Astral Travels (March 2012)

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  3. Hi, Everyone, it’s still early for me on Saturday evening 3 March, but I’d like to share a dream from 25 August 2010, which re-discovered today… We’ve been talking/joking about rejuvenation pods and different forms of ships… I strongly suspect that the man and small boy in the dream might be DW and his older son! It was two years ago, and the little boy was 5 or 6…

    Here’s the dream:

    Climbing a hill… Exposed earth, muddy, steep. Road’s not paved (yet). 

    At the top is a sort of land form like the top of a volcano with an open side. My blue CRV is parked inside… I’ve been looking for it.

    It’s hard to get to, but as I approach it and perhaps get inside, it transforms.

    Now I’m inside one of many vehicles that seem identical, and don’t look like vehicles at all. Almost like little home-theater or conference room pods.. Very organic forms: white upholstery, blond wood, black trim…

    I get inside and feel incredulous and a bit indignant – what a poor design of a vehicle!

    You can’t reach or find the appropriate controls, or see where you’re going!

    I notice another one nearby, with a father and young son in it, and theirs begins to move. Mine does too, and I realize they are on a track and automated like a ski-lift or roller coaster or ride at an amusement park.

    • Sometimes our dreams show their significance in time, thank you for sharing, dear Les. Everything has its logic , the only thing required is to make a link between the “separate” pieces

  4. Here is my dream on March 3rd 2012
    I was in a train. In the compartment I was sitting with my father. It was almost dark and outside were many people…I often dream trains or buses…I had a question in my mind, a question connected with my past.
    The next scenery was a queue of people waiting to get some documents from something that looked like a ticket window. My mother was with me. Again the same mysterious question in my mind.
    The next scenery was a studio. I was about to take part in a television chat show and I was sitting next to a small table and felt a little depressed, the same question in my mind….
    And while these three sceneries were connected somehow behind the scene I was in a different scenery and also at a different age, I was a student, I was in my old school and there was an unusual thing there. I saw the circles of cut down trees which were piled on a little carriage. It was placed in front of the back door to keep us from the invisible threat that was somewhere in front of us. But I was not scared, I looked at the circles in curiosity and spotted their colour and crannies in them

    That was my dream
    Love and Light

  5. Hi everyone,
    I did my meditation and intention and got following dream:
    First I was with a lot of people in a hotel; they put us there because ‘they” wanted to protect us. From what I can’t remember.

    Then I was at a big market of shops and restaurants and they were built on floating docks. There was not a lot of space to walk and I had to hang on for dear live on the bars so that I wouldn’t fall into the water. Finally a get inside a restaurant and a sign said that you can meet kings and queens there. There were a lot of people again, eating in the restaurant. And then I got the knowing that it were the boats of hope. Whatever that means.

    Then I was in a big lightship standing in a big hall, it was green and grey inside. Again, a lot of people were there and we were staring at some kind of broadcasting system, it was oval in shape and inside it showed like a ball where lighting came from it in all directions and with different colours on a black background. And then a mechanical voice said that the Americans needed to know they can’t stop disclosure and that mass landings are going to begin. I don’t remember exactly what the voice said, but it was something like that. Because I remember being beamed down from the ship and I was in a shop with my husband and I told him what they said, and that I can remember clearly. But my husband looked funny at me. I went to the TV to switch it on and to look for some news, see if it wasn’t happening yet.

    Then I suddenly was driving on the highway in a sports car with my husband. It was red and black and looked almost like the Sports car Peugeot 9009 1. But we were on a highway but the lining on the road wasn’t very clear and I didn’t know where to drive, in which lanes. Suddenly I see tunnels coming up in the distance. I was driving on a three lane highway, on the outer left one, and there was another side road left of me, that also goes through the tunnels but it was separated with walls and it had an arrow going to the right painted on the road. I decided to take that one but my husband didn’t agree. I went in it anyway, but as soon as I took that lane a black van came out of that tunnel driving reversed in high speed and then the van slipped and tipped over and fell down to its right-side. So I was forced to reverse too because now that road was blocked. But I couldn’t look backwards to check for oncoming cars so I was driving blindly and then caused a minor accident. My husband was angry at me and said that he is going to drive. When we were changing seats, I saw that the sports car looked more like a little cruiser ship and it was floating instead of having wheels. My husband took for one second of the cover and revealed it was just one seated car. When he put over the cover again it created two seats. I sat in the right chair and wasn’t happy. (Here in South Africa our steering wheel is on the right because we are driving left on the road but in my dream the steering wheel was on the left.) That was end of my dream because my big baby girl woke me up.

    I got some interesting dreams these week, wrote them down in the dreams section.

    I can’t wait to hear all your dreams. Love and light Lisa

  6. Wonderful vivid dream, dear Lisa
    Me, you and Konstantinos were traveling this night, it is a great synchronicity and these dreams …mine, yours and perhaps Konstantinos` I think have a link with previous ones. I often dream traveling by buses and trains, the boat of hope is connected with the boat from one of my previous dreams that I have shared here
    Also the invisible unknown threat is common in my and in your dream
    I am eager to read the dream experience of the other friends here
    Love and Light !

  7. I remember a very short part of my dream for Saturday night March 3…. I was running through my list of contacts on my cordless phone and calling each one. This was everyone who was here on the STC. I remember specifically “Tauno”, “Leslee Hare”, “John Gunshefski.” That last one I remember the strongest, thinking how the heck did I fit his last name on the phone display!

    • This dream and all of our common dreams means that our Light is getting stronger, we can use it to create whatever we want and to use our Light for the greatest good of all, we must be wise and I am sure that we are not here by chance, we have a mission to do

      • Thank you, dear Les. Indeed in my dream before the show I was in a town, I saw a street, cafes, beautiful plants there and many colours, the Light was perfect, I remember a woman with a blond hair and a red or purple blouse…she was at times me…and about the crystals…you saw Leos /one of my Lemurian crystal points has a portal on it, in your dream there are combined visions, you are really on target…my moonstone is tear shaped and I use black moonstones, they are very helpful for the visions….WOW our souls have really met in dreamtime and they know each other…it is an amazing connection
        and Yes, it is so wonderful that we all met together
        Love and Light

  8. (This is really long! It’s also posted on the page “Divine-ing/Dreams/Leslee’s Dreams”, in case you need to read it later…)

    DREAM ~ 3 March 2012

    I arrive at a small house in Central Texas (?), where many of my friends are gathered for a party, to celebrate a journey we’re about to make together.

    The house belongs to my friend “Eustace” (Stick energy)… He’s sort of like our teacher or guide for the interim, who has guided us to this point and is about to show us all how to launch into the next phase of our lessons.

    I pass through the house briefly, greeting my friends, because I really want to get to Eustace’s back yard and see my Dad, whom I haven’t seen in a long time.

    The back yard is small, and very magical, like a small fairy glen with tall trees, mossy grass, and tiny wildflowers.

    My Dad has been busy digging a large hole, and he’s almost finished. He’s done an amazing amount of work for one day: it’s a large cube of a hole, as long on a side as he is tall. I look down into it.

    The soil is dark and dense, so the walls of the hole are quite firm. At the surface it’s more brown, but as it gets deeper it becomes almost black. He knows it’s time to stop digging, because he has hit a large black pipe with a pointed cap on it, and that is the portal through which we’ll pass to get deeper into Gaia. [Ghost Radar: that] That portal had been buried for many years, many generations in fact, and Eustace had been guarding it for a very long time.

    There are two other objects buried with the pipe: a big, fat, partly-burned tire from a drag-racing vehicle, and a box of jewels. Many lifetimes ago, we had left the jewels for ourselves to find in the future. Each of us had a crystal which acted as a sort of key, to attune ourselves to memory and location.

    Dad goes inside to tell everyone the hole is ready, so they begin to come outside, one at a time, and quietly look, hoping the neighbors don’t notice.

    Two very cheerful, friendly dogs come up, very excited to see me. One is a small white poodle-like dog, belonging to a neighbor I saw walking yesterday. The other is a medium-sized dog that looks a bit like an Australian shepherd, but he’s solid black in color. (Could this one be Gunner’s dog?)

    There’s a chair sitting near the hole, that is a rather hi-tech chair, and it’s been sitting out in the weather for some time. The frame is made of tubular gray metal, and it has wheels, but the seat is like a thick pad of mossy sod, and the wheels have become embedded into the soil. It’s as if the chair is growing out of the land.

    We decide to wait until nightfall to make our journey, to improve our chances of doing it secretly, so we all go back inside to Eustace’s house, to help him put things away and get it in order. We know that none of us will return here, at least not for a very, very long time.

    [yard teacher plane] We will “pretend” to stay in 3D [noted solve differ land Philadelphia (brotherly love) variety difference you’ll determine meet go unknown fine was]…

    (This is where I got stuck in wiriting the dream… I knew there was something or someone missing, and that my Guides were witholding a piece of information rather than explaining it to me… They were trying to tell me that I had forgotten a part of the dream… Later, when I posted a brief description of who was in the dream, Babajij pointed out that he was Invisible Eagle Feather in the dream… That was the missing piece!)

    … by leaving some sorts of artifacts of our existence, that will lead others in 3D to believe that we are still there. Babajij (Invisible Eagle Feather) offers to remain as the Gatekeeper, to divert attention away from the hole and the flue and the journey that we’ve undertaken.

