Citizen Hearing on Disclosure: Reverberations

Source: – 5/10/13

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First, a growing list of media exposure. Haven’t read through it; who knows, much, or even most of it might still feature “the ridicule factor.” But people are stripping off their sheeple suits so fast that I doubt this way of controlling minds will last much longer.

Second, a press release announcing what’s next: bringing the UFO issue before the UN.

Long List of Media Coverage regarding the 2013 Citizen Hearing and UFO Disclosure!

May 9, 2013

by ryanconley



3 comments on “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure: Reverberations

  1. Thank you, Kosta! Wonderful to see so much coverage!
    Guys, I’ve been reading a fascinating book – are you familiar with Ruppelt’s “The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects”?
    He headed up Projects Grunge and Blue Book, and it, along with Corso’s “Day After Roswell”, are so far the two books that go the furthest in giving me the info I really want (rather than speculation…) 🙂

    Ruppelt’s book is now in public domain, so you can download it for free here:

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