SaLuSa 30-July-2012

Dear Ones as you are learning from a number of sources, the point has been reached when Divine instructions have been given that action shall be taken without delay to announce our presence. We have shown extreme patience and given your leaders plenty of opportunity to take the steps called for to release you from the control of the Illuminati. We know that they too are also  like many people in fear of them, but that has to be put aside to allow the truth to come out. The Olympics is the window that is being given world attention, and we cannot think of a better way to make it known. Time is fast running away and we must be given the opportunity to make ourselves known to you.
Some will still choose to disbelieve our messages, but that is their free choice which we honor. However, there is the important matter of Ascension and much to do in these final days, and we cannot wait any longer. Our allies have gone as far as can be reasonably expected, and they need complete freedom to go surging ahead with their final responsibilities. So very shortly the clearing up process will be able to proceed without further hindrance from the dark Ones. Your lives are to some extent to be turned upside down, although many people are already prepared for it. We hope that some leaders will heed our request and not wait until we are forced to intervene, but if we have to we are fully ready.
The coming period will show those who are of the Light, as they will be able to step forward with our blessing and take the reins from those who are not. We want to stop all actions that are happening or proposed, that are purposefully directed at you the people to limit what little freedom you have left. You do have good souls of the Light that are here at this time to handle such matters. Hitherto you have had too may people in high places that have become corrupt, and do not know who you can trust. That must change and we are the ones to help you, as we know exactly what level of Light people are at and whether they are honest and proven to have the interest of others at heart.
We know you have had your share of disappointments over many years, when your expectations have for different reasons been dashed. However, we are empowered by God and we see no reason why the great spectacle of the Olympics, should not be a show window for the announcements of our existence and our coming part in your evolution. The end of this cycle is in itself an historic occasion that will be a long spoken about through this Universe. As we have often told you, it is a unique event of your Ascension with Mother Earth. Upon your assured success rests the future of the whole Universe, and many civilisations look on with awe and wonder at your coming Ascension.
Although you have been preparing yourselves for this time, we know it will take your breath away as it is massive process of world wide extent. In one way or another every single soul is involved and provided for. Where God is concerned there are no mistakes but only perfection, so you may be certain that the outcome will place everyone where they are intended to be. You have had a long journey that has led you to where you are today, and your future will be a continuation of it in the next phase of your evolution. Do not worry exactly what that will mean where you are concerned, as in time you will be told. Be assured that many spiritual Beings share your journey and know you better than you know yourself, and you will progress in a manner that is exactly right for you.
Lightworkers can prepare to take some responsibility for making sure people around them are calm and not fearful about what is happening. We cannot cover it all in just a few days but will soon have the freedom and facilities to address you directly. We do not use your methods that are to us antiquated, and ours are such that no remaining members who oppose us will be able to prevent our communications to you. We know you well and have many recorded addresses that are precise and capable of relaying details to you that you will understand. We feel as excited as you do at the prospect of at last of meeting you, but first things first and the acknowledgement of our existence is most important.
That will allow us to be identified with the many ways that we have helped your civilization already, as much of our work has been carried out without any publicity. It goes back thousands of years when you have incarnated into your various lives in the many Races that exist on your Earth. It has all been part of your experiences that have enabled you to grow spiritually, in your understanding on your way back to the higher dimensions from whence you came. Bear in mind that you volunteered for your Earth lives, that have given you so many opportunities to find out about duality. You are all the greater for it and as you might say, earnt your spurs and done so in great style. You will not have to re-live those experiences unless for some reason you desire to do so.
You have yet to fully understand the function of the different time lines, and many different dimensions but all in good time when it will be of value to you. We will however tell you that everything that ever was still exists at some level, which is why you can go back in time and re-live your past lives. Of course you can also travel into the future and see all probabilities. It is what many seers have used to predict the future, but it is of course open to change. It is why you are best advised not to hold onto old prophesies too strongly, as time can change the outcome of events. An example of that is your present time which will in no way be as catastrophic as was first anticipated. You have lifted yourselves and Mother Earth up, and the Light has grown so much it has paved the way for much more peaceful changes than were thought possible.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and many of you will know already that this coming week is one that is a last chance for your leaders to respond to our demands. If we are ignored yet again, we shall go forward ourselves, and make ourselves known in such a way that our presence can no longer be ignored or hidden. Yes, we have the deadline Saturday the 4th. of August in mind and no longer, before we take matters into our own hands.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Good morning everyone,

    I am so glad that I am here with all of you in mind when this comes down. Even though I still have to see and wait what will happen next week.

    This weekend I was extremely tired and lot of pains.

    Last night I had a terrible dream: I was sitting in a bus with other people. I was there with my oldest daughter Sarah. I was asking where are we going. It seemed like I was in Russia somewhere. They say we are being brought to a kind of prison camp. The bus stops and I see on my right the camp with wires and the guards were wearing black. But it wasn’t my time to get out. The bus drives again and then it stops and we had to get out. We were standing next to each other and I was holding a little afro-baby , the mother was standing next to me. A very expensive car drove up and and very rich lady was getting out. She took the baby from me and wanted to take her. I said to the mother, aren’t you gonna do something. She didn’t react so I went to this rich lady in white (by then the baby was out of her hands) and I was trying to strangle her, but I got shot in the back and when I fall I look into Sarah’s face and then it went black.

    I wonder why I would risk my life for another baby , instead of protecting my daughter so she wouldn’t be alone. When I got awake, I almost cried… and when my daughter was up, I held her tight to me. The dream felt very emotional to me.

