Leslee: Astral Travel to Abi-Qor (14 September 2012)

Beautiful dream… I’m entering a wonderful bakery/café with my family. Hugh ceilings, warm friendly space & décor, wonderful smells & beautiful pastries. Everyone gets in line and makes their selection, tells the cashier, and then receives their pastry on a plate. I’m there in body, and am accompanied by a lover who is a celestial.

(Share what you lean that leads to advancement and deep thought and exploration, rather than sensational or remarkable experiences…)

As I’m moving along the line, the two of us are smiling and enjoying thoughts of how delicious a chocolate croissant would be… Theirs are like long rolls, gloriously golden… I begin to break off a piece, and then remember/am reminded by my partner that these are for display, and the server will give me a fresh one. Then, just as we get to the cashier, I see an almond croissant, and it’s aroma is so enticing, I’m about to change my mind… I think, “Wow, a chocolate and almond one would be exquisite!” and as I look around, I see that just that has been manifested, on a large wooden board nearby. (Companion can enjoy through me and throughvtastin astrally)

As I’m about to take my plate from the server, I realize I’m the last in line, and am not sure I have enough money to pay for all my relatives’ food as well as mine. I go ask my brother, who is sitting in a booth with his family, “Who shall I tell them will take care of the bill?” mom & Dad are nearby – my brother says he’ll get it.

(As I’m writing I’m wondering at how the setting is so earth-like; I’m told this is for at least two reasons; one is for our comfort and familiarity, because our friends and family may not be as fascinated with Star Family environments as we are. Secondly, our galactic brethren enjoy hanging out in earth-like settings; its novel and delightful for them. They are quite similar to tourists here in some ways, and prefer to experience our environments in much the same way we do.)

Next I’m at my Mom and Dad’s house, and it’s decorated in much the same way as theirs now. I’m in a sunroom, and there’s something on a tiered glass table that I’ve put there, to help raise the space’s vibration. It’s a long cylinder that’s white… Looks like a roll of goat’s cheese… I’m told that it will be explained later. She also has a sofa and another table there, and I’m trying to reach the electrical outlet to plug something into… It’s quite cramped, and just as I wish there was more room, more room manifests. It’s not dramatic, I simply notice I’m able to move the pieces of furniture and now they fit nicely.

In another scene, I’m in a sort of classroom or conference setting, and a talk or lesson is just ending. As everyone is breaking out, my companion appears to me as an attractive human gentleman a few years older than me, whom it seems I am just then meeting.

(The Crew explains that we do this often with one another, just for the delight of meeting and re-acquainting once again.)

We speak for a few minutes, and he invites me out to dinner. I accept, delighted.

Next I find myself at home, getting ready for my date. I have at least one other companion I live with, an “older” woman… I go into a love bathroom that’s very bright and radiant and fresh-feeling, to take my shower. It seems no curtain (veil) is needed. Thee seemed to be a communication system in the house, which is something like a hybrid between telepathy and an intercom system. There’s no equipment needed, but one must ask permission to access. Before I go into the shower, my “date” calls to ask what I would like for dinner, so he can make reservations (again an example of appreciation for ceremony and ritual…). We discuss options for a while… Italian, or a steak, or Asian… Then we end the call, and I go to shower.

While I’m in the shower, he calls again, but this time he appears, materializes, right there in the bathroom with me! Immediately, my “guardian/housemate” materializes also, standing between the two of us, so my new friend cannot see me directly. This is just a courtesy for my comfort and modesty (and because the situation is humorous), and we all laugh and he announces that we are going for a nice big steak… For which no animal needed to give its life.

The shower and the chaperone are manifestations of familiar rituals and conventions which play a vital role when we manifest into the physical. In this way, my “chaperone” was also teaching my companion that there are some conventions to be observed as he manifests into physical form. As we ascend into 5D with physical bodies, some of our friends who have no recollection of taking bodies will learn to manifest physically. While we are in 3D/4D, it’s hard for them to recognize how to do this. Once we ascend, they can connect more directly with us, and attune to us, and as they harmonize their frequencies with ours, they can through resonance practice and learn to do this. This is how they will manage to appear to us physically in Abi-Qor, and this shows us that way-showing works in more than one direction!


14 comments on “Leslee: Astral Travel to Abi-Qor (14 September 2012)

  1. Thanks, Ben and Frila! Ben, I’m chuckling too, because I realized after I hit “publish” that I was making a duplicate post, and this version contains some pretty entertaining typos that I didn’t catch this time around! 😉

  2. Thank you so much, Leslee ! I have a very profound resonance with this story and it’s such a very guide, helping me get how to decipher my dreams. A big hug to you !

  3. So Leslee, this triggered a somewhat epic journey for me…

    I found a large globe in a dark room, it was like a snow globe but it was about 8′ high. Big. At the same time I hear Adama’s voice loud and clear. He’s encouraging me to touch it, so I do. The globe turns out to be a force field around that same black dragon statue that I saw the first time I visited Agartha, in my dream.

    So then I need to touch the statue, so I do, and it opens a portal.

    The portal opens to a training world. It looks a lot like minecraft. I’m at the top of a mountain, looking down into a valley. I walk down the mountain and come to the european town in Agartha I visited before. There’s that castle on the hill again. So I know where I am, more or less, although I still don’t know the name of the town. There’s the bakery (likely the same one you mention here, or something simlar). The front windows open onto a patio so there’s inside and outside seating.

    There are also planters with little cone-shaped evergreens in them. The planters are half-barrels. I think that these must be a bit of a pain to water so I decide that I can create a localized rain shower over each barrel. Looks a little strange but it gets the job done.

    Then I walk down the road to the river, near the base of the mountain leading to the castle, and sit on the bench there. Fish keep jumping into my lap, just to say hi. I tell them I don’t want to catch them today but they’re cheeky and keep trying to jump into my lap anyways. Cut it out you guys!

    So I get up and Adama suggests I cross the river, so I create a small white curved bridge over the river. When I get to the other side I find that the town is gone, and I am now in dragon-form – the terrain is different, like a desert, but the castle is still there. There are these dark-looking rain / thunder clouds. I’m able to create lightning from them in dragon form, I realize that this might be “thunderbird”, he was in fact a dragon. Oh yeah, the name of the dragon is “thunderbolt”. That would make sense!

    Then I land on the top of the castle in dragon-form, realizing there that when Ben Fulford talks about “dragon family” it may be that all of humanity was once dragon-form.

    There are 7 billion of us here. Are we THE creator-gods for the entire galaxy? Are we all on vacation? You see we created all this and now through a “non-disclosure agreement” (NDA for short!) we are now here on earth, field-testing our latest creation. The universe is now without us, and patiently waiting our return.

    And the dragon statue is ME.

    Why is there a statue of me as a dragon in Agartha, I wonder? Why is this also used as a teleportation device?

    • Woohoo, DW! I have more to share with you then, about dragons and deep valleys and steep mountainsides and repeated visits! Wonder when I’ll find/make the time to pull it all together and share… 😉

    • Also…rereading today again he message you left in Jan. , it reminds me that most of my dreams in April seem generally have to do with inner earth. Or wherever I was, most the architectures or furniture seemed to be made of yellow rocks. However, I generally cannot recall so many details as you. How precious this sharing is to be a guide !!!

  4. Rereading this again, it occurs to me that its seemed to happen lots of times in my dreams that I was taking a shower. I’ve always wondered which signification that would be .Thank you so so so much for such a precious sharing and analysis !!!

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