Dream 30 September 2013

I am Arachanaï


Above Galactic ship was an estimated plus/minus 15 km/9 miles long

Wow this was an awesome and sometimes hilarious dream. To me anyway. Before I went to sleep (having a high fever because of the flu) I asked my Star Brothers and Sisters to take me on board and heal me because my whole body was hurting. The dream:

I was in Central Park in Manhattan, and I was just standing under some trees. Soon I saw something amazing coming down, looking like very colorful flying pods with people in. They had a rotor blade on top of the pods. There were some people sitting in the grass picnicking, and the pods landed in between the people and even one pod landed in front of me. I say farewell to my father and brother and went home. I take out the key but it seems the door was already open…

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