Full Stop


Shudder…jerk, jerk….stall….stop. If you feel that some monkey wrench has been thrown into your works and that everything has ceased its forward movement; have faith, my love, your magic has not deserted you. It is there pulsing gently beneath the surface and allowing you to take another breathe before the next ‘power surge’. Enjoy the rest. ~ Creator

4 comments on “Full Stop

  1. Ha, funny picture. Personal inventory: personal fear of being left alone – putting myself in her place. Fear for this woman who could be the subject of a con man… she looks so vulnerable. Also, to be honest, the thought of “she’s a pretty girl, she will have no trouble getting help”. She is looking up at the sky – looks like she’s calling god! Regardless of circumstances the car will somehow be running again… won’t it? Can she pay for the repairs? Does god know how to fix a car? I guess this photo also makes me feel uncomfortable – I don’t like the kind of situation where I have to depend on others.

    It is an odd coincidence but over the past few months I have been involved in helping several acquaintances (mostly neighbors) who have had car trouble. For example jump starting their car, getting gas or just giving them a ride home. Is this how god works? The funny thing is that it started at just about the time that I heard a story on the radio about a guy who was helped by someone on a stretch of highway, and he decided to devote his life to helping others who break down on that highway. He’s been doing this for 30 years… drives around with spare parts and scans the road for people who need help. It made me feel really good to know there was someone out there doing this. And now I find myself in a similar situation. 🙂

    • I’ve experienced so many times being so helpless. How much I know how precious the hand that is to given is in that kind of circumstances or crisis. To me the very hand given in the very moment and at the very place is the very hand of God. YOU & that angelic man who has been doing this for 30 years are literally materializing God’s very rescue…

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