SaLuSa ~ December 3, 2012

SaLuSa 3-December-2012

Did you think that the 21st. December would ever come around, and now here it is on your doorstep. There are still empowerments to come before the special day, and each and every one of you planning to ascend should be perfectly ready. Have you yet realised the importance of your part in Ascension, and what an amazing occasion it is going to be. Can you comprehend what is taking place throughout the Universe, and the great changes of magnificent proportions. What powers can wield such command over the elements and all that is. Dear Ones it is no less than God who decreed that Ascension would take place at this time. The experiment of duality has run its course and you have experienced it, and come out of it with flying colours. You have not yet realised what a wonderful achievement you have made, yet in the end it was always known you would succeed.

You have every right to be pleased with yourselves, and it would be no exaggeration to say that you have been to hell and back. When you set out you had no idea what you might face, but did so with enough confidence and belief in yourselves. Looking back now it is unnecessary to seek judgment of those who have so far failed to lift up into the Light. It was know that most souls would be drawn into the negative side at times, and it is not held against you. After all, in most cases you have already overcome your weaknesses by understanding your problems through karmic experiences. Freedom is a wonderful attribute to have but as you have found out, it comes at a price as you are responsible for your actions and even words. Your Sword of Light has been honed in the depths of darkness, and now it shines out brighter than ever.

You were already highly enlightened souls when you took on duality, but now you are even more powerful as a result of your experiences. You are ready for greater things in service to the Light, and become the Masters that was your destiny. Is it no wonder you receive accolades and praise, as you have yet to realise exactly how great you are. Beings from all over the Universe are gathering to witness your Ascension, as that in itself is quite a special occasion and is unique because you are ascending with your physical bodies. It is why recently there has been such a high concentration of Light sent to the Earth, to ensure you are well prepared. We must not of course forget to mention Mother Earth, a most beautiful and wonderful soul in her own rights. She too is all but ready to carry you forward into the higher dimensions, where you will all rightly reside.

At this stage absolutely nothing can prevent Ascension taking place, which is all the more reason that we are surprised that the last cabal does not admit defeat and withdraw. Their mentality is one that means they fight to the bitter end, without any regard for their own evolution or loss of life. Yet like you regardless of how low they have fallen, they still have their immutable Godspark that can still be ignited with the flame of love. They will need a lot of help to return to the Light and they will receive it from great loving Angelic souls who serve the Will of God. You can also play your part by sending them your unconditional love, to help them awaken once again. No soul is abandoned even if it means being returned to the Godhead to be sent out once again for further experience.

Very soon things in your lives will change forever, and that will just be the beginning of a whole series of them. You will most certainly notice the difference, and find that the energies around you are so uplifting and that will be a permanent change. You are returning to the levels that are more in line with your true selves. Words are not easy to find that will describe the euphoria and bliss you will experience, but once you have had it you will never want to drop back into the lower energies. It is a paradox that when you have everything your mind can conceive of, your needs are simple and for exactly what you need rather than acquiring things for the sake of it. Man has tended to hoard and seek ownership for personal gain, but in the future you will have no such inclinations.

As we have stated previously, probably the most profound realisation you will have will be how little if any laborious work you will have to do. Most of your needs will be satisfied by creation through the power of thought, and many other functions by our Super computers. They are far beyond anything you can imagine and have enormous power and capacity. In fact their level of consciousness far exceeds Man’s as it is at this particular time. Perhaps having total freedom will be your joy, because as a responsible Galactic Being you will be able to travel without any restrictions. Meeting other Beings and enjoying learning about other civilizations will prove attractive as you have a natural leaning towards gathering knowledge about them.