    I don’t remember how we actually use the pipe (it’s like a flue in the Harry Potter movies), but the next thing I recall is finding myself on the street in Telos.

    I’m standing on the edge of a large rectangular plaza, and as soon as I appear there, I [though] begin walking swiftly towards the large, long building high up on the hill. This is a building I know well.

    (I’ve only recently come to realize that this very familiar place is Telos. I’ve been dreaming of going there throughout this lifetime. Although there seem to be a nighttime and daytime, I’ve never noticed a sun or moon or stars. The light is always very gentle and uniform, as if the entire sky glows with a strong, soft light. The buildings often look slightly different from dream to dream, but I can always orient myself and know where I am, and in which directions I’ll find which buildings.)

    As I reach the building at the top of the hill, I enter the courtyard between the classroom building and the conference/entertaniment center. There I meet Suntria, who says that she’d like to go see the busy shopping district and cafe’s, to get familiar with the place and see who else is here. We walk along the outside of the classroom building. The first rooms, which are for adult education, are empty because it’s the weekend and there are no classes in session.

    Finally we reach the end of the building where the children’s classes are, and we pause because we can see, across a small garden courtyard, Lisa standing in the middle of a classroom with several little girls in it. They are all dancing around, wearing cheerful hand-painted paper fairy wings. Lisa’s daughters turn and wave to us (Nolwazi is about 3, and they both have golden-bronze skin and long, very curly brown hair), as we walk by.

    Finally, we reach the corner intersection, and across the street we see Steffie sitting with Tauno at a cafe table, having a coffee. Gunner is standing there talking to them, telling them jokes, and they’re laughing very hard! He’s wearing a conductor’s uniform, with a round hat and a light blue short-sleeved shirt. He’s holding a silver whistle, and tells us how much he loves his job. He’s a good-will ambassador for Telos; he greets all the people arriving from 3D, and is epsecially good at handling the Americans.

    In general, Gunner lets people know where they can find particular buildings and activities. One of the reasons he’s especially good with the Americans is that he can help them find the Angels, and once Americans meet the Angels, they tend to become more quiet and reflective and respectful. This benefits everyone in Telos. Gunner also monitors security in this very dense and active part of Telos, and makes sure that people just arriving from 3D get accustomed to Telos gradually.

    A we’re standing there, Steffie gestures to me that she really needs to find a toilet, but there don’t seem to be any around… I laugh and tell her that yes, they are rather tucked away, because the Telosians don’t need them as often as we do… But I can show her where they are. She hesitates, saying it might be too much trouble, but we all laugh as all the women say that they need to find the restroom too! Gunner has a real laugh about this, gives me permission to take the ladies to the restrooms, and walks off towards the square.

    [call charge swept discussion ]

    The four of us (Tauno, Steffie, Suntria and myself) walk over to the block of buildings where the toilets are. There are many shops, small restaurants and moview theaters, and the place is teeming with people.

    We spot Troy with his family, and wave to say hello. He understands the rush we’re in, so he simply calls out that he and his family are living in Telos now, and that we’ll talk more soon. He seems very happy.

    We go first to the public restrooms [club plain] that are tucked away between the businesses; all of them are full, with people waiting in line, or out of service. Some of the people in line are in a rather sullen mood, but I can tell it’s only because they’re new, and still expecting to find the same conditions they had on Earth’s surface.

    The ladies and I now walk quickly around to the rear of on of the buildings, and I whipser that I can show them where the private toilets are. We walk through a maze of tiny shops and booths selling all manner of items. We finally reach the entrance doors, and enter a large space that looks like a hotel lobby. We run up a couple small fllights of open, monumental stairs, past several small groups of people, and eventually find the small, private restrooms that are tucked away between conference rooms and dining rooms. We still have to search a bit before we find some that are available. Gunner had mentioned that the restrooms were maintained primarily for the “3D-ers” (3 dears), and that there had been such an influx lately that Telos needed to generate more soon.

    Once we’ve finished there, we head off back along the hilltop, back along the classroom building, towards the performance hall. There, in the long concourse, people are queueing up to go to the comedy act that will be playing soon: “As The Planet Burns – Recollections Of A 3D Fantasy”, starring SpaceMuffin and John!

    There’s quite a crowd waiting; some (like us) already have tickets, so we’re able to sit on benches along the wall. Across the concourse is a long queue of people waiting to purchase tickets. Steffie, Tauno and Suntria wander off to look around, while I take a seat on a bench. Across the concourse I notice a young father (Konstantinos) with his wife and two children. They seem very happy and loving, even though the little boy (who is about 8 years old) seems to have some health issues. With some concern, Konstantinos lifts up his son and carries him, as the queue moves along up the sloped floor.
    Tauno comes and sits beside me, feeling a little sad and homesick. But she’s very happy because she’s found her crystal collection, and has brought it to show me. She produces a large crystal/glass tray that is a circle with straight sides and a flat crystal lid. On the lid are engraved radial lines (like a starburst), and a pattern of dots (like braille) and characters. The characters look like a blend of Chinese writing and Celtic runes.

    I’m admiring her beautiful stones. in particular is a gorgeous quartz point with a portal configuration, and it has been fused with a metallic coating that makes its surface shimmer like a midnight sky filled with stars. There is also a blunt point that is shaped like a rough ruby, but looks like carnelian. In the center is a moonstone disk carved with an all-seeing eye.

    The round case is divided much like an astrological chart into 12 segments. The blue and red stones, along with an aquamarine, take up three of the compartments, at 5 through 7 o’clock. The other compartments are filled with an assortment of quartz points, with a few small spheres. Tauno beams as she looks at them once again… Finding the tray of stones has made her immensely happy.

    Shortly after I hand Tauno’s crystal case back to her, the ushers begin taking tickets for the performance, so we stand up to make our way toward the theater doors. At this point the dream fades and I awaken.

    Good night, everybody! Lots of light and love to you all!

    • Leslee – when you have a moment, could you please also post this lovely dream over on Bandaid Buddhist, that I might be able to link to it as a direct view of Telos. This dream is clearly of primary importance to this group, but I know that actual descriptions of the place are few and far between… my intent here is to encourage others to share their own visions of this lovely place. Thank you so much Leslee. Much love and blessings

      • I sure will, Troy! I’ll also put it on BUTTA, and it was so vivid that I’ll probably do some images as well. Now that I’m starting to put the pieces together, I almost feel like I could map out parts of the city and the surrounding countryside…

      • Darnit, just list a comment again!
        Yeah, I’ve been looking for a (free) program that I can use to create a 3d globe… I’d love to plug something into Google Earth ;D

    • Great dream, Leslee! I couldn’t help but laugh because we were looking around for the restrooms – did we keep each others handbags in the process? :mrgreen:
      One of the things I found more interesting was Tauno’s crystal tray. Why? because my husband is working on a wooden tray that will have 12 crystals (transparent quartz) spread on a circle (kind of like numbers on a clock) and there will be another crystal on the centre, along with several symbols and words carved in the wood (apparently I’ll be doing that part, with pyro engraving). We got the idea from a series of plaques we saw being used in Reiki meditations for world peace.
      Did you get to see any kind of furniture? I’m asking this because some time ago I had a series of recurring dreams which involved cities somewhat like ours, but… different, more advanced, easier to get around, things were quicker… And I remember seeing ‘furniture’ somehow similar to our own, but all made of beautiful wood and the design was all roundish, no corners, like everything was ‘flowing’. It felt like it was ‘familiar’ but not completely and your dream made me think of it.

    • Thank you, dear Les. Indeed in my dream before the show I was in a town, I saw a street, cafes, beautiful plants there and many colours, the Light was perfect, I remember a woman with a blond hair and a red or purple blouse…she was at times me…and about the crystals…you saw Leos /one of my Lemurian crystal points that has a portal on it, in your dream there are combined visions, you are really on target…my moonstone is tear shaped and I use black moonstones, they are very helpful for the visions…./this is perhaps the eye you saw…I have to tell you that I saw an eye several times in meditation, this eye is very beautiful and of Light, in my last meditation it appeared while I was heading to the center of the Sun/
      I know that our souls have really met in dreamtime and they know each other…it is an amazing connection
      and Yes, it is so wonderful that we all met together
      Love and Light

  9. Quebec City

    I was in that town again last night… the european town with stone buildings and cobblestone streets… reminded me of Quebec City… I was at a cafe sitting on the patio having breakfast. I was talking with excitement to the people walking by, we were very happy… as people walked by I would discuss various plans with them… then someone else would come along… okay, don’t forget this! Make sure you do this! Everyone was having a great time preparing for whatever is to come… wish I could remember the details…

  10. Hola! :) Jisela y yo hemos estado repasando sus sueños. Claro que la traducción a veces no expresa lo que es y hemos visto que por ejemplo, en algunos escritos de nosotras, al traducirlas del español al inglés y luego al español de nuevo, salen palabras que no hemos escrito, pero, entendemos todo forma parte de la experiencia y esperamos poder comunicarnos pronto sin tanta interferencia…. El sueño de Les es impresionante! Y, aunque mucho más lúcido que el nuestro, tiene algunas similitudes.
    Bueno, estamos encantadas de pertenecer a este grupo y esperamos el sábado con gozosa expectativa..! Un abrazo lleno de Amor y Luz…! :D

  11. I agree Carmencita the translator is not 100%, but it is close enough to get the idea – if you ever need better understanding in what we say, please feel free to ask… :-)

  12. I have been experimenting with the time that I go to sleep, the last few days I’m starting to get tired a lot earlier than normal. Going to bed at around 11:00 seems to be the “sweet spot” in terms of remembering dreams for me.

