2012IndyInfo Update: When all Fails… Give Up! – Laura


2012IndyInfo Update: When all Fails… Give Up! – Laura

Well after all attempts in migrating 2012IndyInfo effectively have failed after two days of trying for Kelly and I.

I have to give up migrating 2012IndyInfo at this stage, after the last 2 days have been centred towards trying to get the new blog set up and working, here is the link: http://here.creation-songs.com/

Kelly has been working hard to get this sorted for 2 days, and I am very thankful to him for offering to host 2012IndyInfo/ Here and Now, even though, it did not bring the wanted results in the end. I am very happy that he offered to help and invest his time and energy, offering to host the website for free.

However, after several attempts at migrating the site effectively, only posts from 2011 without photos seems to have worked. However, when you click on the link for the old posts and for 2 new posts I tried to blog yesterday, it just redirects you to the deactivated message of 2012IndyInfo, here:


Here is WordPress.com explanation for the deactivation of 2012IndyInfo.com:

 “Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Blogs that solely or primarily duplicate content from other web sites are not permitted on our service (even with link backs or citations). Your site has been suspended for “scraping” content from external sources in this manner.

If you would like to continue using WordPress for your site, we suggest that you look into using WordPress.org, the self-hosted version of the software. You can learn more about WordPress.org athttp://wordpress.org/ and can also find a list of recommended hosts at http://get.wp.com/hosting/ . Please note that other hosts will have similar policies.”

And here is my reply to them of this morning:

“Hi Cat WordPress,


We have been trying to migrate the site to a new host, but first only files up to 2011 were saved, after 2 or 3 attempts. 

Furthermore, now I am unable to open any of the posts recent or old… this is a huge disaster.

I cannot understand why you discriminate against me, when there are a huge amount of wordpress.com sites that have the exact same content as me…

My readers have been very helpful and supportive, and also disappointed at wordpress.com and at me.


Is there any way of re activating my blog, and I will delete all posts till 2013, as many of this years’ posts are only posts through the ‘reblog’ button, redirecting the readers to the original poster’s website, and many other posts are my own writing. I would additionally remove any posts that you wish me to remove. I have had the site running for over 2 years, without any complaints and now, no warning, nothing, you just deactivate it… This is not fair on me or on my readers.


Please let me know what can be done in order to get my site 2012indyinfo.com active again.


Kind regards



So to summarise:

I will continue to post my own channelled messages and to ‘reblog’ a few channelled messages from other source in the future here:


and I will blog News and UFO stuff on google blogger for as long as they will allow me to do so – mainly during the week:


I regret that I don’t have the time and knowledge to try to get to the bottom of this, but blogging takes a lot of time, when you know the technology that you are using, and I don’t have time to try and investigate why is nothing working as it should here. Be my guest to guessing why I am being targeted and singled out here, when there are thousands of bloggers using WordPress.com doing the same thing as I used to do on Here and Now…

I am afraid I have to read 32 books in the next 3 weeks and do an essay for my post-grad course, and also relocate to a new country in that short time. Not to mention that it does not help to have this kind of pressure when one channels…

Thank you to everybody for your kind support on email and on chat. I will continue my work with the tools that I have at my disposition and that I know how to use for now J

We shall carry on as long as possible! J

Hugs and love to you all guys!!

Have a super weekend, Laura

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  1. Hello guys. Hope everything is well for you so far. So.. what do you think about this guys? And I’d appreciate if you’d share some suggestions about what wordpress users, like myself, should do..Much Love to you all..

    • WordPress can be a pain on many levels… For example I have to reply this way because my other reply had an error… Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

      I am sorry you had this problem. I was partially aware of these policies but your experience has brought this into focus for me. STC could face a similar hurdle; I feel one goal of the site is to help aggregate content from other personal blogs, and to help share stories in the world that impact us in some way. There is “original” content posted here as well… I’m not sure what percentage they might deem acceptable. It seems to be a direct clash of the old paradigm with the new. I don’t feel they are targeting you personally, it is more that you’ve reached a hidden threshhold, and they acted on it. Also perhaps a gentle nudge from those in the rafters towards your schoolwork, eh? 😉 well I know your blog stuff is a direct essence expression – it is appreciated a great deal! Great love to you on your journey, my friend. (-_-)

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