Astral Travels: August 2012


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  1. Oo, I got to fly in spaceships this morning in ny dreams. Chiseled metal-looking ships. I was trying to escape from a house where people were after me and I was prying apart the wood panels to get out the house and some person just slid the glass panels of the window out. I escaped into a field where the ship picked me up.

  2. This is for friday night 8/24. Before going to sleep I expressed my intent to remember my dreams and used the password center spiral wings unity.

    I was walking along the sidewalk in “Astral Victoria”. There is an elementary school on Oak Bay avenue, whereas in real life there is no school there. As we are walking along the sidewalk, my younger son trips and lands face down in a puddle, and he wants to be carried. My older son wants to be carried too, and I say to him, no way buddy (he’s 9 years old now…) but a guy walking beside us (I don’t recognize him) says hey no problem, I’ll carry him. The guy kind of resembles my uncle (dad’s brother), with thinning black medium-length hair, somewhat heavy set, in his late 60’s. So this guy gives my older son a piggy back and we continue walking to the school. When we get to the grounds of the school, my older son shows him an acrobatic trick and stands on the guys head like a surfer. It was pretty funny, and the guy was hamming it up too. Then we get to the front door and he puts my older son down, and offers us some candy – lollipops (fizz bombs?) – to my sons and a purple and green striped lollipop to me that looks like a crystal (Ocatawa?). He was a pretty friendly / happy guy.

    • Hi, Troy! I see a synchronization with one of my dreams that I shared here long ago, in this dream Leslee was having a birthday party and gave me amethyst candy ๐Ÿ™‚ this is amazing, my friend, now you were dreaming about purple and green lollipops- wow!
      Green is the colour of growth and also the heart chakra, purple is connection, link,
      It seems that you are making a huge spiritual progress, my brother ๐Ÿ™‚
      Love and Light and see you in astral flight
      Oh, and some heavy weight is shared between you and your uncle, you are helped by your Guides ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Dream morning of August 22nd, 2012

    I was learning to fly a spaceship! It was a round disc and the floor was like a wooden gym class floor, it would crack. I was worried it would crack in half. An Ishaya monk named Agni was teaching us how to fly. He had coherent brainwaves so he could fly smoothly. When I tried to fly I would do good for a while but if I got distracted the UFO would tilt. I was using something that looked like an iPod Touch. I used my mind to control it. It showed the UFO on it on a green background and you could see if you were going to run into something, like radar. The name Agni is pronounced like OGNI which reminded me of OVNI which is the French and Spanish word for UFO, I believe. Later in the dream I was putting together a steel bunk bed frame and later than that I was grocery shopping with my mom and combing the store for shaving cream!

    • It is wonderful that you remember such a dream, dear Friend! Thank you! and Agni resonates also, the Agartha ? Adama? Adrial? Agnes?
      Love and Light, dear sister ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I met him 9 years ago. The Ishaya monks practice a meditation technique, the art of ascension. . He had long dirty blonde hair back then. I don’t know what he looks like now. I’m not even sure I have his name correct. My memories are fuzzy from that time. In the dream he was teaching me to fly the spaceship. He was also in a kitchen on the ship looking for something or trying to fix something.

  4. I had a glimpse of my dream I was in what I can only describe as a large hanger was looking for something with others. We had to be quiet so as not to be noticed. What ever it was we found as the next thing I know we are being teleported out of there. all I can remember.

  5. Around 5:30 a.m. Saturday I awoke. I had difficulty going back to sleep. Then I had two visions. I closed my eyes and saw a woman performing. She wore a cowboy hat and a two piece leather ensemble. I felt she was a stripper. The vision faded. I opened my eyes wondering why I get these visions of strangers. I closed my eyes again and I had another vision.

    I saw pastel colored houses lining a quiet neighborhood. I saw a man walking in the distance. I saw the back of the man and as I watched him, he felt familiar to me. He wore starched blue jeans, black dress shoes, a long sleeved white shirt with a symbol on the upper back of the shirt. His hair was dark and curly. I realized I was watching my x-husband walking briskly up the street. I wondered, โ€œWhere is Raul going?โ€ Then I heard my sister, Kim say, โ€œHeโ€™s trying to find his way home.โ€ It startled me to hear my sisterโ€™s voice then, the vision faded. I have been having an uneasy feeling about my x-husband for over a month now. I feel like something is wrong. I have been trying to reach my x for over a month now and his phones are not in service. The last time I talked to him was July 3rd and he said he was heading to South Dakota to work. I have not talked to him since then. I might call a friend of his to find out if he has talked to Raul.

  6. All I remember from our last dreamflight, was watching a cloudship move off through the sky. Its not much, but it’s the first memory I have retained from a dreamflight.:)
    I remember watching an oddly shaped, low cloud do nothing. Then a round, bright white light lit up on it’s left side and the cloudship moved off fairly quickly to my right. I remember having a huge smile on my face.
    I did Leslee’s meditation for lifting the cloak earlier in the day.
    Last night I saw a “” or something similar fall from the sky towards Earth. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I love you all and am eternally grateful to experience and share all of this with you.

    • WOW, Jason, your dream resembles my dream of a few nights ago, I saw a cloud in the bright blue sky and at the edges of this cloud came Lights as if it was a craft, then the cloud took a shape of an Angel, me and my sister were watching the cloud above us
      Love and Light

      • It was an odd enough shape for me to notice the cloud and watch it, just can’t remember what the shape actually was.

  7. I woke up this morning and remembered that everyone here had met at a place that looked like an airport. Except I think it was a galactic light ship. We were all really sleepy, like when you just wake up in the morning after a night of partying. We were chatting with each other but were having a hard time making sense of anything. I remember talking specifically to Stick, Leslee, and John. Leslee said “you’re not going to remember this…” and I said “I can try”.

    My intent last night was to remember my dreams. I did not remember any dreams but I did remember this as I was waking up. It’s funny that the only thing I can remember is Leslee saying I won’t remember anything.

  8. Hi Tauno,
    You are right , definitely the Athabantian because of the balloons and Blaze because of the audition/singing. It was indeed a nice journey.

