Guided by Leslee’s instructions bursting into dreams (dream 01-05-2013)

I am Arachanaï

On the first of may I decided to try Leslee’s/ Heruk’s dream instructions :  Then I had a vivid dream, when I mostly have vague dreams.

ufodream00011I am standing on a big entertainment pasture and there was a lot of people and a lot of entertainment going on. The weather was  fabulous, blue sky, very warm and sunny day. I was sitting on a picknick table as suddenly, something catches my eyes. The sky changed  dramatically  into gray clouds and I see a big object  passing over my head. I see it turn around and then it  gets  so low I have to lower my head,because it felt it was going to hit me. It looked a bit like a large sattelite, but it was an UFO. I am standing up from the table and I see that people are watching the skies, all excited of what they see.

ufodream0001Then I see two little…

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