Konstantinos: A vision and some words from Iltheos

Konstantinos: Hello Iltheos. I felt a very strong urge, heart feeling to have this discussion with you today. You see yesterday night, when I went to bed and put my head on the pillow, I had a very strong and realistic vision. I was standing as a politician, but with daily clothing in front of millions of people. It really seemed a huge crowd. The crowd consisted from Greeks, but the same time my speech was distributing through not only the Greek but also from other countries’s media.

My heart was feeling steady. I had no fear, only a sense of duty to make this speech and do something more. I am suggesting to the readers of this message to try to imagine and feel  the whole scene. I was on a stage and I started saying:

‘Well, here I am in front of you, ready to make  an announcement. Ready to talk to you…and not only that. Today this morning that I got up, I felt a strong urge to organize this whole thing, but I didn’t know how. Then coming here (to the centre of my city) I found the bodyguard of a known politician and I asked from him to tell his boss to give me one moment, in order to talk and show you something.The bodyguard was curious but the same time he didn’t seem to take me seriously. You see, in order to get here, in front of you, I had to give him some cash…that’s understood, though I feel my pocket lighter.

Anyway, the thing is that I would like to make you a question. And when I say ‘you’ I am refering to all the humanity of Earth.

WHY? Why don’t we see…why is it so difficult for all or the most of us to see that we have nothing to separate us? Uh? We ALL depend on the same factors in order to eat, to drink, to sleep…we ALL have dreams, tasks, thoughts, opinions, preferences, inspirations, feelings, history and culture…Why does all these seem to be used for separation and NOT for UNITY? Why do we have to face all of a sudden a wordwide threat, SO real, SO clear, acting instantly and simultaneously, literally, all over this world…and then ‘suddenly’  put aside all our ‘differences’ and be like one fist against the invading opponent?

And what if  at last, after hard periods of conflict, not with each other this time, but with something  phenomenically out of us, seem to be the winners of this battle, what we would do next? Remember again our ‘differences’ and start conflicts with each other…AGAIN?

My point is…WHY do we not seem to wish to learn from our previous…and current, similar situations and STOP FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL…this insanity? Because we DIE together with this planet, because we act like INSANES!

Do you hear me? INSANES! What, does this conversation seems usual to you? That these questions have been made from each one of you, atomical, between friend gatherings and publicly? Still, the situation seems the same. Oh yes, the economic crisis is a very significant and tangible issue to deal with..it has to be the first priority…survival, you see….

I agree. But where do you think this impact comes from? Where do you think our ‘problems’ and what we would consider as ‘unpleasant’ comes from? FROM WHERE? From only just a small invisible group of entities, human or not? We gave them a great variety of reasons to feel confident for their plans. WE are the source of their power!

 I am telling you this, when a person or a group of people, a country or a group of countries, hurt someone else….then it’s mathematically, UNIVERSALLY, sure…that there will be a reaction! And though we have seen this so many times, even NOW, to happen…yet, we still seem to not wish to move on a new level of understanding. We ALL have a decree of responsibility for everything that happens to us and around us. We co create. But through all our human history we were co creating for catastrophy, not for a common beneficial creativity. NO.

I’m here to give you and myself, a chance to understand this..NOW’ .

Then I remember that I put my hands on the air and the sky bacame dark with huge black clouds. Storm started and thunders make their appearance. Tornadoes started to come on our way. This was happening simultaneously to all the world, to each location of every continent of this planet.

I was able to see the reaction of the crowd and at the same time of every person on Earth. Everyone, including me, were going to die in a few minutes. There was some panic…I start shouting:

‘You, we have the Power to STOP THIS! As we had the power to co create all our ‘problems’ , so we have the Power to co create for our safety..UNITE! UNITE! ALL THE WORLD UNITE!’

The wheather elements seemed to get worst and worst…we didn’t have much time.


They did. They all did. All the world, all the people of any age, skin colour, tribe,  and country did this. They all got the message. There was a real, so strong sense of Unity on the air. There was no panic on their faces, they were all holding each other’s hand and having closed their eyes, they were focusing, not with fear, but very calmly.


The tornadoes were very closer this time.

‘ME’ was the word I heard on my head from all the people of Earth.


‘I AM’.

‘YES!’ I shouted happily.

And instantly, all became as before. The sky became bright, no tornadoes, storms, thunders or anything similar.

‘Do you see now? Do you see?’

‘Any unpleasant situation that we have experienced so far, had a number of reasons. One of them was to achieve Wisdom, not to assist the already existed Darkness. Now, what are we going to do, dear Humanity of Earth?’

They looked at each other. They holded again each others’s hands. They looked at me smiling…A New World, a world with Hope, Love and Understanding started to arise…

Iltheos, do you have something to say?

I: No. I have not something to add. Not something that it wouldn’t already be known to you. I believe that the sense and meaning of this, is clear.

K: You sure?

I: You can see, use this vision as an allegory and in the question ‘what do we need to get out from the mud?’ I’d answer that you can realize that it isn’t necessary to learn with the ‘hard way’. But sometimes this seems to be the only way, because YOU, all of you, made this to be so. But you also have the power, indeed, to change this for your common benefit. You need no mud or hardship, or drama at all. You have nothing that it would stand as a serious reason to not realize your Unity. Your ‘tests’ and ‘villains’ comes from you, to you, for you and they can go away and be replaced with the opposites, if you decide to do so. It’s not only a knowledge, it’s a fact. Realize it dear souls. Consciously.

K: Some of us do so.

I: You know that I’m not refering only to the ‘some’ but to ALL of you. Continue to co create with Balance, between the Mind and the Heart, for the common Good of all and Gaia. That’s all I have to say for now.

K: Good. Thank you for this Iltheos.

I: Thank you for sharing this vision. My Love to Gaia and Humanity.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:


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  1. Thank you dear Tauno. Thank you again for the Sivan’s great video.
    Vast amounts of Love to all.

  2. Such a beatiful heartfelt vision with a perfect message. I could envision it and feel it all perfectly. It made me cry as it touched me so. Thank you Konstantinos and Iltheos

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  4. kp40 this made me cry you touched the very core of my heart and I felt I was listening to you amongst the crowd seeing feeling them open their hearts and I am still fighting the tears as I write. Much love and light to you dear one.

    • Thank you dear Crystalineblue. Tears are another way to express relief and emotional fulfillment, at least in cases like this. I am glad that it resonated with you.

      Much Love and Light to you =-) .

  5. Thanks KP, for this highly inspirational vision. When you mention the tornadoes I was thinking of the many little tornadoes I saw in my dream-flight.
    Love and light

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