Dreamwalkerdiaries: Landross: a Conversation with a “Draco”

>Landross, I am here to chat, if you wish

I am Landross.

>I see that you are a light-brown colored individual, around 7.5 to 8 feet tall. You have wings in addition to your arms and legs. You appear reptillian in nature. You appear “skinny” by my standards, or perhaps a physique of a fit dog. You have thin arms and legs, by human standards.

Yes [somewhat bristling in indignation at being compared to a dog].

>For those of the Christian faith, you might appear “demonic”

There are different skin colors of my race. A light green, red, and Khaki are typical. We certainly could be compared to tormentors of the human race, although no more so than what you are yourselves capable of.

>Are you the dragons mentioned in medieval times?

In a way, yes. Of course our size has been exaggerated in those stories to make us appear more formidable. And it is not a perception we deemed necessary to dispel.

>Are you the controllers/ archons we hear so much about?

Yes. There are a few of us here, and we maintain the memory of our form.

>Where are you currently located?

Each one of us has a “nest” from which we operate. “Base” might be a more appropriate word in your lexicon. The nest contains servants and all manner of support mechanisms for our task.

>Did you make me ill?

I was a partner in this. Your lowered defenses was an opportunity to inject / influence the outcome of your timeline, and punish an act which was harmful to our rule.

>You know, you don’t need to punish us – you can simply let me know that something is wrong, and I’ll see what I can do to help.

Mine is the reactive of someone who acts first and ask questions later. The punishment is served, there is no question of obedience.

>It was just words, and small words at that… tucked away in an unknown part of the web.

The punishment was nevertheless required.

>I see. And in so doing you have revealed yourself. I am honored.

There are those of us who know that there is a divine decree that humans should take responsibility for themselves and their own actions. For too long you have “passed the buck”, as it were. The Archon paradigm exists because you (humanity) have not wished to take responsibility. So we are here. Unfortunately for you, it is the entire package you must accept.

>I don’t recall accepting anything.

This was of course part of the agreement. However as you take more responsibility, and therefore more power, there is no need for this agreement, and the agreement is cancelled as per your request. When we made the agreement it was a stipulation of the contract that it could be cancelled at any time. This is a part of the awakening of your awareness. You cannot be encumbered further. It would be like giving you the reigns to the sleigh but tying the horse to a tree. So as “time” as you know it both persists and breaks down, the urgency of others to awake will become more dire.

>I have a question about that. I think I am aware and awake, yet all around me the chaos appears to be increasing exponentially, both in severity and frequency.

This is an entertainment for you at this stage, if you wish to follow it. Try not to get too wrapped up in it. The shift is happening now as it was decreed. It is “spring” on several levels, and this “spring” is marked with chaos, as all springs are marked with Chaos. This is more apparent now because this particular spring is leading up to a fairly bountiful harvest. You will note that many activist movements get their start in the spring, and wrap up in the fall. This is symbolic of the harvest of their efforts.

>Can you tell me how your control works?

Of course, it is relatively simple telepathic suggestion. You can choose to act on that suggestion or not. It is up to you. Humans are easily distracted, and we use that distraction as a key to enter your subconscious. We have often been characterized as the tiny demonic being sitting on your shoulder.

>How is this different from “ego”?

“Ego” is a control mechanism. It provides emotional stability. So we tap into this. It might appear that there is no difference from us and Ego, and yet a balanced individual can still at times be influenced to act out of character.

>I might argue that you do not exist, this is just a chemical imbalance in the brain…

Argue whatever you wish. Believe what you wish. You asked and I answered.

>So you influence the outcome of human events by minor nudging of people’s psyche / ego?

Yes, it is a temporal / timeline influence, at least until you take back your power. This process often leads to separation from the world around you in several ways, including, for example, your job, your family, your marriage, and so forth. Even the  hobbies that once occupied your time no longer have the same allure.

>It must be difficult to orchestrate all those minds at once.

We are masters at collective manipulation. It is our specialty. As you can imagine, this collective telepathic control can convince someone of anything, including their own death and mortality.

>Thank you, Landross – I think that’s all I can ask, at this point.

Thank you, Troy, I appreciate your connection. Hopefully we can chat more in the future.

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  1. Troy thank you. Reading this brings me back to my early childhood teens, I was being tormented by a being similar to your description but he wore a black cape with a hood. It was terrifying to say the least until at around 16 I stopped and turned on it and told it I was no longer scared. It was then that a calm came forth and the nightmares of old no longer existed. Up until today i never understood but now I do.
    Big Hugs suzanne.

    • Wow! Thank you for sharing your experience, Suzanne. I ‘ve had similar experiences where I’ve had to stand up to figures of authority. They’re not really sure what to do with someone who isn’t afraid. 😀 ❤

  2. UMMMMM what?? Was this something you channeled ‘dreamwalker’ ?
    I’m curious… or was it in person…?
    Very fascinating though … Thank You.

    • It’s an intersting distinction. The name was triggered from an episode of Star Trek. There was a macine called “Landrew” in that episode that dominated the local population. The name I received was Landross. And it was nagging for the last few weeks… Until I finally felt it was time to do something about it. So we see it as channeling, but to a being who communicates primarily by thought, it’s a conversation. In this case he let me see what he looked like, as well… Though I’m not sure if that’s his form now, or if it’s a memory of something else. Archons are vilified and many might feel such a connection is not worthwhile. The only thing I want to gain is greater understanding… For what it’s worth.

      • Thats amazing… Yeah i totally understand.. i hear my higher self in my head but maybe i question too much lol ..as i tend to do. Like – am i crazy or something?
        But nonetheless its amazing & i’m glad you could have an experience like that.
        Thank you for sharing brother. Namaste..

        • David, you’re definitely not crazy for asking sane questions – and that includes conversations with “higher self”. The more we fear the less we know, so the opposite must also be true. Namaste, my friend (-_-)

          • It took me a minute. Had to read a few times.. lol.
            You’re so very wise & its true..
            I see your light & it makes me love everyone more.
            I just want to do so much more.. but feel told to “sit & stay..”

  3. I hereby cancel all contracts, implied or explicit, with the entity “Landross”.

    [Note, I may have to post this after every session with Landross but we’ll see how it goes!]

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