, embody your true Self once again and step forward into the world of manifestation and of multidimensional Being. Do not delay any longer, as we can only wait for you to be ready pushing yourselves into full consciousness and into your higher reality.

    We are present with you and for you! Together we will work and build on the manifestation of a new world. This is what you are currently doing and the time is right. Let us tear down the last vestiges of duality, wait no longer but take action! Do not wait for the messages nor for the messengers to do it for you; be realistic and look from your heart to find out how far things have evolved. Help where necessary, use your talents and enrichments and avail yourselves of your wonderful energy and Light to assist all this and guiding it to a blissful and perfect outcome for the entire collective of humanity.

    You are so close and we are near to all of you: this is a fact and not a fiction! It only pertains to understanding and viewing things from a different stance : from your heart and your inner core, not from the outer world nor from scenes playing out there. It is from within that we attune and adjust, it is from within that we extract all our knowledge and where we duly find ourselves. Be brave and excell in your tasks at hand for they are very significant and they play an important part. We supervise your safety and that of Gaia, but we also keep on working with hope in our hearts on our first real contacts with all of you! Ultimately this all is in your hands, do not let us down, but especially do not let yourselves down.

    We love you with all of our hearts and we hope and know that we shall see you soon and that you will be able to see us in your reality. For several years we are already amongst you. Many of you are us while others are different “species” of Light and are Galactic brothers and sisters. We all form one entirety, representing the entire Cosmos and we all are part of the Cosmos.

    Remain now the hopeful and joyful souls that you essentially are and enjoy everything that you do, that you bring and that you think. Be kind and happy and lift yourselves out of the rut and the depressing emotions of duality! See yourself radiating again and see how your tintillating energies reach out and share their bliss with every heart on Earth. Godspeed, our beloveds. Be blessed and beautiful for that is what you are, each and everyone of you!

    The Pleiadians

    Copyright © by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. https://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com for Blogger and https://lafontmeline.wordpress.com as Homepage

  8. Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

    6 Muluk, 17 Mac, 9 Eb

    Dratzo! We come again with more to tell you. Your reality is extremely close to its major shift in consciousness. The secret sacred societies of your world have entered into new alliances which are to serve them well once your new style of governance comes into being. We have assurances from several governmental organizations that once Heaven gives the green light the new reality can begin without further delay. We continue to monitor the dark cabal as it is clear that this group remains determined to pursue its willful and destructive course of starting a widespread military conflict. This will not be permitted. We also continue to add names to the detention lists and watch closely those who are the guiding hand behind the ongoing nonsense of keeping your globe burdened with contrived, groundless confrontations. This global modus operandi will shortly become a thing of the past and your ascension path will cease to be interfered with or sidetracked, as it has been in recent years. Your new epoch is inevitable and our formal arrival will shortly be announced. To this end we have drawn up a rapid-action schedule for our arrival so as to be ready at a moment’s notice.

    The new epoch will be characterized by more than just the removal of the dark’s life-crushing agendas, for you are to be presented with a cornucopia of new information and truth. Those who have worked hard to establish the global segue into your new epoch have already liberated you from the reign of the US Federal Reserve. This illegal ‘bank’ is now bankrupt, and is seen to be operating only because its new caretakers do not yet wish to impose the reality of the situation upon the general public. They intend to maintain this illusion of ‘stability’ only up until the formal changes are allowed to happen. And so we monitor this ruse, knowing that an entirely new financial and monetary system is in place and awaiting the magic moment when Heaven gives us the official go-ahead. Until then we remain in our holding pattern. All we can say at the moment is that we are in a holding pattern until Heaven formally decrees that this age of spiritual darkness is over.

    Nevertheless, the new spiritual age is upon us and this means that the dark, in reality, can no longer ‘rain on our parade’! Those in the last dark cabal do indeed know that basically their time is up. This extension is giving them a respite between the outgoing and the incoming ages. Meanwhile, there is no letup in the progress of moving you toward full consciousness: your angelic body guardians and other spiritual Beings are establishing energy fields and patterns which are returning you to your natural state of Being as ordained by the Creator’s divine plan. This plan also calls for the surface realm to be rehabilitated, and this is to dovetail with your own final DNA rehabilitation to be carried out in Agartha; you and Gaia both move upwards together. Also, all animal and plant life will be safeguarded by their respective Devic kingdoms which daily nurture them. These kingdoms will move their charges to special holographic environments to prevent them from having to endure the upheaval that is an inevitable concomitant of the surface realm’s reconfiguration and transition to its 5D state. This dimensional reunion ends the current dysfunctional split between the surface world and Inner Earth.