    It resonates that the white male crystal is in Egypt and called Ben. We are making progress sister.

    Love and light

  9. Hi Tauno,
    busy doing art and geometry in your dream. Did you have fun?
    It seems that we are all learning …… something ๐Ÿ˜€

    Here is my is my dreamflight, I also had interesting dreams on the 17th and the 19th , but because of the long content I will post them on

    Dreamflight 18 August 2012

    I have put my intention the visit the ships: Aurora, Athabantian, Eui, Blaze and Algiz and others.

    Before I put the intention, I was suffering with lots of cramps and pains. Eventually I went to sleep around 1 AM.

    Dream: In the first dream I felt I was deconstructed and reconstructed again, over and over again.

    I was in Belgium, in Antwerp and driving in the car. I had to go over a bridge, but the police stopped me. There was a big gap in the bridge so I had to take a detour. I asked the policemen what I should do. He shows me the map and points at a street that runs parallel with this road. I should take (victory road: I am not sure) that road. As I go in that road, the street was made of cobble stones. It was a very rough ride and I get lost.

    The dream changes and I am doing an audition for a play. So I was singing a few songs for the audition, and trying to stay in tune. Then the director of the play is sitting on the bed to make decisions who made it in the play. First is a little North American Indian girl, but she wasnโ€™t chosen. I felt bad because she had no parents. I was last and the director says to me: you are in, but I have to hire somebody to work on your voice, to get it better. I said to him if he was sure because most of the time I was singing out of tune. He said he was sure. Now I have to find a way to take a year off from my current work with the possibility to come back. The director says enjoy it is like a 12 month vacation. We all jump from a high cliff/waterfall into the pool beneath us. Then I find myself floating in the air, hooked up on a balloon. I see two beds floating past me, also hooked on a balloon going up to the opening of the dome. End of dream.

    Love and Light

    • Hi, dear Lisa ๐Ÿ™‚
      The meanings of the dreams reveal in a day or two ๐Ÿ™‚ but in your dream there was a clear sign of visiting Athabantian and Blaze, I think you also were on ALGIZ because I feel you were one of my classmates and me/doing an art geometrical work/was perhaps on Blaze
      It was a nice journey , my sister ๐Ÿ™‚
      And I feel the white male crystal in Egypt that I saw is called BEN
      Love and Light

  10. Thank you for sharing your dream, Nisse, this sounds like a “progress” dream, which is precisely what dreamflights can be about, either from a “healing” or “liberating” / learning perspective. Especially as it relates to “connecting to inner child”. Sometimes this might lead to feelings/fear of judgement, but in the words of Mr. Rogers, “I am every age I ever was” – so the inner child is just another part of you. ♥

    • Maybe I am being to technical… but I usually want to know what the origin of a word is, its’ meaning historically. Same with anything else. So naturally I want to understand the origin of the concept and what lies in it.

      I already have experiences from communication with beings from “over there” (not going to be specific) and it’s a lot of “who knows who” if you want something done, or want to find out anything. With some tasks I could just ask my “friends” and they would find a way to tell me in an everyday situation. But if there are already ways to do it they would just lead me to it by letting me find a book or meet someone who knows. Someone led me here to find out, because they know what I’m thinking about. Though I myself don’t know what question to ask, I guess this is… sort of what I was looking for.

      But being the way I am, I want to talk to whoever arranges the dream flights to find out more. It obviously worked out once I understood how to follow the instructions. So considering they know my intent, they can read my thoughts. Then they know I want to find out, so we’re not having completely opposite views or they wouldn’t let me.

      The dream experience is clearly different from an ordinary dream, where things are the same as when I’m awake and there’s no conceptual difference. These dreams have a feeling of “accuracy” over them and (sorry to say this) things look a bit dull. Buildings, people, situations, all of them are very clear, but they feel like a representation created by someone, maybe like a movie with a script. My ordinary casual dreams are under my control, if I want to fly up into the air I can.

      So I understand someone created this communication with certain rules. I have no problem with that, as I know noone could make contact if I didn’t allow it. So I suppose… what’s the “thing” about it being called a flight? What about the ships? Are they just conceptual, or referring to actual ships?

      • I’ve had a look around, see there’s “too much” information for me really.

        You don’t have to answer, I’ll sort it out. Will ask them directly, think I get it now.

        see you.

        • Thanks Nisse, some great synch here as I just answered your question! Please feel free to ask, I think it is a little easier for those of us who have already walked that particular path. But to be honest I am still expanding my own understanding of what this thing is.

      • Wow these are really great points and questions!

        What you are seeing is the end result of a process of discovery that several of us went through (and that process continues to this day!). I suppose I was the primary “connector of the dots”, but my role was only to create a final summary of existing ideas. The end result is the dreamflight invitation. Yes you are talking to the person who arranges them, although this is also very much a teamwork effort of many people. My underlying intent was really triggered by Steve Beckow’s attempt to have a physical ride on the Neptune, back in February. There was a tremendous amount of disappointment when the Neptune didn’t show up. So my thinking was, why not meet them half way? And so the dreamflights were born to do just that.

        You should read the information on this page:

        Especially the description provided from the Ashtar Command. This information was published as a follow-up to Steve’s failed flight, and I felt it accurately described what we found ourselves experiencing.

        You raise really good questions about the terminology, and your observations are really helpful to me. It did not occur to me that perhaps a “created” environment could look different from a “spontaneously created” environment. That is really interesting! Could your own knowledge that this is created by someone else have something to do with how it looks like to you? I wonder, if I joined you on your “ship” would things look dull and gray to me?

        I suppose the terminology has evolved to stretch the definition of what a “dream”, a “flight” and a “ship” might be (not to mention “Astral Travel”). Our experience with Ghost radar may have had some role in this. This is not stretching the truth so much as applying a more broad definition to the term. This is also not done to mislead, but to expand how we think of different things… to expand our perspective.