    (I watched yesterday a movie called “I am a slave” and I cried when I watched it. It is a movie from 2010 and at the end it says still 5000 girls in the UK are being held as a slave and 21.000 in Sudan. I don’t think it is different in this year.)

    Anyway I hope your weekend was better then mine.
    Love Lisa

    • Dear Lisa, you are going through a strong cleansing process as we all have our cleansing, I Am sending to you my Love and Light , my dear friend!

      • Thank you Tauno,
        It feels that way and it hurts like hell 😀 Love you to my dear Tauno
        Wish you also lots of light and Love

        • You will see how the pain will disappear in a second, dear sister of Light, I have just seen in meditation an old dark Being that caught something in its fist and hold tight but then this hand/grey-brown/turned into a fine ether angel hand opened and giving Knowledge/Light and I saw a lovely face, Angelic face
          Love You, dear Lisa!
          Love and Light 🙂
          ( ( SUN ) )

  2. I am pleased to be apart of spirit train as this goes down also I know I am not alone as I am surrounded by celestial beings. Just feel grumpy all the time and don’t seem to be able shake it ,to let it go. I find comfort when I go to bed meditate and sleep. My happy place was out side last night talking to my brothers and sisters of the stars out loud when something white went across the sky above me. made me smile:) I don’t watch much on television Lisa as my Husband watches things My mind can not and does not want to see. Sorry you had a rough one last night. hugs of love and much light.

    • Hi Suzanne,
      I am watching less and less television. Even movies don’t captured me as before. When I was watching that movie, I was zapping sometime to another channel….
      I am so happy that you found your happy place 😀

      I just can wait to turn my life around to be in service to others and to Gaia. Can’t wait when Disclosure comes and the unawakened soul is frightened , that we ease those fears, and tell them to trust their intuition , there heart.

      As the pains, I just went to the doctor and have a bladder infection and probably a thyroid dysfunction that cause heart to go faster and heaving tightness in my chest.

      Love and light to you too my sister,

      • Sending lots of love to all of you… your words describe so many familiar feelings and situations… Yes, I found, when I first abandoned media about 10 years ago, that life just magically became more peaceful… Namaste, everyone! 🙂

  3. Good morning everyone.
    Vee, bummer about Blue. May God bless Blue and may he forever soar free through the skies of eternity.
    Vee Crysatal and Stick. About the angel messages coming when we need to hear them. I get that all the time. It amazes me. Makes me want to fly.
    ow for August 4th. I did not really resonate with the Micah message but there seems to be something going down for saturday. I gotta go pull Monagues keens message from last week as he also mentions August 4th as a significant date.

  4. Montague Keen ~ 22 July 2012 The Final attempt from the dark will FAIL | The Galactic Free Press
    Posted on July 22, 2012 by Laura Tyco
    4 Votes

    Knowledge is power, and sharing knowledge is essential at this time of great turmoil and change. The Cabal is searching for ways to keep you in the hypnotic slumber from which you are awakening. At the conference you attended, yesterday, you heard some of the most awake and aware people, who devote their lives to serving mankind. Their work is vital and must be brought to the attention of as many as possible. It is a team effort. Every assistance must be given to enable the message to get to everyone. The contacts you made will assist in opening eyes to what the psychopaths who “rule” your world are planning. It is, after all, their last chance to take over and create their New World Order.

    They see the Olympics in London as their gateway to the New World Order. They intend to create mayhem; to create such FEAR that the people will agree to almost anything in order to feel safe. This is a TRAP. It is the same old formula: it worked on 9/11, it worked on 7/7.

    This is THE BIG ONE. It is their last chance to create the New World Order that they have planned and worked towards for so long. They will try to use Project Bluebeam, fake spaceships; in fact, everything in their arsenal in this, their final attempt, to take over your world.

    They failed to take your awakening into account. This is why they are now putting a more deadly fluoride into your water; the water that many of you drink, bathe, and wash your hair in. It is in the ice in your drinks, in the beer, and almost everything you consume. You need to protect yourselves and your families from this deadly assault on all of you. Have you given permission or agreed to this poison? Were you ever asked to okay it? It is a crime against humanity.

    Thomas Sheridan has a unique ability to use the right words to paint the picture that instantly awakens people to how the control system works and what humanity can do about it. He is a man of many talents, who is prepared to use them to save his fellow man from the most evil take-over of your planet. Everyone you met is using his skills to investigate and reveal what is happening and how to prevent it.

    Nothing happens by chance. It was planned that the Olympics would be held in London so that their dramatic take-over would happen there. They never intended that the so-called “fiasco” of the security firm would come to light. They always intended to use troops to control the masses. As usual, the puppets just carry out their orders – the same people who come to you to ask for your vote, and who make promises that they know full well they will never fulfill. Why do you continue to trust them to do what is right for you? Their allegiance is to the Cabal and always will be.

    You can trust only those who have devoted their lives to bringing the truth to your attention. People such as David Icke, Ian R Crane, Brian Gerrish, and the many others who travel all over the world to share their truth. They work tirelessly to protect you from disaster. Listen to what they have to say. It is your only chance of survival. The time has come for you to make a choice. Are you prepared to stand up and be counted? Realistically, the 99% cannot be silenced and the Cabal knows this. Their only fear is that you will awaken to this fact.

    Now the spotlight has turned to the Vatican and how it has managed to secretly control the planet, while all the time hiding behind a MASK of love, devotion and tolerance. As the veil lifted on it and the full horror of its control became obvious, it caused many who had supported it, to recoil in HORROR at how they had been so cleverly duped. The truth can no longer be hidden. All will be laid bare before you, so be prepared for the ILLUSION to collapse before your eyes.

