PLEASE! Help Veronika who channels Montague Keen


Dear friends,

At the moment, Veronica Keen is in a difficult situation. Please read her message. You can help her by making a donation through the donation button below (please add “Veronica Keen” in your comment). If you don’t have the means to help financially, maybe you can add her in your prayers and send her love and light. Positive energy always finds its way.
Thanks! – Kees,

Veronica Keen:

“Life is not easy right now, I am without a car. A bus crashed into my 12 year old car while it was parked and wrote it off. I am facing many blockages as I try to replace it. I am dependent on others to help me find one. I cannot get to the shops. I have heart and lung failure, I cannot walk up the Hill. I would be extremely grateful for any assistance in this matter. Your good wishes and prayers would be most helpful.
Thank you, Veronica .”

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3 comments on “PLEASE! Help Veronika who channels Montague Keen

  1. Is there an account as to how much she collected? Has she announced how much she got? Just curious. So many people asking for donations hard to keep track of them.

    • Hi Ines – yes I think she received the funds she was looking for. She has been working on ley lines, doing interviews with Andrew Bartzis, and wants to move ahead with an institute. One thing I’ve noticed is that folks running these donation requests may want to be somewhat careful about charity laws within the old paradigm. I feel Veronica is “service to others” and has made the collective investment grow considerably since the writing of this request in 2013.

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