        So a light ship is “conceptual” as well as “real” but not necessarily in the physical sense. It depends on the specific time/space/dimension in which that ship might reside. In our research, we do have confirmation from multiple sources that these do in fact exist, but again in some cases it requires a broadening of perspective to accept that it exists.

        To look at it another way, I/we created an empty bucket, and that bucket is now being filled with things that already exist, much like how one might go beachcombing.

        • I see that I did again what I so often do, dash in asking for the supervisor, not even bothering to read the manual…

          As I was typing that message I became aware of an energy stream with the same “identity” as the dream flight, so I was just about to “pull it” like it was an electrical cable and start following it to see where it lead to.

          I understand a lot of people like to use rich forms when communicating – I’m not one of them. I will just yell “HEY!” while keeping the issue in mind and someone will show up to give answers. Even some of those referred to as “dark” or “lower” will answer if that’s my only option. It’s just harder to get anything useful out of them as they’ll try to trick me. But sometimes an area is not populated by anyone else than them, so it’s not about them knowing anything that’s particularly useful, except that they can describe their local environment through experience.

          That’s the reason for my caution, which may also explain the experience of the dream environment as dull. When I don’t know what I’m dealing with I’ll apply a set of rules (I change these based on situation) that restrict the communication to prevent any “tricks.”

          Those password for the ships, actually I couldn’t get it to work when trying to memorize them. To get it to work I had to use the concept that in the dream, I’ll still have my mobile phone, and I’ll use it to access the web page and get the passwords from there when I need them. Sounds stupid?? I often go “the long way” to reach simplicity.

          But my experience of the environment as “created” as opposed to spontanious; I think it’s still kind of simple to explain even without those cautionary rules I use. I’ll say it like this: When two people meet, there’s a relation between them. This relation always takes the form of male-female. When you’re on the phone one is listening and the other speaks, then you switch roles. It’s the same. So how do you know which role to assume? In computer terms, what’s the “protocol” that’s going to be used?

          I find it easier to assume the adapting role, so that’s my outset. I try to find out about the other part and communicate in their concepts. When there’s a huge difference between two persons, you’ll have to go by the most superficial way, using only words and language structure to deliver the message.

          So to create a meeting hall for many people – open for almost anyone. I couldn’t do that. I’d have to restrict the entry, or it would be very generic, not expressing any of my specific qualities.

          • So communicating something to someone directly is even rather simple (to me) because I can use the specific situation of the person to create a close communication. Then just a few words will be enough. So to answer the question of what “my ship” would look like to you: if I knew you were coming, I’d prepare a room specifically and it’d look great. If you were to come as an invited guest, one out of many, it would be up to you. Maybe you couldn’t even stand it, my taste in colors, furniture etc. may look terrible to you if I was to just pick what I like. Maybe the place would smell strongly of perfume so you couldn’t breath – anything’s possible if I didn’t get time to “personalize the experience” as Facebook calls it ๐Ÿ™‚

            What I’m talking about is that difference in references between persons that create that distance which allows for misunderstandings, and also which is based on how you have adapted to your local situation. If you grew up someplace warm, maybe Latin America, you find the weather in northern Europe to be just so cold and depressing. So even if I did my best it wouldn’t look good to some people.

            Having read your explanation, I think I was on the right track from the beginning. But I do find it impressive though, the smoothness of the dream flight itself, even if the environment didn’t look that special to me.

            Then I start thinking along the lines of; isn’t the point to meet people, not just share like this? It’s impressive that you shared and arranged for this and can leave it open for anyone to join like this, but if this was me I’d want to see whoever visited, and not just leave it open to these, in some sense wild experiences. But that’s me, the control freak ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Dream of august 18:

    I am at a dinner party with family members and some people that was invited by someone else. I do not know them. I am brushing my teeth by the dinner table and spitting the tooth paste out the window. It is dark outside and we’re on the first floor, I see the grass as I bend out leaning on the window frame.

    It’s after dinner and I’m throwing away some chicken bones or similar by tilting my plate over a metal string trash can. I also throw away a piece of bread with butter on it that I didn’t eat. Then I realize there’s no bag in the trash can and the bread gets stuck in between the metal strings halfway down. I now regret throwing away the bread so I pick it up again and save it to eat it later.

    My sister and her boyfriend are in the shower and they left the door open. I hear them talking about me, saying some bad things, so I yell at them: “If you’re going to talk about me behind my back, at least close the door!” They look at me and then close the door, but they show no regret over have been overheard.

    This dream seems to revolve around things that are forbidden, each part has something forbidden in it: spitting out the window, throwing away food, talking behind someones’ back. I may seem strange but to me those things seem like something that you’d do as a child because it was in some way thrilling, just because it’s not allowed.

    I don’t know how this could in any way be a dream flight??

  12. Hello, everybody ๐Ÿ™‚
    here is my dream of last night
    I do not remember well the first part of my dream but definitely I had a talk with someone and received this ” BEN from Africa supports you”

    Next I was a student and there were other classmates with me , we were having big break and were outside at a big market, I remember that I wanted to buy for myself a colorful blouse and with some friends of mine were looking at this blouse while the big break was over , but I have not decided yet whether to buy it or not, the next class has begun and I was still outside.
    Next part – I was a student and my class were having a lesson – outside on desks along a noisy street. Many cars were passing by and we had a strange lesson – geometry and art mixed together , I had to cut rectangular pieces of colorful paper/kind of tickets/, but I did not have a scissors and I was tearing the paper by hand, a woman that I know but I do not like in “awakened” life was sitting behind me , she was spying me and I did not feel comfortable but I continued to talk with my neighbors

    This is all I can remember
    Love and Light

  13. Yes, Tauno, I am happy as well to be here, connected with everyone. I wish the best for all of my family here. : )

    Love, light and blessings

  14. Lisa what a powerful message of your ascension. Tauno I was thinking the same thing that the snake also represents Kundalini. I am so happy for you Lisa! : )
    Much love dear sister

    • I am so happy to be connected with you and all wonderful Souls here, dear Vee ๐Ÿ™‚
      Love and Light

  15. Thank you everybody, when I woke up , I felt that it was a very powerful dream. I had other dreams but can’t remember due to my fever of my cold. But that one stayed with me. Tauno I was also thinking about Kundalini but wasn’t sure if this was the case, but I think that it is. Many magical things are happening.

