Dreams about a coming coastal event?

I am Arachanaï

When I read this article:Transients info global coastal event   .  I suddenly had to think about my two dreams in the last two days.

Dream 7 May 2013


In this dream I remember sitting in my house with my family. And the house was surrounded by water, but the water didn’t come into our house. It stayed on the edges of our garden surrounding our house. All the other houses were under water. I also had the feeling that our house was on higher ground. End of dream.

Dream 8 May 2013


I am dreaming that we are in a city and we are standing in front of an archway that leads to another part of the city. But there are soldiers protecting the gateway and say to us we are not allowed in because we don’t have the right papers. I am the leader of the group…

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  1. Hey guys. I hope you’re doing fine. Haven’t read posts on STC for 3 days maybe and I just started now reading them and today, I had a dream that seems to connect on a decree with Lisa’s dreams and some of the posts I have seen here.. I remember something but the most part of it has already fainted..I remember that I almost got drowned to death from a big tsunami that someone had created it…the thing happened in a modern big city..reminded me more of the skyscrapers environment of Hong Kong..it felt for a moment that the creator of this tsunami was hunting me down and at the same time, he wanted this demolition to happen..

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