    “Ireland is the Key that will unlock everything.” It must start there. I say to the Irish people, come together, learn who you are, your real history; then it will become clear what was done so as to create the illusion you find yourselves in today. Discard that which has imprisoned your minds through fear. Become who you were created to become. Be proud of who you are. The ancient Irish knew all the answers. They were complete. Look at your past to learn how to create a better future for all mankind. Remember, mankind is depending on you to do this.

    Michael Tsarion has done so much to bring your real history to light. Look once more and listen with your souls to what he says, and you will see the light. He is indeed one of the great men of your time.

    Your friends from other planets have created a crop circle with the date of 4th August on it. It is a date when things could happen. You know that, together with the other beings, we have been successful in preventing an attack on Iran. We will continue to do our best to prevent this atrocity. The Cabal becomes more devious and daring all the time in its efforts to create World War III. You live in volatile times. We need your support to help us protect you.

    Those who set up your world in the first place will soon return to your planet. They have found a way to penetrate the shield that the Cabal put in place to keep them out. When they arrive, your lives will change completely for the better. There will be no more fear, poverty, famine, or any of the other catastrophes brought about by the Cabal to keep you in fear and under control. You will taste freedom for the first time and the universe will be open to all of you. Once more, you will take your rightful place in the Family of Life. Your minds have been in prison also. All knowledge will be available and nothing will remain hidden. Have the courage to step into the Light. Come together with your fellow man. Say NO to the control which the Cabal wants to place on you and your loved ones. The changes are ready to begin. It is up to you now. The Cabal will create disasters to distract you and make you fearful. It is what they do, time after time. Do not fall for it, yet again. It is just the same old pattern once more.

    My dear, you have places to go and people to meet as you push forward into the Light. To the people of London, my home town, I say, be prepared for what the Cabal may deliver but do not be bowed by it. See it as their last effort to achieve their evil plans. Good people will come together to assist you. This is the final countdown. Know that you are supported on both sides of life. Our purpose is to help you through these difficult times.

    Know, my love, that we are always there for you. Your adoring, Monty. link to orginal article

    Montague Keen ~ 22 July 2012 The Final attempt from the dark will FAIL | The Galactic Free Press.

  5. Lisa
    The first thing that came to my mind about your dream was past life, big time.
    Also, i have been having nightmares and had a bad one saturday night. I did not want to go back to sleep after it. i wonder why this is happening even though I am filling myself with love all the time.

  6. Hello everyone, .. long time no see. Hope all is well, .. or reasonable well. I have been rather under the weather for a good while now. Still hanging in there.

    Yes indeed, this one is a powerful SaLuSa alright! There seems to be more sources lately willing to paint themselves into a corner, which we can only hope
    comes from big time internal confidence and not just bandwagon jumping. The failure of the big build up of the mass arrests thing beginning with David W. indorsing Drake, followed by several channelers including MQs SaLuSa hopping on board with it thereafter was after all, not that long ago, … was it.

    Sometimes I think to myself when I see channeled messages emphasizing forgiveness, … that the channels should instead ask OUR forgiveness, … lol.
    … Just kidding! … lol

    • Hiya, Vendo! Sending you love and light so that you can get right back on top of the weather! I don’t know if you and Gunner saw the post I made (was it last night? this morning? all a blue…), kinda “cleansing” that “Pleiadian” message about Aug 4… You can skip most of it, because it just re-hashes that really strange original message… At the end, I’m offering a cleansed version… I find that a lot of the content of the message is fairly accurate and likely, if we can just keep out all that sensationalist BS, we could hear it a little better… 😉

  7. SYBRA OF SIRIUS. “Detach, Dream And Delete.” By, AuroRa Le. July 30, 2012.
    Posted on July 30, 2012 by theangeldiaries
    ~ Brethren of the Stars and honored Earthkeepers, I am Sybra the Elder, of Sirius. I speak with you today not only in representation of The Council of the Venus Ray, but as a voice for The Elders of the Sirian-Pleiadian Alliance; so as we might share with you our common perspective regarding the current trends to which we see your thoughts wandering, these few days past. Please allow us to share our own perspective on the matter.

    ~ The information you absorb is no different than the food and drink you ingest on a daily basis. Whilst the foods’ intent is to nourish you and make the body strong, so too the data you choose has an immediate effect on the vitality of your heart, mind and spirit. Please be advised to select your reading and listening material with the same precise care you exercise when purchasing groceries for your family. Because changes in your energetic body are not often as readily apparent as they are within your physical vessel, it is easy and quite understandable that you would not associate these two things as actually being one and the same. Therefore, we wish to caution you to please exhibit meticulous discernment when deciding which information you shall hold as truth and which to set aside as non-resonant.

    ~ Detach, dream and delete. These are my three “words of the day”, Dear Brethren. What does Sybra mean by this, I hear you say? Let me explain, then, and I vow to remain plainspoken and to keep the data very simple. Firstly, you must detach immediately from the surrounding drama. I refer not to the drama of daily life, although I must say it is advisable to steer clear of this, also. On this day I speak of what appears to myself and my fellow Elders as a whirling merry-go-round of contradictory, confusing and sometimes fear-inducing data. See here, we do not cast judgement upon you or the presenters of theses pieces. To each his own creations and chosen reality. But I ask you, does this other person’s reality mirror your own? Do the written words fill your heart to overflowing with hope and Godly light? Are they in sync with with what your own precious guides are telling you? Is it a proper tool to pass on in your quest of awakening the masses? Or on a less joyous note, do these news bits fill you with great fear for the future? Signs of non-resonance include a tight clenching of your solar plexus, a drop in your energy level, a sensation that something has attached itself to you and you have difficulty shaking off your solemn mood. When any of this occurs, stop reading or listening and immediately delete the offending piece.

