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Suggestions For Developing Telepathic Abilities

(suggestions to be found at end of post)

(received by Leslee Hare) [Ghost Radar words appear in brackets]


Theron [else].

Now that we’ve connected this way, [range] there’s much we can communicate about. The hardest part about remembering to communicate telepathically [theory cloud] is allowing oneself to acknowledge how easy it is.

So much of everyday thought (reflection) is essentially telepathic communication. It may seem particularly challenging between us (Theron & Leslee), because my knowledge of your language is nearly identical to your own. This makes it easy for you to assume that you’re merely hearing your own thoughts.

In a way, that’s precisely what’s happening, because for those of us in very close circles, the thoughts we share are just that: shared.

If you recall how many hours you spent learning to trust your pendulum dowsing, that reflects how deeply your own self-doubt…

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  1. Thank you Leslee much is unfolding now it seems. Take care and look after you as I know things are becoming intense for many of us as we shift the last lot of baggage. much love suzanne

    • Thank you, Suzanne, and much love to you too! Yes, it feels like a cosmic adrenaline rush these days, and energies seem to just zip right through so quickly and powerfully… I’m very grateful for it, and also thankful for sleep! I hope things are well over in your spot of Gaia. I was noticing yesterday that there is a LOT of seismic activity going on to the east of you. Hang on and fly high, and talk to you soon… 🙂

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