    Leslee, I hope you having a great time and can’t wait to here some stories. I further explored my relation to Tolan, and almost finished my post about it, that I will post tomorrow. Just need some little changes.

    Suzanne, yes all day long, everyday , i get those synchronizations. What a marvelous way for my guides to guide me to the right things for me to see. Just as when I search for connection with Tolan.

    A give you all a splatter of Light and Love,

  16. Thanks for the compliments, it is not really finished yet, but will post it, when it is.
    My dream last night:

    Dream 15 of August, 2012

    I was like driving/flying to this big snake , looking white and pink, nested next to an altar. I am not scared of this big snake, I even lie down and this big snake coils around me gently. Then the snake starts to talk to me, because he wants to give me truly marvelous experience. But I had to trust him , because he is going to swallow me and then when I come back out, I would be transformed. So he opens his big snake mouth and here I am a bit hesitant. I ask the snake if I would be able to breath in there? But before he can answer this question, a lady appears with her pet companion and orders her pet to take the snake and put it into another dimension. Before I can react, the snake and the pet flies through a portal. This lady gives my special wipes, to wipe me clean so that no scent of the snake could be found on my body and would not be able to track me back. Before I can do thisโ€ฆ..I woke up.

    I then began to search for the meaning of this dream, and Ohhh boy, I was in for a surprise.

    The meaning of the dream:

    The altar represent of communication with me inner self through meditation, as for the snake also represents my power with in. So in the dream I was talking to my inner
    self about the transformation that I will go through. I wasn’t afraid of the snake. So the snake represents healing, transformation, knowledge and wisdom. It is an indication of renewed energy, positive change.Snakes are highly charged, evocative creatures and when they slither into dreams they are an indication that the dream is not only of high importance, but also one that the dream is offering a great growth opportunity.

    It strengthens this vision as the snake was white and pink colored. White stands for peace, cleansing, illumination, purity, innocence and the highest kind of understanding.And it promotes cleansing, order and establishes clarity. While pink love, joy, sweetness, happiness, affection and kindness, also it is healing through love.

    snake crop circle After that I was decided to read some articles and came across the Galactic Free Press article 14-08-2012, and reading some snippet from Julia Contreras, about the latest crop circle in Crop Circle At Uffington’s White Horse, nr Woolstone. Oxfordshire, reported 14 august. “It is time to become NEW; to transmute the old skin; as indicated by the snake symbol in the this latest crop circle. ” A picture of a snake. Co-incidence?

    • Hi, Lisa! Amazing dream, what I have to add is that Snake represents also Kundalini, your inner Spiritual energy is awakened and You have activated your Spiritual powers , I have also seen this Snake in meditations and felt the Serpent going up / sounds and sensations into my head several times after I made the chakra clearing meditations/
      Thank You for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚
      LOVE YOU!

    • Beautiful Lisa your very talented ๐Ÿ™‚ your dream is very spiritual in deed love the snake info relates so well with the crop circle. Many new things happening all over.
      love suzanne

  17. My dreamflight : “I felt like these dreams where revolving around me”

    First I dream that my daughter kept on falling out of my car on the freeway below (she didn’t got hurt, because she ended always back up in my car, to fall out again) Then there was a meeting going on and I had to justify myself why my daughter kept on falling out of the car. I admit that she was and got arrested by the police men that was sitting next to me.

    Then i was dead , I did something hero like and they were making a movie about me. In bird flight they zoom in on my apartment in Belgium.

    Then the dream shifts again and i am at work and I have to solve something. I just don’t know how.

    The last bit of the dream, i was on a boat, having a party with celebrities and one of them was adopting my kids.

    Then when I woke up of the dream, this energy I felt last time, is back and comes in waves through my body. I open my heart to these waves. And a bit later I am reading the Galactic Free Press Daily update and reading this:

    “Shanta Gabriel with Messages from AA Gabriel”
    From August 11 to the 20th, there will be 9 days of awakening. Openings will occur within portals all over the planet and a massive download of Divine Love will be radiated from the Cosmos. This will spark mass transformation on a cellular level as people receive this energy of love in a way that was never possible before. By August 20, all who are attuned to frequency will be able to experience a greater sense of inner peace and more clarity in their lives. This will be of great value because the energy waves will continue to accelerate through December 21 and grounding will be needed.” End of Quote

    So it is really amazing that I felt this.

    This weekend was quite interesting, but I will share it when I can as it is a part of the search of Tolan.

    Love and Light

  18. When I picked up my dream diary this morning this was recorded in my hand writing but I do not remember writing it.
    August 9
    Yes we are like you, we have feelings, Emotions and we sense things but we are more human than many realise. Each spiritual being embraces who they are within the collective but it is done as a whole, as one in rhythm as one. You are about to step into an amazing place. an amazing journey is manifesting as we speak. One of Adventure, Joy, purpose, One of love.

    Last nights dream flight.
    received a name Heather Campbell 1686 told to start writing but as I picked up pad the channel stopped.
    I was looking out my window at the mountain and realised something strange where the top of the mountain should have been was a giant rotor blade similar to a large fan similar to an industrial one you find in large tubes but bigger still. grabbed my camera and went outside. Then I realised there was some sort of circular structure now being engulfed by the mountain again. Suddenly I saw helicopters with things suspended from them. One looked like some sort of car as I am videoing it it comes closer then from no where a man fly’s over me and whips it out of my hand and tells me I cant take photos. I yell I was not going to show anyone.
    Later that day I am bringing in the washing when a small helicopter appears near the clothes line. I pull it back so that the blades don’t cut it and a women steps out holding her hand open with some coins and proceeds to give me money. She tells me this will replace my camera and I will be able to get a better model. She tells me they were amazed when they found I did not have daft photos. Why they wanted to keep it was beyond me.
    She follows me inside but stops as she steps over the threshold she becomes agitated and tells me there is something here, a presence which for some reason terrifies her. I become aware there are three people here with me and notice she is military. wake up.

