SaLuSa 22.10.2013

Do you feel the freedom you all now have, to choose from so many wonderful possibilities that are open for you with your own letting go of the old? We are not speaking of the choice to awaken or to ascend but rather of the choices or decisions you are now free to make of your further experiences, without being pushed back with negative energies that swirled around all of your not so very long time ago. Now you are allowed to freely follow your visions and dreams and no such force exist to be powerful enough to stop you unless you choose to do so. The calling of your higher reality is getting stronger with your each thought of being there, and this creates incredible power and energy that is leading to finishing of all necessary preparation in the exact perfect moment for each and every one of you. We are following your progress very closely, as all those that chose to be connected with us are constantly receiving our energy, either directly or through our messages and we are very happy to receive your wonderful and powerful response that you are sending back to us.

Be prepared to see so much more changes happening due to huge increase of your collective awareness and remember that all that is happening is expression of your own will and choice. If you focus on seeing quick progress being made towards improved way of living for all of the people, you will add the necessary energy to make it happen and will share this feeling with others, this energy will grow immensely. If you choose to “wait and see what will happen next” the speed of changes will correspond to your thoughts. We know that you might feel tired of focusing on all the positive and not seeing it already happened, but you are very well aware of the fact, that you chose to be the ones that are showing the way for others to follow, and you also needed some time to make yourselves more powerful with clearing of so many issues, that blocked the pure energy flow and influenced your power of creation. Remember all is as it should be and you have experienced everything the way that helped you most on your evolution path.

Feel how your own knowing resonates within you and giving you all that is necessary to focus on that what you desire to experience. This desire is the expression of the pure energy flowing from your higher reality that you chose to connect to, so it can give you the idea about all those wonderful feelings that you will experience when you enter the reality of your choice.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and in this message we are speaking of choice that you now experiencing. It was never as free on your beloved Mother Earth as it is now, so we want to inspire you even more, to use it with all your increasing inner power and wisdom you have gained with getting through so many lessons in such short time. We can say that “the choice is yours” as there is no other left to be responsible for your own experiences. We know that you are ready to take this responsibility and follow the endless path of your evolution process. We already see you with us within our common reality that we all chose to join.
Channeller: madad