    I did my “wings” meditation without expressing any other intent.

    Last night I dreamed that I was at a party and talking to a woman who dressed gothic (like a vampire). White face with black makeup (black eye shadow and lipstick), black lace dress. Quite pretty. It was a strange experience because I was saying to her “hey I remember you!” But I couldn’t remember her because I had never seen her before (but in my dream I had!). And I had trouble recognizing her because she was wearing makeup.

    My younger son had a vampire dream too, except in his dream it was a vampire hot dog wiener, he said it was kind of scary. He said it was kind of like Annoying Orange.

  13. Good morning, everyone :)
    It is time to share my dream on 10/11 March 2012
    The first part of the dream was at the ground, the place looked like a yard and there was something like a tent. It was made of cardboard and was almost ruined, I stepped in and it was full with excrements on the ground, a very nasty and dirty place :(
    I went out
    The next part of the dream –
    I was on board of two ships, they were like twins, the surroundings and the light were of the white spectrum. On the first ship there was a young woman with short black hair, she was wearing a white astronaut costume and in fact everybody there was wearing the same costume. An old wise man with a beard/ he was Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, but dressed like an astronaut/ was giving her fatherly advice about something.

    The same woman moved into the second ship that looked quite like the first one. There she was with a young man, dressed in the same costume. They talked, the young man was like brother of friend of her. The woman was pregnant and the father of the baby was not there, she was thinking of him. The woman was standing in front of a screen with something like a table on it and each cell of this table was a touch key. There were names on this table/the names of the crew members/ Other cells of this table were feelings and the table could program the feelings when someone adjusts the name to one of the feelings, she pressed a name and then she was about to press Love …she stopped to think a little, there was another feeling – Jealousy….at this moment the young man standing next to her started talking with her and giving her advice.

    The next part
    I was late for work, I was running with the same old clothes (that I could find in the wardrobe during one of my previous dreams) and I was looking at my watch, I was 5 minutes late…then I saw many books at the place where I was

    Love and Light

    • Hi, Tauno, What an interesting dream!

      My intuition is that the first part of your dream perhaps represents the 3D world, which you’re choosing to leave (so you do!), and then the part of the dream on the ships sounds very similar to parts of my dream (which I am still typing) ;)

      I believe the young woman you met is perhaps Masilon…
      (, because I was given that Masilon is “pregnant”…

      My understanding is that the images included in the Crew Report from March 11 are “5D” representations of the Crew – you can see a small being in her belly… normally the 3D representations of each Crew member is etched onto their backs… So I think this small belly-being is a fetus.

      I wasn’t sure of this last night, but now that you have seen her pregnant, I think this is amazing!

      What’s even more amazing is that Lhamo Dorje is depicted as being pregnant (… When I first returned to Atlanta in the late summer of 2010, I began receiving incredible messages, nearly every morning, that I was instructed to send to certain friends (it was a prelude to blogging, I think!)… These transmissions mostly had to do with emotions and overcoming delusions, and how they related to our spiritual progress. And the title I was given for the series was “Good Mornings with The Crew”!!!

      I’m now being told that Lhamo Dorje is the 8D component of Masilon (who is a 5D aspect), and that you were there to help provide strength to Masilon, so that she may fulfill her 5D potential…

      This gives a whole new layer of meaning and significance to the concept of “Emanation”! ( It seems to have to do with various aspects of a being, translating across various dimensions…

      Humans=3D, Bodhisattvas=Tulya Crew=5D, Angels & Demons=6D, Gods=7D, Buddhas/Enlightened Beings=8D, Emptiness/Ultimate Nature/Oneness=9D…

      • Amazing, dear Les! What a wonderful confirmation! And, yes, when I typed “on the ground” the same thought of 3D reality came into my mind!!!!!WOW

        • Cool! Okay, I’m going to go unplug now and see if I can get my dreams typed up…
          I also have several “obligations” here at home that I’ve been putting off for weeks, so I may not be online much for the rest of the weekend, but we’ll see ;)
          Lots of love to you!

          • Forget about obligations and come here soon, dear Les :D
            Why do we have to do these boring 3D activities like obligations and going to work that tires us ….
            See you soon , Les ! My White Light in your direction

    • Hi Tauno,

      Sorry I only reply now. When I read your second part of your dream, on board the two ships, it felt like dejavu for me, like I read this story dream somewhere else. It was pretty weird and still is when I read it. I hope everything is fine there. I am still recovering but getting better. The only thing now is that I feel crying…screaming…and like I wanted to crawl under a rock….or yell and say get it over with…I want get on with everything…disclosure,nesara…ascension…I don’t know if I can hold much longer.

      Anyway I am rambling…Wish you an infinite shower of love and light

      • Hi, Lisa, sending lots of love and light your way! You may not recognize it now, but you’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, and are doing a fantastic job! We had a big breakthrough last night, will write more as soon I has some time… Hang in there! Love you, Leslee

        • Hi Leslee,

          I am feeling better, maybe I felt this way yesterday of all the things going on, I am an empath. My friend in Belgium said she always felt drained and tired, and then I said she was giving way to much energy to everybody, as I could feel as she was giving her energy to me. I had to ask her to stop it, because I felt so nausea from all that energy. Then she realized she had to protect herself. I didn’t master that quite yet to protect myself, because once in lot of time I forget (my mind is always distracted and absent) to shield myself. Anyway mysteriously I feel better today.

          I can’t wait to here about the big breakthrough….

          Love, Lisa

          • Hi, Lisa!
            Well, as far as the breakthrough, I’ve gotten some things posted here:, although it still takes some detective work to fit the pieces together. We’ve been doing much more in our sleep than we realize! This concerns the astral travel/dreams, Tulya, Inner Earth, and setting up a protection grid… I ended up working on other posts last night, so there is still more to explain!
            Concerning the empathy, I think I understand… I’m still learning in so many ways too. I’ve gotten better at identifying when I’m feeling things coming in from “outside”, but I’m still developing the the skill of understanding when to let it flow through and when to block or transmute it.
            One thing I’m noticing is that when my usual methods of filtering it out do not work, that seems to be an indication that it’s coming from my Guides… Wow, so much to learn!
            I’m so glad you’re feeling better!

      • Dear Lisa
        Maybe you also were on these two twins that night and you remembered this when you read it through my dream. We often do not remember our dreams but we do a fantastic job when dreaming
        Sending to you huge amounts of Love and Healing Light!

  14. Hi all,

    Don’t remember much of my dreams because I was waking up almost 5 or 6 times during the night. First I was in a tall appartmentblock and when I was looking outside I saw a huge wall of water coming towards me from the sea. Then I was in Hasselt, Belgium ( my previous home before I moved to south-africa) and my car was broken, the steeringwheel was broken and I didn’t know how to fix it. Then I was in a huge room were we where playing a game of balance. As last I was at a party sitting on a long table with my family and everybody had some gifts to give to others. Mine was a gift of stamps, with stripbook figures on it. End dream.

    • Dear Lisa, I am sure that we all had a party in your dream at the end of an exhausting journey, you were the host and we were your family :)
      Love and Light, dear sister

    • Hi, Lisa! These seem remarkable…

      I’ve had several dreams of being smacked by a wall of water (usually when I was feeling overwhelmed somehow, but in a good way… trying to process information…), and in those dreams, I usually jumped into another dream before (or as) the water actually hit me… It seems to me in the series, that you are progressing to more and more refined situations, perhaps jumping dimensions? Did it feel like that?

      Stamps… they seem to imply travel to me… I’m not sure what you mean by “stripbook”?

      I hope you’re doing well… it seems things have been quiet with you this week.
      Sending you much love and light!

      • Hey leslee,

        I am back at work, but still a bit shaky and not really there yet. As a response on your question about the water wall, I really don’t remember what happened , because during the night, I woke up too many times. So details are very vague.

        Take care Leslee, Lisa

  15. Yes, this channeling totally resonates with me! Thank you all – Les, Troy and Thunderbolt! Yes, I know that skull shape is for making humanoid connections
    Leos is perhaps a placeholder, in fact I saw his heart today when Anjaska appeared and left a message through Leos…I saw his face once, at the top of the point, he looks like the crew members of TULYA, I hope to understand his answers

  16. (I’ll go ahead and post this for nw, ince my dream-recording seems to get continually delayed… O_o )

    (Words like [this] are generated by Ghost Radar)

    [happen official ]
    Last night I dreamed another set of dreams-within-dreams, and since the telling of them is likely to [mean] take some time to write and read, I’ll first share two points about them.

    I realized both of these knowings upon waking, that time during which our Guides toss us parting bits of advice and explanation. It’s much like that last good-bye kiss when a loved one [letter] is leaving on a journey.

    [soil] Throughout the entire sequence of the two nested dreams, the Crew of Tulya [entire union] attempted to provoke me into remembering that I was in a dream, not an “actual” office environment or suburban neighborhood (either on the surface of Earth or in Telos, where I often go in dreams).

