Astral Travels – February 2013

Use this post for astral travel in February 2013, which might include dreams, meditations, visions, and bi-locations.

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  2. Wonderful castle! That steep hillside looks about right, just a bit short… Oh my goodness, where did the month go??? I still haven’t posted my January trips!!!

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  4. I had the following dream
    I was at work and there was a folder with documents left on the desk for me , I had to write a report on it and send it. But there was some work to do meanwhile and I got to the upper floor to do some work and I forgot about the folder, when I remembered that I did not write the report and looked for the folder, it was disappeared, the document was not there, I could not find it and I was worried, nobody noticed that the document is missing but it was my responsibility to write the report on it , I could be in trouble if the report is not written and the document is not attached to it, I had to do something but either the document was lost or someone had stolen it
    I remember how me and some of my colleagues looked like, we were walking around, working and over our bodies were high clear crystal pyramids as a transparent coverage over us
    End of the dream

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