    ~ All words-whether written or spoken, channeled or not channeled-carry the energies of the writer and the corresponding entity. As does your physical nourishment, these energies become absorbed into the etheric body of their recipient. Many of these messages, such as the ones you read here, are charged with activations. If the energies and activations are incompatible with your own blueprint, feel somehow wrong, are tarnished or have been tampered with, you shall instantly know it. It is what you call a “gut feeling.” Your solar plexus chakra is where your body takes in and processes information, thus alerting you to any and all inconsistencies and incompatibilities. Pay close attention to what you feel there, for that is this chakra’s job.

    ~ Now, moving on to the pleasurable art of dreaming. My dear, dear friends, do not neglect to relax and dream, I do beseech you. Close your eyes, lie back and fall into a vibration of tranquility and peacefulness. It is entirely up to you what reality you inevitably create. Amidst the current flurry of events, a great number of you have foregone your daily meditations and clearing. Remember that this, and only this, is your primary part to play in the unfolding. Whilst we remove what is old and decayed, you-the Human Race-are the ones creating what shall eventually take it’s place. Granted, these are most exciting times, we do agree, and you are not wrong to be elated that duality is indeed coming to an end. Yet you have become caught up in the frenzy of when this shall occur. When shall our families disclose? When, when, when… We see that some of you are terribly consumed with worry over what shall happen next. You fear the actions of the Cabal. You fear that justice shall not be properly served against the perpetrators. Do you not see that all of this concern, however well-meaning, is but a distraction keeping you from doing the job you were sent here to do? Leave disclosure to your Galactic Brethren. We shall not fail you, truly. The where, when and how of disclosure is ours to implement, and any “delays” are for good reason. This is the part we play in Gaia’s ascension, and it is not for you to fret and become angered about. The issues surrounding any type of reveal are of the utmost seriousness, and the details are not to be trifled with. Please accept this truth and move on to detach yourselves from worrying about it. Remind yourselves that this is a Holy Event, and it is imperative that you remove all ego-based, 3rd dimensional thinking from the equation. Bring God back into the mix, and then surrender all control, all potential outcomes to his Almighty benevolence. Remember, Brethren, you cannot micromanage The Divine!

    ~ In summary, I ask you to please work on the raising of planetary consciousness. Cultivate the garden within which grows your newly evolving and transforming Self. Heal the the planet, tend the grid and strive to awaken others to the truth of these wondrous times. Dream into being your ideal world, your perfect life, and focus your energy on the creation and manifestation of the New Earth. Detach from that which does not serve you and dream into being that which does. You cannot be killed. You do not die. God created you an infinite Being of Light. Do not lose sight of these facts, as to do so is to buy into the illusion. Nothing has the power to eradicate that which is immortal.

    Copyright © Bella Capozzi. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice and accompanying links.

  8. Hi Vendo, hope all is well.
    Another month and we get to play some football, NIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Vendo, wow, I just went back to reead your comment after I posted mine and was shocked to see you use the exact same words as me, “hope all is well” i was like
    DOGHOUSE!!!! WHAT!!!!!

  10. A note from Mike Quinsey regarding the July 30th SaLuSa message

    Dear Friends,


    I feel that I should give my views as to what I feel about Disclosure as referred to in SaLuSa’s message of today the 30th. July. It should answer questions that are being asked, and hopefully give out more Light through a better understanding of what is behind these events.


    Naturally I did contemplate what type of message I would get today, as it would have seemed odd if there was no reference to the earlier messages about Disclosure. I found that mine came through very strongly which made me feel confident that it was genuine. After receiving it I naturally mulled over it’s contents, and it seemed to me that there was definitely a concentrated focus upon the Olympic Games in London. Also that it was no coincidence that the live Sky T.V. coverage of the opening ceremony,  revealed a Space Craft observing it and clearly seen in the background when the fireworks display was taking place.

    It was also claimed in someone else’s message, that the higher plan was for the Olympics to be held in London, and I recall it was because Great Britain is considered to be the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth. Whatever the outcome is I believe the Light will have become much more powerful as a result. I also feel that it will have provided protection against any attempts of the dark Ones to interfere with the Olympics, and what could be better than such an occasion being used to bring Disclosure to the public’s notice.


    As I see it the only possibility that the proposed day for Disclosure would change would be by Divine command and as we often say, it is not written in stone. SaLuSa indicates this be so by referring to the Disclosure date of Saturday the 4th. August as being one of “intent” thus allowing for change if it was proved necessary. The dark Ones would clearly like to use the event for their own agenda, and it has been said that a fake alien attack was planned using real craft and holographic projections. However, one would like to think that it in no circumstances would it be allowed. On the other hand it might be so if it was stopped in its tracks, to reveal to everyone that it was a false flag attack by the Illuminati. Either way the truth about UFO’s and Extraterrestrials could no longer continue to be denied, and I hope that some Leaders will come out with the truth as requested. For me nothing would be better than it to come from President Obama, who I still firmly believe is a great Being of Light, and would be giving a lead to the rest of the world.

    These coming days will be filled with anticipation and excitement, and I hope we will witness a great step forward to fulfill our expectations. 