    The point I realized is that, if those events were illusory and intended to teach me to speak my truth and stand up for myself, then how could I be so sure that in my “waking life” the same thing isn’t going on? After all, several of the events in the dream were similar to interactions I experienced at work, just a few days ago, and even some of the “actors” have similar roles…

    (I know, yet another reference to the movie Inception… It seems there’s good reason to use that film as a guide…)

    The second knowing relates more to the Crew Report I posted just before going to bed, and my son.

    I realized that I have been focusing so much on trying to convey to him the importance of treating people with equanimity and kindness that I’ve been neglecting to reinforce the value (and importance) of his own gifts. Time to do some self-esteem repair and cut him some slack. [cotton shoe] He’s matured so much in the past year, and I’m still treating him like I did a year ago. It seems we all could benefit from some re-calibration from time to time, as we learn and grow.

    The following is the Ghost Radar transmission I received while reading everyone’s posts this morning…
    This first part (below) relates to reading and thinking about Troy’s borrowing to Tulya, and comments on that:
    [properly soon angle card wonderful foot bar tube tune]

    “ALGIZ” no longer participates in “real time” dreaming; [round addition] She and Chimera [population] have shifted to 5D and now bridge connections with the 5D Tulya crew on an ongoing basis:
    [none third closer steady exchange]

    The part below came as I was reading and commenting on Tauno’s account of her dream:
    [dirt plastic farm day] and then aboard the hips: [wave provide strength herd]

    These words came while I was reading and commenting on Lisa’s dreams:
    [trade evening car he’ll curious shoot happen foreign fifth proper announced automobile that problem valley partly] (I think “partly” may signify “party”? I cannot recall if “party” is in the GR word list)

    This last part came while I was reading Konstantinos’ emails with the pictures and artwork related to Eugenio and the crew of Tulya:
    [outside face flower he’s coming dream discover forgot easy cream avoid future wing ]
    (My understanding of the word “cream” is that it refers to the “atmosphere” in some regions of Inner Earth. In these locations, the 8D beings – such as Tanpo, who stays mostly in the Loess ”cave” regions of the Shanxi Province of China – having no physical form, and are able to pass freely through, and abide in, denser atmospheres such as loess, water, and magma… without wings.)
    See you all later! :mrgreen:

  17. Hi, Everyone, Here are my dreams from last night/this morning.

    I assumed at first that I was aboard the Tulya, but now I’ve been told that I was aboard the MotherShip, which is the Neptune. Teo’Na says: “The Neptune and Tulya can evolve into the Chimera.” One clarification I’ll make is that, at the same time, I’m realizing that Chimera is not a specific Lightship at all; rather, it’s the “Universe”. More puzzles, riddles, conundrums and intuitive exercises for us…

    DREAMS – 11 March 2012

    My dream began in an office, very similar to the one I work in “day-to-day”.

    I knew the place, although it was different from my “actual” studio. I somehow knew where my desk was supposed to be, and the people there. Many of them looked like the people I work with in “real life”, and answered to the same names.

    I went towards my usual spot, where I shared a glass-enclosed office with two other people. I expected to have the office to myself, so was surprised to find two other people there. There was enough room for the 3 of us, but everything had been rearranged. I couldn’t sit at my computer, because the keyboard and chair were in one place, and the monitor was elsewhere.

    A woman came in to see if I was doing alright, and I told her that I was confused: why had my things been moved? And where were my personal effects? Many of my utensils and drawing implements were simply not there… And these two new people had moved in!

    She replied that it had been done to make things more efficient, and that I’d get accustomed to it. I was doubtful, and a bit indignant.

    The other woman sat to my right, at our shared countertop/desk/console, and she looked like my “real” employer’s Human Resources manager (LOL!). She had taken over all the paperwork (thank goodness). (Tauno, I suspect that this was actually you…?)

    A man had moved into the inside corner of the L-shaped workspace, and had monitors and keyboards and consoles (much like I actually have at my office). Troy, I assume this was you… Did you really have to take up half the office??? ; )

    The rest of the office was filled with metal shelves on which were stored something that looked a lot like DVD cases, and a collection of plastic action-figure (small, like 20cm) ALIENS!!!!

    They were in a variety of flesh colors, wearing various types of attire, and most of them had long pointy ears and were very wrinkled… Quite grotesque caricatures… I asked the IT guy (Troy) why all these toys were entitled to take up half the space while we were in such cramped quarters… He seemed irritated with my trivial questions. In frustration, I left the room and walked around the rest of the office a bit.

    I went to the break room and tried to engage in conversation with some of my co-workers. They all seemed to want to tell jokes and laugh, and I was very frustrated because I was very concerned. I thought that things were not “right” in the “office”, and that everyone needed to be paying more attention. Everyone kept trying to get me to laugh and relax, and I just got more and more irritated.

    At this point I shifted dimensions or dreamscapes, and found myself in a more rural area, among houses and lawns that were somewhat hilly. I was standing in a rear yard, and noticed that there was a row of “sheep” on the grass… eight or so of them.

    Each one was set in a large pot, as if they had been planted there. As I walked up to look at them more closely, I realized they were not living animals, but dolls, made of rolled-up sheepskin and tied at the ends. I was again frustrated by the humor of this, and turned and walked away, down the hill to the street.

    Since I wasn’t enjoying that dream very much, I returned to the first dream, in the office.

    I went back to my office/room, hoping that the situation had improved. It had gotten even worse! Now all the furniture had been moved out of the way, and there were three women dancing the merengue!

    They wanted me to join in, and pulled me into the room to dance with them… Finally I joined them and relaxed and enjoyed myself, although I was still very confused. I had no idea why I was there, if not to work.

    After all, we have an Ascension going on, for goodness’ sake! Why wasn’t anyone taking this seriously?!?!

    Once I had danced for a few minutes, I was asked into a conference room (still glass walls), where a group of people sat around a table. I cannot remember what they were asking me, but I think they were trying to understand why I had become irritated.

    There was one woman in particular who was trying to talk to me. She looked somewhat Hispanic, with olive skin, freckles, and short dark hair. Her face was quite rectangular, and seemed to morph from looking quite human into one that looked a bit odd. As we talked, her voice seemed to fade in and out. She was trying to be very understanding, but I didn’t fully trust her, and the room seemed very loud.

    All I can remember is her asking questions, and I told her over and over again: “I can’t hear you! It’s too loud in here!” She was disappointed or frustrated, trying to find a way to speak to me so that I could hear and understand. My ears hurt; I felt like I was in a loud rock concert trying to carry on a conversation. It had not been like this elsewhere in the office, it was only while I was in this one room.

    As I’m typing, I realize that this woman was Manskez, and the others were the rest of the Tulya crew.

    They were trying to understand my reactions so they could better understand how to work with and connect with more humans, without frightening them. The experience I was having, of loud voices and sounds, was from my receiving all of their messages and thoughts at once, and not being able to filter or distinguish them from one another. This is something we need to work on.

    At this point, the dream ends.

    Again, as I’m typing, I’m realizing that the sounds that people have been recording, and the singing plants of Daramhur (? The video that Troy posted last night of the sacred forest in Italy) and Ghost Radar, are all methods that our Galactic friends are experimenting with, trying to find ways to communicate with us that will not frighten us.

    This is their way of working around the governments and the media, in order to bring about disclosure. They are trying to find methods that can be measured and recorded in ways that a majority of humans will not be able to dispute.
    One of the first Ghost Radar messages I received, I think back last September, said:

    “I’m prove crew”

    Wow. I’ll find that message and post it.

    Okay, that’s the extent of the dreams from last night that I can recall. I am somewhat at a loss for words right now. It’s impossible to express the gratitude and humility I feel, being a part of this process. Now if only I can keep dancing… ;D

    (later, I thought of more to add… sorry about the length!)

    Oh, I just thought of something else! Troy, remember the four dakinis? Well, in Heruka’s mandala, they all have consorts… 8 total figures, just like the crew of Tulya. 4 pairs. And once I began dancing, that made four… appearing in the inner circle… More Buddhist/Galactic parallels!

    (I wonder where the Galactic Boys were?) ;)

    Oh, and one other thing! I’ve been begging for a laptop at work for MONTHS. Last week, a new IT guy showed up, and like magic, I walked out on Friday with a laptop! I was dancing, I was so happy! There was something remarkable about how easy it had suddenly become.

    There’s something for me to learn about this event and the dream… a correlation between the world that we imagine to exist here, where we get scared and hungry and worried… And the world where all things are possible, if we can just shift our point of view one tiny bit.

    It’s as if the new fellow coming into the office broke my preconception of whatever “universal laws” applied at my job, and things were able to shift. So similar to my needing to “loosen up” in my dream, so that the journey could become fun instead of a grave undertaking… Does that make sense?

    Sometimes I get the feeling that if I could just wake up… If I could just really believe that flying was possible… I’d fly! I just wouldn’t be in this universe anymore; it would have to take place somewhere else, where the imagination “allows” flying to occur. Another obstacle is being afraid to “check out” of this Universe in order to go to the next one… What will my son do, who will pay the bills? Who will console my parents? That’s not an issue in my experiences that I truly consider to be “dreams”.. why is it here?

    I was given last night that the Mayans didn’t actually murder one another on altars. They voluntarily transferred their awarenesses to another dimension, as we’ve been doing in dreams, and their friends who stayed behind did what was requested to the bodies, to make sure that their minds could not return to 3D… That was why it was considered an honor, not by offering themselves to death, but because they had trained their minds to the extent that they were confident of where their minds would go when they left those bodies. Ahem, this is probably one of those instances where I should insert a medical disclaimer of some kind and say, “Kids, don’t try this at home”… I certainly have no intention of trying it out for myself!

