SaLuSa 11.10.2013

Energy field around each of you and around Mother Earth is getting stronger and no longer supporting accumulation of negative aspects of 3D reality. This energy field is filled with Love and Light of high frequency and it works as a clearing shield of all that need to be released. Those who cleared themselves can feel it as powerful feeling of being lifted up from all that was holding them previously down and it is helping them to get used to even higher frequency of Being. Do be aware of this feeling and let this Love and Light that surround you inside through your heart and expect great change once your body adjusts to it. Those who are in process of clearing will feel strong desire and need to free themselves from issues that they cannot longer deny their existence. And those who are still engaging themselves in lower game of illusion will feel heavy pressure inside and will try to search even more of illusions to cover themselves with, but they can no longer influence all others with their negative thinking as it mostly stays within their own energy field. Everybody have already chosen their path and the reality they want to be in as no one knows better what experiences are needed as the one who lives them.

Everyone is experiencing these changes the way they have planned, and find great comfort in knowing that the Plan is perfect and when you listening to your own guidance you cannot walk astray. The ability of listening to your Higher Self and all of your Guides has grown immensely and you trust yourselves much more than ever before. Remember that you do not need to compare to others for proving that it is really happening, because others might not experience their change the same way, rather listen with respect to others with knowing that there are so many possibilities for each of you, as our Creator designed all of us with endless differences to experience, but equal in all forms of expression.

These are most wonderful times that we all are experiencing and we want you to feel this joy that is surrounding you. Do feel these powerful moments of your own transformation and let the knowing that all is perfectly arranged settle within you and give you that assurance that you are searching for. Life for you is not only physical anymore, and allow this fact to enter fully in your mind and let go of the last worries that are waiting for you to release them, as also your mind is getting ready for experiencing the new. Clearing your mind was the hardest part, but with your heart filled only with Love and Light and Truth of life, everything can be cleared away with ease, you only need to put your strong intention into it. Feel the power within you that you have already gained and be ready to feel even more powerful, when your mind will start to function the new way and open many more experiences for you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am enjoying these changes within you very much, as you are sending all your wonderful feelings back to us and we can share more with you. Now we are connected together even more and this connection is getting stronger the more you settle within the higher energies. Keep your intentions focused on that what you want to experience and it will happen. We love you all.

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