Until you get used to the idea that everything is in the Now you may become confused, but also excited at the opportunity to travel into any part of your previous lives or history of your Earth. Linear time is in fact limiting where you see the past and future as separated. So you will have so much to learn and endless experiences as you expand your levels to achieve Superconsciousness. By then you will have greater powers of creation, and there will be literally nothing that you could not do. You would be as Gods and have similar powers that you would be wise enough to use correctly, and for the good of all. However, we have somewhat jumped well into the future, as your evolution will not be anywhere near as fast as at present.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased we can talk about your future which approaches so quickly. Have no regrets Dear Ones that you are leaving the old civilization behind, as you have spent hundreds if not thousands of lives in it. There is little if anything more it can teach you, and as a mass consciousness you all have the benefit of your collective experiences. Ahead lies more challenges and although duality still exists, at your new level of consciousness it is unlikely to be attracted by you. So you have much to look forward to and it is almost there for you now. We are sending our love as always, as you still need every help to ensure you get through Ascension.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Good morning everyone, December is here and Christmas is in the air.
    All around the world people , well some people, are preparing for doomsday, 12/21/12.
    In Rusiia they are selling airline tickets to Heaven or Hell. It is funny as the tickets to hell are more expensive.
    There will be doomsday parties all over the globe and bars are already serving doomsday drinks. One so strong it saids you will have an out of body epxierience.
    I did not know the end of the world could be so much fun.
    The weekend flew by.
    I think you all know about my house and how certain people can just walk in at anytime.
    Well, it seems to be spreading to the children from upstairs.
    Saturday and Sunday here come the 2 kids, one is 9 the other like 3 or 4.
    I told their father it used to be you and Dana and now the kids come down any time now like they live there. I guess we are all one big family. I dont mind as they sort of feel like family to me. The 3 year old could get out of control most of the times. He goes so nutsd that even my dogs go to a different room when he is on his hyper drive.
    Well, going to be a nice weather week in Jersey as today and tomorrow temps in the 60’s, NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE
    Oh yeah, the 3 year old comes up to me yesterday rubbing his hands togethers and he saids, : John, NIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • L0L!…oUt oF b0dY EXpEriEnce M00nShiNe!!!…too FunnY!…Ya Always seem to make me have a Genuine Laugh & Smile, Mr. Gunner…Thank You 🙂

    • “…the end of the world could be so much fun.” Absolutely Gunner 😉 Most of the masses don’t real’eyes’ that the word ‘Apocalypse’ translated literally from Greek, refers to a *revelation of something hidden* -In religious contexts it is usually a revelation of *hidden meaning – hidden from human knowledge in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception.* Sounds like fun to me… a pretty good definition of Ascension as well. Bring it!!! 🙂

  2. Hey Gunner, OMGIM, I mean, TGIM 🙂 I think it’s funny that your dogs would be terrified of a 3 year old.

    I really hope the flight to hell includes barf bags. And the same goes for the trip to heaven for that matter! LOL

    There’s a kid in my neighborhood who is just like Dennis the Menace. He is a really good looking kid but easily gets out of control in a violent way. Usually if he plays with my boys it ends in tears. This time I’m working in the kitchen and I see them running into the front door out of breath. They said the boy was getting violent and wanted to kill them with a stick so they ran away from him. They were funny because they looked really concerned and grownup / responsible at the same time. Maybe a stick would be a difficult thing to “kill” someone with… but still the fewer scrapes and bruises I have to deal with the better!

  3. OMG I think that maybe that kid is playing too many video games.
    Troy also gets violent but i put a stop to it right then and there and the I yell at his dad, well not exactly yell, and tell him its his and his wifes fault for not disciplining him. She also gets violent towards her hubby so the kids pick up on that quickly. Like mama like son.