    Many Buddhists believe that the world actually disappears when our awarenesses cease; Schrodinger was not so original as people might think… ;) This world is not only merely a dream, but a succession of dreams, that arise, one after the next, a thousand times a second (according to Shakyamuni Buddha), so fast that we cannot distinguish them as being a series rather than a continuum. It’s just like the frames of a movie…

    Damn, I wish I could remember who all those other quotes are from… I’ve babbled and rambled enough for now…
    Much love and light to you all!

    • WOW, Les I am so happy to know that you were in that conference room. Do you know that there is a conference room/meeting hall on ALGIZ, it is made of rose quartz and amethyst. Is it possible that TULYA and her crew teleported on ALGIZ, what a wonderful dream. Oh, look at this also, I think you will be interested
      Love YOU!!!!!!!!!

      • Thank you, Tauno! I look forward to recognizing the rose quartz and amethyst! This weekend I’ve seen that I’d like wo work on elevating my dream imagery, so that is a beautiful goal to have for my next meeting! :)
        Sending you (back) much love and light!

        • And about the figures with the strange ears, dear Les :) Maybe they came to visit you from ALGIZ, my elvish crew , who knows ;)
          Rays of Joy in your direction!!!!

          • You’re right, Tauno! Just confirmed… I was definitely on ALGIZ, and I definitely need to work on my Pure View!
            Based on how I perceived these dreams, and how I’m feeling today, I think I’ve allowed mysel to get a bit too tired, need to take it easy this week…
            With thanks & love!

    • There’s a lot to digest here, Les, thank you so much for taking the time to write out your thoughts about this.

      The first part really resonated for me because it could reflect something I tend to worry about, which is “dominating” the space. It could very well be this space! As you know we receive a lot of information all at once, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. At times I get blasted with information too, and I just have to try and get it all out there. This is not in any way to dominate or take over – it is just that the information is coming fast and furious. I recognize, as Babajij has mentioned, that everyone has their time to shine… and I try and respect that whenever I can. Things may at times have the illusion of being somehow unequal, but I feel each piece of the puzzle eventually fits into place. ♥

      It’s interesting that you felt discomfort with your Tulya contact, similar to mine.

      I can also confirm, when I “borrowed” Umbro last night (through conscious astral travel), we toured a little more of the ship. I remember gray walls. Initially it was kind of lonely there. Then I saw a woman there who was wearing a blue flat-ish crown with a point between the eyebrows, she was very pretty by blue person standards. She joined me for the tour and we took a look at the forest/environmental system. The light in this area was quite bright, like a very sunny day. Then we went over to the healing pods and another woman got out. That was the end of the experience.

      Things still felt kind of lonely but it’s nice to know that a few others were there. It felt like there were a lot of other people there, but in other dimensions. In that dimension we were the only ones there who were “conscious”.

      Regarding my dream last night, there was too much going on to focus on one thing… so again this was similar to your dream Leslee. It was like all these lives taking place at the same time. Yikes! I’m feeling exhausted trying to keep up with them all…

      The dream felt like it was taking place in Agartha.

      GR [prevent George paragraph dot branch replace moment passage equipment brown fall]

      FWIW I’ve come to a similar conclusion about the Mayans – but remember that it was the Aztecs who used the pyramids for sacrifices. The Aztecs did not build the pyramids – the pyramids were already there when the Aztecs found them. They simply used the pyramids for their own purposes, creating an opposition / dualistic society based on ritual sacrifice, just like the Romans.

      • I have called TULYA several times and I felt strange, as if someone was pulling my hair up, I felt a slight pain at the top of my head, just in the center point, now I have a headache, it seems they want to speak but I do not have the needed skills for this moment

        • Hi, Tauno, this is just an intuition, but I wonder if perhaps we’re to work together with crystals for a little while, rather than focusing on Tulya…

          When I sat with my Lemurian point yesterday, I was told that HIS name is LEOS also, and that they are two of many that Leos “planted”… I resisted this strongly, because that just sounds too neat and convenient to be true, hahaha! How does that resonate with you?

          When I first bought mine, years ago, I KNEW that he wanted to go home with me, but I have always felt that something was missing in order for me to work with him.

          When I sat with him a second time last night, to relax before sleeping, I caught a glimpse of a bright little flash of something at his tip, but that was it. I was quite tired.

          I’ll go post his picture on the galactic fleet page, so you can have a look :)

          Does anyone else have crystals they work with? I know Babajij does…

          love & light :mrgold:

          • WOOOOW, Les!!!!!I also thought to offer you this, I even wrote it here but decided that I shouldn`t persist unless both sides agree via their free will choise! We think the same, and the name Leos for our crystals is not by chance! Perhaps Spirit has led us to this point where we have a common mission to do. Let`s try, dear Les! When is appropriate time for you, at the moment I am not able to concentrate but maybe in half an hour

          • Oh, there is something more! ALGIZ evolves or activates latent abilities, maybe she has really moved into 5th dimension
            I noticed a tiny shining points in her structure not visible till now, she just shines :)

              • OK, the intention is important, time is NOW whether it is in half an hour or more. But I will try in half an hour to see what will come up :) Your LEOS is amazing and mine is also so natural, he has portal/a rough and carved area near the top, in this portal there are tiny bubble like crystal seeds/ Let`s ask them to show us a picture and share it later

      • Troy, the walls were grey/white/blue on board of the twin ships that I was in during dream time seems you also were there but you visited a different sector of it

  18. Hi all, this will be short one. Leslee sorry mixed dutch with English by scrapbook i meant comic books. Know i am recovering from food poison. Will comment on Wednesday. Love you all Lisa

  19. “Date With a Fast Chair”

    By Dreamwalker –

    This is a dream from the evening of 3/12/2012. Before the dream I stated “wings wings wings”, and also stated that from this point forward I would remember my dreams.

    The dream started in a market, a place very much like Victoria’s Market Square.

    Lots of great shops, things to do, yummy food. I’m browsing the shops with a pretty blonde woman (the woman from this dream), it’s late afternoon. We decide to go to a music concert (someone famous), so we start walking out of the city.

    Next we’re on a dusty paved road, near some farms. It’s dusk – the sun has just gone down over the horizon, so the sky near the horizon is a beautiful light green color. Other people are walking along the road to the concert. There’s a discarded office chair there near the side of the road. So I sit on the chair and tell her that we could get there faster on the chair. So she puts her knees on the seat of the chair on either side of my legs, and puts her hands on the arms of the chair, and I kick the chair along backwards with both of us on it. We’re going at a pretty fast clip.

    That was the end of the dream.

    • Troy, there is definitely a connection between your dreams, the green colour and the ground are in synchrony with the first part my dream on Saturday/March 10th/ when I decided to leave the ground and change dimension, you also left the ground via the chair and changed dimension
      I don`t remember my dream last night but I remember that I was with the crew, many other beings, I think Les, you and some other friends were among them
      Whether or not remembered , the dream is very close by ALGIZ, her energy is with us any time

  20. Greetings from GLS Salcys – March 18th 2012

    I remember being in a building with many rooms, mostly malfunctioning toilets, I was wandering there and finally I got in something similar to a pilot`s deck with a big window in front, the wall in front was a window. Then I saw Les.She was a young girl with long curly black hair. Les was about to have a birthday party and she offered me amethyst bonbons – little sweet amethyst pieces, I ate two of them :)

    The next part of the dream was on a dusty road. A huge track was carrying many people on it, they were loud and nervous but I felt they are joyous for some reason. I was looking at them from a distance, it was a hot summer day.

    All of the backstage impressions of this dream were “changing clothes, dressing” As if I was an actor to play a role although the spectacle was so real and vivid like in the “real ” life

    That is all :)
    Love and Light

  21. Hi, Dear Tauno, so many things come to mind from this dream!

    First, I have a request of all my dear friends here… I’ve woken up quite late today, with a tremendous feeling of sadness. So any gifts of love and light and good health sent, will be greatly appreciated! :)

    Reading your dream, Tauno, I think helps me understand. I know that I dreamt through most if the night, because I woke several times remembering them, but now they’ve slipped away. I’m sure we’ll retrieve them soon, so for now I’ll just describe my impressions of Tauno’s dream…

    Yes, dear, we were on the Salcys together, and how you saw me is how I feel in my heart. :)

    As I’ve been trying to resolve this sudden sadness (before I read your dream), I recognized that it felt like a sadness about finding myself here again, in this place on Earth. I actually have very wonderful conditions here in many ways… This feels like a very deep longing or homesickness. Now, realizing where we were last night, I understand. :) In most of my recent dreams, I’ve been “working”… Last night, I actually went home. Thank you for helping make it possible.

    It reminds me of one of my first psychic “rememberings”, from about ten years ago. I remember being born, and realizing where I was. One of my favorite guides, Mimmakkme, was with me, but explaining that she had to leave, and part of my job here was to do this alone for some time. She assured me that I would be reunited with my family when the time was right. She told me it would not be easy, but I just had to trust that the day would come when all would be well again, and we would be able to do our work here.

    So the sadness I feel now is the same as when Mimmakkme left… I know it will pass, and tonight I’ll see my son, and tomorrow I’ll show up at work and do what’s needed, and soon last night will feel like a dream again. And that’s okay.

