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Greetings to you, Beloved Family of Earth, welcome Humanity. We – Residents of the Golden Planet Atlantis. Take our Galactic Message and Flame of Friendship, Love, nobility and honor in it. We arrived at this moment to talk to you about the most important things for your planet in the name of Sunny Camelot galaxy and the universe.

We have already passed the Earth and our planet are the twin planets, but located in different time streams are still very different from each other. However, the key parameters of our planets are identical. Our planet, as well as the Earth, store 48 Dragons Source. 24 Pairs of Star Dragon Evolution. These Dragons kept Golden, Copper, Emerald, Sapphire and other books of the Evolution of Liberty and our Ras. The source of their self created for eternal protection and creation of evolution on our planet. Abode of the Immortals Dragon is at the center of the planets. They protect the purity of the Eternal Essence of Knowledge at the bottom of the Shining Crystal Well. Dragons are performing this mission in pairs. There Dragons Gods and Goddesses. They complement each other. All 24 pairs differ in color and shape. Dragon God draws energy from the sun, and the Goddess – the moon. Dragons of the Source Family immortal and together with our planets they move from one phase of evolution of the world to another. On Earth Dragons kept Magical Elves of Creative Energy Eternal Magic and books that he had hewn in the diamond plates, crystals and gold Fire Beam Source. Dragons – aides and supporters of all Wizards with pure hearts and noble aspirations. 48 Dragons – is a lively time of the Earth and Atlantis. Due to their mystical powers, once Humanity was the Family Wizards. Dragons – Keepers of the civilization of the Elves and the Elven Magic. They were required to teach these arts world of people and transfer knowledge and mystical forces of the center of the Earth disciples reasonable portions, as their spiritual, energetic and creative maturation. Absolutely all the people once had free access to these scientists. So you lived outside of the energies of fear, you do not need the money, you did not know disease, suffering and poverty.
These energy was in the world.

Something had happened, something terrifying in the minds of people. When the Earth suffered a forgetfulness, the Dragons of Earth rose from the center of the world to fight a war for the freedom of conscience and the free Earthlings. They fought for you till the last drop of their forces. But the plan was the fall of the Earth at that time is unchanged. All the Dragons were defeated. They were chained to the invisible chains. Deprived them of their mystical powers, these forces were simply plundered and divided by those who have installed on your planet, the law of suffering, power and money. Since Dragons are immortal, they are chained to your planet to this day. They are in different locations of your planet. We urge you to ensure that the release of all 48 Dragons of Earth. Return them to the Keepers status and the possibility of a full revival of their magical powers. After all these forces, they have to pass you again. We’re talking about 48 Immortal Dragon Source.

Do not confuse this with reptiles or evil invaders that are thousands of years ruled your world. Exemption 48 Dragons of Earth will give you the possibility of true Ascension, full revival of the Cosmic Consciousness of Humanity.

Dragons, clearing, return your magical power of good magic, thanks to their resurrection will be able to return to Earth Star elves, unicorns, centaurs, Shining Elementals, who left the planet, because they were then forced to do so. To convey the power of man, but man in oblivion. For them, this gap has been very painful. Their ships and on other planets, all these magical creatures, mages and wizards, elves, fairies, centaurs, unicorns are waiting for his moment of glory. They want to come back to give you a chance, an opportunity to remember the true self and the planet. Return to its strength and become free again. Each dragon serves as a perpetual humanity and the Earth. Each Dragon – this is one of the mystical forces of the Earth itself. They should all be free.

The time has come when you can do it. It’s time for you to be free.

Exemption 48-Dragons change your country and city. And gradually, the whole landscape of your planet. Mankind is important to understand and realize deeply your cells – 48 Dragons and Magical Creatures, we are talking about – it’s your family. You are connected with them (as well as us) eternal invisible threads of Light for you. It’s like the strings that sound throughout the universe beautiful music when we come together in contact. When we resonate at a single wavelength.

