ORACLE –Steve Anderson- 20 May 2013

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ORACLE –Steve Anderson- 20 May 2013

(Through Steve Anderson)

(Foreword from Leslee: We were sitting around talking about my family and I shared a recording of my Dad telling a story of managing a paper route when he was young. I was mentioning to Steve & Susan that this story revealed and explained many things about my father that I didn’t know. I was talking about how, when I became Buddhist, my Mom and younger brother also became Buddhist after some time, and whereas it seemed that what we were learning, my Dad already knew. It was around this that Steve suddenly took a deep breath, and Oracle entered…)


It’s interesting… Steve is talking right now, but the way it seems to work with Steve is that Steve starts the dissertation. This is not a conversation until question and answer time. And then, They come in and Steve goes… somewhere…

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