SaLuSa 15.10.2013

We see how quickly you are raising yourselves and are ready to reach for the new, because the calling of your higher reality is very strong and with your focus on it your intentions becoming more powerful than ever before. It is important now to listen to your own body and take as much rest as you can, as the physical changes are happening within time of your current reality. Although it is still quickening, these changes cannot happen at once, because you still need to be also part of the old reality and share your ever growing Light with others. But we want to assure you that they are not slow at all, and we know that you feel it each day how you are being changed. Just be aware of the fact that they are happening with the exact speed needed for each of you and those that will be the first ones to enter the new reality know it with certainty, as they are walking straight towards fulfilment of their life plan without stopping and holding onto something old, because there is simply no attraction felt to it.

We know it is not easy to explain to others that you do not have any desire to do something that previously meant fun and relax for you, but now feels nothing but old. Those who are aware of your change will understand and those who deny this great shift of the whole Humanity and planet will not accept any of your explanation and they might send you the feelings of hurt and anger and it is upon you to show them that there are no such feelings within you anymore and send them back loving feeling with sense of understanding of their own feelings. We know that some of you have already found out that this is the only way you can respond, as those still deep in lower vibrations are members of your family and not only friends that you do not have to meet again if you do not wish to. It was your choice before you entered this life, as you knew that this lesson will immensely help you with your own growing.

With coming to the point of seeing and feeling your higher reality with all your senses, you will feel great change within your understanding. Your mind will be able to process all information that are available to you and all your experiences will be seen with higher knowledge and will make even more sense that they are doing now. You will know how to use them in your further evolution, as there will be no sadness or anger or any other feeling of lower vibrations that will block your actions. All your actions will be based on this understanding, and you will be attracted to those experiences that will allow you to use your wisdom which you have gained through all of your previous experiences. Please let this knowing settle within you, as all souls that you will meet in your higher reality will also find your wisdom useful some way. Remember that we all are One and we all are searching for higher understanding of All That Is and your knowing is also part of it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and again asking you to fully trust yourselves in everything that you do, because with more trust, your intentions are getting even stronger and this allows you to focus on completing all necessary preparations. Feel our energy, because it is always present and helping you to reach your higher reality at the right moment in the Now.

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