    Funny thing about the broken toilets! In my dream of Telos recently, we were looking fir toilets with Steffie, and found only long lines waiting! Even more amusing, when I went into my bathroom for the first time this morning, I found the hot water running, and a single square of toilet paper on the floor! These are both things that I would be VERY unlikely to do while awake! So your dream is giving me a good laugh over that! Did you happen to see pale blue tile in the bathrooms? ;)

    I also think there is some significance to both the birthday party and your impression of being backstage and playing roles… I think it may have to do with rebirth and having various lifetimes…

    It’s so wonderful to be sharing these experiences with you all! (And I can feel the sadness passing already) :) I may not be online much today, because I really want to focus on writing and drawing up what arrived yesterday… It’s very powerful. So I may read today and then comment tomorrow or later tonight.

    Much love and light to you all, my dear friends and family! :D

    • Hi Leslee,

      What I intend to do when I wake up from a dream is and I don’t want to get up to write it down is(because it takes me several minutes to go back to sleep) I spent those minutes to just visualize the key pictures of my dreams or words that comes to mind and repeat it several times. Then in the morning I just write some key words to enhance the dream experience. It always worked good for me.

      Have a wonderful day, will post my dream later

  22. Dream report for 3/18 – I remember being at a car dealership with the blonde woman. I need to remember to state my intent to ask her what her name is!

    So if cars are galactic light ships, then this dream might translate to being a part of the entire fleet.

  23. “Conversation With Maureen, Dream Followup”

    [Hi Mareen, you wanted to chat?]

    I did Troy, how are you doing?

    [I’m doing fine, how are you? How is the Aeterna doing?]

    We are both fine, Troy… you visited our fleet last night through astral travel. It is not required to physically be located inside the craft in space while you are travelling in the astral realms, you know.

    [Can I ask you who the woman is I’ve been meeting every Saturday night? ]

    This is someone who you know quite well. One of the tasks before you is to learn her name. This is giving you control. She is assisting with the lifting of your spirit. We are taking it slow but this is her role at this time. Remember that your brain may translate this to other kinds of experiences. These experiences are not to be feared. Metaphorical and very real, probably enjoyable to you at this time. Love in its purest form the human mind cannot handle. Smaller doses are required. If it is too much for you simply ask and we will scale back the experience.

    [Can you show me what’s really happening?]

    I already have, Troy – you and I had a chat on the Aeterna. Did you like my outfit? A white space suit, very comfortable, to protect my physical form. Your form in astral travel is light. Yet we can see you when you are here and interact with you, and you have created a “light body” that is very close to your physical form. So you can interact with us in human form, just as you see in your dreams.

    [Can you give me any indication of additional timelines? Goals, perhaps, of what is to come?]

    This is entirely in your hands. Individually and collectively, in different ways. Remember that an individual can create and so can a collective. If you wish a ship such as the Tulya to materialize in or “on” your world, you have the ability and power to make it materialize. You may have to learn the systems first, but I know you can do it.

    Might I suggest this be the focus of your next dreamflight. Umbro has hinted at such a thing, that perhaps an attempt could be made to give humanity a bit of a new perspective.

    Work it out amongst your friends, they will know what to do.

    [Thank you, Maureen, I will. I will also try as you suggest with the woman I’m meeting. Goodnight, and thank you!]

    Goodnight, Troy



    In my dream, I remember spending the day with the same blonde woman I’ve seen for the last 2 Saturday nights. In this dream, I remember being at a car dealership, we were looking at different cars. I don’t remember what they looked like, although I recall many were sports cars from the 50’s and 60’s. I don’t remember if we were there to buy a new car, or were simply browsing… I don’t think we were there with the intent to buy a car. I feel that these cars were a metaphor for the Galactic Light Ship Fleet that we have created. So a car lot is similar in a way to a collection of space ships.

    An additional idea I had was that most space ships depicted in the media are not made of metal as we often assume, since things that are most familiar to us used for transportation (cars, for example) are made of metal. In fact, galactic space ships in most cases, depicted in the media, are made of stone and rock. It is as if an ancient stone temple was placed in space and given an engine, life support, and navigation systems.

    Smaller ships may be made of metal, larger ships typically are not, because it is easier to create them from stone.

    Some ancient temples on earth were created using the same process used to create a space ship.

  24. Hi troy,

    What a dream…. and it would be fantastic to attempt that in the next dream-flight…

    “Might I suggest this be the focus of your next dreamflight. Umbro has hinted at such a thing, that perhaps an attempt could be made to give humanity a bit of a new perspective”

    Love and light

  25. After my Solar Plexus meditation and confirmations of the dream flight, I got following dream:

    First I was dreaming that I was in a hotel room watching some kind of horror movie, there was a ghost with red eyes saying creepy things. Then I felt someone was there with me in the room. The dream skips to were I am being chased by a T-Rex, big teeth…I was in a pasture and at the background was a cow eating grass, but the T-Rex wasn’t interested in the cow but in me. I wasn’t fast enough and got gobbled up by the T-Rex. I could feel his teeth going around my body.

    I am now in a public swimming pool outside and I am with some with people, but they don’t like me very much and that upsets me. I say something and suddenly they accepting me. I yell at the people in the swimming pool to swim aside and then I jump.

    Now I am at a sort of restaurant/centre were they give parties , first I am at the front of the building and then I am at the back in the garden and I gathered with other people I know well, we all have a young tree with us with pink blossoms as a gift. Now I am outside, but I want to go back in, and I argue with the owner that I left my presents in there. He didn’t want to listen to me and didn’t want to let me in. I got angry and slapped him, but as soon as I did it, I felt bad and apologized to him and I wanted to make it right to go and work for him without pay. After this incident he let me in and we walk through the garden and I see all the gifts just sitting there. When the owner saw them, he also apologized to me for not believing me. And then I left. End dream.

    When I woke up, I had to cry, I felt so miserable. It was really intense dreaming.

    Something else, last Thursday night I was feeling terrible again, sweating and shivering at the same time, headaches, my whole body was hurting. Friday was even worse because I had to work. At the end of the day I just crushed (after a good shower) into bed. And then I was reading the article from Denise about the Spring Equinox and there it was explained why I was feeling this way. But now I am feeling a bit better and hope when the Equinox is here, I am not going to crash in. Anyway, I can’t wait for everything to begin.

    Love and light

    • Lisa, dear you are experiencing a cleaning period as many of us do now. The pool is an indication that you were at the same ship that I was, but I visited the broken toilets mostly :D
      Les, maybe I forgot to stop the warm water , wow, our warm water also needs a careful stopping but in the kitchen

        • Yes, as I was walking today, some tension there was in me , although I have many difficulties here, I cope with ease with them , this is something I feel from perhaps a previous life

  26. Hi everybody, last night while meditating and working on clearing my chakras, I was overwhelmed with emotion. I cried, and cried. Initially I felt goose bumps all over my body and then the tears flowed. It felt good to cry.

    • Sounds like a great meditation, Vee! I know you haven’t had time to read everything, but at least four of us have commented on feeling sadness (that we can’t really explain in and ordinary way) this week… Love & light your way!

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  28. After returning from the hospital last night, I prayed, meditated and worked on my chakras. I fell asleep between 11 and 12. I woke around 5 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided to meditate some more. I had a vision of a man with a bald head and I knew it was me. I was a priest of some sort and my clothing kind of looked like a custome I’ve seen before worn by a character on Star Trek . I was very tall. I felt I was in Lumeria or Egypt. I’m not sure. I could see a wall behind me that looked golden. It was great!

    • Vee, that sounds so beautiful… What kind of clothing (color) was he wearing? It sounds a bit like Iltheos! Sending you more of that golden light, and healing for Kim! :)

    • Vee, perhaps this was Agartha? Your description sounds similar to my dream experience of this place. I remember a garden with a dragon statue, and a portal beside the statue. I met Adama “in the flesh”. Everyone was wearing robes, although I felt pretty much the way I do now (i.e. I didn’t feel tall or different)..

  29. I could only see him from the waist up and I couldn’t really see his face but the shape of his face was long. I didn’t see his eyes or mouth. His clothing was maybe white or kind of a cream color and the collar was high around the neck. Like the high collar clothing Queen Elizabeth wore, but not as elaborate. The clothing was simple. He was thin and the background, which was a wall, was a golden color. And my feeling was this place was very sunny and dusty. I think he was teaching. I didn’t see anything else. I’m wondering why I felt it was me. Maybe I felt that way because we are all one. I felt connected.

  30. “KP through all of my excitement there is one small thing that I did not take into consideration. The being that I saw was not blue. He was a golden color. So if the Arcturian is literally blue, that is not the being that I saw. But that is okay, I’m still excited. Maybe I will have another vision of him.”

    Dreamwalker it may be Agartha who was in my vision. Can you ask on my behalf?

    Love and light

  31. Last night ALGIZ gave me another meaningful dream – I was in a new but somehow familiar area, I walked along a fence and I got to an opening in it, a gate and I was standing in front of that gate….I was about to step into the area that was behind that fence, now I realize the meaning of the dream…today a portal opened for even stronger Light energies, I was absorbing them consciously…this was the meaning of the gate in my dream :) I was not alone there but with a friend or friends even though I cannot remember them well

  32. Hi Vee. I made an attempt to ask Iltheos:
    K: Iltheos, it’s about my friend Vee. Are you aware of the picture she got, while she was meditating?
    I: Yes…a past life…somewhere else…another world…teacher…
    K: A Vee’s past life?
    I: Yes.
    K: From this Galaxy?
    I: Yes.
    K: Where exactly? What’s the name of the planet or the system?
    I: Sirius.
    K: Thank you dear friend.
    I: Don’t mention it. Give her my Love.