  19. Good morning Suns ๐Ÿ™‚
    Here is my dream of last night

    I saw Lisa, she was meditating in a room, she was doing a meditation that I saw manifested as some bricks with Runes in a shape of a flower, /Lisa- you tried chakra cleaning sequence of meditations, did`n you?/ I think my dream showed me this type of meditation especially as far as the flower is concerned – the stem is the chakras and the blossom at the top is the crown chakra
    Lisa, at times I was you in this dream, and the meditation helped traveling to other planets and connecting, we traveled with thought

    Next- I heard a song, very familiar and well known in Bulgaria performed by a rock singer called Milena, I went there – a small square with not many people listening to the song but the singer was not Milena although she was dressed like her , her shoes were different ๐Ÿ™‚ and her hair too, the singer had more ordinary look than Milena, after the song the singer went into a building

    Next – Me, Lisa and Leslee seemed to be one person/ due to the energetic link we have/ , We were standing around a platform, circular platform , on the platform was decorated a tree that looked like the tree of Live – Yggdrasil, the tree seemed to be a kind of crop circle, I do not remember quite well if we stepped on the platform but it is more likely that we did

    End of the dream
    Love and Light

    • Tauno I think your dream was the intro to mine…I think we went in to Abi-Qor from there, meeting with others and planning a new part of the city to share with others…
      Also, I bet you have some thoughts about this: i have a recurring theme if archery… as in Hunger Games … very hi-tech bow and arrow for hunting …any thoughts?
      Much love to you all!

      • Now I remember a meeting of many people in my dream taking place somewhere, perhaps Abi-Qor
        “Also, I bet you have some thoughts about this: i have a recurring theme if archeryโ€ฆ as in Hunger Games โ€ฆ very hi-tech bow and arrow for hunting โ€ฆany thoughts?”
        Yes, this confirms the Rune TEIWAZ that appears in all of my crystal meditations
        “The arrow of the Teiwaz rune represents going straight to the source, or the heart of things. It shows hitting the bullseye on the target and shooting straight.

        This rune gives one the ability to remain objective and judge in fairness. It also gives the potential for handling conflicts positively.

        The Teiwaz rune symbolises new challenges and initiations into new understandings. It represents voluntary sacrifice made by someone who understands exactly what they are giving up and why.

        When the Teiwaz rune is drawn in a reading, it is telling you that there is a need for fearlessness as your victory is already assured if your heart remains true. It is also a time to make use of all the skills and wisdom you have learned so far in this lifetime.

        You are warned to protect your faith, as it will be challenged. Remember, the truth will always be victorious in the end.”
        Love and Light, dear Les

    • Hi Tauno, yes I did the chakra cleaning sequence of meditations. You had an amazing dream with me as the head lead in the dream movie ๐Ÿ˜€

      The tree of life you saw in sort of crop circle, it reminds me of my new diary I am making. If I have enough space on my phone I will post it tomorrow. But I don’t guarantee that this is what you saw. And yes we do share the same energetic link together. The platform reminds me of one of the trades on Athabantian ship.

      “Recurring elements:
      A large open platform, circular or octagonal or similarโ€ฆ like a huge landing of a set of stairs or escalators; May also look like a Sci-Fi transporter padโ€ฆ This seems to be a sort of launch-spot from which we enter dreamsโ€ฆ”

      I want to share something else, as I feel the right time for this. When I had a chat with Leslee, something else came to the surface ๐Ÿ˜€

      ” Leslee: There is another being, very closely related to you, who IS in an underground region near you in Africa…

      Leslee: and this being has a similar connection to one of your friends in the north… I can’t see, is it Tauno, Claudiu, or perhaps Vlad… so the 4 of your form a piece of lattice of light…

      But you will get more out of focusing on Tolan for now, and once we understand your relationship with him better, the other will become more clear…”

      Love you dear sister

      • Dear Lisa
        This tree was in a kind of crop circle, the tree of Life itself is a portal to other dimensions just as you explain it in your work and at the same time in my dream this crop circle was a platform , from this platform starts a flight and a kind of mission, I feel that all of us have pieces of the Whole and that is why a common work and sharing is required , WE ARE ONE, this was one of the messages from my dream when I was me, you and Les at the same time, I am eager to read Leslee`s dream when she is able to post it ๐Ÿ™‚
        Thank you so much to all of you
        Love and Light

  20. Dream of August 9, 2012.

    I was applying for TN status, and the application was successful. There were 3 guards there. They were talking.

    This is exactly what happened in real life the following day. I have never before had this kind of experience, where the dream and real life are the same.

  21. I had another dream about a black snake.

    I was sitting on a bed with my one year old grandson and one year old great granddaughter talking to someone. From the corner of my left eye I could see a big black snake coming towards us. I knew he wanted one of the babies. I picked up my grandson and great granddaughter and also my little dog Sugar and turned to face the snake with no fear. I was protecting them and I knew he couldn’t get to them.

  22. Dream August 9th

    I was Kristen Stewart (KStew) of Twilight fame and the movie and her real life realities were blended so that I had vampires chasing me & felt special because of it but I also cheated on Robert Pattinson (RPatz) and had a kid and all that. It was one big intense mashup and mixup of feelings and adventure.

  23. Dream morning August 7th

    I am a security guard at an arts centre in town. I had asked one of the ladies to order a part for something that was broken. Someone relayed a message back to me from her saying that she had already ordered the part and I’ll just have to wait! I didn’t know why she had to be so huffy about it. Then I was filling out a witness statement for something, and sitting in one of the rooms that was recreated to look like an old farmhouse and I remember filling out the paper, but then I noticed what a beautiful golden yellow colour it was and how the lines were so straight and I got carried away just writing on it like a journal entry. I knew I would have to fill out a new witness statement later. That’s all I really remember.

