Once in a blue Moon – Connection and dream 20-08-2013

I am Arachanaï

I will post my connection also separately with my normal crystal connection post, but I didn’t want to break this experience I had on this day. Here is my connection and dream.There was also upcoming a blue full moon.

two red suns

Source picture: dearmirah.blogspot.com

I had a very strange day that started at work. Somewhere in the afternoon I went to our little kitchen to get some tea. When I walked back to my work place, I was walking toward a big window that looks out at the parking. We sit at ground floor. Then suddenly it was as if another reality pasted over my reality and I felt like I was walking down a hall in a big galactic ship, it really felt like I was there for a minute and felt like I was merging with a person that was also me but on the ship.

When I came…

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