    In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey    



  11. Hi Gunner, … ya football. I live only a few miles from Foxboro Stadium, and it is more crazy around here than ever before. The crowds for practices are as if it was a game, .. just unreal. They are such huge celebrities in the region, bigger than the Red Sox now. The Pats are favored by Vegas the win the Superbowl yet again. Big time draft and free agency additions for this season, they are loaded for bear. If only the Giants would let them win another one this season, .. that would be nice. Unlike the Giants, the Pats are knocking at the door practically every year. And they appear to be trying to bust it down this time! … lol

  12. Yeah, I heard they had all those draft picks.Should be an interesting season and lets also see what happens with the Jets. If I were coach, I would make Tebow a tight end. He is big, can run great, knock defenses over so the only question, can he catch the ball. Here are some fun facts.If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.

    (Hardly seems worth it.)

    If you passed gas consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.

    (Now that’s more like it!)

    The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body to squirt blood 30 feet.


    A pig’s orgasm lasts 30 minutes.


    A cockroach will live nine days without its head before it starves to death.(Creepy)

    (I’m still not over the pig.)

    Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour.

    (Don’t try this at home; maybe at work.)

    The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to its body. The female initiates sex by ripping the male’s head off.

    (Honey, I’m home . What the…?)

    The flea can jump 350 times its body length. It’s like a human jumping the length of a football field.

    (30 minutes. Lucky pig! Can you imagine?)

    The catfish has over 27,000 taste buds.

    (What could be so tasty on the bottom of a pond?)

    Some lions mate over 50 times a day.

    (I still can’t believe that pig ….quality over quantity.)

    Butterflies taste with their feet.

    (Something I always wanted to know.)

    The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.


    Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people.

    (If you’re ambidextrous, do you split the difference?)

    Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump.

    (Okay, so that would be a good thing.)

    A cat’s urine glows under a black light.

    (I wonder how much the government paid to figure that out.)

    An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.

    (I know some people like that.)

    Starfish have no brains.

    (I know some people like that, too.)

    Polar bears are left-handed.

    (If they switch, they’ll live a lot longer.)

    Humans and dolphins are the only species that have sex for pleasure.

    (What about that pig? Do the dolphins know about the pig?)

    Now that you’ve smiled at least once, it’s your turn to spread these crazy facts and send this to someone you want to bring a smile to, maybe even a chuckle.

    In other words, send it to everyone!

    (and God love that pig!)

    Yumi Gunshefski
    Cell (858)229-8346

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  13. Hi, I’m finally able to chat with everyone. I’ve been soooooo busy. I hope everyone had a good weekend! I finally had a dream that I remember! I will post it on Astral Travels and Aurora Dream Flights. It’s pretty interesting. Much love to you my brothers and sisters.

    • Hi, Vee! Sending you lots of love and light… Hoping to get a chance to re-read your dreams soon… they do seem like very powerful cleansing, purifying dreams! So many people are having these right now… It feels kind of like someone is scraping all the crud off of the battery terminals so we can get hooked up to some new, clean juice! Hang in there, sister! Love you a whole bunch…

  14. They’re probably going to do some variation on the Wild Hog with Tebow, … like Miami did for a couple of years, the option running game.

    Mating 50 times in one day has got to hurt man, .. good grief! …. lol

  15. OUCH, I agree.
    Well. i dont agree with the message that ships will land at thew olympics but i am starting to put much credence into the divine deadline. After the 4th, things should really heat up. Lets all picture this in our minds.

    message from Saint Germain and the Arcturians ~~ 30/07/2012 channeled by Méline Lafont

    Dear Ones,

    There’s a lot going on presently and we see the confirmations about the Divine timeline of August 4th turning up everywhere in a myriad of information sources. And it is quite obvious that Lightworkers are thrilled about these unfoldings. We too are enjoyed and we see an enormous power of cooperation and of Light transcend the surfaces : a fact that can be likened to the pulsar of a solar flame from the sun. You now have every right to be overjoyed, my dear ones! We feel the exact same things up here in the Higher Realms. Our Galactic Brothers are very committed to finalize this Disclosure project and can barely restraint themselves because they so long to inform you who they are and why they have come. They have come to help you, dear ones. They have come to share their Love and Light with you. They have come to inform you about your own true nature and your origins and tell you so much more.

    At last we detected an opportunity to start up this project. In case the Divine Timeline of August 4th has been overstepped with nothing unfolding, the Galactic Brothers will take over the reins of this Disclosure project. There firstly have been meetings going on between the Galactic Brothers, the groundcrew and the world leaders to determine how we can announce the Galactic Presence to humanity the softest way possible without stirring too much fear in humans ; that has been and always will be our main aim. I personally cooperate in this regard and I have established a strong contact with president Obama, who is himself quite pleased to finally be able to participate in this project. Everything is closely monitored and followed up by our Galactic Brothers, the Arcturians, whose message will be next after I turn my place over to them.

    Know my dear ones, that much work went into this project and we can’t just let it pass us by. We cannot give you an exact date as we always live in the NOW. What I can tell you is that the date of August 4th is the ultimate date by which the minions/dark souls must fully cooperate, a promise made by them a long time ago but never kept. Now they have to finally agree to cooperate by then. If they fail to do so than the project will be handed over to the Divine source and carry out by the Galactic Brothers. No matter how, Disclosure will come at the most propitious time. Just don’t link it to an exact date, let go and let God. It will all become crystal clear from that ultimate date, August 4th, how and when things will unfold ; then we can provide further intel. It all depends on the decisions, the timelines, the circumstances… what you can be sure of is that August 4th will bring a huge change as it will be the starting point. Disclosure can no longer be postponed; it happens in your NOW moment. Do take into account that this NOW moment implies a much bigger time-frame than one day : so don’t expect to see an armada of UFO’s on that specific date.