  24. Here is my dream of last night
    pine sawyer beetle This is the beetle that I saw. Scarab Beetle

    Dream 06-08-2012

    I find myself in a sort of personal office/library and I am sitting with my teacher. He was showing me 4 rare books that needed to be kept safe. They were in a sort of wooden box attached to a long piece of wooden arm that was attached to the ceiling. In the ceiling you could see an opening where the box would fit in if you let go of the cord that is holding it down. You could remove the books, but just for a small period time and then you had to put it back. If not, the whole library would crumble down as a safety precaution that the books wouldnโ€™t leave the library. He showed me a book with rare fantasy animals in, I remember a pink animal. I felt really important being there. There was a sense of wisdom flowing through the air.

    I wake up because my little girl wakes me up. After settling her needs, I go back to sleep. I am standing now in my living-room (looked like a new house) and also my girls where there. Then a large group of brown beetles come into my house, in and out. Taking stuff that was on the floor (paper-food) out of the house. The acted like ONE entity. They came back and my youngest daughter Nolwazi went under the table on the same time as the group beetles. I was yelling at her and when I looked under the table she was gone. I panicked a bit and looked under my orange couch only to find Sarah lying under there with a lot of beetles. She was screaming, telling me to get her out. After that my Nolwazi returned and I was relived.

    I see rainbow crystal rocks lying on the floor, leaving a trail outside the door. I follow them outside, and next to the door there is a white painted cellar door. The rocks lead to it. I am a bit scared and I turn around and go in the house again. The beetles starting to come in again but they transform into beetle people, trying to communicate with me. As I go back outside, I see a lot of these beetle people standing outside, they were dressed very colorful. So I am asking someone if the saw Cora? The answer is no and I start to yell her name, but nobody reacted. I got scared again and ran towards the huge green gate, but the doors were closed and there were some electricity wires on top of it. But I donโ€™t want to stay, so I climbed over and jumped. Hurting my back and my legs and feet. The beetle people got me up and one of them changed into a chair so that I could sit. They put a table with a blanket on top of it and over my legs. I knew somebody was sitting under that table. But I didnโ€™t resist and suddenly a very bright yellow light came from underneath it. They were healing my legs and it felt the light vibrating through my legs. It also felt like warm and enjoyable. They asked me to stand up and I had no pains in my legs anymore, only in my back. I went inside and also the beetle people. As I am standing in the living room I see that they were reduced in size, they were very tiny. There was, it looked like a portal to another dimension and everyone was hopping into it, disappearing. I pleaded with them not to go, and I was crying. I find myself again on top of the green gate and I jump again. Then I find myself in an alley next to my house and was lying on a couch that was dumped on the streets. Lisa Gawlas was there and she was trying to hypnotize me. I shake my head and I said no, donโ€™t do that. She is trying to tell me something but she is speaking very soft. I say to her that I canโ€™t here her because I only can hear 80%. Even when she speaks into my ear, I still canโ€™t hear. A young lady appears on the arm of the couch and smiles at me. She has blond hair and ponytails. Suddenly the beetle people are re turning to me. I said what happened, she said, you hit rock bottom. End of dream.

    • Lisa it looks like you may have cleared the last remnants once you hit the bottom all there is is up. Wonder if the hypnotize and soft speaking are those around you that you are now trying to avoid as they are taking your energy. How are the pains now hope they are getting better. Much love dear sister.

      • Hi Suzanne,
        I looked a bit deeper and found out that the beetle is related to the scarab and look what it says about it: In ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle symbolized rebirth, cleansing and protection from evil, so a dream about a scarab beetle, or about jewelry in the shape of a scarab, can represent the beginning of something new in your life as well as your cleansing yourself of negative influences.

        So you hit the nail about this one. Thanks. Love you to my dear Suzanne,

        PS: I wish that the pains would get better, but it seems that it is not over yet. Yesterday I think I ate something bad and all night I had severe cramps. It is a bit better now but my tummy is still sore. You are so sweet asking. You know when most people ask how am I doing, I just say, I am fine. Some people don’t wanna know of your illnesses of think you fake it…. :


        • I know what it is like when your unwell because your always running after others you tend to take the back seat. Love that beetle ๐Ÿ™‚ My dream last night was a busy one but all I remembered was two brown bears just sitting watching me and I could have sworn they smiled. you are a sweet heart dear Lisa big hugs.

        • That’s really inspiring about the scarabs, Lisa! Maybe the pains you’re having are also clearing out the last of some karmic gunk… I wonder if it would help if you visualize the imprints and seeds of illness leaving your body (especially as other things leave your body…)… And maybe even drawing, about creating a new body for yourself… Sending you strong healing wishes!

        • Great analysis of your dream Lisa! I didn’t know how to interpret its meaning. My dear sister your well being is what I wish and pray for you. Soldier on.
          Love, light and good health

        • Dear Lisa, I agree with Leslee and i want to add something
          Go deep inside and try to speak to your body cells to get rid of the pains, simply tell them to recover, they have consciousness , give yourself Love and Approvement
          Love and Light

  25. Wow, what wonderful dream experiences I’m reading! Thank you everyone for sharing. Lisa, could it be the first half of your dream is regarding a past life? Thank you Crystalineblue for the interpretation regarding the elephant in Lisa’s dream. Some months ago I dreamed of a white elephant (statute) with purple ears and its trunk was up.

    Leslee, there is something else I remembered about the dream I had when I saw the emerald green color. I was working with my rose quartz pendulum and I saw a face on it. The face almost looked like an Asian male and it looked familiar to me. I remember seeing the face somewhere before. I finally found it on Gaia’s Galactic Family Album. The face that I saw was the face of Ariadnei.

    I don’t remember my dreams from August 4th but I know I was very busy. However, I had a revelation about seeing Brad Pitt in my dreams. Last night I set my intent to meet with my higher self. I dreamed of Brad and he wanted me to travel with him somewhere. I vaguely remember the dream. It felt like he was teaching and showing me something. When I awoke this morning, I realized he represents my higher self.

    Love, light and laughter

    • Hi Vee, is was thinking the same, maybe it was a past life? Who knows?
      Still typing my dream up that I had last night.

