SaLuSa: July 20, 2012

The days pass by and the work of our allies is becoming more coordinated, and it is bearing results. The scale of activities is becoming bigger and soon there will be an overwhelming push forward that will be very noticeable.

We are working now on many fronts and expect to see some rapid developments very shortly. Your role in what is happening is to hold your focus on what you perceive as the outcome, thus giving it more energy where it is needed. At the same time powerful streams of energy are reaching the Earth from many other sources and Galaxies.

The interest and assistance being given to you is immense, and certain to help you achieve your goal which is Ascension. For our part we stop any attempt to prevent it, and use our technologies to ensure both you and Mother Earth reach your destination. It is necessary as the dark Ones will resort to any means, even if it threatens their own existence. Have no fear, we are in control and they are well aware that we stand in their way.

Those souls, who are unaware of the end times, obviously put a different interpretation on events that are going on around them. It is understandable that they fear the outcome, but be assured that as our allies follow their course of action it will be evident that a force for good does exist.

Like you we wish to see an ever growing purge of the criminals who are responsible for taking away your rights. Once it becomes public knowledge it will enforce the idea that you are not alone in your fight against evil. Indeed that has been the case for a very long time, and members of the Galactic Federation of Light can take credit for guiding your experiences in such a way that you have survived.

There has additionally been careful planning over a long period of time to keep the balance of energies upon the Earth. That was partly achieved by arranging for highly enlightened souls to incarnate at appropriate times to lead you forward in the Light.

Understand that your experiences are the result of the Law of Attraction that has allowed the souls of a lower vibration to join you. The vibrations of Earth in comparatively recent times have in fact dropped considerably, and as a freewill planet it has been left to find its own level. However, when the decision was made to increase the vibrations, we became more involved in your upliftment.

Today you stand tall and realize that you have achieved a remarkable turnaround in a very short period, particularly during the last 40 years or so. There is no going back, as the Light is now well established upon Earth and still growing. It is increasing exponentially and will soon reach a point when Ascension can take place.

Many people look for some outlet for their abilities to contribute to the changes. You are known to us and at the right time you will find an opportunity to use them. In the present time, by merely being a point of Light and spreading your peace around you will help others. There will also be occasions when questions will be asked for which you can give answers, so do not hesitate to do so.

Clearly some people are not ready to hear the truth, but there is no longer the time left to hide it away. There is ultimately only the One Truth and that will be made fully known in good time, as there are souls who are ready to receive it. Hitherto you have followed your inclinations and achieved your own understanding, but there has to come a time when the Truth is needed to bring you all together.

Your personal path to Ascension is the one that is important, so do not be unduly concerned as to how more general events work out. Certainly the changes we have promised you will come to pass, as the old structures must make way for those of the New Age. Your awareness has been opened to all of the new possibilities and they will come into your lives, but some are more long term and will follow on the after the initial changes have occurred.

The Governmental changes are obviously vital to allow a more spiritual representation amongst those who will lead you. Instead of putting self first they will honor their oath to serve you, and will be chosen for that reason. Most governments throughout the world stopped serving the people a long time ago, and allowed themselves to become vassals of the powerful banking families.

They also must be removed from power plus their largely ill gotten gains, and also their minions who are to be found all over the world. The extent of the Illuminati power will astonish you, and it reaches into the most high places, including royalty and religion.

A vast empire such as the Illuminati’s cannot be dismantled overnight, but now it has been severely weakened it will fall apart. Those at the top know their time is nearly up, and we still hope that they will surrender and cease their actions against you.

Their plans cannot be viewed as less than horrific, and set out to severely reduce the population of Earth by whatever means they could use. Two World Wars and many others since the first one took place have caused the loss of millions of lives, and have been started deliberately to engulf the world in turmoil and disaster.

A third World War was planned but we have stepped in and prevented steps to start it in the Middle East. Indeed, we have put a stop to the use of nuclear devices as weapons of war, as divinely decreed.

Peace will suddenly come upon you as there is a plan to enforce it by preventing the use of all weapons that will have become de-activated. There will no hiding place where they can avoid our detection, and underground bases will be destroyed so that they cannot be used again.

Neither will there be any escape for the guilty who are known to us, and will be prevented from continuing their actions against you. One day they will fully understand the extent to which they have contributed to the Illuminati plan, and its total effect upon the population right down to how each individual has been affected.

