Personal Message from Laura Multidimensional Ocean for the Future of her Work

Multidimensional Ocean

Oblivion_1Hi guys! With all the changes in my life: country coming up soon, post grad starting and having practice at the same time in 3 weeks, being away from home and my loved ones. I will be under extreme stress – Making it impossible for me to channel – and away from my partner and my beloved cat, in a new country, with no friends what so ever.
I am of a rather sensitive nature, and a bit of a home bird.. so I am not going to be very happy for a while, i guess, although this is my career plan finally coming into existance, having planed and wished for it for over 4 years now !
I am not sure when I will be able to channel again, or read any emails.
I hope you can all understand that the changes in my life, are very positive, it…

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