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  1. In my dream there were two space ships we were being shown how they operate and what there Capability is then I was woken.
    Went back to sleep and there are two people Milly and Brian something was being worked on which they found hard to do as their bodies were tired and I remember someone saying not much longer and you will feel lighter/healed. For some reason I cannot remember what we were doing.

  2. Good morning, my friends!
    I have no memory from a dream today, perhaps it is because of the problems I had last evening with a person that carries much fears in herself, I felt these fears moved on me somehow, although I did not want them, maybe this was my mission of last night – to overcome and transmute the fears of another person who linked with me energetically/unconsciously/, so many unawakened people I see these days and feel isolated, I will try to meditate more today
    I wonder if all that happened last night with my emotions is connected with these common transmuting meditations that are about to commence and my inner voice says – Yes
    Love and Light

  3. Good morning with a delayed astral switch on
    Dream from 26 August 2012
    Such a wonderful dream I had and I have to share

    I was a student at high school and as usual I hate PE, we have a PE class and I am not there nor I am dressed in a sports wear as is the rule, but the teacher is my father and I am late for the class, all students are in the gym hall and I come in late, my father is explaining something and shows the students some posters, it seems that soon there will be a competition, some of the girls there I know well, they are eating jelly bonbons and are chewing pink chewing gums πŸ™‚

    Next part
    I am at a house in front of a big window-door and I am ready to go outside with my sister. I open the window and I see the most beautiful and unusual sight I have ever seen, HUGE MUSHROOMS , a whole forest in which there are no trees but mushrooms, enormous , tall, the forest is full of all kinds of animals, I see a huge brown bear eating something but the bear does not eat meat, it caught with its teeth a wolf or a similar to wolf animal/it looked like a small wolf/ and put it aside πŸ™‚

    I think I have visited another planet in this dream

    Moreover, the dream is somewhat connected with my meditation with OLA yesterday when OLA showed me a planet, There were strange buildings on this planet, each of these buildings was beaming straight up a long ray of Light with the colours of the rainbow, thus the whole planet was shining with rainbow rays, something like the Sun, I could see the surface well and it was fantastic place, before I was shown the planet I saw a Beautiful face of a Being of Light, big lovely eyes and a small mouth and this Being showed me the planet later. The planet was dark blue and with these rainbow rays shining from the buildings on its surface

    Love and Light

    • Yes, I am still under the magical influence of this dream and from the meditation πŸ™‚
      Love and Light, dear Heart !

  4. Hi all,
    Bit late , but here is my short dreamflight of 25 august. I’ll also post my other dreams (when they are typed out) on my blog, on dreamflight and road to consciousness.

    I was planning to move to Belgium again and our house was almost empty. Now i am sitting in a kinda of amphitheater and have a beautiful view over the African landscape. There were all students sitting there, attending a class. A teacher comes up to me and says something about a wolf.

    I have moved but not to Belgium, but to Finland. My daughter is going to school and she is learning the language. She shows me her book where she wrote all the kids names in it. They were really hard to pronounce. I was there at her school and the teacher takes the kids to another building. Somehow I am upset about this and told her not to do that.

    End of the dream

    • The teacher and school appeared in my dream too, dear Lisa, it is very possible you visited ALGIZ
      Love and Light, my dear sister

  5. I do not know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everybody else experiencing issues with your blog.
    It seems like some of the text on your content are running off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and let me know
    if this is happening to them too? This might be a problem with my internet browser because I’ve had this happen previously.

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