It will be a time to reflect upon their disobedience of the Laws of the Universe, and they will answer to God. As with any soul who has fallen so far as to have forgotten that their true selves are of Light, they will be given every chance to find their way back.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you that the fallen are equally loved by God, who does not judge any soul but surrounds them in Love and Light.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey

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  1. Hello STC,
    How is it going with all the sunflares hitting …..

    I just keep on hearing this song last night and today:

    “Being Erica” theme song:lyric

    It’s clearer inside of me
    Who I will always be
    Here at the core of my heart
    Mystics & cynics & crystals & memories
    Beginning to line up the stars
    Shining the light in the night
    Raising the veil from my eye
    Waking me up to the light in our life
    Cause of my strength

    Some of my dreams
    & everything I ever wanted to be…
    Here I am this is me where Ill be
    In the dark [&] in the light [&] in the wrong in the right…


    Karma is energy Give me my destiny
    Everything happens for a reason
    Every choice that I make
    Changes the course I take
    Won’t be afraid when I make mistakes
    Open my arms & give in

    Do it all over again
    Do it all over
    Again & again,
    To get to the end
    Of who I am now.
    I’m gonna find the answers &
    Yes I know how
    I know I can win

    Some of my dream
    & everything I ever wanted
    To be

    Here I am
    This is me
    Who am I?
    Wait & see…

    Love Lisa

  2. Good morning everyone.
    Thanks for the Saul post Stick. It is just the message I needed to hear at this point in my life. Getting busted, I did the exact thing Saul suggests not to do. blame bob, if I had done something different and on and on so i was so shocked to see this in this message. Seems like these types of things always happen to me, I am so lucky and so blessed.
    Sending love and light to those massacred in Denver while seeing the new batman movie. Another masssacre that makes no sense at all.
    Did anyone hear the new Batman movie is Illuminati? Now, if that is true what would be their reason. also, with their supposed demise, would they even have time to get involved?

  3. My heart goes out those those in Aurora, Colorado ♥ ♥ ♥

    …And blessings to those granted an “early exit” from 3D!

    “Aurora” – Foo Fighters

    You believe there’s something else
    To relieve your emptiness
    And you dream about yourself
    And you bleed and breathe the air
    And it’s on and on.. and on.. and on.. and on..

    I just kinda died for you
    You just kinda stared at me
    We will always have the chance
    We can do this one more time

    Hell yeah, I remember aurora(2x)
    All this time . . .

    Hell yeah, I remember aurora
    Take me now, we’d spin the sun around
    And the stars will all come out
    Then we’ll turn and come back down
    Turn and come back down..

    You believe there’s somewhere else
    Where it’s easier than this
    And you see outside yourself
    And you buy the hole you’ll fill
    And Still it’s on and on.. and on.. and on.. and on

    Hell yeah, I remember aurora(2x)
    All this time . . .

    Hell yeah, I remember aurora
    Take me now, we’d spin the sun around
    And the stars will all come out
    Then we’ll turn and come back down
    Turn and come back down..

    On and on.. and on.. and on..
    Aurora wait for everyone
    Wait till the last one’s done..

    On and on.. and on.. and on..
    Aurora wait for everyone
    Wait till the last one’s done..
    Take me now, we’d spin the sun around
    And the stars will all come out
    Then we’ll turn and come back down
    Turn and come back down..
    Turn and come back down..
    Turn and come back down..

    On and on.. and on.. and on.. and on..
    And on.. and on.. and on.. and on..
    And on.. and on.. and on.. and on..
    And on.. and on.. and on.. and on..
    And on.. and on.. and on.. and on..
    And on.. and on.. and on.. and on..
    And on.. and on.. and on . . .

  4. Hello everyone,
    Heartfelt emotions for the loss of lives in Aurora. Love and healing to the families. The perpetrator is a dark soul, may he be guided back to Light.

    • Thanks Babajij, this guy is really taking a critcal look at some of those odd structures on the moon… And even though the photos were good resolution I find myself wanting something even clearer… I am glad he is asking these important questions!

  5. Well, 10 minutes to go, NIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a great weekend eveyone, catch you all on Monday. Yes, I did say Monday. I will be here.

  6. Morning all hope the weekend ahead is a good one for all. Saddened to hear what happened in the cinema yesterday. Blessed be those who have chosen to go and those left behind may they be able to release the fear that was planted by this attack. sending much healing love and light.

