The Prisoner


One day I woke up, and I found myself in a prison.

This prison has no walls, no bars, and I can move freely. Yet I know the walls and bars are there.

I cannot see the prison guards, yet I know they are there. “Guards” is perhaps the wrong term… Creators of the system? Builders of the walls and bars? I’m not sure what to call them.

I have everything I need. And yet… it is finely regulated. With little imaginary rectangles of paper. I can see an example of these, they do not exist. I know they are there. Let’s call these the rectangles of regulation, just for fun.

My fellow inmates: some are aware of the prison, most are not. Some are happy to go with the flow, some are happy to play their own games, some know that the prison exists, and try to tell others.








And yet…

I created the prison.



I can’t see the prison walls… because they don’t exist.

I can’t see the prison guards… because they don’t exist.

I can’t see the inmates… because they don’t exist.

I can’t see the rectangles of regulation… because they don’t exist.

Why am I here? What exists? What doesn’t exist?

If I tell you there’s a prison, but there’s not, am I contributing to the myth of the prison?

If you tell me there’s a prison, and it is real to you, am I a liar if I tell you it’s not there?

Sometimes it’s nice to be angry.

Sometimes it’s nice to accept.

And sometimes it’s nice to let go.

So what is real?


And love.

That’s it.

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  1. Okay, DW, you and Ben Naga and Steve Anderson have GOT to slow down so I can catch up and get some things posted… I can’t wait to see if you all laugh as hard as I am at the synchronicities! And Tauno (and Lisa, of course!), you are so right about the portals. After a lull, it seems to come flooding in, in ways unexpected. I’m so delighted to be here with you all, prison or not! 😉

    (Tauno & Lisa, please go to and see what my friend Steve is doing…)

    BTW, DW, I was about to comment on your post from yesterday too… it all flows together 🙂

    • That was awesome. Maybe I’ve seen it before, but that fit very nicely. I just wish there was a “slow” button so I could give my brain a chance to catch up…

      I also noticed I’ve kind of trained my brain to dis-trust anything with slick production values. I agree with everything he’s saying, yet that “reptillian brain” is saying “don’t trust him! Hollywood liar!!!”. Except this is exactly opposite of his message. Definitely a worthwhile exercise! Whoever is putting these together is doing a great job.

      Thanks as always for holding the light, Stick. So appreciated.

  2. **You Have Every Reason To Be In High Spirits**
    04/24/2013 by John Smallman

    Humanity’s awakening from the illusion into Reality is a done deal — it always has been, ever since the moment of creation. Reality is where you reside permanently, and you are presently returning home there, from a seemingly long and arduous journey to a most glorious welcome. You have every reason to be in high spirits. Nevertheless, at the moment it is difficult for the majority of you to perceive this because the length of time that you have spent away from home has severely dulled your memory of the glory awaiting you there.

    Life in the illusion has been exhausting. There have been many painful lessons that you chose to learn while engaged with it, and they have required much energy, determination, and persistence. Nevertheless, you have remained true to yourselves and your purpose as you struggled with the experiences that life in the illusion presented to you. Often, that has not been clear as you suffered the pain and sadness caused by the apparent separation from your Father, and at times it seemed to you that yours was a lost cause: “Was there really a heavenly Father, an infinite Source, a divine and all-powerful Intelligence, or was He simply an illusion?” Well, you held to your paths – all different, but leading to the same goal: to awaken into Reality – and you will find amazing rewards when you complete them and arrive home. Hang in there for these last few stretches of the journey that seems so interminable; the end is close.

    A new day of brilliance and color unlike anything that humanity has ever experienced is set to dawn, bringing you unmitigated joy as all your fears and anxieties fall away, leaving permanent peace, harmony and contentment to replace them. This is the day you have all yearned, prayed, and hoped for since you started searching for the divine Reality from which it seemed you had been excluded, shut out, perhaps even exiled, with no hope of return due to your sinfulness. But as you know, deep within yourselves where the divine and inextinguishable flame of God’s Love for you resides, “sinfulness” is of the illusion and has no place in Reality. You are immortal divine beings, created in Love, who chose to play with an absence of Love, separated from It, as you experimented with the freedom and power with which God had endowed you.

    You were created One with Him and chose to individuate to experience the thrill of separation and apparent independence from Him. This could only be done by building an illusion, an unreal environment in which to imagine that state, and the powerful abilities with which you had been endowed enabled you to do so. The time has come for you to dismantle that unreal environment and return Home, leaving behind all the trauma and suffering that you invented to amuse yourselves. Little did you understand when you decided to play these games how painful and terrifying they were going to be.

    There is only God! All life is part of God, He is all that exists, and without Him there would be nothing – an impossible, implausible, and inconceivable state of affairs. So to build an imaginary and illusory reality separate from Him could only lead to terror. And consequently, you have all experienced terror.

    The real state of Love in which you are eternally enveloped is permanent, changeless, utterly wonderful. That is why thought of change is so traumatic for so many of you. Your move into the illusion was a change of inconceivable magnitude which caused you instant trauma, as life was reduced from a condition of total loving abundance and harmony to one of unimaginable lack where it seemed that you had to fight constantly for your very survival. And that fear remains.

