Dream 14 and 17 August 2013: The shift

I am Arachanaï

Dream 14 August 2013: A Dimensional shift

deep sea diving

I had a strange experience during the night as I was aware that I was sleeping deeply. Then suddenly this strange feeling is coming over me, like I know something is about to happen.  I couldn’t breathe, I felt like someone was eating my breaths and I was desperately trying to get one. Even my husband said he heard me struggling to sleep. So suddenly after this, it felt like somebody pushed the reset button on this dimension, cause I could feel like everything was being resetted to it’s original blueprint dimension. I felt myself being resetted but also the room around me changed, I saw a wave going over the room changing everything. I was so startled with it that I jumped almost out of bed. But then everything went to normal again. But this is a feeling that is not new…

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