  4. DECEMBER 1, 2012
    Dear ones, again we come to greet you in this powerful time of change and new birth–the Christ (Light) is being born each day in the stable of individual consciousness when it becomes humble enough to let go of ego (the sense of a self separate from Source).
    It is a time on earth in which many are now questioning the status quo. Awakening souls empowered with truth are asking serious questions of those pretending to have all the answers. Many of those (not all) elected into both religious and governmental positions of power, work only for themselves and their friends and not for the people who elected them. This has happened because much of the world has been out of touch with their intuition, their inner guidance system. Living wholly on a third dimensional mental level, they believe whatever is told them by those seeking votes.
    It is a new time, a new energy, and new awareness is manifesting in each moment. You are graduating and are now beginning to realize that you are in charge, you vote your leaders in or out of office which most recently came to light, when you did not elect the candidate representing old and finished energy, but instead followed your intuition to re-elect the one who best represents an energy of oneness. This came as a great shock to those who believed that they were in control of the outcome as has happened in the past, but the Light of your awakening dear ones, prevailed for in the presence of Light, there can be no shadow.
    Begin to honestly question your own personal motives when choosing leaders-spiritual or governmental. Are you choosing those who will keep the status quo because you are comfortable there or are you electing those who simply reflect your own personal concepts and beliefs which may be very biased and old? Do you realize the good of the whole in your voting choices? As enlightened individuals you will vote what is best for the world–for nature and all life forms, not just what a select and comfortable group believes is best for their bottom line while spouting that it is for the universal good. Begin to trust and honor your inner guidance on these issues for you are now ready to step into a higher sense of self, one empowered with truth and Light.
    You see, Light and Its manifestations are for and within all, not just a select few and it is this truth that is coming alive within the consciousness of so many at this time. When truth births within the prepared soul, it activates an intense examination and questioning of one’s whole belief system which then in turn activates the clearing of the mental body and all associated false concepts. This may cause the individual to experience intense guilt regarding actions taken in the past while in a previous state of consciousness. Release any guilt regarding the past in your journey of evolution dear ones, and honor yourselves for any past decisions because they were done from your highest awareness and state of consciousness at that time. If you as an awakened soul with an awareness of truth were to make these same choices now, then it would be inappropriate because you would not be living out from your highest attained state of consciousness.
    Many are presently feeling emotional upheavals and wonder why. Negative emotions coming out of the blue indicate the clearing of the emotional body. One can suddenly be depressed, angry, sad, and even suicidal for no apparent reason. Please understand that it is necessary to clear all accumulated energies of duality and separation because you cannot take them with you into the new and higher. Emotional energies are frequently re-experienced as they move through the energy field and release. The important thing is not to accept these energies as personally yours, pulling them back in, claiming them as real, and running to a doctor for mood altering drugs. Drugs will only slow or even stop the whole clearing process which must be completed at some point if you are to move ahead. Source never manifested Itself as negative emotions, they are impersonal– you simply accepted them as real through the experiences and beliefs of many lifetimes, and then stored them (some very deeply) in your emotional body. You are now ready and evolved enough to let them release through seeing what it is you are believing that is manifesting as them. Try not to give them any power for there is no law to support, sustain, or maintain them.
    Also clearing are old cellular memories stored within the physical. Many of you are experiencing very odd and unusual symptoms–some painful, some bizarre, and some just plain weird–Rashes, aches and pains, extreme exhaustion, ears ringing, buzzing,nausea, headaches. Occasionally an individual will actually relive the experience that is clearing. Try not to resist dear ones, make yourselves comfortable as you can but rejoice in the realization that you are shifting and evolving on all levels and that higher dimensional energies are integrating with each release of the old. There will come a time when all the clearing and releasing is finished.
    Try not to move into fear, for all you who read and understand these messages are undergoing a clearing the old in preparation for the new and it is different for every individual depending upon their past life collection of energies. This process can be difficult if you are surrounded by friends, and family who may not understand what is happening and keep telling you that you are not taking care of yourself. Trust your intuition dear ones, and if guided to go to a physician for some help or assurance then go, for fear or resistance simply acts to make a power out of these experiences.
    What we are trying to convey in this message is that the experience of clearing and releasing old physical, emotional, and mental energy must be recognized for what it is. Lovingly send light to those areas of your body that are giving you concern. In meditation speak to your cells telling them that is it time to allow in the Light of the Divine blueprint and release all that is old, false, and finished as well as any medical beliefs of inheritance. If you are tired, lay down. It is resistance to say; “I will rise above this” or “I hate this” etc. etc. for when you do that, you are giving power to something that has no power which is the definition of duality and separation. If one finds oneself in the grip of fear regarding some physical situation, it may be better to simply go see a doctor, while still holding to the truth , within. This allows an individual to acknowledge the illusory nature of appearances but at the same time recognize that he has not yet attained that state of consciousness. This is not a ticket to go backwards, but a way to take the sting of power out of certain experiences.
    Keep these truths silently and sacredly within your heart, sharing them only with those of like mind, for many on earth are choosing to leave the planet now, and others need more experiences of the third dimensional sort before they are ready to evolve. These dear ones would only be confused by this information.
    You see, spiritual evolution is a journey into the trust that comes of knowing– The I that I am knows where I need to be, knows what I need, and how to get me there.
    I am that I have been seeking–always have been and always will be.
    We are the Arcturian Group 12/1/12