    However, within the illusion change is not only possible, it is essential for your well-being. The illusion is formed from a collection of judgmental beliefs of right and wrong, good and bad, acceptable and unacceptable, which can only induce fear and dread. You call it duality, a state of either/or, whereas Reality is a state of and/and, oneness, indiscriminate loving acceptance, in which all are welcome, all belong, all reside in utter joy.

    What you have to change are your outworn and inflexible beliefs — beliefs that you are separate, individual, unconnected, and threatened by one another. They divide and traumatize you, encouraging you to build barriers between yourselves that disguise who you really are and present an image, a shield behind which you can hide. But these images terrify you all; they are threatening and demanding, requiring you to defend them from aggression which is almost always present. They force you, out of fear, to maintain the unreal state of separation that caused the fear in the first place. A catch-22 situation.

    The new energies are intensifying so that you can feel them, embrace them, and through them recognize and reclaim your oneness with each other in Love and Trust. You will become aware, fully aware, that all are one, that all are interconnected through the divine field of Love in which all that exists resides permanently, harmoniously, joyfully, forever. And then you will have awakened.

    With so very much love, Saul.

  3. James Gilliland: Breaking the Chains of The Archon Network
    Posted on April 24, 2013 by Jean

    After several radio shows concerning the archon network many have asked how do I break free. First we have to understand who the archons are and their progra—in order to break free. The archons are an ancient collective of discarnate spirits, demons, regenerate ETs, some greys, reptilians and serpent beings who feed off of negativity and care nothing for humanity and the Earth. Their program is to keep you enslaved through your very own mind and to create as much separation, pain, and suffering as possible. This is done with programming, various kinds of media, societal programming, psychotronic technology using ELF, microwave, radionic and other frequencies not to mention mind to mind manipulation with the archons. The television and the news is one of the most obvious designed to keep you fearful, insecure, and in need of a savior outside of self. It is also designed to keep you focused on the material world, acquiring acceptance and approval outside of self, being well adjusted to society for your very survival.

    Krishnamurti best summed up this process with the quote, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. “

    That being said lets look at todays society. We must also look at the social, economic, and environment conditions. Look at the wars, the diseases, the unbridled greed and corruption in government, the disempowerment of most religions and complete failure to bring man/woman closer to the God/Creator/Spirit within as well as unify humanity.

    Do we have universal peace? Do we have Brother/Sisterly Love throughout humanity? Do we have individual freedom and prosperity for all? Do we have a clean pristine environment? What is the condition of our air, water, the land? Lets not dismiss these questions to readily without using brutal honesty. Who is in control of this planet? The next question is and again using brutal honesty is, “Are you contributing to the mess.” Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Are you trapped in the archon matrix making choices and acting according to soul and spirit or the programmed and manipulated ego? Who do you serve, God or the beast?

    The archon network as its first and foremost goal is to separate man/woman from the God within. It is to keep you focused on the external and control you through the base attitudes and emotions the first three chakras. Survival, Sex and Power. It cannot let you operate from the Heart because once you move up into the heart and beyond, it looses its power over you. The heart is love felt, deep profound love for all humanity and the Earth. The throat is love expressed—not a lot of that going around. The third eye is God seen in all things and the top of the head is I AM God, at-one-ment. Now we have to ask again with brutal honesty are the heart and the other higher chakras being expressed in today’s society, our own daily lives? Are these higher forms of expression coming from our leadership? When we engage others are we in I-mode, how can this best serve me, or are we in service-to-others mode? When one becomes self-absorbed, selfish, acting out of fear and insecurity one is acting out of the ego—fully programmed by the archon network.

    There are different degrees of this yet all it takes is an opening, a childhood trauma, an unresolved past life choice or action, or even choices and actions in this life creating negative impacts on others or nature to open the door to the archons. None of us are perfect; we all have openings of one degree or another, on which we have to keep a constant vigilance over our choices and actions as well as the inspiration behind them. Become the observer and with the present energies on the planet we have to become the brutal observer in all that we choose and act upon. Then you become an incorruptible. This does not mean you will not be challenged.

    “The closer you get to nirvana the more the demons rear their ugly heads.”

    The closer to enlightenment, the more you will be tempted, challenged, completely screwed with to take you off the path. The archons are famous for using friends, family and lovers to distract you, pull you away from your soul purpose, God/Creator/Spirit connection. Few have the moral character, courage, sensitivity and training to keep themselves from the manipulations and control of the archons and their network of the unconscious and the ignorant. In the days to come it is imperative that you choose your friends wisely.

    The key to breaking free and ending the spell of the archons is within. It is not from without as they would love you to believe. There is a powerful, manifesting, loving, joyous, God/Goddess within each and everyone. The spark awaiting to become the full flame. Go within, meditate in nature, learn to heal unseen negative influences and the prayer of manifestation from the lord God of your being. Have an open mind, loving heart and be of pure intent. Do no harm to humanity or the Earth. Be of impeccable integrity and when you slip clean up your mess. Forgive yourself, forgive others, develop a sense of gratitude and when spirit wants to speak through you or send love into a situation that needs love, understanding and light, do not block the flow. Become like a hollow bone for Source without fear or intrepidation.

