Leslee – Yep, I’m fine! :D

Hi, Spirit Train family!

Inspired by a mildly concerned email from Mike, I decided I’d better pop by and say hello, and let you all know I’m fine!
You may have heard I got fired last Thursday (which has, funny enough, made me feel quite peaceful and content…), so that was a day for reflection… Then Friday I drove to Nashville and back to get Lucas from camp… That led to seeing the EM energy waves coming out of the mountains, which I’ve been working on documenting and learning about… Aside form the fact that it was 9 hours of driving… Saturday was a blur, and on Sunday I realized I really needed to stay offline and get some things done to possibly generate some income. So, all is well, I’ve been trying to answer personal emails, but am 2 days behind on that for now… I think it will clear soon. πŸ˜€

I received a wonderful inspiration from Adrial, Bren-Ton, and Mark this morning! It would be sooooo much quicker if instead of writing 50 emails, I make an audio recording for everyone and post it on YouTube! It explains Mission Statement, Next Steps, and some topics “we” will make some more videos on.. Telepathy being on the top of the list! If we can get this thing down, we won’t need cell phones, lol… (We’ll just all go into DTs from withdrawal…)

I’ve encouraged several of the new folks to drop by here to learn more… It seems the Crew info is making the rounds, so some people are writing who don’t know about STC… DW, John, Babajij, could I forward you a few emails if it seems that’s needed?

I wonder if anyone has some time to put together a simple post with screen shots showing how to create a page?

I think I’m also about 6-10 ppl behind on sending Editing invitations, but if you see any new “faces” peeking in, please greet them and welcome them to feel at home!

Gunner, you are powerfully on my mind today – I wonder why? (I haven’t read ANYthing here in a few days)

Vee, you too! I hope all is well with everyone!

Did you guys see the Huffington Post article about the Ex-CIA agent talking about Roswell files? I don’t have the link, but was told it’s online today…

BTW, my dreaming was good on Sat, thank goodness I recorded a memo, because all I can recall now is that I interacted with both Aurora and Athabantian crews… research projects…

Okay, gotta run, but I have high hopes to be online tomorrow, if not tonight!

Much love & light to all!


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  1. ~Good of Ya to Contact,Leslee!…I was aWonderin’ how Ya were… πŸ™‚ …
    …and Yes Ya can 4ward e-mails to me…Ima Still a Learning ‘Bout things, so Ya may need to add some ‘directions’ on what I can do,okay…C Ya ,shortly~

  2. Glad u are fine love!! Thank u for email πŸ™‚
    if anybody wishes to skype ever, including Leslee i am:
    works with lauratyco@gmail.com
    I am thrilled we may have met on dreams Les! your memories match my own!!
    Youtube is a super idea, however some folks, like Gunner or Steffie cannot have access 2 it :(.. lol!!

    Hugs and love to my Galactic family πŸ™‚

    • Oh, thanks for mentioning that, Laura! I will see if I can find a way to make the audio file available… Does anyone know if Google Docs has anything like that? Maybe I can get the file-size small enough to email…

      • Hi Les, if u have an ipod or a creative zen, u can record audio files and download into your computer as mp3 files, and attach on emails or add on to posts. Also if u have a mic, there is software converter online for free.. i forgot names now 😦 ❀

  3. Hi. Josef from Vienna here. I Wrote First last Saturday. You Wrote back that I am a longlost Crew member. Really? Don’t remember. What to do now. I am working As Programmer. So my Time is Limited. What to do, how to help you. How to grow and improve and reach higher dimensions? Greetings to all and have a nice Day. Josef

  4. oh Les!!! haven’t been on here for a while, and now i see this, and Mike’s mail as well. You are sounding very upbeat and chipper, so I really hope you are going to get yourself back on track soon – that’s NOT GF “soon”!! πŸ™‚

    Things are happening so fast and it seems that many of us are being affected and moved somewhat out of our comfort zones again… ah well, this is what we signed up for – I just don’t remember doing it!! and if anyone ever catches me doing anything like that again, shoot me on the spot!!!!! πŸ™‚

    although i’m not on here much, you are all very very much in my heart and thoughts. Hang in there, we’re on the downrun!

    Love you xxx ~*❀*~~*❀*~~*❀*~

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