    What will emerge is a new, physically unified Gaia, not unlike the one of 13 millennia ago. She will then be capable of restoring not only her own reunified Spirit but also that of her entire multidimensional solar system. Her rehabilitation will enable her solar system to also return to the state of unity that existed prior to being rent asunder by the perfidy of the dark some 13 millennia ago. The state of dimensional separation that followed is now to be healed by the formal disclosure of your space family, who intend to place this realm firmly onto the final leg of the journey to full consciousness. These developments are planned to take place as the dark’s long hegemony at last comes to a solemn conclusion. The Agarthans have long anticipated this prophesied time and we too come now to explain to you in detail the meaning of all this, once the Heaven-decreed time arrives. What then follows will demonstrate dramatically what this wonderful turn of events signifies for humanity. It will be a time when much will be laid before you, including the revelation of what lies in store for you!

    Blessings to you! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with a message full of joy and hope! Everywhere upon the surface realm there are celebrations between the Devic and Angelic Presences who are in charge of transitioning Gaia’s elemental and animal kingdoms. New species are planning to take up residence shortly in the multifaceted, fully conscious milieu of Gaia’s surface, once it is restored to its pristine state. Naturally, the same holds true for the diverse plant kingdoms which are to mirror the brilliant ecologies of Inner Earth. Gaia’s newly resuscitated environments will begin a series of shifts to prepare for the Lighter, clearer, more crystalline diversity of life that befits this most unique and precious living orb. She is to return to a way of being that she possessed before her surface was downgraded to its present savage 3D state. The affect of her transformation is to flow out through the solar system, triggering similar ecological rehabilitation there: returning flora and fauna to Mars and Venus as well as stimulating a complete reconstitution of the large water-planet, Pax.

    Our sacred duties include providing you with spiritual teachings about your most unusual living home world and how to become her primary land-guardians. The cetaceans are to extend their spiritual influences as Gaia’s primary aquatic guardians, and together, you are to become a team whose purpose is to ensure that each of Gaia’s living environments attains its fullest potential. Gaia is to become reunited within herself and serve as a template for life as it exists throughout this soon-to-be resurrected solar system. Your new star-nation will take on the environments that were planned initially for the various daughter worlds that comprise her. We come to teach you who you are to become, and to instill within you a great love and respect for the spiritual essences that reside deep within you and which are to be manifest everywhere in this new star-nation.

    Our mission then requires us to become formal guides for your future activities. This stunningly beautiful collection of worlds is to be your future home. We are receiving instructions from Heaven regarding how to evolve the divine plan for the Sun and her transformed daughters. This inspirational mission will be a blessing for all! The instruction and training you receive will prepare you for what is expected of all fully conscious Beings of Light. You are to rejoin the ranks of a magnificent array of Spiritual Hierarchies and Life Streams which, in the name of Heaven, are to change this sector of physicality. This prepares the stage for the events which are to secure a permanent galactic peace, and provides the backdrop where entire galaxies can join together in the Creator’s holy Light. These new unions will form the foundation for spreading Light throughout physicality!

    Today we focused on what is planned for your solar system and all of physicality. The ongoing changes are a prelude to a great epoch of Light, especially for the whole of Mother Earth’s long-suffering surface humanity. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

  9. Loved the Pleiadian message, especially the part where they mention coming to us in our dream state which they always do for me.
    Man, almost got busted, haha.
    Went to get some MJ now and in the lot we were at, the guy who runs the lot seen us and said I ought to cll the cops. Adranaline on high. I told my guy to take off, He was on a bicycle and I went around the corner, took off my jacket so as not to be easily notices, and ran back to the store.
    Got to the office, I called him and everything is cool.
    Man, they should just legalize this shit, so rediculous the time and money wasted chasing pot users down.
    Anyways, here is an excellent message from the angels.

    Message from the Angels

    My dear friends, we love you so very much.

    By all means set your intentions for life, but then release yourself from the bondage of expectations. Acknowledge your hearts desires, then in the same breath let go of how you expect they will come about. Let go of how you expect yourself to be. Let go of who you expect others to be. Embrace who you are in each moment and who others are in each moment. Embrace life in each moment.

