2 comments on “SaLuSa, Aurora and Adrial: What will take place on the 21st Dec. 2012? – YouTube

  1. As a part of this I was felling a huge amount of energy lastnight I almost fely myself being pulled I even herd my t.v fade out while seeing flashing blue and red lights along with a huge amount of joy coming over me it was amazing while being told not to feel to heart broken for the children of yesterdays event and the others that had lost throught the year.
    The ones leaving us are being taken becase they will not be able to handle what is to take place, I am sure many of you where told the same lastnight as well.
    so I end this with God sends blessing to help ease the hearts for the lost and hopes that we have a wounderful and joyful ascenssion and I am sending all of you lots of
    Peace Love Unity and Respect

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