SaLuSa 25.10.2013

We are always present and sending you our loving energies even if you are busy and need to focus on activities that are requiring your full physical attention. We know it is not very easy to maintain your calmness and your higher perspective of reality when the situations and people around you are of lower vibrations, and are creating stressful atmosphere and sending out these energies that are influencing also you. It is good to take only if a short moment break, and realize that your presence at the place you are currently in is necessary, and it was your choice to help others and influence them with your higher energies now. This short moment of realization will help you to be aware of your own energy field, which will give you comfort and feeling of joy.

Your energy field is much stronger now because you are accepting all incoming higher and uplifting energies constantly and do not need longer time to prepare yourselves for their coming, so they can be continually spread among you and create great influence on all of Humanity. The moment when all the people will be able to see it is quickly approaching and none of your current „time“ is wasted. The reality of your choice will be so beautifully placed before you, and all those that are wishing for more upliftment and more joy and happiness will be amazed how much of it all is there for them to feel and experience. The words cannot fully describe, but your visions and dreams carry the right energy feeling that will greatly intensify, once you reach the perfect point for stepping into the higher level of experiences.

We hear your thoughts about how the perfect point, or the right moment will feel and what will exactly happen. We could let you know more, but we do not want to influence your expectations of that moment, because it is part of your whole experience of Ascension and it is upon you to find out how perfectly it was all designed and arranged. We are influencing your visions and dreams and also your current reality the way you have wished for, and we are always respecting your free will. And if you wish to be influenced more just call us and express this desire with your focus on all that you want to experience Now.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and want to assure you of the perfection of each step that we all are taking towards our own growing and knowing. You can see it and feel it in everything that you experience, every single detail in your own life is created for the highest potential of learning the Truth about Creation, because that is what we all were created for. We are One and we are about to experience this Oneness even in the deeper, or shall we say, higher level.

Channeller: madad

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