    I Love you my dear ones, and I work hard at the Disclosure project in order to guide you through it all as humanity is important to me.

    I Am Saint Germain.

    Greetings beloved humanity and Brethren of Earth!
    We are the Arcturians and we wish to come forward in this most auspicious event in your Earth history for it will definitely leave its mark! We wish to confirm to you that everything that has been speculated about the Divine Time and the Divine Plan is based in Truth. We, the Arcturians, do monitor everything carefully how humanity responds at present and how they will respond at the time of First Contact. It is our pleasure to convey to you that up until now you are responding very well which makes the plans easier. There is much that we have to take into account, it has really not been a sinecure to arrive at this present point.

    You all had to wait a long time and so did we but now we have reached an opportunity in which we see a chance to announce Disclosure. The negotiations and the talks of the plans are in full swing. Our Earth allies and other representatives of the Light have come to a consensus regarding the ultimate time corresponding with your Earth date of August 4th. After that date all will begin and you may expect to see our ships for starters. Let go of your illusory time factor and see us when we come. That’s how it is going to be : it happens when it happens and no one can tell the time or date with100% certainty. We can only inform you that the time has come for us to show ourselves more and more and to establish first contacts with you.

    Allow us to explain what you can expect to happen during the event that you call Disclosure. Our brothers on Earth, whom we call the groundcrew, will cooperate in establishing those first contacts. They have a direct link with us and with other civilizations and they contribute their part in this whole project. They will see to it that everything proceeds swiftly without causing too big a shock for humanity. They are on Earth to soothe troubled hearts and assist them when necessary. Those belonging to this group know this by now or will be informed in the coming days. They already know it subconsciously, they cooperated actively in this project during their astral travels. Besides them, we too have the Galactic groundcrew coming from our civilization who dwell amongst the humans of Earth and who participate in matters of security and in negotiations. All in all we are talking of a huge project which cannot be underestimated in its scope.

    We have opted for the Pleiadian civilization to be the first one to establish first contact as they have a humanlike appearance and so, they are least likely to trigger fear and shock in humans. After this initial contact with the Pleiadians, other civilizations will follow. Before First Contact will take place, the sightings of our ships will increase further. Gradually bigger ships will decloak and show themselves to you for longer and longer periods of time. Much anticipation is placed upon the Olympic Games for us to show up and we tell you that it is most probable these games will be used for decloakings of our ships. We are presently still elaborating on that.

    But for now let go of the time factor involved and work on yourself. Too much emphasis of you on this matter can work antagonistically and is really counterproductive. Know it will happen, let it go and give Love to the event of Disclosure, to us, to humanity and to Mother Earth.

    We are the Arcturians and we thank Méline who has given us the opportunity to come forward with this message. See you soon and thanks for cooperating with our civilizations. We truly appreciate this and we wish that you experience a most glorious event.

    Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

  16. But pigs aren’t one of the 2 creatures that does it for pleasure?? … So they must think it’s a spiritual experience or something! … lol.

    I have such a long history with New Age stuff that when it comes to prediction etc, I just don’t know what to think of them anymore, … really. … Not that I ever, including now, have doubted these things would come, … but the time element is quite another thing. Few people know what it’s like to be following this stuff intensely for the last 15 years. It has an effect, .. trust me. You begin to realize that you could die before ever seeing a really big event. .. And so it becomes necessary to live for more than one’s future hopes for humanity.

  17. I have always believed that the divine date is the creators so I tend to think in terms of the birth of a baby. The doctor will give us a date but the true date is in the hands of the baby no matter how much we wish this pregnancy to end it is out of our hands. When it is time we are given a very strong confirmation that can not be pushed aside. I feel with all my being that we will feel this deep in our heart without the need to over think what it is we truly feel.
    Gunner thank’s for the smiles (pig lol after that he would be washed up for days)

  18. Mira the Pleiadian ~ Readiness is Key ~ July 30, 2012

    Greetings, I am Mira of the Pleiadian High Council on assignment with the Earth Council.

    I greet you with much anticipated news of the developments for your highest awakening. Every moment we come closer to the tipping point of what is needed for the Light to prevail and Higher Consciousness to reign in the majority of the population on planet Earth.

    We are so close, dear friends. Much is waiting to transpire. You are so close to meeting your Galactic friends. Many of you have reached out and many are waiting for contact.

    The atmosphere in your hearts approaches the necessary climate for this meeting. We have contacted many of you in your dream state and we have contacted many of you in your waking state. You are feeling us closer. You are accepting us more. You are eagerly awaiting further contact.

    Please keep your hearts open and your desires focused on the reunion with us. Your prayers and mass meditations are tipping the scales towards the needed Light quotient for a peaceful and exciting reunion.

    It is never more important than it is now to keep focusing on your own awakening and on your own connection with Source. There is no substitute for daily meditation and connection with the Great Central Sun and with Mother Earth. You are helping to lift Her higher as you lift in consciousness.

    All eyes are on you, dear friends and inhabitants of Earth. What will you do with the coming days? Will you focus on increasing the Light within your own selves as well as into Earth and all around you?

    Are you anticipating movement around you as far as Disclosure without paying attention to your readiness? Are you ready? Are you helping others be ready? Look closer, now, dear comrades. Look to your heart. Is it open and ready to accept our contact with you? Are you looking around you to see what you can do to help others be ready?

    You have come so far. Keep accepting the Light and send it to every heart that needs to be more open to the changes that you are so eagerly anticipating. Are you completely ready yourselves?

    Our dear Family of the Light, we have worked so hard with you to bring this new era about. Please keep progressing in the Light. Please keep sending Light to every Being who needs it. Please keep sending Light and welcoming Love to your sisters and brothers of the Galactic Family.

