[Note from Konstantinos: Theodore is a very close, with open mind and Heart, friend of mine from Greece. He also has many experiences to share for some time now. He is a great artist too. Due to some technical issues, he wasn’t able to post his experiences earlier but now, that is not a problem and he has his own blog: NewEra2012. Much Love to you, dear Theodore (-_-)]

soul-mates-twin-flames Hello everybody!I would like to explain my astral experiences with a girl named Emanuela.You see,a few years ago I first saw I picture in my mind that at first I believed it to be just my imagination.I was wrong.I saw a room and across the room there was a girl with black straight long hair, sitting in her desk and making concept art using a tablet.Although everytime I saw that picture in my mind I could only see her back,i knew that she was very beautiful.I also felt that there might be more to it than just a picture created by me.That happened before I started meditating.

As the years passed I forgot that picture and the girl in it.Last summer one night,while i was on vacation it happened again!I saw that picture.

But this time something wonderful happened!I astral traveled to a very beautiful and eerie place but it wasnt my intention to do so.

I found my self right next to a beautiful park sitting on top of a small stone wall with a calm beach.When I looked at the park it was night-time but when i looked at the beach it was dawn.

Suddenly I saw her(the girl of the picture) sitting right next to me.And i was correct.She WAS beautiful!She smiled at me and then

introduced herself.Her name was Emanuela.She said that she was the one who brought me to this place.She also explained to me that

a few years ago she saw a picture of my face and she knew that  there was a purpose for that.She now is 19 years old, living in Austria.

and she’s being meditating almost 7 years now.We realy liked each other the first moment we laid eyes on each other.That was the first time I meet her and it was a wonderful experience.A few months passed and I started thinking about her a lot,so I decided to communicate with her again.We have been communicating with each other the last 2-3.A very close friend of mine had the theory that we might be a twin flames case and the best part is that he was right!Emanuela explained to me about her feelings towards me

and so did I. We may have been born in different sides of the world but our connection is so strong that sometimes I can actual feel

her hand grabbing mine as if she’s right next to me.

There were times when I doubted the whole thing, her existence and I tried the pendulum method while communicating with Salusa.

for answers. It appears that my connection with Emanuela is true and not my imagination.

Now we communicate almost every day, waiting to meet in person.Emanuela

This is my sketch of her.The likeness is on the most part 100% accurate but it is the closest I could get.



  1. Thank you all for being so kind:) Much love to you all.Dear dreamwalker444
    thank very much for the page,much love to you:)I am honored to share my experiences with you all.Suzuki33 thank you very much for your link,much love to you:)

  2. oh that was weird, I just saw this and 2 seconds later I saw a youtube video, a friend sent me,and you know how at the end there are other related videos, I happened to click on one.. it has girl she kinda sorta looked like girl in the sketch so i thought id share,itscalled chase & status Time queensray remix,dunno if allowed to post link here,girl looks like yours a ‘little’ bit. yours is ‘softer’ and younger and more innocent like. but as we may be in different dimensions, I just wanted to add on a side related note, well i have personally experiienced the heart wrenching truth of having a ‘not so innocent self’ here on earth while the perfect pure one above, is still you..its the most work to do being faced with your pure self while here…

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