  7. Crystalline you nailed what I was thinking.
    I am not trying to take away from the tragedy in Colorado, but this is already snowballing into a gigantic media fear fest. My mom is afraid of any of us going to a movie theater now.
    We need to be aware that events such as this are going to happen, and fear is going to consume those who are not looking out for it.
    I feel we need to not only send love and light to those affected, but also try to explain to people (like my mom) that living in fear because of what anyone else has done is not an ok way to live.
    Anyone that does a terrible thing like this, and causes thousands or millions of souls to be afraid wins. We all have to remain positive no matter what, and lots of folks will need help understanding.
    I’m not saying ignore or brush off a tragic event, just don’t be afraid to do something like going to a movie theater because of anyone else. Fear is going to be pushed on all of us. It’s up to us to live in light, love, and of course forgiveness.

    Love and light to all, Namaste

    • Jason it is so hard for so many. The media is all negative which is draining the energy of those in fear. Does your mum have music she enjoys that makes her feel happy. This might help also telling her how much you love her and a hug can work wonders. It is hard to let go of our children because of the bond I feel she will be ok in time just keep talking to her.
      much love and light dear friend.

  8. This is the first time I’ve heard about the “black knight” satellite, but this is a very neat story:

    Talks about a “satellite” which was documented as far back as 1920, and a guy who was in telepathic contact with “VALIS”, following his initial research of the ship.

    I created a page here on STC for this, mona lisa’s ship, and the baltic sea ship.

    • To know this has been there for so long and that contact was made is wonderful. There has been so much hidden I can not wait to know Humanities true history. Really enjoyed Thank you.

  9. Dream early this morning.
    I am inside my husband and I are having a discussion that has him saying something to which my reply is then leave. The look on his face ? I go out side something catches the corner of my eye so I look up. I can not believe what I am seeing. The clouds are white and very fluffy looking in a grey sky I can see a ship half out of the cloud, She is black circular with a half plate top, there is a ridge then like line around then port holes below that look like they go around the craft below is another ridge then the bottom looks like the base of a plate. Suddenly there is another I can see clearly this one is silver in the shape of a spinning top without the bit at the bottom I yell out to a dark haired man come quick can you see his face is a picture, I realise it is my son as my grandson is beside him pointing as I wave. Grey clouds begin to part and I see what appears to be a face of a Robot then he is standing in front of me asking what is wrong, I say nothing I was just waving hello. He smiles and we walk my grandson is on some sort of sticky soul which has wheels but they keep coming off his feet. After a while he tells me it is time for a coffee but tells me he has a special coffee for me, then he tells me after I have had it I must leave with him. Well I woke up didn’t I as my body needed to visit the bathroom. So gutted wanted to go.

  10. One Love Evolution Sprit Train Riders!!! ( ( ( CarpeDiem555 ) ) )

    The Galactic Federation Through Wanderer of the Skies ~ July 21 2012

    Greetings from the Federation:

    While you may not believe so, there is much that is going on in your world toward the results that the divine plan has been anticipating for a long time. We are here to see you through these times of doubt and help you in your mission. We understand the hardship that your memory loss of who you are and where you came from have brought upon you. We care and we are here. While you may not understand all the actions and non-actions that have been played out on the world stage, we say to you that all is proceeding according to the plan that was put in place long ago and you are all on course.

    Reports will shortly come into your media of a large shift in energy patterns on your world that have been measured and observed by your scientists. These shifts are part of the ever widening expansion of the energy lifting your world out of its entanglement. Pay particular attention to the degree to which these shifts have been noticed and you will understand the massive effects this energy is having on your world today.

    As we have always told you, the changes you see in your world do not come as a Hollywood movie, but as a gradual set of circumstances that culminate in the desired change the plan seeks to accomplish. You expected to see massive changes in the structures of your governments, banking and business communities, but this upset would have been far too much for your people to handle. These changes, like all necessary changes, are gradual in nature and sometimes imperceptible at first. Yet, they are here and underway. Have you not perceived the subtle but very powerful shift in the perception of your people towards the banking cartels? Have you not witnessed the slowing down of Gaia’s natural disasters? Have you not felt the shift in thinking of world leaders towards those issues and events which are people oriented and not solely beneficial to corporate interests? These subtle changes are what the behind-the-scenes moves, deals, and actions have been about.