    The time is now, dear friends. Muster all your strength and courage to be ready for the changes. Nothing will be completely the same. Time is speeding up and every minute is necessary to focus on the Light, to focus on your dreams and visions for New Earth.

    I am Mira of the Pleiadian High Council and I eagerly await our reunion.

  19. I agree Vee, I always loved Mira’s messages, thanks Stick.
    Lunch time , NIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah, all the messages that we read here resonate with me. It seems though, that the messages as of late have been quite powerful! I get exhilarated after every one.
      Love you all!

      • Yes, I agree, lately the messages have been very powerful. They keep me grounded. Love and light

    • Hi Gunner, thank you for your kind words regarding Blue. I miss him so much. When I arrived home from work yesterday I expected to hear him but then I remembered he is gone. He was such a joy. My sweet Blue.
      Love to you Gunner

  20. JULY 29, 2012
    We are the Arcturian group, here to assist those wishing to ascend into the new energies pouring forth onto your planet at this time. You are creating and we are assisting. We are not the doers, you are the doers. Many must, and many are learning to come into their power; the power of trust and the power of confidence which pours forth from true knowledge and awareness.
    When an individual begins to really believe and know (not just intellectual knowledge) that they are the Divine in manifestation–not a just a part of it, but the actual expression of IT, embodying all the Divine qualities, then that individual is able to finally release those bonds of fear born of the false concepts and beliefs that have gripped mankind for eons. This is the goal of the journey dear ones.
    This realization is the last step before moving into a new state of consciousness, the realization that you are actually that Divine Consciousness from which all manifests– because IT is all there is.
    The energy of mankind on earth up to now with few exceptions has been one of duality and separation which led most to believe themselves separate from each other as well as the Divine. The beliefs resulting from this sense of separation and duality have been taught, promoted by those you looked to for answers, and generally fed to you in all forms for eons.
    There is no blame in that you accepted and lived from that which you were taught because you chose the experience of duality and separation. You chose to evolve in the earth school– to find your way back to truth through and in spite of the difficult and often painful manifestations created from these beliefs. You have done it and are ready now to graduate and leave behind the concepts and beliefs of third dimensional energy.
    Not all are ready for this evolutionary leap which is why many of you find that you must lovingly move forward in your personal journey alone, leaving behind friends or family who refuse to leave what they already believe is truth.
    You are ready to take this next step and this is the big one. The gate to the new awareness and energy is the realization that you are ONE. One with Divine Consciousness, one with each other and not just humans–all living things for there is but one life.
    You must also understand that you are one with your manifestations, for you create your world. Many believe that they are victims, and indeed they are victims, but of what? They are victims of their own ignorant state of consciousness which will always manifest in the outer as…this sounds harsh, but you must realize that consciousness always manifests and if there is even a small bit of consciousness of duality and separation, it will manifest. There is no blame, we simply explain how it works.
    All that is real is governed by law and is forever. Anything formed of the false beliefs and concepts of the third dimensional consciousness is not governed by law and can be changed. You are doing that now as you open to more and more light through your decision to evolve and seek truth within yourselves. You are beginning to trust that you can do it and are adding more and more energies of truth to your state of consciousness which in turn is then manifesting in higher, better, and more evolved forms in the outer. You are seeing much chaos now and you question, but know that it is the Light pouring onto the earth at this time pushing to the surface all that needs to be looked at and released.
    An un-evolved state of consciousness, one heavily enmeshed in duality and separation will manifest as war, rape, abuse etc. You see, it is the state of the consciousness through the mind that manifests in the outer. God has never decreed that suffering is good for you. Because of who you really are, you are creators, manifesting your state of consciousness on personal and universal levels.
    Many who suffer say; “We did not create this”. Dear ones, you did not intentionally create the painful issues of your lives, but the fact that you still have a consciousness of duality and separation, simply functions to manifest it in your experience. Please understand that you hold great power of creation, for you are indeed the Divine in manifestation. Not your human self, no, don’t go around saying I am God in an egotistical way, but simply understand that your true essence, that which is your truest Self, is Divine.
    A great master revealed this to mankind 2000 years ago, but the people were not ready. You are ready now. You have been on a journey that only the very brave undertake… strong and courageous souls choosing to evolve through the fog of duality and separation which is the hardest of all evolutionary journeys a soul can choose. You chose this path brave ones, and when you graduate you will understand how powerful you really are and how much more knowledgeable because of the difficult path you willingly chose.
    We send love and light to all. You are doing a fine job. Soon you will understand better that which you do.
    Trust, center within, know, and most of all love… for all, yes all, are One and this realization is love.
    We are the Arcturian Group 7/29/12

    ©2012 | Cedar, MI 49621

  21. I agree that lately the messages have a certain urgency to them.
    So many of them asking us to help with all the fear surrounding their presence.
    So many messages asking us to get our souls vibrating on high so that we may be able to live in the 5th dimension.
    Now we got a divine time line of August 4th. i dont buy into the message stating any landings but do feel the Galactics will take disclosure into their own hands.

    • Yeah I’m not very big on dates either. I know there is a Devine plan so weather it’s August 4th or December 17th, it doesn’t matter, one way or another…we WILL see it and be exactly where we should be 😉 I love you all dearly

  22. Gotta leave early to see my lawyer for the pot possesion. Well 400 out the window for the lawyer but that is actually a pretty low price for a lawyer.

  23. Yes I agree also that the messages have urgency for us all. I also see this in my dreams the past 3 days as a lot of things are swirling which over the past two days when I have written them out and then looked at them I have received an aha moment and this message confirms this. Thanks Gunner take care. much love and light to you.