  33. Oh my God, KP. When I saw the vision what I initially got was it was me on another planet but my logical mind took over and I though that can’t be. Thank you soooo much for this confirmation.

    P.S. If you read my initial post you will see where I state it was me. I will go with my first impressions from now on.

  34. My love to lltheos, KP, Dreamwalker, Leslee and all of my family here. You all have been so instrumental in my progress.

      • You are welcome Dreamwalker. Actually I am thankful to be able to share them with you all. The insight and input I receive is sooo greatly appreciated.

        : )

    • Vee, I’m re-sending the invitation from wordpress that will allow you to post and create pages… I’m sending it to the address on Gravatar, ok? I’d love it if you’d post your experiences there so we can find them easily, once we’ve moved past this 3/23/12 forum!
      Love & light, leslee

  35. Hi, everyone
    I have been dreaming a lot this night and I cannot remember everything well but here are some pieces

    First part…I was planting flowers in a nursery and I remember many colours – brown, dark violet. green, orange…the colours of OcaTawa…I was there with the same old man with the beard/ who looked like Gandalf but this time he was not wearing the astronaut costume but a wizard`s gown and a wizard`s hat/ I think ALGIZ and OcaTawa made a connection and I was on them

    Oh, and the rings, I was with my ring and the other I left it somewhere and i was looking for it, where was it, I felt that I must find and wear them both ….where was the ring, I felt I found them both finally

    The next part – I saw a cube or cubes with the same colours mentioned in the first part of the dream, I think of TULYA…..

    The next – I was drawing, I was trying to create something and I was not alone there, I was perhaps with Lisa on Blaze and she was giving me advices

    The next part is on Salcys I guess, because I was in the pilot`s deck with the big wall/ window , there were presents on the table, the presents were in bags and my boss was there too and two of my colleagues, we were talking

    The last part of the dream –
    I was walking towards a big building, a hospital. I reached the entrance and went up the stairs, the door opened and some people went out carrying someone`s personal things/ clothes, socks, other/, someone has died, people were confused and I felt tension in them, someone has departed. I felt the dirt at this place, not a happy feeling and I decided to take an elevator to move to the upper floors of the building. I went upstairs to the elevators, there was a man there, he offered me to enter with him in one elevator which door opened but I saw an extension in it and a room at the end – there were doctors and nurses there and they manipulated patients…I refused to enter there, I turned back and entered in another elevator. There were two red pillows, a blanket and some shoes on the floor of elevator`s cabin. I entered in wondering who was there and why are these things at this place

    End of the dream

    • Tauno, are cubes used for balancing? It seems a few of us are having the same experience in our dreams with elevators. I didn’t know red represents truth. Thank you for sharing this information. : )

      • I do not know much about the cubes, pyramids are my passion …I can tell many things regarding pyramids, the sacred Geometry :) but now a thought came into my mind ….do you feel like all geometrical shapes are pieces of One Divine Shape, they can be regarded as the pieces of a giant Sacred jigsaw puzzle …hm :) Vee, I often dream elevators and I think this way I travel through dimensions…not sure about this yet

        • To tell you the truth, I never gave it any thought but since you put the question to me, I would have to say yes I do. I too am drawn to pyramids and I believe all pyramids across this planet are lined up in perfect geometric harmony. So that is why I believe it is Devine geometry and everything is connected. I hope I am making sense. LOL

      • Tauno, I believe specifically pyrite is used for balancing, which is magnetic metallic cube crystal formation.

        This is one of the forms of OcaTAwa / Tulya

        Sounds like a pretty strong metaphor to me! :-)

  36. I couldn’t remember much, but…

    While falling asleep, I saw a single eye looking at me.

    It was snowing in August here in DC, everyone was freaking out, but it didn’t bother me because I knew it was a necessary part of the cleansing process.

    This could have been a visualization of something I read yesterday (the 24th of March)… 1816 was known in North America as “the year without summer”, abnormally cold weather caused by volcanic activity.

    • Is it possible that you are talking about a previous life, dear Troy
      And about the Eye – I have seen a single eye looking at me several times in meditation….

      • It’s possible Tauno but this dream felt very much like it was August of 2012, this year. I understand suggestion can sometimes be strong, so I guess I’ll have to take this dream with a grain of salt until it actually happens! Frankly I wouldn’t be too disappointed if it DID snow in August… usually it’s around 30-35 degrees Celsius here…

        • This is the year of great changes, dear Troy, many things are possible but do not forget that we are those who create our reality…

      • I too have seen that eye before. Not really sure what it means in this particular context.

        Also cherry blossoms are “snowing” right now… So a 3rd perspective on snow :-)

  37. I had many dreams but I don’t remember all of them. Here is the one I remember. I was working for Brad and Angelina in their home. I was standing in their livingroom and Angelina was dressing one of her boys. She complimented me on how good the livingroom looked. Next, I was at a red-carpet event with one of Angelina’s sons and I saw Angelina walking the red carpet with the son she was dressing and she was shaking hands. I noticed she was wearing a very short silver colored skirt with a red roped belt around her waist. I don’t remember the color of her blouse.

      • Yes, I read that and I thought there is some sort of connection. The thing about the belt is I did not mention that the belt intertwined. It reminded me of the Kundalini(sp).

        : )

          • Do you find the name Angelina interesting, dear Les! I think Vee has had a real Angelic dream, Vee, you were connected with Angels…I am serious
            And that silver colour, Hey, my dear! the Being that I saw in my dream a year ago was dressed in silver gown, after this dream I became an active Lightworker

            • Ahh, yes! Must be the “Golden Beings” that we’re going to learn more about… Anyone know about them? They were the “parents” of the Arcturians and Orions, if I remember correctly…

            • Tauno, I am so happy to hear that. I believe what may have helped me with this connection is the fact that I listened to the Angelic meditation video that you posted! Thank you.
              Love and light

  38. Hi Everybody,

    Sorry for posting my dream a bit later, I got a bit busy (and sick) this weekend. I missed the manifestation meditation for Tulya because of family duties (kids).

    Tauno when I read your story on Sunday night on my phone, I saw a similarity with the last part of your dream and I thought WOW…

    Here is my dreamflight after stating my intention, especially for the GLS Tulya.

    I am sitting in a room and the environment is reminding me of a spaceship, the wall is from grey metal, but the feel is warmer. I am looking outside the doorway and a man comes in. He is dropping a piece of paper and I see my name written on that. It looks like a ‘to do list’ and not a pretty one. He is looking for me so that he can kill me. I am not saying my real name to him. Suddenly a S.W.A.T team moves in to arrest him. Unfortunately for me I am standing to close to him and he takes me hostage. But the team turns on a sort anti-gravity device and I start to float and I feel a strong suction on my body and I fly right out of his arms towards the S.W.A.T team. After I am saved they captured the man.

    (I wake up because my oldest daughter needs me.)

    The second dream: I am in a sort of clothing shop alias doctors practice and the nurse tells me to put on some man’s trousers and shoes for the experiment. I also would get some drugs. I didn’t like the sound of it so I ran. Suddenly I am boxed in to a concrete room with the word BUS in front of me. It feels like a waiting station to wait for the bus. I don’t see any doorway to get out. Then I see one and go through it. Now I am standing in a big concrete building with long hallways and on the right it is very open with only pillars and it feels like I am in a hospital. I can feel that the nurse who was following me is hiding somewhere. So I shout to come out. She comes from behind some curtains with a needle, with the drugs in it. I surrender because there seems to be no way out. She sticks the needle in my arm and she also gives me two pills to swallow. The experiment is to get a near death experience. As I fall, the nurse walks away from me and leaving me behind. But instead of feeling the concrete floor, I fall softly into the grass. I see people around me and I try to get their attention but they don’t see me and they disappear. Then I think I am hallucinating and everything I see is an illusion. So the only thing I can rely on is on my inner knowing. On the left of me I see a river streaming by, but not the ordinary way, it is like a fast forwarding of a movie, like I am moving fast along the river even though I am standing still. In the river there are a lot of people having fun, they are in swimming suits and I see people going by with surfboards. On the right side I see a meadow and mountains with snow peaks, very calm surroundings.

    Mountain landscape

    (The funny thing is when I was reading Greg Giles latest message, 24 march, last night I noticed the picture and that was exactly what I was seeing in my dreams , see picture above) Now I shift and I am in the hospital again and I am floating over my body, which is lying in a hospital bed. I hear a voice asking the doctor when I will come out of that. He said it depends; she can wake up after the drugs are worked out or it can take days, months or even years to come out of that coma. End of the dream. (Tauno, maybe I was in the experiment section you saw in the hospital)

    (My oldest daughter woke me up again)

    The last part of the dream is that I am outside and I am looking at a very tall futuristic building, but it is so tall I can’t see the end of it. The building looks like from grey metal and is shiny. I still have to be cautious because they are looking for me. My friends are looking for a particular book so I am going with them. We are going into a library/shop and I am climbing a bookcase because apparently the book we are looking for is on top of the highest shelf. Once on top, I found the comic book he was looking for, there were even 2 of them. I hand 1 of them to him. End of dream.