    As you learn to release your expectations you free your spirit. You stop wasting precious time and energy complaining, looking for a validation of how things should be, or comparing life to your expectations. Instead you learn to dance with life. You learn to embrace each moment as it is, and then in the very next breath decide if it is or isn’t consistent with your desired intentions. Because you are present you are able to simply say, “What do I do next? What do I say next. How can I love myself, the others, and life in this moment?”

    For example, many of you expect to be treated kindly. You expect yourselves to be kind. You expect that if you are a good person you get rewarded and if you are bad you get punished. However, dear ones you live in a world with seven billion people, all of whom have free will, and all of whom are at varying degrees of their spiritual evolution. To hold others, or even yourselves to expectations of perfection is to set yourselves up for upset. Far better to say, “I intend to be kind but when I am not, I will at least be kind to myself until I get back on track.” Instead of saying, “I expect others to be kind to me,” say, “I intend to keep company only with those who are kind or with those whose unkindnesses I can avoid taking personally. I may not get to choose who crosses my path, but I can choose the company I will keep.” Instead of saying, “I have been good and I expect my reward,” say to yourself, “I am good because it is my nature to be good, and I intend to have good things come to me as well.”

    There is a fine line between intending/creating, and expecting. Expectation hopes for an energy. Intention directs energy. Expectation wishes for calm waters and complains in the storm. Intention steers the ship around the storm, knowing it is already destined for calm.

    See if you can live an entire day with no expectations of yourself or life. Say to yourself, “This is my intention for today. I will accept whatever comes across my path, and in the very next moment I will decide what to do to create a reality consistent with my intentions. I will not waste time complaining about life, others, or myself. I will simply say, “I am who I am. Others are who they are. Life is what it is. What’s next?” Your intentions will be the compass that steers your choices. See how your life unfolds more powerfully, with less wasted energy, and with more joy when you let go of the bondage of expectations. As your saying goes, “Life happens.” Will you accept it and move forward, or will you remain chained to the expectations you once held for it, with your mind moving in circles? Free yourselves dear ones! You hold the key.

    God Bless You. We love you so very much.
    — The Angels

  10. April 11, 2013


    North Korea; Pope Francis; the Vatican; visualization; homosexuality

    With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. First we want to quell any anxieties about North Korea’s missile activity. Reared to expect the same adulation and subservience North Koreans gave his father, Kim Jong Un is bereft of common sense and more so, a sense of security in his leadership position. It is not that his rhetoric is bluff, but without knowing how to govern his country, he shows to its citizens and the world the military might at his command.

    Depending on other national leaders’ reactions to his questionable motives in positioning the missiles as he has, he may decide to launch one or more of them. If so, he will be embarrassed by their failure to function, thanks to the intervention of your space family’s technology. If that is the outcome, it’s an unknown as to how he would save face, so we say that it would be in everyone’s best interests to replace sanctions with discussions.

    Many have asked us to comment on Pope Francis, who is in millions of thoughts around the world, and we are happy to do this. No, his humility is not “an act” and he cannot be the “salvation of the Catholic church.” He has not been cloned, and he won’t be—the Illuminati’s cloning centers have been shut down by volunteers from other civilizations who are living among you.

    Like his colleagues in the Vatican and some individuals outside, Pope Francis knows of situations hidden from public view, and he has the innate goodness to feel compelled to end the most ungodly—the international headquarters of Satanism in the bowels of the Vatican. As the light keeps intensifying, that end will indeed come, but it remains to be seen if the Pope has the ability to defy those who are dead set against letting the world know that this diabolical situation ever existed within the Vatican walls.

    Other information they do not want revealed is that they have kept hidden the ancient records that show the crucifixion and resurrection and other parts of the Bible are fabricated and other sections of the records were strategically omitted. They don’t want the world to know that “God’s rules” were devised by early church leaders to control the masses and acquire personal wealth, and later other dogma were added to serve the opulent style in which residents of the Vatican have lived. They also want to keep hidden their massive fortune in art treasures stolen during World War II.

    Pope Francis has the moral courage to try to disclose that information, but again, given the strong opposition, it remains to be seen if he can manage to do so. When those truths emerge, we fervently hope that the religiously devout will have absorbed enough light to realize that churches’ multitude of good works are based in spirituality, not religious dogma.