  24. *Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy & the Galactic Federation*

    12 Manik, 5 Pop, 9 Ik

    Dratzo! We return! Your transitioning world is moving from the old dark reality that is familiar to you, to a new one filled with Light, Love, and prosperity. In recent years the dark cabal has been doing all it can to stem the tide of this shift and maintain the control it has enjoyed for so long without opposition. However, this is no longer possible. The Ascended Masters have acted globally according to divine decrees to move your realm into Light, and these actions are exerting pressure upon the cabal, which is compelling it to reveal some of its fraudulent methods of doing business, thus demonstrating its habitual, arrogant modus operandi. These revelations are providing the grist for their eventual prosecution. Some nations, like Iceland, have already begun the legal process of disassembling the power structure built up decades ago by this cabal. Many other nations will soon follow suit. We are monitoring this, and our liaison officers are supplying reams of incriminating data to those who are in charge of investigating this large, unruly cabal.

    Panic continues to mount within the ranks of the dark and we expect several key arrests to follow soon. True to form, it is still relying on some tremendous manufactured crisis or event to allow it to escape. As we have said, this we will not permit. There are presently several serious ‘incidents’ brewing in the Middle East and South Asia, and our observation teams are watching them closely. This time an incident will not be used as a means for preventing or even delaying what Heaven decrees! No longer will the cabal be permitted to use its old bag of tricks to get its way or to save its hide. We are stopping even the cabal’s most desperate plots from manifesting, which means that the corrupt and sorry old system is at an end. The divine moment arrives for these rascals to be identified and isolated from the pack, allowing profound alterations to take place globally. Freedom, prosperity, and joy will define the reality that is to see you through to your ascension to full consciousness. The time is almost upon you for a number of wonderful events to manifest before you.

    The Lighted realms are preparing a most remarkable world for you. Your seemingly endless journey through this vale of shadows with its grievous burdens and travails is at an end, and a new world of abundance and consolation and gladness beckons you. We, together with Heaven, welcome you with open arms and full hearts. It is time to say good-bye to a world that is coming to a timely conclusion, a world that engulfed you with discouragement and heartache. As of now, it can no longer be seen as all-powerful or immutable; instead, a new and much friendlier world is taking shape. Set aside any qualms you may have about what lies ahead for you, or any doubts about the new world. You are sitting in the front row, witnessing the birth of a most amazing new realm. Feel its joy surrounding you, and revel in the energy that wishes only to be of service to your true needs and desires. Peace, Love, unity, and unending joy are its hallmarks. In each corner of the globe, this nascent society will embrace and honor each one of you!

    Galactic societies, like the one you are embarking upon, are characterized by harmony and noted for the enthusiasm of each member to serve the greater whole. Here, you are surrounded by those who wish you well and who invite you to add your unique gifts to a collective that ensures that your life flows ever onwards into greater and greater joy and fulfillment. Before your return to full consciousness, we wish you to experience the immense joy and deep inner happiness which bless our daily existence. Our ships will be open for you to visit, and there you will be able to personally feel the satisfaction and gratification that distinguishes life in galactic societies. Our Motherships radiate a sense of deep well being and cheer that can give you a foretaste of what you will be immersed in during your return to full consciousness in the Light Chambers. In our societies, ritual and ‘spiritual soul-dancing’ come together to celebrate our lives and we bask in the exhilaration that is the joining of individual with communing souls.

    Blessings, dear Hearts! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today with much to discuss. Presently, we are completing the final series of talks with our associates, the major thrust of which is to terminate the procedures which are delaying the start of the announcements. These will be delivered by our associates who will proclaim the new financial system and the many new transitional governments around the world. These broadcasts will lead quite quickly to a worldwide disclosure of our existence and benevolence. It is important, at this juncture, that we also bring in our Inner Earth and space families, as it is together that we have formulated the detailed scenario that will bring all of you to a full awareness of what has been so busily happening around you. Soon, full transparency will be brought to bear on matters past, present, and future, and one of the first issues requiring transparency is the many ways you can participate in cleaning up Gaia’s land, water, and air.

    Restoring Gaia is part of a collective movement which allows surface humans like us to return to the divine grace originally extended to Earth’s Lemurian colony nearly 900,000 years ago. As the distorted ‘facts’ of our history are reestablished, you can begin to revel in what the future has in store for us, starting with returning this glorious homeland to her rightful place in our hearts. Then we can take the great prosperity soon to be given us to reacquaint ourselves with who we really are: a great unity of souls who share this sacred place with each other. Societies in the past have dishonored our pledges, and so we will use this moment to establish a much wider pledge that will be the foundation for a new star-nation.

    This is a hallowed moment. It is a divine prelude to a new era that will see our sacred service extended not only to this new star-nation but equally to all physicality. This transition period is ready to end and a time of great activity is poised to envelop you. We, the Ascended Masters, intend to carry out this cavalcade of changes in a tempered manner, and so we are putting a great deal of pressure on the cabal to relent, or else face the unfortunate consequences of their recalcitrance. We are closely watching the hot spots around the world as they reach a boiling-point, and are fully aware that the cabal intends to ramp them up until some form of initiative on our part is deemed essential. It is ill-advised for the dark to believe that its old ploys can still win the day. This is because, verily, a new day has dawned for all!

    Today, we brought you another message about what is happening. A new initiative is in the works which will bring peace and Light to this world. Our fleet is stepping up its direct interaction with the dark, and this period of prolonged quiescence is about over! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One, and Be in Joy!)

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