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  2. A couple of days ago I dreamed I was standing in the street with someone else, whom I could not physically see (did not see any other people), and I saw a huge planet. It appeared white in color with some blue. I knew it was the new Earth.

  3. I was at home and at the same time I had a feeling I am in a craft, there was a mess and many people there, the crew members I remember from my previous dreams were there as my family, I was feeling tired and we all were making improvements into the house and were fixing broken machines
    The dream shifted and I found myself flying over the mountain – Machu Picchu, the same place where I was in meditation too, I felt the presence of the darkies but I was not afraid because we are stronger and it was a great fun actually
    The dream shifted and I found myself in the yard of a church but not what you think because the yard was both church yard and a beach were we had sunbath, there was a beautiful baby girl there , the girl was there with her granny and the girl wanted to stay by me, her grandmother was delighted and I decided to take the baby for a walk, grandma agreed and the dream shifted
    I am with this little girl and many other bigger children and they wanted me to take them all for a walk, I agreed. It was evening and the street we walked on was covered with mud from the rain and the windows of the buildings were shining
    The dream shifted and I am at home/craft again and we continue repairing something, my mother was standing on a chair and was looking through the chimney hole to see if there is something happening in the sky
    End of the dream

  4. Dream Log: 9JAN2013 Meeting Leslee

    I was in “other-Victoria,” in the house I grew up in. I emailed Leslee Hare, we set up a meeting. I picked her up at the airport and we had lunch at an orchard (I don’t recall eating lunch but I do remember checking out the property). It was a large wooden Edwardian/Victorian 2-story house, painted light gray with a darker gray/blue trim. The house was well cared for with new paint. The “back yard” was actually at the left side of the house, a clearing surrounded by apple trees, and a fence. Beyond the fence was more orchard. There was a stone wall which cut through the front portion of the yard, it seemed inconvenient to have it there but was an older feature of the property. That was the end of the dream.

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  6. Dream 09-01-2013


    Source Picture: http://www.buddytv.com/articles/fringe/fringe-season-5-video-the-obse-47470.aspx

    I had a dream last night that I really wanted to mention. In 2013 , I don’t remember most of my dreams, but this one stands out. Also before I had this dream, I had a vision of people working hard to get the prosperity funds out.

    Dream: I was in a flat and I was talking to a friend. This friend’s live was in danger. Somebody was after him. But before they can capture him, he got away. But they captured me instead because I was his friend. I was captured by beings who look like the observers in the serie Fringe (see picture above of an observer) They are binding my hands on my back (or so they think) and put me in one of those desk chairs on wheels. They rolled me up in front of a open window (window was all the way to the floor) and as I look down, I see we are on a very high level because I can’t see the ground. Also I see next and in front of me, other high scrapers filled with observers and people tied up, standing on the edge of an open window. Every window of the skyscraper was filled with people. The observer who captured me was threatening to throw me out of the window if I didn’t tell were my friend was. Because he had a key that could open the two portals that were standing on each side of the town. Because they want to prevent it from opening and freeing the people. But there was also a key time that it should be open. Some of the observers got a bit premature and was trowing of people into the abyss. So I got really mad, and because my hand weren’t tied, I started to fight them. Suddenly I see the key they were talking about and I grab it. They see it and they try to grab it from out of my hands. But I manage to put the key in it’s rightful lock and turned the key. The portals (on top it looked like a cross divided by a circle) , and they starting to open, connecting each other with sort of laser beam. I see all the observers disappear from this timeline. People are celebrating and full of joy. So I find myself now walking on the street , holding up the key, and everybody is cheering. A guy with blue/gray skin comes up to me and hug’s me and is asking if I could help him with food and money. I said to him that prosperity funds are coming up and that he had nothing to worry about because he would get what his heart desired. He was so happy and let of go me and went his way. A bit further on the street a young guy tries to steal my key for his own gain, but my friend (the friend earlier in the dream that got chased by those observers) was there and I said to him, to arrest this young guy because he was trying to steal the key. End of dream.