    A reader recently wrote to my mother about something in our last message, and her comments in summary are: You said that negative thoughts and feelings about an abhorrent situation keep it going. How is it even possible to have any positive thoughts about this? She was writing about human trafficking, but our reply pertains to all abhorrent situations in your world.

    The several issues we spoke about in our last message are of controversial nature—there is no controversy whatsoever about situations like human trafficking, sex slavery! Although soul contracts and karma are involved, the point we wish to address is the writer’s question.

    Prior messages have included our recommendation to visualize Earth in golden white light because it literally “brings to light” terribly disturbing conditions that formerly were hidden from public knowledge. Only when they are exposed can action be taken to end them and start healing the traumas they have caused.

    You cannot “unknow” your knowledge of despicable conditions, and never would we suggest that you try to bury it—ultimately that would adversely affect body, mind and spirit. Rather, we urge you to visualize Earth immersed in golden white light, then see it start to slowly rotate with happy faces appearing, and send forth feelings of love. The energy of your image, loving sensations and intention will go out into the world.

    God’s energy distribution system, you could call it, assures that light-love energy from all sources off- and on-planet reaches the souls who most need it, those who are oppressed and their oppressors. Your energy along with light from myriad other sources is what will end all kinds of oppression in your society.

    Now then, we wish to address a statement in a recent message: Eventually everyone will know that homosexuality is an advanced stage of spiritual growth wherein feminine and masculine energies are more balanced than in heterosexual persons.

    A complex situation stated in such brevity begs explanation—especially since homosexuality is one of the divisive issues plaguing your world—and I have asked my mother to copy the part in a book that is relevant. Although it also includes information that pertains to residents of Nirvana, Earth’s spirit world, we think you will find all of it enlightening.

    [The following excerpt from the chapter “Relationships” in Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven was transmitted early in 1994.]

    Matthew, can homosexual partners here continue their unions in Nirvana if they want to?

    Yes. Mother, homosexuality is not understood on Earth, and this is a good context in which to explain it. Homosexuality is an evolutionary stage of the spirit even more than an aspect of the physical being, and it is not to be condemned or honored any more than any other physical or spiritual stage of development.

    Remember, we are dealing with cumulative souls here, not single personages. Within each cumulative soul are perhaps as many as thousands of lifetimes of experiencing as male, female and androgynous beings in both incarnate and discarnate bodies. However, it is the immediate past life that most emphatically affects the beginning growth state here.

    If that Earth lifetime was homosexual in orientation, it will enter here the same way. Since our bodies aren’t designed for sexual activity, only the mental aspect of the orientation accompanies the arriving soul.

    The immediate past Earth lifetime has another impact upon this issue. The people there who most vehemently denounce homosexuality are those whose souls experienced an immediate past lifetime as a personage with that orientation.

    Matthew, that doesn’t make sense to me. I’d think understanding and acceptance would be much more likely.

    It’s a complex and confusing psychic situation, Mother. The energy of the personages is still fractured from their immediate previous life experiences. At the extreme, homosexuals have been physically tortured and even killed, and at the least they have been maligned, often even by their families, to such extent that their psyches were severely damaged. Maybe they lived with the pain of denial or shame or the guilt of deception.

    Whatever their experience, their energy has not healed enough for them to see the very same sorts of traumatic situations they themselves experienced and thus feel empathy. Rather, they see revenge opportunities.

    The cycle of experiencing happens so quickly that the pain of memories most recently known, but hidden from consciousness, is with them too closely for the healing that will come in subsequent lifetimes.

    The lingering pain in the suppressed memories of those souls who in this lifetime chose heterosexual nature causes their extremely antagonistic attitudes toward homosexuals. Those painful feelings will not surface in the form of memories of their homosexual lifetime experiences, but in attitudes to stifle the memories.

    This is the universal like-attracts-like principle. When the feelings resulting from harsh or unjust treatment in any situation are recent and intense, similar feelings are attracted to that soul. Suppressed memories subconsciously know the source and recall it, thus attracting “like.” However, the current lifetime psyche cannot consciously know that the attraction is of shared feelings, and the painful sensations of the suppressed memories take over.

    Moving forward from that point in the psychic labyrinth comes in the process of lifeprint review, identification of karmic lessons still to be learned, choosing the next lifetime, and progress in spiritual awareness.