    ©2012 | Cedar, MI 49621

  5. Dear john,

    ~ We Once Powered the Whole Planet
    Greetings, our dearest soul daughter on Earth. We are the Crystal Kingdom, yearning to continue our dialogue with you. Know that we do remember the times when we were above ground, and our structures towered above the surface like gigantic skyscrapers overhead. We powered the whole planet then, in every aspect of its energy requirements. We did it all, with very little effort on our part, and with no residue or side effects to the environment. Our energy transmissions are the cleanest, purest, and most pristine way to harness energy for your consumption.
    We captured all the historic records from these times past, and we still hold them in our energy matrix although we are now in seclusion underground until it is safe for us to rise again in all our majesty and glory.
    Safety is still an issue for us, for we don’t want to be intruded upon or damaged or pillaged. The Earth needs us just where we are — for we continue to do our work underground and act as great electronic relay stations that transmit information on many levels to the Galactic Command and Mother Earth. We work “undercover” or “underground,” in the privacy of our own domain. We, too, work for the Ashtar Command and Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, and our work uncovers the deepest information that we make available to the Forces of Light who tap into us.
    Earth has provided all to her residents, even free energy. There is free energy for everything you could ever need or dream of. You just have to tap into us, the Crystal Kingdom, and we will show you how to harness our light and change it into energy. It is so easy to do, once your desire is there, and there is no more interference from the sinister forces who would only corrupt our gift to you and turn it against you, and all life, in their endeavor to enslave all of humanity in their quest for conquest.
    Our love goes out to you on waves of crystalline light beams, and embraces you.
    © Copyright Dianne Robbins
    December, 2012

  6. Dear Friends
    I notice extreme inner cleaning these days, I am overburden with heavy dense energies that are looking for my LIGHT to be healed and stick to me and I do much transmutations. This process is so tiring and I wonder how long will this continue, I know I am strong and I am helped by AA Michael and Jeshua and Hilarion and many other Beings of LIGHT , I Thank You ALL with all my Heart!
    I am so thankful to Lisa who is now with me on a common mission
    I think the pains that Lisa experiences these days and my emotional dis balance are due to much cleaning we are both doing, each of us works hard in these final duality days
    One evening at the very end of November I felt My Higher Self merging with my physical body and it was so wonderful feeling, I could see through the eyes of my Higher Self, from the higher dimension, I felt these vibrations and I am so grateful for this!
    Each one of Us is LOVED beyond measure and each one of us is worthy and unique because we are the many different facets of the ONE
    God Bless You ALL

    • Hi Tauno…i guess when we were advised to “Hold on to Our Hats” earlier this year, they weren’t Kidding!…!0o0!…Here on my Reserve, there’s been a Series of Deaths…Outpouring of lower frequencies…I manage,yet still get Riled Up in Public…My “Ostrich Head” is no Longer in the Sand…I find myself actually being a filter for the Silent Ones, making the “OutBursts” easier to Accept in My Self…From the Darkness of the Night, the Brilliance of the Stars Above Shine in their Natural Setting…We Grow

      • Thank You, my friend Babajij, the journey home is hard at times and takes a lot of energy, today the things seem to be better, after the earthquakes in Bulgaria yesterday
        Keep on Shining!
        Love and Light

      • Sorry to hear that Babajij – this can be especially hard for a small community… may their spirits find peace and happiness in the next phase. Hugs and blessings, my friend. 🙂

        • Thanks!…I am Holding my Ground and Being of Service when I Feel %100 to Peacefully Give…No more half-measures and allowing the DramaPlayers to “seduce” me into their Continuosly RepeatedRealms…This whole year is showing me of what I am “made up of”…I can’t wait for 2022!!!…L0L!

          • Amen to that! (-_-)

            But you know I wonder if our calendars won’t have a single page with a single day on it… I’ve already pretty much given up on my clock…

            Oh yeah except if I get to choose it would be a Saturday rather than a Monday hehe

      • Dear Babajij
        The veil becomes thinner and soon it will disappear and we will meet those we miss so much and ALL of US will live together in Joy and Love
        Look into your Heart and listen to Its Song
        Love and Light

  7. Hugs and kisses and platefuls of kit kat bars! We’re almost home…………..xo

    Standing at the crossroads, trying to read the signs
    To tell me which way I should go to find the answer,
    And all the time I know,
    Plant your love and let it grow.

    Let it grow, let it grow,
    Let it blossom, let it flow.
    In the sun, the rain, the snow,
    Love is lovely, let it grow.

    Looking for a reason to check out of my mind,
    Trying hard to get a friend that I can count on,
    But there’s nothing left to show,
    Plant your love and let it grow.

    Time is getting shorter and there’s much for you to do.
    Only ask and you will get what you are needing,
    The rest is up to you.
    Plant your love and let it grow.