    I find these dream so in sync with Cobra’s latest article: Etheric Liberation: http://wolfke74.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/etheric-liberation/

  7. 12 January 2013 Dream vision
    I saw a triangular flat crystal, clear white and in it saw some Lemurian points , they were both crystals and Humans and communicated with me, I remember we were talking and at the back side of this triangular crystal there were sacred carvings
    The dream shifted and I found myself in a church , it was strange that in front of the altar there were situated some crystals of geometrical shapes, I remember a rose cube and a ball of clear quartz, I stepped near the cube, there was a priest in the church and he also told me something but I do not remember what
    Love and Light

  8. Dear Lisa, could you please add one of my pictures that I have sent you by e-mail, the flat triangle crystal with the Lemurians, I cannot post it here myself
    Thank You

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  10. theather

    Picture above: Imagine the chairs on the bottom gone and it actually the stage in my dream:

    I made my intention to visit Aurora, Athabantian, Blaze and others,

    I am standing in a field with other people, actually in a kind of trench. On this side there are only white people. On the other side of the field, like about 15 meters, North American Natives are standing on the other side. We are all carrying wooden sticks and other weapons. We are at war at each other and we are throwing sticks to each other, but we don’t hit each other with it. Then I think, this is not good, let’s make peace, because we are at war with each other because we think and do different, we judge. So I take out my white handkerchief and put it up high as I walk to the Native Americans to offer peace.
    The dream changes and me and my friends of STC are walking in an underground tunnel and we are arriving in a big cellar. We are doing a surprise dinner for the graduates of the exams. I forgot something so I go back to get it. As I come back it suddenly becomes pitch black and someone grabs me. I scream Help and my friends come running and switch on the light again. It is the three FBI agents who were pulling me. We are thinking, oh no they are going to ruin our surprise.
    I am now in my parent’s apartment but they made some change in the living room, the wall is three times as tall and it has small rectangle windows and on the other side I see classrooms and people studying in it. I am now in the classroom making my exams and we all got through the exams and to celebrate we took out the surprise dinner. Everybody went on the table and was eating, me too.
    The arena classroom changes in a half circle theater arena and it is three stories high. I am looking at my friend Carolina and something is happening. My friend is chosen by the council, and she looks at me surprised. Then her face lights up and she smiles, I am so happy for her. She goes to the council. I am still standing in the middle of the stage and at my right I see a kind of big kinda of cooking pot and next to it a little with shelves with some things on top of it. When I passed by it I was just stretching my arm and hand and suddenly one of the items on the shelves comes flying to me. It was levitating in the air. I look surprised at it and I see this Native American man standing next to it staring at me. Suddenly he summons to come to him and he opens his eyes and mouth wide open (and I mean really open, like taking it out of it’s joints) but it scares me and I am telling him that he scares me with that. So he stops and then I come closer. He wants to help me with my gift and he pushes me up, holds his hand on my butt and gives me some electricity energy of his to me. He says to me after this experience and would sit on the toilet for a very long time. So I also put of some of my electricity energy and suddenly I start to levitate upwards. We are no longer at the middle of the stage; we are at the side of me. And I am floating upwards to the ceiling and I can see people looking down at the arena. They didn’t see me levitate, fly upwards to the ceiling. I see Caroline going up to the council but she falls. So I rush down to help her up. Everybody was surprised to see my flying down. I take her arm and help her up. As not to disturb the ceremony, I quickly walk out of the way and I am outside now. On my left a phone rings. I look up, and way up high there was a painting of flowers and one of the flowers was ringing. It was a phone of the old days and I put it on my ear, I hear someone saying, can I please speak to Norman Zachs(man?) and I ask to repeat it again because I didn’t hear well. So the voice repeated it again and then I ask someone that was standing before if he knew this person? Yes, he was still in the classroom and he would get him. End of dream.