    Now is the time to rise, claim your divinity, support others in their awakening and leaders who are empowering you and leading you to the God within. There are legions seen and unseen helping in this grand awakening; do not think you are alone. The mind in which you seek is the mind in which you connect. It is not about being saved, it is about rising to the occasion. You are the ancient ancestors, the off worlders, the Elves and Faireys, the Gods incarnate you have been waiting for. Time to reunite. When one becomes one with the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse, when one ignites that spark within to become the full flame, it is all you and you are free.

    You have your homework. There is no one that can make the commitment and take the time for you. This is a personal journey and imperative to your future if you want to continue with the Earth’s ascension. The archon network is being exposed for what it is, unraveling and being torn asunder, making way for a new Earth, a new grid. We must release the past, awaken and heal if we are going to continue on this ride. Any choices and actions to the contrary will be met by universal law, what is known as karma or the reaction, which is becoming almost instantaneous due to the quickening. We are not so clever as to outwit our souls and the universe. You cannot serve two Gods and cannot have one foot in the archon network and one in kingdom of God. Heaven on Earth is not divided.

    Be well,
    James Gilliland

    Permission granted to pass this far and wide unaltered.
    Healing techniques are in the book Reunion with Source and Becoming Gods located at

  4. The Crystal Dolphin Pod via Bella Capozzi: Pillowed By The Whitecaps
    Posted by Janice Collins

    The Crystal Dolphin Pod via Bella Capozzi: Pillowed By The Whitecaps
    As channeled by Bella Capozzi. – April 24, 2013
    Because of you, the sun shall rise again. Because of you, the rain shall fall and snow shall fall and all is made anew upon the dawning of another day. You live to spend another day here. Every day brings boundless opportunity for all of us to do some good. It is because of your efforts and ours that hope remains alive.
    The Light is winning. Oh pray, correct that… The Light has won! Moonrise brings illumination to the darkness. And oh, how we are creatures of the moon! How we flow with the tides, and we play ! We dive and dance amongst the cresting waves, up and down, pillowed by the whitecaps. It is your doing, sweet Cousins, that you and I are blessed to play our games and raise our young, as part of these evolving societies.We must let it settle in, all this bright Light. The Light is much akin to rain upon the seas. It falls from the sky, it scatters like stars. It lands not softly, but with an impact into the water which is already here. Thus it must blend, blend, blend. It must integrate, you see, with all of that which came before it, so as to become one.
    We are quite sure you’ve concluded by now that becoming one is no small feat in a place such as this one, wouldn’t you say?. Together, have we not been battling the false concept of separation for a seeming eternity? You are tired, as we are, are you not? Yet we swim onward, to freedom.
    Let’s think on something, if we may. Let’s speak of the concept of “freedom.” By it’s very definition it implies that there is something that otherwise binds us, that there is something or someone that we have need to escape from. We must break free so that we can become free, and then in turn remain free. Thus implying that our Divine right to make our own choices could ever be taken away from us.
    You see, we remember Home, Cousins, in a way that you as yet do not. Our families at Home are often mystified by the idea of “freedom” because outside the roleplay of the 3rd dimension, there exists no other way. There simply is no other way. For to have freedom, there must be bondage; another illusory concept. As though it even possible to imprison a flawless child of creation! We are wordy, yes? We do wax on! But we only seek to give you food for contemplation.
    Be assured that in all ways you are shining stars in heaven. To all of those who guide you on your journey, you are accomplishment personified. You are so deeply loved. Know all this, and rest easy in the soft embrace of Gaia. As we tell you over and over again, do make time for joviality and play. Ride the currents of your lifetime secure in your own powers of transmutability. You are the changemakers. You have the ability to shape yourselves and the world around you into whatever it is you so desire. You are forever free. Because, after all, is there truly any other way?
    Copyright©Bella Capozzi. all rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

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  5. Dear Troy : It may be bizarre to say so…however, I do feel this way… Though I can feel you are in fact young, you have just accompany, healed, and guided me as a father that I’ve wished to have all my life since I began to appear here. You don’t judge, but just love, patiently catch on people’s words and situation. Thank you is not the words that are sufficient for me to express my gratitude and appreciation to you. I’m so happy to meet you again here in this lifetime !

    • Hehe, not bizarre at all. Thank you for saying so, Frila, I am honored, and I am very happy to meet you again in this lifetime as well. Soul-family. “Nakama.” (-_-) ♥

      You posted at 5:55!

      “555 — Buckle your seatbelts. A major life change is upon you. This change should not be viewed as being “positive” or “negative” since all change is but a natural part of life’s flow. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayers, so continuing seeing and feeling yourself to be at peace.” (From doreen virtue)

      I am 41 as of the end of March but most people who know me would say that I’ve been 50 since I was 5… An old soul with a young heart 🙂 and also, I am every age I ever was. (-_-)

      I am curious about past lives, my email address is cloesclausen(at) but yes my real name is Troy 🙂 hugs & blessings

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