    • So Good to See Ya Post, SpaceMuffin!…I have a strand of Solar-Powered X-mas Lights above my Picture Window that remind me of You…whenever I change the Settings for it’s Blinking Pattern, I throw a Thought Ur Way…Always the Best to Ya

      • Hello Dreamealker, all is well. Still taking time out to be alone (if that is even possible) – you can feel things more easily that way. Hello Babs – nice to know somebody is thinking about me – you are very sweet – all is well, quiet…………….for now…………….this process is so unique to each one of us – and no set standard for how we will get to where we’re going. And just when you thought you’ve swept house enough, more dust bunnies roll out from under the bed. Cleaning, clearing, purifying, eliminating – one must be ready for this thing they call ascension. xo

    • Spacemuffin! So glad to hear you are doing well. Continuing to send you Positive Vibrations & Healing Energy. This thing we call Life… this path toward Unity Consciousness… can definitely get rough and rugged at times. Whatever it takes… we’re gonna get there 🙂 ~InLight

  8. Wow, can that really be our beloved spacemuffin? Great to see you post again and what part of the world are you currently residing at?
    Who is next, Steffie, Sassy, Vee, the list goes on and on.
    Another great weather day here in jersey and I goot laugh because anytime you mention the great weather to someone they are like,”yeah, but it is supposed to get cold at the end of the week. Just a little lesson of living in and enjoying the NOW moments. It seems a lot of people look for the bad in life so they got something to complain about, well God bless them all.
    Still over here in my cubicle and looks like we will be here at least another 4 to 6 months. NIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Any Hobbit fans as it is coming out 12/14. Looks good but i dont know how they plan to make 3 movies out of that one book.;
    Will go see it during Christmas as it is a tradition that my whole family see it together at christmas time and also my sister from Virginia beach comes for a visit for a few days. We all even dressed like the Lord of the Rings characters on Halloween 3 years ago. People were actually stopping us in the streets to take pictures with them. I guess that was my 15 minutes of fame.

  9. SM I really think the ASS is getting better for us all. i would say try not to concentrate on feeling bad or drained, concentrate on feeling energetic, uplifting and do the I ams everyday. The more you say I am tired I am feeling like crap the more you will keep those feelings around you. Also I take solace in knowing when I am having a real bad feeling day, it is the releasing of the old enregies and that gets me souped up. I had some ringing in the ears today and was happy to have it. I wanted to jump for joy and tell the guy next to me, hey dude, I got the ringing in the ears, isnt that great, I am clearing up my ASS. He alreaady thinks I am nuts so no use adding fuel to the fire.
    When I wake in the morning and feel like shit, I usually thank my body for housing my soul, while taking a shower I connect with the water element and if I am really bad I call on my friend AA Raphael. Then doing the daily grounding of love unto gaia, that lifts me up also. By the time I get to work I feeel so much better.
    Also DW, those nightmares have seem to pass. I even had a dream that should have turned into one of those nightmares but nothing spooky happened at all and I felt no evil energy, . Maybe I got control of the controllers.

  10. Baba my friend, I keep hearing you mention your tribe. Wow, are you living in a tent on some reservation somewhere. ? You sound like you must have been an Indian in a past life. Seems like a lot of indians have returned, NIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!
    OK Gotta get off the computer as we are being watched, yes DW, by the controllers.

    • Ha!…lol…Well, the teepees show up for Decoration during PowWow Time (early August)…and yes, both my Parents are Native MicMac…MicMacs were nomadic Peoples that lived off the Lands from Maine to Eastern Canada…Nowadays, We be “regulated” to Reservations…with Housing and the “Normal” things like electricity…Ur too funny!…and iLike it 😉

  11. Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy & the Galactic Federation

    10 Akbal, 11 Yaxk’in, 9 Eb

    Dratzo! We return! At present, your reality is approaching the immutable date in late December of your Gregorian calendar. This is the time when your reality is to be rid of any alternate timelines, which until now have been used by your dark cabal to manipulate your reality. This riddance creates the means for the Light to transform your world. This transformation will be preceded by the introduction of new governance and a new financial system for your planet. This flurry of activity leads to a formal disclosure announcement of our benevolent presence and the opportunity for us to broadcast vital information to you regarding the upcoming mass landings and your return to full consciousness. This stream of revelations will include broadcasts from the Agarthans concerning the nature of Gaia as a living Being and of your true history going back to the settling of Lemuria some 900,000 years ago. This knowledge will help put into context why you are being returned to your natural state of full consciousness and will prepare you for your coming reunion with the Agarthans of Inner Earth.