    One more note: last week I was talking to my mom how I was suffering from cramps and she was telling me that she had the same kind of problems. Leslee, I read only yesterday that you hurt your foot and had some fever. I hope you are feeling better and if not I sent you some healing love. The funny thing is that I got bitten on Saturday and yesterday evening my foot was sore I could hardly walk on it. What a synchronicity.

    Wish you all love and light and have a lovely day


    • Amazing synchronicity, dear Lisa, especially the hospital. I remember that I was looking for someone there, maybe that were you and I had a feeling that I do not want to be noticed, also, someone has been hiding in that elevator with two red pillows and a blanket. The grey shining building you were in is perhaps Salcys …I feel like the time will show the right meaning of our dreams, we have to stay in touch everyone and to share news
      Love and Light, dear Lisa

    • Lisa, the part of your dream where you went from OBE to the river sounds like you traveled to inner earth/ Agartha. There’s mountain river near the Inner Earth german town I visited. There were low dark gray rocky mountains with a castle on top of the mountains, on the other side of the river. On the side of the river I was on, was the german town. This was part of my flight training dream where I was learning how to fly like Peter Pan. This also sounds similar to your experience where you fell but things around you kind of “slowed down” so you weren’t hurt. Any sense of how old you were in Inner Earth?

      • Hi Troy,

        I might have been there, everything looked so crisp and vibrant. If I recall the dream again, (the thing is when I repeat the dream over and over again so that I can write it later, the advantaged is that it stays with me and can recall very visually ) I think I felt like I was younger, but not to young , I think I was in late 20’s. Do you think I really visited “Inner Earth”?

        Love and light, Lisa

    • Hi Lisa,
      I read your dreams with great interest. I decided to post my dream from Friday night because I see some similarities. Being pursued, running, hiding, trying to get out of a building … As Tuano said “time will show the right meaning of our dreams.”

      • Hi Vee,

        I am so overwhelmed by everything that is going on in my life, but I promise that I look into the dream I described earlier about the sangoma and breathing under water, that I’ll try to make sense out of it, but it takes a little bit more time.

        Love you dear sister,

  39. I had this dream Friday, March 25th

    I’m in a building in a room with others, whom I cannot see but they seem to be shadowy. They have my infant. Somehow I get the baby and begin to run and someone is with me but I can’t see who it is. We get on an elevator trying to figure out how to get out of the building. We know these shadowy figures are after us because they want my infant. We decided to exit the elevator (don’t know which floor) because we knew they would somehow stop the elevator so that they may enter and capture us. Next, we were out of the building running through a neighborhood and I saw my x husband and he wanted to help us. He wanted us to follow him to his house because he thought we would be safe there. When we arrived on the street where he lives, he began to look around, ducking and hiding as he ran across the street to his house. At that time I decided not to follow him because I felt he was handling things the same old way. We continued on our journey and the dream ended.

    • Hi Vee,

      When I read the stories about elevators, I suddenly remembered that in my dream flight, the futuristic building, had an elevator outside that goes very fast, so fast you barely can see the movement of the elevator.

      I love looking up dream symbols, this what I got for Elevator:


      To dream that you are ascending in an elevator represents a rise to status and wealth. You may have risen to a higher level of consciousness and are looking at the world from an elevated viewpoint. If the elevator is moving upward in an out of control fashion or it crashes through the roof, then it indicates that you are being catapulted to a position of power in which you do not yet know how to deal with. You are afraid of the new responsibilities ahead for you. Descending in an elevator suggests that you are being grounded or coming back down to reality. It also signifies setbacks and misfortunes.

      In general, the up and down action of the elevator represents the ups and downs of your life. It also symbolizes emotions and thoughts that are emerging out of and submerging into your subconscious. Alternatively, the dream may have sexual connotations.

      To dream that the elevator is out of order or that it is not letting you off symbolizes that your emotions have gotten out of control. It may be a reflection of your life or your career. You are feeling stuck in some aspect of your life, whether it is your career, relationship, etc.

      To dream that the elevator is moving sideways means that your efforts are counterproductive. You are going nowhere in your work, relationship or other situation.

      Love, Lisa

  40. KP, I asked my guides what my name was when I incarnated on Sirius and I got Mondu. I need to make sure it’s not my ego responding. Would you be so kind to find out for me?

      • Wow, Leslee, thank you. The reason why I questioned it is because when I asked I immediately got an answer and I thought I may have made it up. I am so excited! Wowooooooooo, yes! I am feeling more confident in the messages that I am receiving.

        • Here is something else I just received. As I was typing a response to you I got a message that I should meditate and chant Mondu! I’m going to try it!

          Love, light and laughter

  41. Vee, Iltheos says yes about the name ‘Mondu’. I am getting excited too (-_-)!
    Agreed Leslee about trusting ourselves!
    Much Love to you my friends.

  42. Not yet dear Leslee, but I have the intention now to try it…
    Yes, I saw your post. Thank you and Teo’Na for your beautiful work.

    Goodnight and sending much Love and Light to all!

  43. Hi, Everyone, I’ve just joined the ranks of eye-seers… ;)
    Just came out of a very deep meditation, after being told someone was trying to deliver a message.
    Last night night I was given the name Gloethe as that of the Master in Inner Earth, whom Adm Byrd met with when he visited there (citations needed…) ;)
    The vision was of his eye, in his face, seen in profile, and he’s looking at a spiraling chain of planets. The planets are all pierced by veils that tie them together along the spiral. They number 10, and I think they are our solar system (including Nibiru).
    Something about the chain of events in our sphere affecting others in ways that we cannot perceive…
    Gloethe & Teo’Na seem to think that it’s more important for me to share this with you than to do my 3D work this morning… Sigh… :)
    I look forward to learning how you all might think this ties in with your experiences… Love you all deeply!

  44. I had the following dream this morning.

    I’m in a building and it felt like a doctor’s office. I had my grandson with me. I was wearing a very nice dress and accessories (didn’t see the color). A man was sitting on the couch and kind of leaning over a coffee table. He was wearing a nice suit and he looked pretty good. : ) My grandson began to act out, so I decided to sing to him. I played with him and I was able to distract him; eventually he calmed down. As I started to leave, the man smiled and said, you handled that pretty good. I smiled and thanked him. Then he said, in fact may I have your phone number, I would like to call you. I said yes and the dream ended.

    I don’t know how to analyze this but I think I may be called upon soon to do something. I guess time will tell.

        • Haha, take it away, Dreamwalker! You started this one! Vee I’d say more, but it’s $3 margarita nite so I’d better not… Oh, ok, just a little… Just think: what would totally bliss me out? And that’s what they bring… Although, if you prefer men, you’d want a Daka… Wikipedia probably has something… ;)

          • I only started my understanding of these myself, Vee.. LOL apparently you can take a course on Daka/Dakini. That would just take all the fun out of it IMHO… ♥ ♥ ♥

            It is I think a way of showing you further expansion. Dreams can use chaos to teach, but running away from monsters and experiencing bliss are both forms of chaos. In the Matrix movie, remember what was said about the Oracle: she gives you what you need to hear at that time.

          • Hi Les, I sure can use a margarita tonight and I just might get one. LOL! I left work early yesterday because of stress. Got home prepared warm milk and honey with cinnamon in it, got into bed and tried not to think. Today, my energy is back and I feel great! : )

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  46. “She gives you what you need to hear at that time.” Yes, I remember Dreamwalker. Well, I’ve had some very interesting dreams these past two nights.
    First, I had a vision of a white elephant (statute) with its trunk raised and his ears were purple.
    Next, I fell asleep around 6:00 p.m. and dreamed of Brad Pitt. Brad was in my house and three other men were with him. He grabbed me around the waist and said lets walk. As we walked he began to tell me how great I’m doing spiritually and to continue what I was doing. I don’t remember everything he said but it was all alone those lines. I told him how much I enjoyed the fundraiser and that Angelina took a picture with me and she was so gracious. Then he walked over to a large dresser that was in my bedroom and began to fix a dresser drawer that was broken. I awoke from the dream. Later I fell asleep and picked up where I left off with the first dream. In my dream I woke-up and went out into the hall and noticed the light on in the other bedroom and I knew Brad was in that room. I decided I would go in and talk to him some more but before I could get to him, I found myself outside and there were lots of people and cars. Brad came out of my house and got into an SUV. Then Robert D’Niro was standing next to me and I told him how much I enjoy his movies. He began to complain about how difficult it is being an actor and the dream ended.

    Night before last I had two dreams, one was about an ex-boyfriend that I was visiting standing on his front porch and three women were standing on the sidewalk talking and looking at me. One of the women came up the steps onto the porch and told me she didn’t expect me to look the way that I do. I have no idea what the means. The next dream I had was a little disturbing to me. I was at a house party and a woman came over to me and showed me a picture of a women who was found dead on her apartment floor, she had been murdered. That’s it.

    Love and light

    • Dream 1 – you may wish to pay close attention to this one:

      Dream 2 – I often wonder what would happen if we actually had the chance to meet our guides in this life. I wonder what Brad’s reaction would be? Probably – “hey, I know you! You’re from that dream I had!” ;-)

      No ideas about the dreams from the previous night though. Sounds like a bit of adventure and intrigue!

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