These are very important to the universe. Because such a connection Hearts we give birth to one another music source, that spreads light waves, penetrating into all worlds, layers and levels of the Universe. For most of this energy Space Beings important as breathing. This Prana Heart. You are genetically related to the 48 Dragons of Light. Yes, it is not the physical Dragons, they are cut from the energy of cold and warm rays of the cosmos, the Sun and the Stars. But they are visible to humans.

When do they want to. If you want to be free and to see their planet free, free Dragons of Earth. They are part of her consciousness, Necklace of Fire for her soul. You’ll see how to change the planet, as it will breathe freely available when at least one Shining Dragon. All belong to the Royal Dragons Cosmic Rod Kings and Queens of Light.

Previously, we could give you this message. Because it was pointless.
Previously, you had a different vibration, you have little strength and knowledge to make such a powerful energy on Earth. Now you are ready and the time of the planet and the galaxy for this beneficial. Come together in groups and proceed step by step, freeing the Dragon Gods in every country of this world. In the process, you will see that your help is needed throughout the world and millions of Magical Creatures. Thousands of years old were forbidden not only to help the man, but also to talk with him.

48 Dragons of the Source is inherently sacred mystical energies 48 Special Forces – the one that you call Reiki. 48 solar-lunar Reiki channels were closed on your planet. This 48
polar channels of communication with the Golden Atlantis and with the very Source. Clean, Radiant, true, free from karma TIME has come to Earth sometime over the channels. And your planet is glowing from the inside, it was Silver, Rainbow, Gold – different, but always beautiful and whole. Now everything is reborn. 48 Dragons will once again be free.

TIME SOURCE – Magic, Healthy, and Whole True comes to Earth via Healing and the True Good.

All True Reiki Master may take time, the source and its new parameters for the earth, healing the planet every day and Humanity.

If you are willing to work for the release of the Dragon Gods of your planet, the following message, we will give you information about the Dragon that you need to release in the first place, and the places in which they currently reside. From these places of your planet rise of the Great Power and transform the world. Dragons – Essence of Agni. They are spirits of Transformation, Transmutation and Evolution. They are grateful and noble creatures. They will forever serve those who treat them with love and respect, and even more so to those who release. Be aware that when you begin to release these Dragons, their magical powers to free up your genetics, the genome of all Humanity. And you will see your new self, a new Space and New World.

Land regaining their strength, and the Cosmic Memory Status Queen Source.

With the awakening of the Dragon your planet will once again become the Winged Planet-Star. And as happens galactic synchronization of our two planets. Open portals and Rainbow Bridge will once again be a part of Destiny for you, part of your planetary and galactic life.

We thank you.
Residents of the Golden Planet Atlantis.
Submitted to the “Magic Isle of Light.”
Lama Creation, Golden Ray, Gold Rose, family Wolves.


Kin-243-Schwimann-Day Blue Solar Night. Ton-Ton Solar-9 Intent. Plasma
Gamma. Electric Moon of Service, Day-24.
Yellow Lighthouse. Wolf Totem. The Golden Rose of Agni.

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  1. “””(and divided by those who have installed on your planet, the law of suffering, power and money)””” – – evil forces and tortures of humanity ….
    they all pay for their crimes , all rebels in solar system pay for 4000-5000 years of human slavery on miserable planet …
    the rulers on earth is their mapets and servants (so called masons and other evil shit)

    “””(, return your magical power of good magic, thanks to their resurrection will be able to return to Earth Star elves, unicorns, centaurs, Shining Elementals)””” – no thanks

    “””( release of the Dragon Gods of your planet)”’ – lol
    if they speak about Saurians rebels, they not gods
    and any who talk about “Gods” is liar

  2. also want to add all these messages = – is a fraud
    and only the blind can not see that … it’s all hype of naive people
    a terrible deception – from the forces of evil (mean reptilian rebels, reptilian hybrids rebels, greys rebels and other dark forces in solar system)

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