      Again really strange dream. Love Lisa

  26. Hi Suzanne,
    It was a grey elephant , and I remember the elephant thanked me for not taking his soul. Thanks my dear sister, love and Light

    Seems I do go the right direction ๐Ÿ˜€ Ascension ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. WOW Lisa this is what seeing an elephant means.
    To see an elephant in your dream indicates that you need to be more patient or more understanding of others. Or perhaps there is a memory that you are holding on to for too long. You need to let go of the past. The elephant is also a symbol of power, strength, faithfulness and intellect. Alternatively, the elephant’s introverted personality may be a reflection of your own personality. In particular, if you see a white elephant, then it symbolizes royalty. looks like you are letting go more than you think you are well done.:)

  28. Wow everybody has so beautiful and exhilarated dreams. My dream flight was as a lot about the same theme and when I woke up I felt the hurt in my heart from the dream, reminded me of something that happened to me 7 years ago. I recognized it for what it was, looked and examined it , transmuted it and let go of it. I don’t know if I did a good job at it and if I released it completely, only time now can tell :D.

    Last nights dream: As very usual me dream ๐Ÿ˜€
    The first dream I seem to be in the 1930’s and I was with my husband (not my husband of today) and I was cheating on him with another guy. But I made the mistake to bring this guy to my husbands shop/business. So I am there walking with this other man when I see my husband coming. So I duck and leave this guy behind. Then later I meet my husband and apparently he talked to this guy and new that I was cheating on him. He is taking me to his car and in the car he forces me to wear some funeral clothes.

    He brings me to my best friend so I can talk to her what is really happening with me. My husband is going to another room. And then I woke up.

    The following dream: (when I woke up I stated my intent to visit Athabantian)
    I am in a apartment block and someone is selling there black chair. It doesn’t sit comfortably and my friend decides to burn it. Then I am with my family in the swimming pools changing area and it seems we were all under water. I , with others were holding our breaths. Then suddenly the water disappears and we can breath.
    Now I am again in that same apartment block but I am standing at the mailboxes. I open and there was a lot of packages in there for me. I have trouble to get them out. On package contained German music.

    I am standing now in the living room and standing next to the father of this girl , who is asking her dad why he didn’t learn her to speak German because he was from Germany and why he never told her. Now I am sitting in a couch and playing the music and I see ghosts appear in the couch. Next thing I am in a big place with a carrousel. One of the ghosts is there and he has no good intentions in his ghost mind ๐Ÿ˜€ In the room there was a lot of people there, and he speaks out a command and suddenly all the people are in a kinda of spell and make a line and stepping like robots past me. He says I have to do something so then he will release his hold on these people. I see a dead baby elephant and he orders me to cut it open and take capture his soul. I started but then I refused, because it was a trick , cause if I did it, we would be worse off and he never intended to keep his promise. Before I woke up I felt like a passed some kind of test.

    Really strange dream

  29. Dream this morning.
    I am in a large room putting children to bed. My brother in law and sister in law are here. He is taking a bath in an old fashioned metal bath. I am in a hurry as I have to go to work then I remember I have no one to watch my daughter and will have to ring work to say I am not coming. Sister in law says its Tuesday and I am thinking what Did I ring yesterday to say I would not be in. Then I remember I don’t work any more.
    It is morning and I see people on the pavement outside a building working, I go over and the guy in charge says they have no room for any more workers. They cannot work in the building any more as the Boss does not want anyone inside.
    I go in any way as I need to find some thing. I go to a door and am stopped by a bodyguard. I tell him I really need to use the toilet so he looks around and tells me to be quick as the Boss is having a shower. I go into the room but find I am in another place more like a very grand opulent house. There is an air of quiet the house echo’s it is then I realise He is the God father the highest one and realise he is in containment but is fighting to hold his ground. His body guard let me in because he knew it was over and was just playing his last part.
    Now I am in a room with a large fish tank and above on the wall is a television (Disclosure) As I watch I am aware of my daughter sitting on a couch and others in the room. On the screen are three families they are different but familiar.
    They all appear human form/structure but that is where the familiarity ends.
    The first has like a feather type skin of rainbow luminescent colour nursing their child. The second has skin /scales which remind me of a chameleon. The third first thing that popped into my mind was robot. Their skin was silver like the colour of mercury when a thermometer is broken.
    I tell my daughter look star families, see they have children too and are not scary they are just like you and I. We watched and smiled they were beautiful.

  30. Dream morning of August 5th

    I was going to a party, or an auction. I noticed a man with a dog across the street. It was dark and he looked apprehensive and feeble. I could tell he wanted to cross the street, but was afraid. I crossed the street and had him follow me to the other side. Then I went to the party/auction.

    I also remember in an earlier dream that I thought was real, reading an email from my friend oversees who said he could visit this weekend. He wrote that his next two weekends were booked, so how about this one? I discussed it with my husband and was excited to have my friend visit, as it is a lot of money to travel here and I felt exhilarated that he was taking the time out of his schedule to visit me.

  31. Last night was a waking dream. Where Iโ€™m not asleep but stuff happens anyways. I heard Adrial invite me to the GLS Aurora, and what I saw next is Pegasus, waiting for me to hop on. It suggested a saddle, I thought initially some horse armor but he looked a little silly like that, so a simple leather saddle with some celtic ornament on it. I hopped on and we took flight into the darkness. Next I saw a black dragon flying above us, I was told, this is you as well. The dragon flew into me, adding its power to mine.

    What happened next was a series of very horrible images, I felt like we were passing through a dark dimension. Pegasus said create the light like a supernova, so I did, and we became this brilliant white light in the darkness. I still saw horrible monsters and ugly faces but they were consumed by the light.