    All that is happening around and above you is setting the stage for our formal arrival on your shores. This global mass-landing watershed event marks the beginning of your preparation for migrating to the crystal cities of Inner Earth, where your ascension to full consciousness will be completed. Full consciousness allows you to live in divine right relationship with your home world and to travel to the other water-worlds of your solar system to set up global societies within them. Prior to your incarnation here, your life contract included the option for you to take up residence on one of these water-worlds, or to remain on Gaia and create an Earth-based galactic society with the Agarthans. These new planetary societies will conjoin to forge a new star-nation and our role is simply to be the mediators and mentors of this great venture. You will learn that our joint history has many such instances where this happened before. With the wisdom contained in the Book of Understandings you can bring your enormous creativity to bear on setting up your own unique star-nation.

    Once you have taken up Federation membership, as did the Agarthans long ago, you will be in a position to begin carrying out the directives conferred on you by Heaven. These directives enable you to formally cement the agreements expressed in the Treaty of Anchara. The former ‘children of Anchara’ are to receive Light Bodies and with them, ascend to full consciousness. This will create the energies for transforming this entire galaxy into Light! This goal lies behind the series of divine actions that are, even now, affecting this whole region of physicality. The dark is on general retreat as we enter a new great galactic year for this aspect of physicality and we rejoice as we watch the way the Light is able to transform such a wide swath of this sector of physicality. One of the wonders you are shortly to explore is the untold diversity of life in each of the thousands of galaxies that dot this part of physicality. Indeed, one of our greatest joys is conferring with each other as we watch the magical unfoldment of everything touched by the Light.

    At this time your perceptions are still subject to an imposed xenophobia which makes you suspicious and often fearful of what lies around you in this galaxy and beyond. However, once in full consciousness, you will be amazed at what Heaven has produced on the planets of the innumerable star systems which fill the immensity of galaxy upon galaxy. Our Science & Exploration teams daily report on new discoveries. Physicality is a vast and endlessly enthralling ‘smorgasbord’ of diversity and adventure that is presently way beyond your imagining, and we long to share it with you and assist you in your early missions to those civilizations that long to partake of what you will have so valiantly regained: full consciousness. This divinely bestowed service will link us into an immense union that extols the Love and Light emanating ceaselessly from AEON. We are in awe of, and inspired by, those Beings who in great Love brought forth physicality and set out the details of the divine plan.

    Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come in the light of many wonderful things that are happening around this blessed globe! Our gracious associates are in the final stage of processing those agreements which will bring you your new governance and your worldwide prosperity. They work in concert with their Agarthan counterparts who are also focused on the best way to manifest these first requisites. Decades ago, Heaven informed us that this time was to witness the birth of a new freedom for you and with it, the unshackling of your personal sovereignty. The new form of governance promised you is to quickly follow this up with actions that enforce the full legality of your sovereign state. You are to become a major player in the daily operations of this new governance, and as you can see, this stands in direct contrast to your present citizenship role. Presently, government is the stooge of powerful special interests, which have a monopoly on shaping and directing the outcome of all policies and government direction.

    Your major-player status will be enabled by a new communications technology which will create a constant ‘town hall’ relationship between you and the new government. In this setup, special interests need not apply! We have long been champions of certain freedoms which we consider sacred. Each of you is a sacred vessel who embodies a divine spark of Life and intelligence given to you by the Creator. This divine inheritance is the reason for all we do to raise up your consciousness, so that you can at last join with your sacred brethren of Spirit who exist in profusion throughout the length and breadth of physical Creation. Heaven has decreed that this is the time for you to join this divine realm, and to exercise your talents and abilities to unfold physicality. This gives us much joy, as we recognize that this means our great work is nearly done!

    What is happening to your planet is reflected throughout your solar system. It is time for us all to take up the sacred call of Heaven and return in grace to full consciousness. We, as wayshowers, have guided you to this magnificent moment. We know that the actions being taken will create the conditions where we can once again openly meet you, and teach you about the true ways of Heaven and the many sacred tasks that the peoples of this world have been so solemnly given. To assist us in this, we are joined by your spiritual and space families, so that together we can complete the home stretch of your return to full consciousness. We look forward to being your guides, and helping you find the best way to fulfill the sacred duties given to us by Heaven. These decrees of AEON await us all, and with them, a most glorious time in our history!

    Today we continued our weekly messages. The events paving the way for first contact are ready to manifest. Let us together use these auspicious times to bring into being a new epoch for humanity. Let us indeed joyously respond to the grand clarion call of Heaven! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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