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  1. Last night I was thinking of this video I watched months ago on universal forgiveness, on lawoftime.org by Jose Arguelles. I thought more people should see it, as it goes hand in hand with this great post. We could all benefit from practicing forgiveness more often. Especially now.
    Thank you Predrag

  2. ~Hi!…These Upcoming Moons in 2012 are really Action-Packed!…This I am grateful for…It’s been a whole generation since my participation in 1987’s Harmonic Convergence…and now the expedited energies from Inner, Above & Beyond are so very welcome…

    …and from this video, Jason, I see Ur avatar symbol: The Galactic Center of Our Cosmic Journey… πŸ™‚ ~

    • You were there? That must have been amazing. This video has brought me to tears twice now, in a great way.
      I didn’t realize that symbol was in the video until I watched it again after commenting.
      The Mayan’s “Galactic Butterfly”. It became my cell phone wallpaper as soon as I saw it. I read somewhere that by using the symbol for Hunab Ku (Source), you broadcast your conscious intent to return to Source and be one with all that is. There’s an amazing article about the symbol and more here
      There’s some synchronicity in it involving the number 7, which is interesting considering Seven’s recent posts and the article was written 7 years ago. Hmmm. πŸ™‚

      I’m really happy Predrag brought up the subject of forgiveness because I’ve had a great day due to forgiveness. I’ve been making myself forgive me, and everyone else for long enough that it is becoming a reaction instead of an effort. I can stay happy and keep positive energy around me forever as long as I can forgive. My hope is that we all can forgive even the darkest of us and let them continue on their paths home as we continue on ours.

      • ~I agree with Ya,Jason…the action/thoughts of forgiveness is a real “shackle” breaker…like a weight removed from Our Aura…I began forgiving Family Members,this year…then that led to Myself…and now asking Forgiveness from my Inner Child…

        …Yeah,i was totally a Butterfly during the 1980’s…August 14-17 of 1987,were/are very potent,indeed…I took part in my own way, inwardly hesitating to follow the masses…i knew i had to do my own inner work out first…I eventually even my own wooden Pyramid, that was collapsable for me to carry and then set-up to meditate inside it…Oh,those incredibly adventuresome days!~

  3. Jason, Predrag, thank you for the nice videos. What I was thinking is that when there is a need for forgiveness usually there is responsibility. Someone who feels a need to be responsible, or someone who feels someone else is responsible. There are many facets. Can parents simply give up feeling responsible for their children? Later in life, maybe, but when they are younger, some responsibility does fall (or appears to fall) on the parent to provide loving guidance, or at least help the child trust his own guidance. Maybe the cabal has a similar relationship with humanity. They feel responsible, and need to start trusting that humanity will find its own way.

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