A challenging concept

The following message was presented to me in the form of a three dimensional, schematic image. It was adapted to my way of thinking in such a way as to effectively transmit the message’s full meaning to me. The image would not make sense to someone else if I were to make a drawing. I am here making an attempt at re-telling it in my own words, as a classical argument in the style of Plato.


I see a lot of you, who refer to yourselves as awakened, are looking to the sky. You are longing for a saviour,  a deus ex machina, who will rid you of all debt. The truth that I am going to tell you will upset some of you.

I see a lot of you, are focusing on the injustices of the current financial system. You want this to be re-done. You think that the current system is unfair, that it is controlled by someone. Let me tell you that you are correct. It is controlled by someone, an entity who draws benefit of all transactions.

But, let me also tell you, that this is thinking from within the box. You want to install a new, fair, financial system. Let me tell you that such a thing will never happen. Noone is going to land from the sky to give you this. If you want to have a financial system, this current one is good enough.

Already, some of you will feel provoked by my words. Why is that? I am challenging your way of thinking. Let me tell you why I am doing this. The problem does not lie within the construction or function of the current system. The very existence of a financial system is the origin of injustice. Replacing one system with another, that is what thinking inside the box, means. From fear of freedom, you want to replace a tyrant you are tired of, with a new one. In a few generations you will once again be tired of this new tyrant and will want to replace him again. This is the reason why noone will help you with this task.

If you want a financial system, the one you have now is good enough.

Please step outside of the box.

The production of perceived value is all of what you are focusing on. If more people have more money, the value of that money will be less. You already know this as “inflation”. If there is no injustice, there is no value.

The real value is what is materially produced.

The value of a house,  is a place to rest. Will you be more relaxed, if the market value of the house is higher? This is all false value created by your concepts.

The only way to reach “fairness” is to abandon the thinking from within this box.


2 comments on “A challenging concept

  1. Exactly! Thank you. In some ways for me it’s letting go of the notion of fairness and knowing that we all pay it forward in our own special way. It’s truly a level playing field because we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Accepting any amount of “money” for our efforts is placing a lesser than infinite value on it. Our current notion of free reduces it to less than one, when in fact free is the infinite value. 😀

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