    Recently, we have met again on a galactic scale to assess where we have come in the process and what must been done further to progress towards the inevitable goals desired by the plan. That meeting, again taking place on one of our great spacers, has led to some interesting consensus about our mutual situation. This meeting included those delegates from your world as well as representative of the Federation. Your people were heard and your feelings considered foremost in the consensus. We have begun in earnest now to undertake the first in the steps of this consensus. You will see that first step in the form of our overwhelming presence in your skies in the coming days. The first advance of the major agenda is underway.

    Your people have begun the shift toward understanding the Illuminati’s grip on the world. Those still in power with the ability to put an end to this have realized that the way is clear for them to proceed and that the resistance from the secret ones has lessened to a degree warranting action at this time. With these bold moves by your own heroes, and the first taken by us in a series of steps in this next phase of the plan, we hope to raise the energy in your world sufficient to achieve the next level and implement the next phase necessary to the goal.

    You are extraordinary human beings. You have studied hard and long on this, the greatest of the galactic spiritual schools, and are about to graduate from the Harvard of learning institutions. Your services are sorely needed throughout the universe and you will be met with open arms and great reverence for who you are and what you have accomplished. Remain in love and determination for a positive outcome. We, in turn, will remain ever in awe of your abilities, your talents, and your raw spiritual power.

    Be at peace.

  11. Well that eas pretty funny, I was in getting my haircut. Usually they have football playing on the TV screens. Today as I walked in, one screen was showing real places in England that are like the Harry Potter stories, for example a couple of alleys like Diagon Alley. On the other screen they were having a serious discussion about alien visitors. LOL I wonder if this was a direct message from our galactic friends? :mrgreen:

  12. ( ( ( Love Is Now The Dominating Influence Enveloping The Planet ) ) )
    by John Smallman – July 22, 2012

    As you all know, your awakening is divinely guaranteed. So when your issues come up for you to address and release, bringing with them a variety of unsettling feelings and emotions, just observe them and let them pass.

    Engaging with them by thinking about them and wondering what they mean is unhelpful, because it holds them in your mind and intensifies the feelings, thus making it more difficult for you to release them.

    You may feel sad, angry, depressed, anxious, guilty, hurt, betrayed, exploited – the selection is endless and none of it is enjoyable – but if you engage and attempt to justify or understand those feelings, it just takes a lot longer for them to clear.

    Many of you will feel very tired or exhausted while this is going on, so take time out and sleep, and much of the necessary release can occur while you do so.

    Rest assured that relaxing into those feelings and allowing them to flow will alleviate the unsettledness that arises when they come to mind, and you will find yourself at peace in spite of the discomfort. And of course your daily periods of relaxation and meditation are times during which these issues are more easily released.

    All who choose to awaken will do so, and if you want to awaken then you have already made that choice. It is very helpful to remind yourselves frequently, at least once a day, that you are indeed going to awaken because it confirms and strengthens your intention to do so. Humanity is consciously making this choice with increasing determination each day, and it is this collective and determined intent that is bringing it on.

    God knew when He planted within you the inextinguishable flame of His Love that the moment for you to awaken would be the inevitable result of that action. He has left you free to decide for yourselves precisely when that moment would occur, and over the eons the intensity of your desire to return to His loving embrace has been waxing or waning in line with your alternating choices to embrace attitudes of love or hate.

    Collectively you have now made the unalterable choice for love, and the areas where hate is prevalent are losing their cohesiveness, and the power it has maintained over so many of you for so long is rapidly weakening.

    Love is now the dominating influence enveloping the planet, and it is spreading inexorably into every arena of human activity to dissolve the conflicting agendas and disagreements that have plagued you for so long. Its results are unmistakable as you observe the established orders of power and control disintegrating all across the world.

    This disintegration will continue until all the old corrupt systems have completely collapsed, making way for one new and enlightened system, with the best interests of all on the planet at its heart, to replace them.

    A new age of peace and abundance is about to be ushered in, and all on Earth will benefit enormously when it arrives. Conflict and vehement disagreement will no longer stalk the Earth seeking opportunities to divide you into warring factions, because Love, which has been the source of your existence since the moment of your creation, embraces all without exception, leaving neither room nor reason for anything that is unlike Itself.

    It is almost impossible for you to imagine a world without conflict, disagreement, and disharmony, because over the eons that you have spent in the illusion you have become inured to those states and the anxiety and fear that they manifest.

    Nevertheless, the age of peace and abundance for which all have always hoped, even though they were unable to find it, is inevitable. Hold your Light on high, operate always from the Love you bear within you, and watch with enthusiasm and delight as it comes into being.

    With so very much love, Saul.

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