SaLuSa by Dreamwalker444 1OCT2013

You asked the question / are concerned about the mention from last session of those many people in the United States who have purchased firearms. They represent a formidable fighting force, at first glance. The question is, would someone who has followed a spiritual path encounter difficulty with those whose spirit-path has taken them in another direction? There are of course many answers and facets to this problem. As a co-creator, this depends on the individual experiencing this chaos. There is always a possibility that one can have a run-in with “chaotic” individuals – those whose ego-self has taken over the reasoning abilities, choosing to experience chaos that is available in everyday life. One might see this as “drama” but it can at times appear to become quite deadly.

As an opportunity for teaching, confrontation is not the answer – it is simply your positive energy that is needed by these individuals who have throughout their lives been “starved” of this energy. To encounter such a being can be a somewhat new and jarring experience for them, and although they may act out their role to what they believe is an expected series of actions, in truth there is still something in the back of their head, telling them this action goes against spirit. It is simply that they have chosen not to listen to this voice, which is always a part of themselves. Being confronted by One who does listen, is an opportunity to see that there is an example of this behavior they can follow. Leading by example is sometimes the best motivator: it honors their freewill (they can choose one action over another), and offers a positive suggestion for change. As a Master (meaning someone partaking of “conscious living”), you may find others answering their own questions, and arriving at solutions to problems simply by being in your presence. This is a direct reflection of this effect.

It becomes clear that the One who is following a primarily “service to self” path is highly susceptible to suggestion and control by others. This is something that was disovered by the scientists sponsored by the Nazi Party in Germany and later the American and Russian scientists, and others (some of whom had originally been employed in Germany). This functions on an individual level as well as a group-consciousness level. One who is “un-conscious” of one’s actions is the target of these studies and policies, and those who are conscious of this fact may manipulate the “un-conscious” if they so choose to do so. Up until the Great Awakening, this has been primarily undertaken by the corporate governments of the world “against” their citizens, for the purposes of self-preservation. This is a “service to self” behavior at a “group-consciousness-awareness” level. Those who have awakened to “conscious living” may also now take advantage of this fact in a “service to others” manner, for example as a means of awakening others to the fact that this kind of control exists.

It really boils down to the question, “if Johnny jumped in the lake, would you jump in the lake too?” Johnny knows how to manipulate his followers to jump in the lake. When you demonstrate that it is just as easy for an “outsider” to command others to jump in the lake, Johnny’s hold over others becomes obvious. In truth he has only the illusion of power, but is powerless once his friends have awakened to his agenda. They are still friends, and Johnny will then need to make the step to ask for forgiveness, which he will be given, since love is really what it’s all about.

So you understand that in a direct altercation there are many options available, and love conquers all. Some individuals (a very few) have been purposely manipulated to such a degree that they are not suggestable by anyone but their controllers. This is a high level of “dis-connection”. The chance of running into someone like this is very low – your everyday life is something that you create for your own benefit, so there is always a slim chance that you may create such an altercation for your spirit to work though. Remember that there is no need for direct confrontation. Simply be who you are, and trust that your energy will take care of the rest. The average person on the planet is now attempting – and desires – to live peacefully in abundance, to love life and enjoy their friends and family without worrying about where the next paycheck is coming from. Given the alternative, for example, working for minimum wage and barely able to meet basic living expenses… the choice is clear. “The only thing you have to fear is fear itself” is very sage advice – as Masters you certainly do not need to fear each other, or any other creature or entity, for that matter. To fear others is to fear yourself.

I AM / WE ARE SaLuSa from Sirius, and the shift has begun.

(Please note that the intent of this message is not to define “them” versus “us,” but rather to answer a question with hypothetical examples).

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  1. Interesting dialogue, Troy. I work with offenders, those who have served self and/or are very damaged people. For the most part, they respond quite well to being treated with respect and dignity… and listened to, as SaLuSa suggests. All human beings need love; some just have barricaded their hearts so they are hard to reach. Thanks, Elizabeth.

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