    Do people who were homosexual in their immediate past lifetime always go through what you described, which would seem just to perpetuate things, or is there some leveling out point where all of us will accept each other just as we are?

    The “leveling out” most assuredly is part of the divine plan, because feelings of prejudice and hatred and the infliction of emotional and physical cruelty are impediments to spiritual growth. However, even with the acceleration of light being beamed at your planet to dispel the negativity abounding in humankind, please do not expect this change to be completed within the next generation.

    Is homosexuality more prevalent now than previously in Earth history?

    No, but there are more people now than previously in your recorded history, so the same percentage creates the greater numbers. Throughout your recorded history well known and highly respected masters in one field or another have been homosexual, and many produced their brilliant and inspiring creations because of their tormented minds regarding this aspect of their nature.

    You could say that without this element of their personage, they may not have been driven to create in the magnitude and splendor they did.

    Why is homosexuality a necessary experience?

    How better to learn balance in the two extremes of male and female sexual energy than on an integrated basis? The ideal is androgyny, which has nothing whatsoever to do with human sexual nature, but rather with the two opposites of human sexual energy attributes. Androgynous souls are far more spiritually advanced because of the male and female sexual energy balance they have achieved.

    Just as male energy is not the province of only male humans, female energy is not confined to female humans. Male energy is harsh, often productive by ruthless means, always needing to prove a point or achieve success in a venture. Female energy is gentle, yet with greater, quiet strength as its foundation. Interconnectedness, which is the ultimate in conscious achievement, is female energy.

    In relationships wherein one partner has only male energy traits and the other has only female energy traits, the female energy partner cannot withstand the imbalance lifelong or the life will not be long. In my awareness of such relationships, those which remained in that imbalance ended in early transition of the female energy soul. The survivor often has no frame of reference of his or her involvement in the partner’s death.

    You say “That person’—or ‘you’— will be the death of me.” Like many other common expressions you use, that can be an accurate statement, but few understand the truth of their words. No blame is attributed here to either partner in such a relationship, as in many instances this is no more than karma being fulfilled according to pre-birth agreements. The dissolution of those partnerships by divorce also may be in accordance with the chosen lessons of their agreements.

    Any balance within a lifetime is desirable. However, since sexual energy is one of the most essential aspects of the human psyche, the balance of male and female energies is probably the most desirable. In this realm there is that blending of male and female energies insofar as tendencies, sensibilities and sensitivities. That ideal state of balanced reality once existed on Earth, but it was corrupted.

    Behaviors stemming from the perversion of the sexual energy stream have proliferated negativity on Earth in such proportions as to be almost unimaginable. By no means is sexual energy confined to what you commonly call “wanting sex” or “having sex.”

    Although extending beyond the original intent of the sex drive, which was procreation, a satisfying sexual relationship brings harmony into the lives of loving mates, and I definitely am NOT speaking against a mutually pleasurable, beneficial sexual union.

    Furthermore, it is possible to transmute sexual energy into other productive avenues, and many who have lost or never had loving mates, do so. But I am not addressing the positive use of this energy, only the rampant negativity created by perversion of the entire sexual energy stream.

    This has been the root cause of all that you think of as evil attributes in human nature. There is no crime by your civil, religious or philosophical standards that is not committed from a root cause of sexual energy perversion.

    As an example, Satanic worship involving the torture and sacrifice of human and animal lives and brutal sexual activities prevails on a scale that would beg disbelief, but is real. This is cloaked under the guise of “religion,” and your government officially recognizes it as such! You do not connect either those ungodly practices or their religion status with the perverted use of sexual energy that it actually is.

    It shouldn’t surprise you that often murder is sexual energy directed into gross deviance, or that rape and incest are other examples. Promiscuous sexual encounters or obsession with either having sex or rigidly refraining from natural urges are more benign, but still destructive to the psyche.

    The dark forces are behind all these behaviors resulting from perverted sexual energy. It is not uncommon for the most corrupted activities to lead to the basest of dense energy, and no other aspect of human nature has been so pivotal in alienating a person from God.

    At soul level there is inseparability, but in physical life, the more corrupt and deviant the sexual energy, the more the people engaging in those activities are distancing themselves from God. Sadly for you and Earth, these free will choices are rampant in your civilization and far from the chosen missions in most of the souls’ pre-birth agreements.

