Amazing clouds, sunsets and rainbows

I am Arachanaï

In the course of two weeks, I saw some amazing skies, even something I couldn’t photograph because of to dark. See last picture.

Below picture is modified to show you what I saw that evening. The moon was very low , almost touching the roof of that house. And above the tree is Venus.


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2 comments on “Amazing clouds, sunsets and rainbows

  1. Lisa, these traces can be seen also here in the sky, I feel Bastet walks above our heads on the sky to show her Presence and to remind us that we are all protected/look at that cat prints on the sky/
    ( ( SUN ) )

    • Hi Tauno, it was raining hard this evening, and when I was doing drying the dishes I was looking out of the window and I saw these amazing cat print clouds as you call them, and I thought wow, they really look amazing and you can see a lot of things in it.

      Love you so much, Lisa

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