SaLuSa 23.8.2013

The energy levels are still rising and once you can accept them, even higher energies will be sent to you and will create such an uplifting environment around you, that will bring you into this blissful long awaited state of mind where no doubts and worries can reach you. All you need to do is open yourselves to these energies and accept all that will follow after with love and understanding, as this is the easiest way how to stay in the flow of the Now. Many of you already found the perfect way for themselves, and we are very happy to see your immense growing in such a little time. Each of you has a different path that was chosen, so it is upon each one to decide what is working and what is not appropriate for moving forward. Feel how this accepting is lightening your path with Light, and showing you that the time of not wanting to solve some issues is over, because you very well remember what the denial caused within you. It is the most beautiful time in your current lives, so enjoy every moment with knowing that you needed to clear all lower energies before you could enter the higher ones.

We feel that these days will be filled with joy and immense love flowing between us all, and we are very much enjoying our connection to you, as more of you are able to feel this. All of you who wish to be connected already are, and are receiving our energy and communication directly, or shortly will be connected, because once we feel you are prepared for it and it is in your chosen path, we are allowed to invite you to join us. We cannot do it sooner than you are ready because it would not be in accordance with your free will, and your understanding of it might not be as you would wish to. We are simply respecting your decision and your need for finding that what you desire with your own abilities. We are always guiding you and sending you our love and listening to your call. We cannot force anyone to accept us without being prepared for it, so if you feel ready and sure you want to connect, call us as we are here. Those who already did are being prepared for meeting with us, as they will enable for all others to do the same when they feel ready. We are your family and once more of you will accept us, we will be showing even more in your skies and also will be allowed to land. Please know that we are always acting according to your wish and readiness as we respect your free will and your decisions.

We are also still working on all the changes of your financial and economical systems, and you can read about them every day, and the coming days will be also filled with busy activity, as your vibrations reached new highest level ever, and you are ready to accept the changes without getting worried or angry. Accept them with understanding and do not let yourselves to be drawn back to the old. You do not need to hold onto it any longer as it cannot give you anything more that it already did. Simply let yourselves „fly“ and know that everything has its purpose and it is done to improve your life and please know that the „dark side“ has now no power to hold it and change it any more.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we are excited as much as you are because our meeting is so very close and we are welcoming you with open arms and our love is flowing infinitely to all of you. Let yourself to feel it and join us, because together we will create such a wonderful experience for the whole Universe.

Channeller: MADAD



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