  11. Dear Lisa, the picture you shared here of the Hall looks exactly like the Hall I was in in one of my meditations I connected with the Hall of Vienna Opera House
    It is one more example for merging the visions in meditation with these from our dreams but Now You dreamed this place where I was in Meditation, I will share my dream of last night below to see that I also dreamed of my home being changed

  12. I dreamed of big reforms into my home, the windows, the walls , we added more space in my bedroom so that my mum can also sleep there, I looked at the big wooden bed`s legs and at the board that connects the legs and I saw there a small statue of a bronze Being with wings like the pictures of the figures Leslee provided as the crew members of Tulya, the Being was with wings spread and I could see white rectangles with signs on the wooden construction too
    I remember also two things made from many metallic threads/one dark blue and the other dark green/ , something like mops but with pyramid shapes
    Love and Light

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  15. I remember parts of the dream, I see many people in my dreams recently and this time it was so
    I am in the yard near the house , my father is also there and we are picking up chestnuts from the ground
    The dream shifts and I am in a building, the rooms are large and grey/white and there are tables, long tables in each room, the tables are heaped with full dishes, sweets and everything, the food is covered with thin transparent paper. Someone has died a few months ago and there is to be a gathering of friends and relatives, that is why the food is ready , the people are about to enter, my mother and me are in there and walk between the tables
    End of the dream

  16. Dreamflight 26 january 2013

    I was making my intent to board the Athabantian, Blaze, Algiz and Chimera.

    I was dreaming that I was sitting in a very green garden (Chimera?) with lots of flowers and I was drawing a starsister under the song: “Nocturne” from Secret Garden.

    Now let the day
    Just slip away
    So the dark night may watch over you
    Velvet blue, silent true
    It embraces your heart and your soul

    Never cry, never sigh
    You don’t have to wonder why
    Always be, always see
    Come and dream the night with me

    Have no fear
    When the night draws near
    And fills you with dreams and desire
    Like a child asleep
    So warm, so deep
    You will find me there waiting for you

    We will fly, claim the sky
    We don’t have to wonder why
    Always be, always see
    Come and dream the night with me

    Though darkness lay
    It will give way
    When the dark night delivers the day

    Then at a certain moment I turn around and I see actually my starsister that I was drawing coming towards me, and I felt so amazing. The dream changes and I am now in a museum, and there is a reception going on. They display some installations of artists. One of the installations is a ramp where you would walk up to and it leads to a pacth of snow and some fake snowy mountains. As I was walking up they gave me a box with some smell in it that would enhance the experience. But it was smelling so bad that I decided to chuck it away. It seems that the artist saw that , because as I was almost at the top he shoved me off the ramp. He was smiling at me as I was kinda of upset that he did this. For a few moments I was just hanging in the air and then I fell like a brick down the floor. As I was lying there, I peep through my eyes and see the artist is shocked when I am not getting up. So he rushes down stairs and as I see him very close , I shout bhooo…. 😀

    Dream changes and I am standing beside a carousel. On this carousel were leather chairs mounted and in the chairs were people busy playing a game on the PC screen that was mounted on the right of them onto the column of the carousel. In front of you is your keyboard and you have to wear a special glasses because the game is in 4D, and you have to guess some signs of restaurants. A friend was playing and was asking me if I could take over. I sit in the chair and I get these special glasses on. First I noticed that the board was Azerty and not Qwerty and I say to him that I can’t work on this keyboard. He switches and magical the letters are turning and forming now a Qwerty keyboard, cool!!!

    But the game was not so easy and my friend left me alone with it. But I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go. But then I saw a bodybuilder man taking things from my friend, money, gold and other personal possessions. So I returned and told him , he couldn’t do this. So he put everything back neatly.

    The dream changes and I am in another game but now lying on my back with my legs up. We had to guess influx or no influx of the people we know. Then the man who was playing against me, was asking the game master for some favors. The game master denies his request and says that he doesn’t have enough credit to ask for favors, because he only has 4’s. (4th dimension perhaps?) On the other hand, I had privileges enough , cause I had a lot of 5’s (5th dimension?) , and also because I could balance a drink bottle onto my foot. End of the dream.

    Love Lisa

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