    • WOW, what an amazing dream, Troy!
      No wonder that I do not remember anything
      You know what, the attacks continue, they are just surfacing from inside to be cleaned
      Yesterday I gave a permission to the GFL and my Guardians and Guides to look after all my surroundings , this way I will be more confident in my security and will be able to go further in my mission of Light here.
      I see a connection with my traveling in the bus with your traveling with Pegasus, I felt sick and you Troy saw horrible creatures, this means that we are dealing with Cleaning, Healing and bringing Light and this is definitely a sign of progress!
      Love and Light

      • It somehow reminded of the chaos zone around a mandala, I wonder what happens when that is cleared out, or no longer exists. Well whatever needs to be cleared I guess I have the go ahead to clear it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Hi, dear friends
    I do not remember anything from dreaming today, in the morning I had a dream – I was sitting next to my sister in a bus and traveling, I was sick, this is all I can remember
    Love and Light

  33. Hi everybody, what interesting dreams everybody has. Last night in the dream I was first on the roof of a high building looking at some magical clouds. Then a mini bus of elves came by and I followed it into the city of elves. There was a big party going on and there was also other people on the party from different cultures, ages , time lines. Also Santa Claus was there and Sarah said: look a gnome. I said that is not a gnome it is Santa Claus. I went with my friend to watch the sunrise, but we missed a bit so I thought, let’s do it over. I erased the sunrise and tried to imagine a beautiful landscape, high on the mountain and below us the clouds filling the valley. Then sun rays of orange/purple/pink/yellow would warm up the surroundings and on the side of the mountains there were pine forests. But I failed to imagine it. And then woke up. Have a blast of a Saturday.

    Love You all

  34. dream last night
    I was at a Mall girls were singing and dancing. Then for some reason we are in Bath Robes mine is soft while the others are towelling. I am approached by a women who wants to know why I am not singing as I have a nice voice and could handle the songs. I am shy and do not think I am worthy enough. She tells me that she would like me to help them with a charity and sing.
    I am now in shops where the others are looking for gowns but they are not the type I would wear they reveal too much. I go off with another girl to another shop and we find what we like.
    There are men in this room it is like a cabin I am putting strips of lunchon sausage on guitars in front of me don’t ask me why. Then a guy comes over shaking his head asking what are you doing, then I hear music being played. my eldest son.has picked up a guitar it is beautiful.
    Then I stop and realise that what I am doing is wrong the man who was talking to me was Keith off the voice. They are now getting into a bus.
    I am in heading through to a kitchen and there is a guy here smiling I am wearing a tea shirt with the letters S.T.Y. next I hear a women say could you not find anything better for her to wear I had night shirts in my draw if you looked. I look down and see the tea shirt is a little short.
    I am in a large area there are people milling around and children in a large circle sitting I am trying to match passports to children so they can go with others. Men begin flowing off train and one nearly knocks over a pregnant women and I begin to tell him off. He tells me in frustration very tired that they are all just trying to get back as they have been working hard. I am heading to a building.

  35. I don’t know Leslee, perhaps he is and I know the big thing for me is to trust what I get. I am a work in progress. I had other dreams last night that I remember bits and pieces. I saw emerald green. Just the color and nothing else and I remember telling myself to remember that.

  36. Arianna your dream was pretty active.

    I dreamed of being in a house with a man and my sister Kim (she recently crossed-over). I did not see my sister but I could feel her presence. We were leaving the house to go home. We went outside to get into the car and I remembered I forgot something in the house. I ran back inside and got a pink blanket and went back outside to find they were gone. I couldnโ€™t believe they had left me. I became frantic and searched my purse for my cell phone so that I could call the man and tell him to come back and get me. It seemed to take me forever to find my cell phone. Once I found my phone, I realized I also had the manโ€™s cell phone and I could not call him.

    • Vee, this dream is really interesting to me, (I’m sorry, I’m still trying to catch up from last week, and I know I need to read a few doozies that you posted!) because I have had so many dreams of phones being connection to spiritual guides… Do you think the man might have been an aspect of yourself? Hinting that you just need to tune in to yourself and trust? Love you!

  37. I was living in an apartment. I was dating an East Indian guy. Then he became homicidal and smashed in the windows of my apartment from the outside, destroying my iMac and trying to kill me. I don’t remember what happened to him. Them his Korean sister tried to get in my front door and kill me. Somehow I fought and got rid of them. I moved from the apartment because I suffered so much trauma there. I remember visiting an acquaintance for a get-together of people at his house. His wife was driving my crazy because she was so materialistic and wanted everything in its place. I had just had my apartment destroyed and couldn’t stand her so I left. I remember starting over at college and working for my parents. I was in a restaurant. Someone was playing violin and then I magically joined them. I was surprised I knew all the songs by heart. Then I was in a musical troupe with my mom and she gave me a shoulder rest to use on my violin, but then she took it back and I couldn’t find it in her stuff so I got mad at her trying to control me and I left. There was a lot of Irish music and I got the sense that they were trying to control me with the Catholic religion. That didn’t work either. I will not be controlled. I went to college and discovered my own path.

    • Oh, Arianna, I hope you don’t mind, but I get such a laugh out of your dreams, and how you share them – they are jsut so wild, and you are just so matter-of-fact! Love you!

  38. Dream morning of Aug 1st

    Members of city hall were giving a presentation at the city hospital. I remember it was boring. I was there with one of the leaders of the Lightseekers. My sister and mom were there, too. When the presentation was done, my mom and sister left. I was trying to find my sister and was looking in the basement of the hospital where there was an aquarium filled with dolphins and sea creatures. I ended up waiting in the Peace Officer’s office with a couple of First Nations guys I know. We got locked in. I found out I had a key to get out. I made my way to the atrium where the Lightseeker lady was waiting for her husband. She said my sister was outside. I gave up on looking for my sister and decided to hang out with Lightseeker lady. Suddenly I was in my underwear and she was pointing out to me how some guy was a pervert and was looking at me. I don’t remember the rest, but I remember having shorts or a skirt on after that. I think we hung out at the hospital for awhile then went home.

    • I knew it ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey, how could people expect heavy metal crafts ๐Ÿ˜€ to land on Earth, they are already here, these little orbs, the Light, the energy, we are communicating with them whenever we think about them, Les, I think we – all of the Lightworkers are about to start answering questions coming from people that start to awaken
      You`ve got another thing coming ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Love and Light

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