Iltheos-You are dealing with yourself

With the first sight, it seems that you get messages from someone else.

With the first sight, it seems that the  sources of the messages exist somewhere else.

With the first sight, it seems that you are not this someone else. But this is not so.

You originate from us, you look out from yourself for us, but you simply have to understand and mainly FEEL….that you ARE us.

You ARE the wise ones, the Enlightened ones, the Teachers, the residents of other worlds and dimensions of Light, the Angels, the volunteers of a significant journey, an important mission, who finally are ready to return at Home.

In a few words, you are talking to, getting messages from, expecting the coming of…Yourself…YOU.

Yes, you have heard that you are the ones you are waiting for and that is so, because that’s who you really are…Love, Help, Compassion, Wisdom…LIGHT.

And although these words has been transmitted to you many times, there are still some individuals among you who tend to forget that, because of the supremacy of their mind, fear and linear perception.

There is no problem with that of course. But here, I am mainly refering to the ones, who made their search, followed their inner call and started to remember, but then, for reasons of their own, they chose to refuse all that.

Some of these dear souls call this whole thing a lie, a fraud and a fake situation. But the same time they seem to continue getting  busy with the daily updates, regarding the arrests of the so called ‘Cabal’ and Ascension. Why?

Is it only curiosity? A sense of duty and justice to see how this whole thing goes, in order for these souls to continue ‘inform’ the others that all our collective journey, our collective co operation…is a big lie?

That’s alright. But really, do you feel that this choice of yours, serves you?

Do you feel fulfilled…or more frustrated and angry?

Why you, the ones who do not believe anymore that Ascension and Galactic beings are for real, continue to get busy with the daily messages and put so much energy to write down comments and words of anger?

Is it because deep inside you your inner voice, your Divine part, tries with gently nudges to remind you, that the ones you tend to fight and you consider responsible for any kind of delays…is just yourselves?

Because what you tend to get outside, is what you already have inside.

Try to give it a thought, try to ‘scan’ the whole thing with your Heart…if you choose to do so.

You are not judged in any way.

I personally suggest you to see if what you do, really serves your Biology and Spirit. Because you see, feelings like frustration, anger, sadness and anything similar, make your journey way more difficult.

Try to remember, that YOU, all of you, have the key and the codes to make things unfold….

I and all the other beings of the Light,  just give you the assistance to make our common wish and task to come true.

To help Gaia and you to get higher.

We give so much of our potential in order for you to see your potential and finally, meet us in this point of the cycle, where we are finally all together…again.

This goes also for the ones that will choose to move on in duality.

Remember, there are no real boundaries between us, as there are no real boundaries between you and yourself.

And indeed it is so…even if some of you will continue to ignore this…and that’s your respected choice, as any choice  is honored.

Love does not make exceptions and goes to ALL of you. In the future, when you will see things to other worlds from our point of view, you will understand better our way of thinking and perception.

Because you WILL experience this….or to be exact, you already experience this, just simply not yet in your linear perception.

I can say clearly that this future of yours, is not far anymore.

You will see what you already see, but not yet perceive.

My Love and Respect to all of you dear ones.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:

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  1. Thank you dear Lisa. I agree too. To stay centered is important and can be beneficial for us and consequently, for the people around us.
    Much Love to you.

  2. Thank you dear Tauno and Bugdogbooks (cool nickname =-) ). I’m glad you liked it. Much Love & Light to you.

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