Ben Naga


Then comes that day you realise
That all this anguish has its roots
Not in this other, nor in any other
But in the spell you yourself cast
And then the real work can begin

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3 comments on “Brokenhearted

  1. Thanks. I hadn’t considering (re)posting this on STC. But you are right in thinking it is not out of place here. I find the inspirations that are given me often straddle the three sites I posts to, despite the rather different focus of each.

  2. I needed that! wow that is wonderful!
    I keep getting trapped in the spell the sorceress cast (in the bible) says she is the praise and joy of the whole earth,but that she is also at the same time the deception of the whole earth! and severely punished… and some verses read like she then received of her own ‘love spell’ that others had been dismayed by..and she is trapped as well by her own love. and brokenhearted. her own love then ripped away from her to see how it feels..because she believes it..or is so hated… for the deception…her love now has to cover ALL those people..(says she sent them all to hell for it) somehow I dont think she knew.. or they got the wrong one.. so on it goes..the dream. (says she is mother of whole earth and ‘doesnt even know it’ and has become cruel to her children. I have been churning contemplating this, and then your poem. spot on.
    unknowing asherah?
    a child herself?
    begetting children unknowingly?
    to break herheart they make her lie (in bible) and say she is a mother son, instead of father daughter as her heart believed..that her FATHER loves her as a little girl
    then they DESTROY HER, as it says..and say.,… no, its all lies..(paramount to saying your father doesnt love you). its a son you have.
    what spell is this?
    “your potent ,magic spell deceived all nations”
    its cruel.
    its deserved???
    I always think not.
    maybe its their shame
    for doing what they did (asherah,unknowing) to a little girl who loves a father.
    imaginary or not.
    a child’s heart..isnt really something to lie against,or mess with. how do THEY FEEL IT or know it anyway to call it false? unless they tresspassed? how all nations feel what a little girl feels? thats the BIGGER question.
    “she works out her evil schemes with many in the temple”
    I think she wasnt born yet and just trying to be heard..and they still reject.
    they saw it ahead of time and mess with her all along the way since she is the boss.

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