One Path (of many [in no particular order])

Love yourself.

The template of the mind is the template of the heart.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

There is only freewill.

Empathy for others (you can feel their love and their pain).

Walk a mile in their shoes.

Service to others equals service to self.

Service to Self equals service to others.

Empathy for all (you can feel the love and pain of ALL).

As above so below, as below so above.

There is no difference, yet we are all unique.

All reflects all.



You are all.

All is you.

Love ALL.

5 comments on “One Path (of many [in no particular order])

    • Thanks Tauno, although I wish they’d stop calling when I’m in the shower and have nothing to write with but a bar of soap… Grrrrr… LOL

      I noticed some interesting double meanings coming through here, and it is nice to spell these ideas out in fairly straightforward terms. The less thee’s and thou’s the better!

      • Sometimes double meaning is what makes sense, Troy and it is an opportunity to connect the clues and to receive the message, I sometimes see so many things in such a short time in meditation that I forget some of them even though I write just after the meditations….
        Love and Light

  1. I needed this Troy Thank you, Ashtar told me last night I must love myself as I love all. Find it easier to give love to others so hard to love the self when you never knew what love really was now I understand ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I am glad it helped, Suzanne. I had to go through the same realization, and also an even more difficult realization that others may not be as “service to others” as I assume they might be. That lead to some pretty extreme disillusionment, let me tell you! I think Leslee had a lot to do with my understanding of this, that if you see everyone as an enlightened being, then it is simply that they are providing you with an opportunity to express something (or DO something) you have a need to express at that time. Thanks guys… I think! (in this case guys = those who are presenting some difficulty…)

      All is love ♥

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