Oh yes
So common, so easy
This blue blood blueprint
At last some purpose
Some meaningful way
To pass the time

Wasting time making money
To pay for food and shelter
And if we are lucky
Flash motors and flash apps
(As taught as requirements)

And yet
Faint hollow echoes
Of a greater somethingness


8 comments on “Forlorn

      • Then here’s another:



        “Philanthropía — loving humanity — was thought to be the essence of civilization.”
        – Wikipedia

        • Yes a whole story in a single word – it might hold the record as the world’s shortest epic novel! This is also a concept that has required overcoming a bit of cynicism on my part… (i.e. philanthropist = someone forwarding their own agenda) but this is, after all, part of the shift…

          Speaking of which, another one often misinterpreted is “apocalypse”, from the Greek meaning to disclose / unveil knowledge, LOL. I can see how that might somehow involve the collapse of a civilization, but not zombies, meteors, or Tsunamis. Okay maybe zombies, but that’s just because there’s nothing on TV…

  1. Real life stolen and replaced is returning in dreams that reveal what is inside. That is what I gained from these words thank you Ben 🙂

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