Konstantinos: An announcement

Hello dear friends. I wish to acknowledge a personal issue in order to ask for a favor. Due to some technical issues that I had with Facebook, I won’t be able to show up there generally, which means that I won’t be able to communicate with some wonderful people that I used to meet only on Facebook. If there is one of you kind readers and friends (who has a fb account and was my fb friend) who could take a minute and advertise this announcement of mine on his/her timeline, in order for my fb friends to know why I don’t show up there anymore, I would be very grateful. Much Love to all and I’ll truly miss the presence (and contact) of these precious individuals that I met on Facebook.  I was known there with my legal name: Konstantinos Petrocheilos. Namaste.

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    • Thank you for this dear Arianna. I also noticed that Kelly Mac Innis advertised my announcement on my fb page, so I wish to thank him and send him my Love and Gratitude too. In a paradoxical way, I am still able to view the posts of my fb friends and others through the e-mail and that’s how I noticed Kelly’s kind move. Much Love to you dear Arianna and all.

  1. Sounds possible dear Troy, though in my case, it seems that I am not allowed for now to connect on facebook. I think, not sure, I did two things that go against the fb rules but I realized that very later, not before. So, fb was alerted and even if I’d make the attempt to create a new account it is very possible that this would be disabled too, maybe on the same day. And that would be the 3rd time. It is possible that my previous account will be activated again, but I don’t know when (or if) and because all this created a kind of turbulence to me, I decided to let it be as it is, not get busy with it again (-_-). And I feel better now.

  2. Thank you too, so much for your kind help dear Anya (-_-). I can’t thank you all enough. Much Love to you dear Anya and all.

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