Guiding Light

I just want to share with you, my dear friends what I experience these days and what I have found out
walking my own individual path towards Ascension. It has been a hard and difficult path with many troubles, disappointments and hardships because Truth does not make compromises and IS what It Is …and I am finally here with all of you, I feel resonance with you all and this is the Law of Attraction that gathers us .
In my sound meditation that partly continues now while I am writing this my mind is partly dealing with my everyday reality/I think I cannot concentrate on meditation but I am not right because the answers come to me actually this way as it is/, people with negative intents, events, problems I encounter, I see them as I am watching a movie and realize why this happens to me, so many little nasty things, “hey, they show me the other side, they lead me on my way and help me on my way although their evil faces and…me..I help them too, I help bringing my Light into this reality to raise them and to wake them up, yes! This is also part of the journey, the salt that makes the meal delicious :), they help me to Understand my part of the play here ” and my Soul and Heart start to shine with Gratitude! I Am Thankful for Being Here Now! I am one of the chosen ones! I DO MUCH even when I wonder “If it worths, what is the purpose?” The purpose is Me…US…the purpose is Truth..the purpose is greater than i realize at this moment …I always return to see the answer…
I have Guardians on Earth at each of my down moments, they help me to remember I am Loved 🙂 Leslee, Laura, Lisa/today this is Lisa :)/, Troy, Konstantinos, Suntria, Vee, Elizabeth, Suzanne and all of You my friends here! Thank You so much! You always come and tell me something nice that raises my Spirit , sometimes this is Les, sometimes Troy and Lisa but You are always here and I Love You so much!

Whatever happens in your day it has a higher purpose and an answer that is to be seen when you are one step higher and just return to get what you have left there, your making 🙂 and this is how we learn and reach the Truth

There is an Angel with mighty Golden wings above us, this Angel looks after Us , understands our pains and emotions and embraces each one of Us with LOVE and we see that we Are this Angel when we realize We are Loved and feel our connection with ALL THAT IS
When we are ready with this Truth we will be ready to welcome Our Star Family of Light to Earth
Love You All



  1. Hi my sweet sister, I almost missed this beautiful and heartfelt soul story of yours. I am walking with you this path to enlightenment, and because of the strong connection we seem to have, I will always be there when it seems that it is everything is going tough. My bright soul, it feels like we are twins… 😀 on a soul level. Love you much my dear sister, you are shining so bright that everyone is attracted to you, even the darkies as you call them. Shower them with your bright and unwavering light. Love, light and smiles from your sister Lisa

    • Thank You so much for Your Presence in my Life, dear Lisa! Yes, it turns out to be a strong connection between us, I am sure we shared many lifetimes together and now we are about to remember this, I find more and more things in common with you and vibrations I am familiar with, a telepathy, an easy connection via meditation and astral travel, I am looking forward to finding the answer of your question because it is interesting to me too to know who I AM and why we met here at this time and What does it mean, I feel the answer is waiting inside in the vast inner Universe of Our Hearts
      ( ( SUN ) )

  2. You have such a beautiful soul and are so full of light and knowledge dear Tauno. We have all agreed to this journey and I am also humbled to be here at this time with all of the wonderful souls here and those who are often busy. This is home love guides us here and helps open us up even more. Much love dear one Suzanne

    • Thank you so much !
      This is because I was in hell, my dear Suzanne , no worries, hell is a good school 🙂 I am not afraid of the darkies because I know them, stand up and see your dark side , be friend with it and try to understand its pain, this way you help this part of you to remember its origin – the Light, darkies have not realize the connection between all life yet

  3. Lovely sharing, Tauno. We are all helping each other through this process, each & every day. Blessings, dear sister. Elizabeth

    • Yes, dear Elizabeth, it is time for the great selebration of ouw awakening to become and really – we are paving the way for other to follow, I am so happy to know You
      Love and Light

  4. Troy, my friend, this is also my comment about your conversation with Selphia as far as the dark ones are concerned
    ( ( LIGHT ) )

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