Dream 28 May 2014: Adjustment Bureau

I am Arachanaï

Also this kind of scene reminds me of a scene in the Adjustment bureau where Matt Damon walks in the office when the members of the Adjustment bureau are just busy and he catches them conducting some experiments.

Source picture: iankayfilm.wordpress.com

This dream was kind of special, special as what happened in it. The dream begins ordinary, I am on a trip and I am boating in a canoe on the river. The I came to a small waterfall with a bit of a steep slope to it, but I ran smoothly down without accidents.

Now the dream changes and I am making pictures of my surroundings, I see a big gorge with waterfalls and on top a bridge where the sun is peaking through. I want to make a picture but my camera isn’t working. So I am standing with friends ready to make a trip of our life. We…

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