    Mother, however viewed by many on Earth, a loving homosexual partnership is NOT a perversion of sexual energy, and that brings us back to your question about homosexual unions in this realm.

    Since there is no condemnation here of people’s former sexual orientation, clearly there is no judgment regarding which souls are attracted to each other as mates. Experiencing here on every level is designed for the souls’ spiritual evolvement, and that includes all unions. Whether heterosexual or homosexual in nature, the soul level energy and bonding commitment of all couples is totally respected.

    Thank you, Mother. As you continue your journey toward increasing spiritual and conscious awareness, know that you are being assisted by the planet’s highest vibrations in many millennia. And you have the unconditional love, respect and admiration of all lighted beings in this universe.


    LOVE and PEACE

    Suzanne Ward


    [If you received this

  11. Remember when my dog had pups, two times with the second litter at 13 pups.
    well, my upstairs neighbors cat may be pregnant decided to take the bull by its horns or should I say the kittens by their tails.
    I went upstairs to Whiteys last night to check on their cat.
    I told you she was out in heat with a male cat last week for 2 days so she might be pregnant.
    Now, you know them upstairs are the most irresponsible people I have ever met in my life.
    Being an animal lover, I talked to Leo, and told him how this is going to work.
    I just researched on the Internet and it is pretty much the same as a dog having puppies.
    their house is such a mess so I will figure a good place to give berth, and clean that area and put a box with towels for the kitties.
    I will also check on them every day to make sure they are OK.
    My adrenaline is already going on high but I want these kitties to be alright along with the mom.
    I love her so much, I wish they would take better care of her.
    When I go up there her water is always so dirty and you cant find her food.
    I know Dana loves her but Dana is so irresponsible.
    I am too but I take care of my pets haha.

    So now, I am prepared and printed some things for Dana and Leo.
    I will oversea the whole process though.
    Like I said, not sure yet if she is pregnant but should know in a few more weeks.
    I got the day she was out marked on my calender so I could predict a due date.
    Like my pups, I will make sure they all get great and caring homes.

    Maybe this is my future, working with animals. I dream of all different animals, including but not limited too, lions, tiger4s and bears oh my.
    Sometimes reptiles but most of them try to bite me.
    Well, only time will tell, going to give them a small lesson tonight when I get home.

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  12. Gunner you are such an awesome kitty-daddy!

    My wife used to volunteer at a wild animal shelter and they had eagles, owls, foxes, etc that she could work with and feed. It was stinky work but she loved it. So maybe that’s something you could get into! (after the 10th eagle pecking you might feel differently…)

  13. Ouch, that would hurt. I just seen a video of a hawk trying to attack an eagles nest. OMG the Eagle ripped the hawk apart easily. I was like DOGHOUSE!!!! WTF Was that hawk thinking. Then the article said, the Eagle and its offspring ate mighty well the next few days and there was much rejoicing.
    Still not sure if Meka is pregnant but should know in a few weeks.
    I am already trained because my dog had 2 litters and I looked up cats on the internet, it is exactly the same way for cats as it is dogs.
    It will be a CATHOUSE!!!! WHAT!!!!
    Man, people are really going insane with the energies.
    Did you hear the story of that guy in Home Depot in California who grabbed a saw and started to saw hos own arms off. Maybe he seen the movie Saw too many timews and the first thing I thought of was those bath salts people are snorting nowadays.
    I know crazy things always happen but these days they seem to be happening more and more frequently.
    Stick, you been in Home Depot lately?
    Well, 40 to go so have a great weekend everyone and if you do some bath salt, stay out of the home depot.

  14. OK, One more thing I am reminded about cats.
    there was this old Johnny Carson show with guest Zsa Zsa Gabor.
    she had he cat on her lap and asked Johnny if he wanted to pet her pussy. Johnny said sure, just move your cat aside.

  15. AGREED gunner this was a week from hell. Lots of up and down energy. Freak warm weather here and a CME to boots. Psycho director (upper management) I got into a tiff with. Fortunately she fights with everyone so it was really only a matter of time. The scary thing is her employees just take her abuse. That right there is a ticking time bomb.

    I was trying to figure out that guy with the saw – technically you’d think someone could only manage one arm. Once one arm is off, how’s he gonna hold the saw? Seems kind of like a sciops false flag to me, but tell that to the guy with the missing arms…

    Ah crazy world we live in

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